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Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 30th August 2015

EVENTS No events this week.
OUR SALEM BASE is open to all and sundry from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.
REQUESTS Norma from Canada was interested in last week’s published interview with Jennifer Whitehouse (nee Rogers) in 2005, particularly with the mention of Walter Bull who was the cousin of her dad, Frank Bowen. Walter used to deliver the post every day for years in Upper Landywood on his bicycle and Norma wonders if she could get in touch with Jennifer.
RESPONSES We have had a couple of responses from our members who are willing to provide information for Francis Wood as well as Andrew, our researcher, who has traced the Winter/Winfer family tree back to the 1730s. Also we have several photographs in our archives going back a couple of generations for Francis.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Elaine Sleigh (1919-1950), Salem Sunday School teacher. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington An auction of Cheslyn Hay Freehold Estate owned by the landowners, all listed by their full names (Nov 1827) and details of an assault case involving John Heminsley, John Benton and John Green (14 Aug 1852).
26th August 1965 A full report of the Cheslyn Hay Carnival naming all the prize winners, stallholders and competitors totalling 76 names.
4th September 1915 South Staffordshire Mining Schools Cheslyn Hay. Full results naming all 22 successful candidates.
4th September 1915 The final of the Cheslyn Hay Bowls Club Cup with names and results.
4th September 1915 Details of a letter from Private A E Dawkins, 1st Staffs Regiment, from the trenches.
4th September 1915 Mrs Pearson (widow) of High Street and details of her four sons and her son-in-law in action in France.
4th September 1915 At the recent Oxford Senior and Junior Examinations four Cheslyn Hay scholars have been most successful at the Oxford Examinations. Also success at the Trinity College (London) examinations.
MEMORIES More from Jennifer Whitehouse’s (nee Rogers) interview of 5th June 2002.
Last of the interview covering Jennifer’s working life involving the two Newsagents’ shops right up to 2001 when she sold the business.
FACEBOOK Sue Washington has taken over Facebook and it is thriving and well worth a look on all of our latest events and news. Trish Harlow has joined this week with information of her Cheslyn Hay family – the Cartwrights.
WWI COMMEMORATION This coming month, September, we commemorate the death of Albert E Dawkins of the 1st Battalion of the South Staffs.
TONY READ I have recently been informed that Tony, a prolific author and television writer who was born in the Lot in 1935, is sadly suffering from an incurable cancer. He lived in Coppice Lane and No 1 High Street, attended Cheslyn Hay School and Queen Mary’s Grammar School, and the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Later, he became a Drama Producer with the BBC and wrote more than 200 television scripts, including Dr Who as well as writing serious history books that have received worldwide acclaim. He also wrote seven children’s detective stories, The Baker Street Boys. There are still many people on the village who still remember Tony and our thoughts go out to him and his family.
GENERAL NEWS Edna Davis has organised her annual Cheslyn Hay Turkey & Tinsel Break again this year, but has had 6 recent cancellations. It’s to Bournemouth from Tuesday 3rd November to Saturday 7th November. Please phone Edna on 01922 417131 for details.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 23rd August 2015

EVENTS  This month it will be a truly entertaining evening with Matthew Sproson and ‘An Evening with George Formby’ this Thursday, 27th August, at the Salem starting at 7.30pm.  Matthew comes highly recommended and admission is still only £1 including refreshments.  Everybody welcome.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and it should be another busy week.
REQUESTS  Francis Wood has forwarded this request via our Guest Page on our website – ‘My grandfather, on my mothers side, was named Jack Mathew Winter and he came from Cheslyn Hay/Bridgtown area being born in 1897.  His mother was Nora Dora Winferand I often wonder if any of the local Winfers are related to me?’
And following up on a research query on the Stallard family, Peter responds with a request of his own asking ‘Does anyone have any information on John Newman and Kenny Fletcher who used to live in Low Street?’
RESPONSES  We’ve had several responses to Chris Kelsall‘s request with Lynne Gourlay, Sue Ridgway, Mike Belcher and Phil Evans all recalling stories and names from the past.  Also our researcher Vi adds more to the mention of Doctor Kenneth S Williams, with the background to his life and family.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Two photographs.  One of Lynne Slater introducing the Readers Group at the Library in the 1970s and one ofDoreen Hartwell and Flossie Heminsley at the top of Cross Street in the thirties.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  An incredible 24 page project by Dave Bray including all the details contained in the 1792 Enclosure Act for Cheslyn Hay. This will be on display together with the maps at our Annual Exhibition soon and here is a list of families who were landowners at that time – Littleton, Pratt, Cobb, Slater, Boulton, Vernon, Mee, Perks, Robinson, Atkiss, Kempson, Hayes, Green, Clewley, Hughes, Smith, Whitehouse, Grinsall, Brown, Pearson, Charles, Baker, Woolaston, Stubbs, Fletcher, Hussey, Wheatley, Horden, Pynor, Worsey, Bagnall, Walhouse, Glover, Bord, Lycett.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  Problems with a desperately needed air raid shelter in Station Street (22 Nov 1940).
26th August 1965  Councillors discussing demolishing various properties of Cheslyn Hay including Hells Corner.
26th August 1965  Clerk to Cheslyn Hay Parish Council is acquiring a a map printed in 1820 to prove certain roads in the village were public roads before 1835.
26th August 1965  Concern of horse riding on the village’s playing field and a difference of opinion between councillors.
28th August 1915  Details of 120 juveniles of the Foresters (Court Little John) on annual outing to Penkridge.
28th August 1915  A display by Mr T Williams, tobacconist, of Station Street.
MEMORIES  Continuing from last week from Jennifer Whitehouse‘s interview dated 5th June 2002 with times dating back to the Second World War with Evelyn Rogers, nee Perks, working for Hawkins Tileries and Harry Rogers, a fireman at Midland Tar Distillers at Four Ashes and also including stories with Joe Wise, Nellie Pee, Effie Goodman, Walter & Violet Bull, Fred Wootton, Roger & Brenda Wollaston and Geoffrey Dace.
WWI COMMEMORATION  Further to last month’s commemoration of John Ridgway on 14th August 1915, the Ridgway family arranged, with the Royal British Legion, for a wreath to be laid at the Twelvetrees Copse Cemetery in Gallipoli on the centenary of his death.  Terry Ridgway also remembered his great-uncle with a white rose at our own War Memorial on the same day.
GENERAL NEWS  The Cannock Council have tiled the walkway from Morrisons through to the Cannock town centre with a beautifully coloured set of pictures capturing local scenes and people including our own Ron Mattison, one of our active members involved in our school’s programme, in his full WWII uniform.  Worth going to see.
JOHN RIDGWAY  John, of Rosemary Avenue, a member of our Society has sadly  passed away this week aged just 62.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 16th August 2015

EVENTS None this week.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. All and sundry are welcome for a coffee and a biscuit!
REQUESTS Chris Kelsall emails from Armagh in Northern Ireland and states ‘I was born at 122 High Street in March 1953, possibly the first home birth for our family doctor Dr Williams who practised at High Street, and I would be most interested to hear from anyone who attended Hatherton Street Primary School or Great Wyrley Secondary Modern School in the 1960s.’ Does anyone remember Chris – or has anyone any memories of their schooldays in the sixties?
RESPONSES Kath Walmsley remembers Sailor Jack Dawkins and also our researcher Vi gives the background to the MOD factory he worked in.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS 1969 Photograph of the Pipe Club with Harold Davis, Mr Blurton, Mick Dolman and Joe Shorter, a Low Street photo in 1952 with Pat Worsey, Billy Bate, Ann & Fred Holloway and Wendy Davis, Sandra Green, Rosemary Turner, Helen Hill, Janet Smithyman, Sharon Webb and Anne Booker in the 1967 Pinfold Lane Sports Day. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Memories of the Carpenter family by Hilda Carpenter including Matilda (d1940), Percy, Annie, Gabriel (d1923), Betsy (d1931), Decimus (d1925) and Harold with newspaper cuttings.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington With full details of John Bird, George Bird, John Forrester, Joseph Perks, S Savage, Richard Jones, Richard Hemingsley and James Morris all charged with ‘riot and assault’ (2nd November 1839) followed by a later report (14 December 1839).
19th August 1965 A report on the new youth clubroom.
19th August 1965 A close-fought final played between the Woodman and Cheslyn Hay for the Hednesford, Cannock and District Butcher’s Association Bowling Cup with bowlers names.
21st August 1915 Names of the recruits joining from Cheslyn Hay. Also an update from those who did not return.
21st August 1915 At the Bricklayers Arms the birthdays of two prominent and respected citizens George Horton and Charles Dawkins and details of their lives.
MEMORIES The mention of Sgt Ballance last week brought back more memories for Freda Walley as a young girl.
This week from Jennifer Whitehouse of 200 Streets Lane dated 5th June 2002 that includes stories of all the Rogers and Perks families as well as the Colleys and Woottons.
GENERAL NEWS Ralph Farrington has written the story of his life ‘Ar Woz a War Kid ar Waz’ – 114 pages with photographs including his early life in Landywood. Price £12. Available at the Base.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 9th August 2015

EVENTS Chat ‘n’ Char on Thursday, 13th August in the Salem Main Hall as usual with Roger’s theme this month ‘Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!’ Doors open at 9.30am.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we welcome any researchers interested in the Woolaston family.
REQUESTS Elaine Higgs has contacted us through our Facebook page concerning her grandfather ‘Sailor’ Jack Dawkins who lived in Low Street and she is wants to find out more about one of the places he worked in his later life and it was connected to the MOD. He used to be picked up by a coach and she believes it was in Gailey where the Police Station is now. Does anyone remember ‘Sailor Jack’ and can anyone add to Elaine’s information?
RESPONSES David Bisley from Rugeley has visited the Base to view the photographs of Rosemary Tileries and our Mike Belcher, an ex-employee, helped with the histories of Rosemary, Lewis and Haunchwood Tileries and also confirmed that the quarry became a fishing pool in the late fifties.
We have also been able to help Linda St Clair (nee Shirley) on her tracing her Shirley family tree but I am afraid her relations Mary Jane Shirley and George Herbert Shirley were no relations to the Cheslyn Hay shopkeepers James & Mary Jane Shirley at 107 High Street as she had assumed. However we have checked and there is a wedding of a George H Shirley (b 2 Feb 1896) to a Mary Jane at All Saints Church in West Bromwich in 1930.
Also Bob Brevitt replies to Mary Wallis on her Brevitt research and he has linked them into the Cheslyn Hay Brevitts and we are inviting Mary to visit our Base to provide her with all our local information and photographs.
Mary Horton adds to the confusion of the Plant family being called ‘Beckett’ saying she went to school with Norman Plant and he was also known as ‘Beckett’, but she believes he went to live in the Isle of Wight. Mary recalls that Norman’s father, William ‘Beckett’ Plant, came from a large family and both he and his brother, Jack, lived in Hill Street with their families and the eldest brother Richard was named after his father. So it seems that there are three generations of Plants all nicknamed ‘Beckett’ without any of them being christened with that name. Can that be correct, and if so can any of the Plant family confirm this?
One correction from last week’s story of the Rose and Crown. As Vi points out it was in Station street and not, as I stated, in the High Street.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS One photograph of eleven of the Birch & Hulme family with Phil Wootton in 1947. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Nine badges from Mrs Gladys Kingston (nee Farrington 1927 – 1993) of 1 Dundalk Lane including old local ones – particularly one of the Cheslyn Hay Hospital Committee. All available to be viewed at the Base.
OLD NEWSPAPERS presented by Helen Ralphs A letter to William Rogers from Mr JV Greensill and Mr Hemingsley of the Cheslyn Hay Social Club outlining their holiday break in Paris. (1904)
14th August 1915 The death of Mrs Clara Brough, of The Lot together with her life story and complete list of the mourners.
14th August 1915 Report of J Bird, Jos. Clewley, William Steadman and William Wilkes joining as tunnelers and their ‘send off’.
14th August 1915 Mr John Farnell of Low Street and a social gathering for his 70th birthday together with stories of his life and family.
14th August 1915 A letter from Joe Wesley ready for active service.
MEMORIES This week covers the career and life of Sgt Edward Ballance, the most notable of the Cheslyn Hay ‘Guardians of the Peace’ together with his colleagues.
GENERAL NEWS Staffordshire County Council are presenting ‘Staffordshire in the Great War’ at Stafford on Saturday, 3rd October from 10am – 4pm. Tickets are free and can be obtained via my email address
Please note if anyone would like further information on any of these articles please contact me at and I will be pleased to forward details on – free of charge of course. But if you wish to join as a member and receive full unabridged newsletters every Sunday at 9am would you kindly make a £5 cheque out for CH&DLHS and post to Darren Butler, 7 Forest Way, Great Wyrley, Walsall WS6 6HU. Or, for local members, £5 to any member of the Committee. Or through our website via Paypal.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 2nd August 2015

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. All enquiries welcomed.
REQUESTS David Bisley from Rugeley asks if we have any photographs or history of Rosemary Tileries and when did the quarry become a fishing pool.
And Mary Wallis from Warwick emails ‘My mother was the daughter of James and Ethel Brevitt of Cannock and her sister, Amy Caddy (nee Brevitt) lived in Cheslyn Hay and I often used to visit her. I was brought up on a farm in Essington until 1948 when I was five. My mother had many siblings, some of whom I never met, and I know I was named after a sister Mary who went to live in South Africa. Jean was the youngest and last child of James and Ethel and she died a few years ago and I would appreciate any help in researching the Brevitt family tree.
Then Linda St Clair (nee Shirley) emails ‘I am tracing my family tree and I have come across
Mary Jane Shirley and George Herbert Shirley who were shopkeepers in Cheslyn Hay from 1930 to the 1940s at 107 High Street and I wonder if any of your members have any knowledge of them or their shop. George died in 1980 and Mary in 1982 and George had a daughter Gwen born in 1920 from his first marriage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.’
RESPONSES Ruth Hollier emails her appreciation from Worcester after appealing for help in researching her Bailey/Adcock family tree in April ‘It has been fantastic to be in touch with David and Vicki. David has given us so much information not only on the Bailey family but on previous generations. I have also been very lucky to receive two photos that Vicki has shared with us showing my g-grandparents with seven of their children, which was very special as we have no photos whatsoever. We are very excited about the George & Lucy Whitehouse meeting which David (Whitehouse) is organising for September 15th and look forward to meeting you at the Salem Base in Cheslyn Hay. Without your history group and webpage, none of this would have been possible – so a big “Thank you” to you and your team.’
Also we have further responses as to why William Plant was called ‘Beckett’ as apparently although his father was also called ‘Beckett’ his actual name was Richard! So can anyone say how this name was introduced into the Plant family?!
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS The 1967 Pinfold Lane Sports Day with Keith Bickley, John Stanley, Graham Sambrook, Leslie Davis, Michael Jackson, Michael Mattruck and some unnamed, one in the WMC with Len Pearson, Horace Price, Harold Davis and Vic Galunic and several of the Bate, Hawkins, Shorter, Davis and Holloway families all around Rosemary Road and Low Street from 1938 – 1953. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS The Westwood family tree going back to Francis Westwood in the late 1700s.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Mike Belcher The fire at the Rose & Crown in High Street with fatal consequences involving Harry & Elizabeth Turner, Elizabeth Rushton, G Evans, John Skitt, Moses Whitehouse, William Bryan, Edward Brough and PCs Cooper & W Parkes.
7th August 1915 Ladies Bowls Tournament on the Talbot Bowling Green including names.
14th August 1915 The assembly on the old trysting place, The Green, with the nonconformist speakers – all named.
MEMORIES This week are from our archives and relate to the full and fascinating lives of Joseph (1863 – 1947) and Leanora Stokes (1864 – 1943) who lived in Hill Street.
WWI COMMEMORATION This month we commemorate the death of Benjamin Smith of the 2nd/1st North Midlands Field Company, Royal Engineers with details of his death and of his family.
GENERAL NEWS The Cheslyn Hay & Great Wyrley Flower Club are appealing for funds and the garden at 16 Frensham Close, Cheslyn Hay WS6 7DL is open for viewing on Thursday 6th August from 3pm onwards.
ARTHUR STEADMAN A member for many years passed away on July 23rd aged 86 after a long illness. A retired headmaster with a passion for history he will certainly be missed, particularly at our Speakers nights. A true gentleman. Funeral on Friday, 7th August at the Streetley Crematorium at 12.45pm.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 26th July 2015

Please note if anyone would like to join as a member would you kindly make a £5 cheque out for CH&DLHS and post to Darren Butler, 7 Forest Way, Great Wyrley, Walsall WS6 6HU. Or, for local members, £5 to any member of the Committee. Or through our website via Paypal.
This month’s speaker is Peter Cadman on Thursday, 30th July, at the Salem starting at 7.30pm. The title of his talk is ‘Not Just Names’ and he will be covering stories from his usual diligent research on local involvement in the Second World War. Admission £1 including refreshments. All welcome.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS None this week.
RESPONSES David Paradine has pointed out that Beckett Plant’s father was actually named Beckett, so presumably young William adopted the name ‘young Beckett’. David knew him well and if they were playing cards and someone played the wrong card, his favourite saying was ‘You’re a gooby ass!’
Don Savage emails re the recent research enquiry into the Savage family ‘My granddad was also William Savage (b 1844) and as there were 13 children it is more than likely there is a connection.’ Don has now forwarded his family tree to us going back to John Savage (b1818 in Great Wyrley).
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Two photographs of Bert Heminsley and Jim Ponder at harvest time at Saredon Hall Farm and one of Jack Davis of 32 Low Street. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS The Bullock family tree going back to William Bullock (b1732) with Thomas (b1800) a local miner living in Landywood and Dundalk Lane who married Elizabeth Benton on 28 February 1825 and then Elizabeth Himinsley of Landywood on 28th September 1829. Bullock birth certificates of Thomas (1849), Thomas (1881) and marriage certificates Thomas to Hannah Gray (1875), Lucy Louisa to Alfred Knowles (1900) and birth certificate Alfred Knowles (1901)
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington Edward Greensell and Samuel Harley both sentenced to four months jail in a disturbing court case in 1832.
29th July 1965 Staffordshire County Council and the proposed Cheslyn Hay Primary School.
29th July 1965 A letter highlighting the success of Hawkins Colliery cricket team of 1937 and naming them all.
31st July 1915 Jack Wesley of The Lot receiving a letter from the trenches with full details.
31st July 1915 The marriage of Lieutenant Osmond Hawkins.
MEMORIES An in depth research into the Walk Mill which can be traced back to 1775.
Including previous owners and occupants and why and when it was closed.
GENERAL NEWS I have been informed that Derek Stanton’s old house, Standek Farm on the Wolverhampton Road, has been demolished this week.
JOHN BAILEY John’s funeral is at the West Chapel, Bushbury on Monday, 3rd August at 2.15pm and afterwards at the Colliers Arms.
PAULINE McCULLOCH Sad news of another passing of one of our members, Pauline, who passed away on Monday 20th July, aged 86, after a lifetime of being a School Welfare Assistant at both Pinfold Lane and Moat Hall Schools. Our thoughts go to her husband, Don, teacher at the same schools, and family. Funeral at St Mary’s Church in Cannock on Friday 31st July at 12pm.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly Newsletter – 19th July 2015

EVENTS No events this week.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.
REQUESTS Our researcher Vi asks if anyone knows why William Plant, who married Hilda Worsey, was always known as Beckett. And this has also prompted me to read through Vanessa Morgan’s book (see Donations below) and list many of her Granddad’s friends from around 100 years ago to ask anyone who might recall their grandfather’s nicknames. In this week’s Memories the Herby mentioned is our old undertaker Herbert Hudson but who is Pug? Also mentioned are Shigger, Wilty, Squib, Miff, Chewer, Whopper, Smiler, Benjy and Jacker. A couple that are easily brought to mind are Tompter (Thomas Pearson – well known tramp), Slam (Harry Perks) and Shandy (Bob Cooper) but there are also a few clues in the stories for other characters – Miff (a boxer who trained in Bunny Benton’s barn), Kaggy Wright (another fighter), Jonty (killed in Gallipoli – John Ridgway?) and Old Woody was the train driver of General Gordon.
RESPONSES Dave Leach recalls the donkeys, mentioned last week, belonging to Albert Podmore.
And Michael Clark adds more to the Woolastons going back to Henry Woollason who was baptised 5 September 1683 at St Augustine’s in Rugeley.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Mr Morris, a lay preacher at the Salem, and his wife, also William & Annie Hitchens of Wolverhampton Road, and 3 photographs of the families from Holly Bush cottages with the Heminsleys, Ken Chaplin, George Till, Glenys Jones, Mrs Lockett and Clare Wootton. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS A published book ‘Stories Granddad Told’ by Vanessa Morgan from the Cheslyn Hay memories of her grandfather Christopher Lawson (b1890) written in the 1950s. Donated by Ann Holloway.
24th July 1915 Marriage of Lieut. Osmond Crutchley Hawkins, of Glenthorne House.
24th July 1915 William Fletcher, of Mount Pleasant, Cheslyn Hay, was summoned and found guilty.
24th July 1915 The Cheslyn Hay Jubilee Female Society held their 18th anniversary and a new committee elected.
24th July 1915 The anniversary of the Red Lion Female friendly Society was also held on Tuesday evening with full details and names of those involved.
24th July 1915 A very enjoyable social evening was spent at the Rose and Crown Inn for the Glee Party. Full details given.
24th July 1915 The conclusion to the story from last week involving Mr and Mrs Pratt and Sergeant Major G Snow.
24th July 1915 Mrs G Wynn has successfully collected 120 eggs.
MEMORIES From Vanessa Morgan’s book of stories from her granddad, Chris Lawson, and the an amusing tale is included this week and is dated July 1954 recalling the old characters around 100 years ago off the village.
GENERAL NEWS The Village Pump in Cross Street was flattened on Monday morning by a car. Report includes all details.
JOHN BAILEY Sad news of John, who passed away in hospital on Tuesday evening. A fund of unlimited local knowledge as he had lived on the village all his life and an invaluable member of our committee and it’s been a privilege to have known him as a colleague and a friend. A great footballer and an even greater bloke.