Cheslyn Hay &DLHS Newsletter – 10th December 2017

EVENTS  This Thursday, 14th December, is our ‘Christmas Chat n Char’ so Roger invites you all to ‘Come and Spend a Penny’ with him.  Starts at 10am at the Salem.

OUR SALEM BASE is open to everyone, as usual, every Tuesday from 9am – 2pm.

REQUESTS  From Paul Corbett ‘I have come across details on the net from your newsletter in 2015 regarding an article on John Haycox of the Worcestershire Regiment from Cheslyn Hay.  I am lucky enough to be the temporary custodian of his war medals and memorial plaque and would like to find out more about his life.  Do you hold any information that you could supply which I would add to his copy of army papers that I hold?

An appreciative email comes from Derek Bullock in Canada who asks ‘My mother, Lilly Smith, was born in the cottages which stood on High Street, just above the War Memorial, in 1905.  Somewhere about 1918 she left school and “went into service”, as many girls did at that time.  I believe she was in the household of Mr and Mrs Reginald Smart.  Mr Smart was a Colliery Manager after the war but I don’t know where, although it can’t have been too far away.  He was wounded at Vimy, but obviously survived.  Mrs Smart apparently had one of his tunic buttons mounted in gold as a brooch to commemorate his survival.  The gold back is inscribed ‘Vimy 1917’. The pin broke off the button and Mrs Smart gave the pin-less brooch to my mother as a keepsake.  I believe Mr Smart died in the 1970’s. I wonder if you can find out any more about this man, and if there are descendants who might be interested?’

Similarly, Bill Thomason emails ‘A few years ago, my brother died in New Zealand, where he lived, and his partner sent me a few things back to Blighty including John James Thomason’s (my granddad) WWI medals, his Army wallet & other bits and bobs.  In the wallet was a photo of his dad, Solomon, his mam, Emma, with his brother, and a little piece of cross-stitch work spelling the word MIZPAH.  Also a photograph of ‘Arthur Bradley – South Staffs Regiment, 138 Victor Street, killed’.  We have no knowledge of who he is, but we know he was living at my grandparent`s address, so we assumed he was a lodger and became one of the ‘pals’.  If somebody may find a connection,  they are most welcome to the original photograph.

RESPONSES  Following Alan Brown’s historical observations on the last 100 years, I have received a rather profound response from David Powell.  ‘I was so grateful for your allusion to our European connections.  On the 12 November I attended the service of reconciliation at the German War cemetery on Cannock Chase.  The service remembers all, not only soldiers, who are effected by war.  My niece and her Yorkshire husband live in Lorraine, the war memorial in their village, like ours, list those who died in two wars, the same family names occur in both; yet in 1914-18 Lorraine was Lothringen, in the German Empire, so they died for the Kaiserreich against France, – in 1939 of course, against Germany.’  David adds the memories of his grandfather, Frank Powell, later landlord of the Royal Oak in Norton Lane,  in the first battle of Ypres.

Our Military Researcher Bob Brevitt has been able to email Glynis with details of all of her Lockley family together with the military records of both Georgeand William Henry Lockley, as well as information on the father, James Henry.

And Moss comments on the 1967 article on the parking problems in Station Street with his own memories.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS   ‘Walsall Leather Industry – The World’s Saddlers’, a book donated by John Colman.


8th December 1917  News of 2nd Lieutenant Clifford Devereux gunshot wounds in France, also of his brother, Jack.

8th December 1917  Details of a meeting of the Local Relief Committee and Red Cross Society was held in the Salem Schools on Friday evening togetherwith the efforts of the children of the Local Council Schools with Mr W J Simkin, Mrs Allen and Miss K Scragg.

8th December 1917  The funeral of the late Mr S Smith, of Littlewood, Cheslyn Hay, who was chairman of St Mark’s Church.

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES  A 13 page story researched by Paul Ford on the murder of John Farnell by James Alsopp at the Nook Colliery in 1870.  Mentioned in the report are John, Samuel, Elizabeth, May, John, Charles, Richard, Sarah and Peter of the Farnell family as well as James, Sarah, Caroline & Henry of the Alsopp family.  Plus Elizabeth Perks, Charles Altree, Eliza Smith, Lucy & Thomas Kitchen, John Gregory, John Hubery, William Stokes, Thomas Williams, Avis Addison and PC Samuel Lindop.

CATHERINE SOULSBY (daughter of Christine & Peter WILCOX)  suddenly passed away on 28th November aged only 63.  Catherine grew up in Sutherland Road, was involved with the Gingham Girls and only left the village when she married.  Funeral is at 12 o clock, December 20th at Stafford Crematorium.  Our condolences go to her husband, Keith, and the family.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News- 3rd December 2017

3rd December 2017

EVENTS  No events arranged for this week.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.

REQUESTS  An interesting request has come in from our Edalji author Dr Alan Jones who is after a copy of an 1887 published book, ‘Hymns for Sunday School’ that Shapurji Edalji had printed privately.  Can anyone help Alan please?

And Glynis Lockley emails a request on her family history around George Albert Lockley, who died in France 23rd November 1917 and is buried at Etricourt-Manancourt cemetery south of Arras.  The Lockley family lived in Cheslyn Hay until the mother Charlotte Butler died in 1904 and the two eldest boys were sent to Reformatory schools and the family including two sisters were separated, dispersed, never again to be reunited. They are related to the Butler family and George visited an aunt there in June 1917 on furlough. Glynis adds ‘There are no known photographs of any of the family unless someone in the Butler family may have some and we have been unable to trace their father, James Henry, and would like any information on him if possible.’

Coincidentally an appeal for the Butler family has also been received this week from a member, who emails ‘My mother was Joan Butler (1915-1998).  In the newsletter of 5th April 2015 there is a reference to her uncle Joseph Butler who gave her away at her wedding in 1939.  Also of great interest to me is a reference to Harriet Butler (the lady with one eye) who was my grandmother.’  Peter has no photographs at all of his grandmother and asks if we can oblige.  This we certainly can, as well as 9 other photos of his Butler family, but does anyone remember Harriet, who used to live in Pinfold Lane?

RESPONSES  After Robert Jones visit to Cheslyn Hay in 2005 to research the background of his great-uncle Alfred ‘Granny’ Jones and his subsequent conversation with 90 year old Herbert Norman a mention was made of the ‘Cuckoo Tree’ where Alfred would spend most of his day under it reading a book.  Geoff Hackett has now given full details of where the tree was and also adds more information on ‘the gent who transported the deceased in a wheelbarrow up the High Street’!


7th December 1967  Just three months after the opening of the shopping precinct on the Landywood Estate interviews were conducted with shopkeepers and customers including  Mrs H Marston, Mr R S LavenderMr N M WileyMrs D AllenMr R A PartonMrs V Woolley and Mr F J Crowe.

MEMORIES  From our renown friend, Alan Brown off the Bonk, and now in France expounding on the 1917 funeral notice of Pte George Davis, as well as Edward & Emily DavisJack Davis,  Flossie Hayden and Thacker‘s scrap-yard. Alan also adds poignant comments about Rowland Benton and Albert Russell and remembering the war dead and why our weekly newsletters are so valuable to our communities, local and beyond.

DAVID HACKETT  News this week that Dave, one of our Hackett family died last Tuesday 21st November aged 72.  Although born and bred in Cheslyn Hay he has spent his last 25 years in Bath but there will still be many on the village who still remember him.

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Cheslyn Hay &DLHS – 26 November 2017

EVENTS We once again welcome the renown speaker and performing historian John S White as our guest speaker on Thursday, 30th November, at the Salem starting at 7.30pm. Title of his talk this time is ‘Christmas with Mr Samuel Adams in Jane Austen’s time’. Admittance £1 including refreshments.

Peter Cadman is also addressing the Cannock Ladies Probus Luncheon Club on our behalf with a talk on ‘School Days’ on Thursday, 30th November at the Barns at Huntington.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everyone welcome.

REQUESTS Another week when we have received no requests.

RESPONSES Further to Lynne’s initial enquiry in September seeking information on her late father, Jack Hughes, and his first marriage to Dorothy Foster matters now have gathered apace. Our subsequent researches, aided by facts and data provided by our members, have proved that Lynne has family relationships through her father and is now arranging a get together with them.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS We’ve received more photographs of Essington and Shareshill this week and they include one of the signal box at Bursnip Road, Essington, c1920, two of Arthur Cope outside his pub The Old Mitre at Essington in 1900, after taking over from his parents Thomas & Eliza Cope, another of a dozen regulars at The Old Mitre with George, Thomas, Fred and Arthur Cope, Infants & Primary Schools in Essington, the Minerva pub in Essington celebrating the Queen’s Coronation in 1953, a gathering of the Scott family in 1958 with Des, Stephen, Jack and Pat Scott, together with the Ball family – Lilian May Jellyman (nee Ball) and Lilian (nee Wilkes) and George Crosby. One of St John’s Primary School in Essington in 1934 with only Ida Mullard, Mary Cope and Dorothy Russell named and one of Doreen Downing’s 21st Birthday Party at the Temperance Hall, Elms Lane, Shareshill in 1953. Those named are Harriet Hotchkiss (nee Scott), Daisy Moseley (nee Scott), Emma Wilcox (nee Bird), George Wilcox, Cath Scott (nee Fletcher), Walter Scott, Des Scott, George Wildblood, Alice Wildblood (nee Downing), Jack Scott, Pat Scott (nee Ball), Betty Scott, Jean Law (nee Scott), Margaret Beck (nee Scott), Mary Scott (nee Cope), John Scott Snr, William Downing, Edward Downing, Doreen Downing, Annie Downing (nee Scott), Joan Downing, Frances Scott (nee Moulson). £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.


30th November 1967 Details of the life and death or George Thomas Coates, former Cheslyn Hay Parish Councillor and licensee of the Colliers Arms who died Tuesday November 21, aged 75.
30th November 1967 LDetails of a classical Concert held at Salem Methodist Church, Cheslyn Hay.

30th November 1967 The funeral of Mr G Roobottom of 81, Mitre Road, Cheslyn Hay.
WWI COMMEMORATION This December we commemorate the death of 10782 Albert Russell of the 1st Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment, who was killed on 4th November 1917 aged 24, son of Henry and Mary Ann Russell, of 26 Queen Street, Cheslyn Hay, and buried with honour at the Etaples Military Cemetery.

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES We delve into Pat Everiss’s researches where she points out that most of our forefathers were used as ‘slave labour’ throughout the 19th century when children worked in local mines and factories. Names involved are Joseph Hawkins, Elizabeth Sambrook William Sambrook, Mary Ann Sambrooke, Agnes Dutton, John, and Fanny Dutton, Edward Hope, Jesse Crutchley, William Wootton, Thomas Weetman, and Doctors Syree and Hosegood and Thomas Hart.
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Cheslyn Hay &DLHS – 19 November 2017

EVENTS Peter Cadman is giving a talk to the Cheslyn Hay Brownies and explaining the history of the artefacts we have in our display cases at Glenthorne School on Thursday evening, 23rd November.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everyone welcome and this week we are furthering our research into the Foster family, including Dorothy who married Jack Hughes in 1943.

REQUESTS No requests received this week.

RESPONSES After Debra’s request for information on the Towle family we have the details of Charlie’s boxing career in ‘Old Newspapers’ below. Also our researchers have been able to add to the basic information provided last week on the family. Samuel Charles Towle (b 11 Nov 1909 – 1985) married Isabella Jackson (born 3 May 1914) in 1932 and they list the history of the Towle family back to the mid 1700s.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS A set of photographs from the Sambrooke family including brothers Ollie & Alfred as well as Percy Sambrooke, a Landywood football team with only Alfred named, a Cheslyn Hay cricket team around the thirties all unnamed except for Alfred, Ollie & Rose Sambrooke wedding, Ernest Alfred Sambrooke & Vera Hitchens wedding in 1937 with the Sambrookes, Maud & Ennis Bradbury, Bertha Sambrooke, Nellie Hitchens and Roy Hitchens, who was killed at El Alamein in 1942, one of Alfred Sambrooke at the Hawkins Brickyard and an official photograph of the Cheslyn Hay Charity Cup Committee taken by S Morris with all named – J Wesley, J Perry, G Brough, E Hassell, J Wesley, F Cookson, W Wesley, A Emery, R Wesley, T Goodman, P Sambrooke, E Moore, W Walker, S Whitehouse, T Doughty, A Illidge (Sec), J Pratt (Treasurer), S Steadman (Chairman) and E Holland. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington

Four newspaper reports of Charlie Towle’s fights in 1930 and one of a ‘very disappointing performance’ from Tom Whittingham.


23rd November 1967 Problem of parking in the village with discussion.
23rd November 1967 The Landywood Residents Welfare Association is taking action in an effort to get a footpath along part of Landywood Lane.

23rd November 1967 Speakers Night for the members of Cheslyn Hay Young Wives.
23rd November 1967 With this year’s Cheslyn Hay carnival falling short of expectations the Community Association held a special meeting.
24th November 1917 Private George Henry Davis, of the 7th Stafford’s, died from wounds received in action, aged 33 years.

24th November 1917 Details of the funeral for Private George Davis.
24th November 1917 On Saturday morning news was received by Mr George Benton, of High Street, that his son, Rowland Benton, was killed in action.

24th November 1917 Mr and Mrs Harry Russell, of Cheslyn Hay, have received many evidences of sympathy in their bereavement of the loss of their son, Lance Corporal Albert Russell. Details of one particular letter
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Cheslyn Hay & DLHS – 12th November 2017

Anyone wishing to become a member for the annual fee of £5 and to receive the full unabridged newsletter with full information every Sunday morning at 9am please contact me through my email address below. Otherwise please enjoy this shortened version. Many thanks. Trevor.

EVENTS Great Wyrley LHS are holding their Annual Exhibition on Saturday, 18th November at Harrison’s Sports and Social Club in Wharwell Lane, Great Wyrley, from 11am to 4pm and the theme is ‘The Seventies’. We will be supporting them as usual with a display.

Bridgtown LHS are holding a ‘Local Area Quiz’ compiled by Derek Davies OBE next Wednesday, 15th November at the Bethel Church, Union Street, starting at 10am. £1 admission.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we are appealing to all bowling enthusiasts to review all of the photographs in our Bowls Volumes in an effort to name any of the unnamed players. If successful we intend to extend such gatherings in other aspects of the village.

REQUESTS Petra and Nicole from Germany are researchers into the Edalji case and raises questions about the unpopularity of Shapurji with one incident in particular. It concerns a baby, Joseph Whitehouse, who died and was buried on 31st August 1895, and Shapurji refused to have the hymn the family wanted at the ceremony. There is nothing recorded in the local newspapers, so can any of our many Whitehouse researchers enlighten us please?

Request from Debra, at the Base this week, who asks for information on her family tree of the Cheslyn Hay Towle family who married into the Steadmans. Charles Steadman (1860-1922) married Mirenda Stokes (1863-1932) and their daughter Mirenda (1899-1918) married Edward Towle and had a son Charlie (1909- 1985).

RESPONSES Further to last week’s Dorothy’s enquiry on her Stokes/Allen/Steadman/ Craddock connections, our researcher Vi points out that there is confusion as there were two Joseph Stokes, both born in Cheslyn Hay around the same time. However Vi and Andrew have been able to supply most of the answers for Dorothy and provide her with her Stokes family tree going back to 1762.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Photographs of the Steadman family including Jack in the First World War plus George, Sarah, Evelyn, Annie & Ernie, Renee, Don, Will & Ethel Steadman (PE-STE-8, 9, 10), the Ridgway family with Gladys, Alice, Job & Geoff Ridgway (PE-RID-19), Blowers Dart team with Rex Wiggin, Frank Bowen, Bernard Hassall, – Farmer, Ray Connelly, Joe Wright & Dicky Plant (GW-PPB-9) and two of the Coronation Party in the Red Lion in 1953 with only Jean Parry, Janet Marshall, Alan Courtney, Harold Sambrook, Mike Belcher, Brian Parry & Muriel Malpass named (PB-RDL-12, 13) and Dean Swift’s Latin inscription at the Four Crosses pub (PB-FOU-3). Also 19 photographs for the Roger Moore Collection (PE-MOO-45 to 63) including Roger, Christine, Tanny, Dorrie Moore, Brian Davies, Pauline Brown, Angela & Marion Kidd, Heather Goodman, Roger Haywood, Alan Lane, Pat Young, Minnie & Frank Kingston and Arthur Waldron. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS More copies of deeds now being donated. This week we have received the deeds to 126 Littlewood Lane going back to 1925. Also a series of personal letters dated 1902-3 written by Samuel Lowe to his wife Beatrice nee Hawkins (1869-1955) just prior to their divorce.

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington

Two newspaper reports from the Staffordshire Advertiser. One naming seven men, all from Wyrley, charged with a causing a riot and together with assaults at Shareshill Wake (2 Nov 1839). Also full details of five Shareshill properties for auction including ‘A dwelling house now used as a beer shop called ‘The Bulls Head’ with a butcher’s shop, outbuildings and yard’.


16th November 1967 Meeting of the Cheslyn Hay Over 60 Club mentioning Mrs D Smith, Mr W Kingston, Nurse Brookes, Nurse Wooton, Mrs Collins, Mrs G Plant, Mrs Whitehouse and Mr and Mrs J Edwards.

17th November 1917 Details of Lance Corporal A Russell, sixth son of Henry and Mary Russell, Queen Street, Cheslyn Hay. Deeply mourned by his mother, dad, sisters and brothers.

17th November 1917 A large gathering assembled at the Working Men’s Club Assembly Rooms. Those named are Mr F J Altree, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Harvey, Mrs G Brown, George Fletcher, Mr Bown and Mr H Horton.

17th November 1917 A remarkable incident happened on Sunday afternoon in the township with a horse belonging to Mr H Stokes starting from Hill Street.

MEMORIES We now complete the interview by Robert Jones with Mrs Joyce Cooper (nee Walley) dated January 2005, when Robert was researching his Jones family history with stories from and about Herbert Norman, Alfred ‘Granny’ Jones, William Jones, and the number of suicides in the local pools.
WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES We are renewing our interests in developing our Shareshill and Essington connections and would appreciate more photographs and archive material in these areas.
GENERAL NEWS We have a full set of 24 editions of the Family Tree magazines for 2015 & 2016 which are ideal for researchers. Available FREE to members to collect from the Base.

MARGARET MATTHEWS A long standing member, Margaret, has recently passed away on October 25th aged 87 years. She was the daughter of the Cheslyn Hay caretaker of the local cemetery in Station Street, Cheslyn Hay, Mr Joseph Middleton, and she served as secretary for Arnold Hawkins of Hawkins Tileries for many years. Margaret has always been a prominent citizen involved with village life and will be sadly missed. Funeral will be at the East Chapel, Bushbury Crematorium on Monday, November 20th at 11.30am.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 5th November 2017

EVENTS  Remembrance Sunday is next Sunday, 12th November with the parade assembling at Eatons at 10.30am for the 11am start at our War Memorial.  Bob Brevitt will be laying our wreath for us and the service will be held at the Salem afterwards.

This month’s Chat n Char is on Thursday 9th November at 10.00am in the Main Hall of the Salem and Roger’s theme is ‘Flower Power’!

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  

REQUESTS  After the recent mention of Steadman, Dorothy Drage emails ‘When my g-grandmother Emma Matilda Stokes (father Joseph) married William Allen (father William) at St Lukes on 28th March 1859, the witnesses were Charles Steadman and Sarah Stokes.  Two years later, 18th February 1861, Charles Steadman (father Paul) married Sarah Stokes (father Joseph) and Sarah Steadman (nee Stokes) could be the sister of Emma Matilda Allen, my g-grandmother.  My grandmother Rose Craddock (nee Allen) lived at 35 Hill Street and she also had relatives who lived in Hill Street.  Can anyone confirm the relationship  of the above and maybe find a connection from the marriage of Charles and Sarah, however remote, to the Steadman, Stokes and Allen families?

RESPONSES  Jean has supplied all the answers to Norma on her Stollard/Bull query as John Bull was born to Ann Bull before she married William Stollard and Jean has forwarded the Banns of the marriage in 1840 as well as the transcription.  

John Kelsall adds to John Dickin‘s recollections emailing about his grandparents Wilfred and Rhoda Poxon and the butchers and bakeries on the village since the war.


9th November 1967  Harry Perks of 7 Park Street, Cheslyn Hay, relating his lifetime’s experience of pigeon racing.

10th November 1917  On Tuesday afternoon, Mr and Mrs H Russell, of Queen Street, Cheslyn Hay, received the following telegram from the Record Office, Lichfield that was reporting details of the death in France of their son Lance-Corporal A Russell, South Staffs.  Another brother Private Thomas Russell, has been missing, and has not been heard of for over six months.

MEMORIES  Following the recent appeal from Leanne asking for any stories of ghosts around the Littlewood Road area we have discovered a recorded interview by Robert Jones with Mrs Joyce Cooper (nee Walley) dated January 1905, when Robert was researching his Jones family history.  The full interview is published with details of William Jones suicide and his ghost.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly Newsletter – 29th October 2017

EVENTS  The Forest of Mercia are holding an Open Day at their base at Hilton Green, Hilton Lane, Hilton WV11 2BG on Saturday November 4th from 11am – 3pm and we will be having a display there.

OUR SALEM BASE is open to everyone from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.   

REQUESTS  Norma Barta has returned to her family tree on the Bull side and wants help on some confusing information which she has recorded and wants to know what the connection is between John Bull, William Stollard and Ann Bull.

RESPONSES  Further to Bill’s request from last week, our researchers and a member of the Wollaston family has provided all the information on Thomas Wincer and Elizabeth Hadley.


2nd November 1967  Mr H Westwood of Hatherton Street, Cheslyn Hay, recalling his time in East Africa.

2nd November 1967  The Salem Methodist Church annual autumn fair with   Mrs J Hewitt, Susan and David Wright,Mrs F Ridgway, Mrs H Perks, Mrs J Dace, Mrs H Lockett, Mrs H Wollaston, Mrs G Jenkins, Mrs K Spooner, Mrs Kelsall, Mr H Wollaston, Mrs A Parker, Mrs R Jones, Mrs M Bladen, Mrs T. Hackett, Mr H McCulloch, Mrs. B. Simpson, Mrs K Hackett, Mrs B Kingston.

3rd November 1917  On Sunday last, a memorial service was held at the Primitive Methodist Church, Cheslyn Hay,  in honour of Ernest Robinson, Walter Bickley, and Albert Benton, late members of the Adult Bible Class.  Three separate paragraphs are included with full details of their lives.  

MEMORIES  After a popular response from John Dickin’s last week’s recollections of yesteryear, John has forwarded more of his musings from the fifties with stories of Fred LockettW B HawkinsRay Dickin, Eric Garbett, Geoff Barnes and Tommy Goodman.

WWI COMMEMORATION  This November we commemorate the death of 4026 George Roland Benton of the 32nd Battalion of the Australian Commonwealth Military Force, who was killed on 12th October 1917 aged 30, Husband of Ada of Collie, Australia, and son of George and Sarah Benton, of Coppice Lane, Cheslyn Hay, and buried with honour at the Aeroplane Cemetery.

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