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Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 21st June 2015

EVENTS We welcome renowned historian Tim Burgin as our guest for this month’s Speaker’s Night on Thursday 25th June, at the Salem at 7.30pm and his topic is ‘The Battle of Waterloo’ which we are currently commemorating its bi-centenary this month. All welcome. Admission £1 including refreshments.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS Following on from the assistance we received last week from Peter Harley, the Australian researcher, one of our members, Paul Edgerton, respectfully requests for any information on a young Australian soldier, Sgt Govan, who is buried next to his paternal uncle, Bertram Edgerton, who died in battle in May 1940 and buried in Boeseghem, northern France.
And Debby has contacted us through our website as she is interested in information we have on John Ridgway who was killed in Gallipoli aged only 19 in 1915 and he is on our War Memorial.
RESPONSES The letter from Hamar Dawkins in the trenches in WWI brought back memories to Eddie and Jim Wise as Hamar lived next door to them at 29 Station Street as they recall many aspects of his life.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS The Evelyn Lunt (nee Bird) Collection containing 84 photographs which include many of her friends and family throughout her long life namely Bird, Shirley, Butler, James, Smith, Rodwell, Meakin, Lunt and many unnamed. Available at the Base any Tuesday.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Dave Bray has completed transcribing the 1792 Enclosure Act survey apportionment, which describes the land that was enclosed at that time, the sizes, the worth and most importantly the names of the owners. The transcribed document will be available in its original format (complete with contemporary words of the time) and in a modern format. This documents will eventually be accompanied by an A1 map similar to the original when Darren has completed the work.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington The Lichfield Mercury refers to an article in ‘The Schoolmaster’ where it was stated that schoolteachers were being underpaid in some areas and it was decided to increase men teachers by £10 per year and women headteachers by £5 with a postscript of ‘Cannock Board note this and Cheslyn Hay, Burntwood, Walsall, Lichfield, wake up’ (1 Aug 1902).
24th June 1965 Report of the dangers in Cheslyn Hay because of the number of children there are.
1st July 1965 Full report on the annual Salem Methodist Church Sunday School Carnival listing all the names of those taking part during the day in the competitions and fancy dress parades and the evening as well.
26th June 1915 News of Sapper Jack Hawkins R.E., youngest son of Mr and Mrs John Hawkins, of Station Street, and his bravery exploits.
26th June 1915 Results of the senior club bowling green on Saturday afternoon on the occasion of the competition for the Presidents Prize with details and scores of the games.
MEMORIES This week we delve into our archives for the memories of Geoffrey Boulton from 2004 on the Dundalk Lane cottages and the Horton, Perry, Lawson and Biddle families.
RON MORGAN After a very short illness, Ronnie passed away at his home in Gorsey Lane on Wednesday, 10th June, at the age of 81. Born and bred on the village in Rosemary Road and later Littlewood Lane he will be remembered by many of his friends in the Society and from his Great Wyrley High School and footballing days who seemed to have remained on the village throughout their lives. The funeral arrangements are Wednesday 1st July at 11.15am at the West Chapel, Bushbury and afterwards at Harrisons Social Club. Fuller details of any of the above reports will be gladly provided by request to my email address below. Likewise if anyone wishes to receive the full unabridged newsletters every Sunday at 9am for £5. Thanking you.

cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 7th June 2015

EVENTS Chat ‘n’ Char on Thursday, 11th June in the Salem’s Main Hall as usual with Roger announcing that the ‘Picture House will be at the Chums Club’. Doors open at 9.30am.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we have Michael Clark from Birmingham researching his Wollaston family. All welcome.
REQUESTS Glenda from Brisbane is after photographs or any information on her grandmother Florence (b1884) Altree’s two brothers Samuel James (1883 – 1914) and Handel (1881 – 1962).
Chris Moore would appreciate any news of Wendy Parsons who was mentioned last week. Wendy lived in Hatherton Street and Chris says ‘We used to walk or cycle to Great Wyrley Secondary Modern School every day but after finishing GCE’s Wendy went on to Stafford Art College and I joined the Police Force and left the village, which is over 40 years ago.’
RESPONSES Following Joy Mills recent request on Frances Lockley who was adopted into her Derry family in 1910, I have received an email from Brian Lockley who is the only surviving child of Frances and asks to be put in touch with Joy as he has all the information. This has been done and the only piece of the Lockley family jigsaw missing now is to contact the son of William Henry Lockley who is currently living in Manchester.
Also our researchers Andrew and Jean have been working on Philippa’s Richard Bromall and Sarah Primer’s families and Andrew has produced a family tree of the Bromhalls going back to 1649 that had a strong connection with Cheslyn Hay throughout the 1700s and adds there is a Francis Primer of Chestland Hay buried in 1752 and a Jane Primer, widow of Chestland Hay, buried in 1763 both at St Lukes, which could be Sarah’s parents. And Jean confirms the marriage of Richard Bromall, widower, and Sarah Primer of Chestland Hay on 5th January 1757 by banns and also a christening of Phoebe at St Giles Willenhall on 18th January 1761 with father Richard Bromall but no mother’s name and Jean suggests that his wife might have died of childbirth complications.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Several items of the Tuft family with Simeon’s baptism, his marriage certificate to Lucy Brough plus a conviction and sentence of 8 months at Stafford Assizes, plus the burials of Joseph and Lucy. Also the registrations of births of Lucy Brough (1817) and her mother Rhoda Whitehouse (1792) and the burials of her father Richard Brough (1854) and Rhoda (1853). Also a photograph PE-STO-26, Hannah Stokes (nee Tuft 1854-1928) with one of her sons.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington Details of court cases of Simeon Tuft (21 July 1864) and William Wood, Robert Holmes, William Crutchley, William Wootton, Benjamin Hawkins, Samuel Hault, John Dale and George Green of Bridgtown and James Johnson of Churchbridge (11 July 1868).
10th June 1965 Cheslyn Hay Primary School Sports Day with C Mason, N Pritchard, J Woolley and J Lawson.
10th June 1965 Cheslyn Hay Gingham Girls at a parade at Wordsley Gala, Stourbridge.
10th June 1965 Cannock Chase Secondary School championships including a new javelin record.
12th June 1915 Hamar Dawkins writes a letter with details from the front.
12th June 1915 News of the two badly injured sons of Mr T A Hawkins of Glenthorne, together with other Cheslyn Hay officers with a footnote that Osmond became MD of Hawkins Colliery after the war, but Clarence was killed and his name is on our War Memorial.
12th June 1915 AThe tragic story of Silas Sargeant, who carried on the business of hairdresser in Cheslyn Hay.
MEMORIES More from Dan Weller’s article in the Thanet Gazette of his family who were evacuees in Cheslyn Hay during the war.
The complete unabridged versions of any of the above stories can br obtained on request via this email.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly Newsletter – 31st May 2015

EVENTS Roger has informed me that he has booked the second Executive Coach for our trip to Chatsworth House on Thursday 9th July and there are just 8 seats now remaining. It is £20 and is the same trip as advertised locally for £34. To reserve any of these remaining seats please contact Roger Moore (01543 – 372856).
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS Philippa Thomas is tracing her Willenhall family tree getting back to Richard Bromall who married Sarah Primer of Cheslyn Hay on 5th January 1757 and asks if anyone can provide more information on this Primer family.
RESPONSES Following on from Susanne’s request for details of the life of William Truman Altree who left England for Australia and was killed in Gallipoli, Adrian Leo emails from South Australia stating that Will Altree was his grandfather’s brother and has all the information of his life and army career. Meanwhile our researcher Vi provides all the background from local records with an intriguing and tragic story of the Altree/Truman family.
After Joy Mills’ request Lyn Lockley has emailed and is willing to provide Joy with all the information on Frances Lockley with our researcher Vi compiling another intriguing and tragic story of the Lockleys.
And Terry Ridgway responds to Wendy’s enquiry about him and asks who the Wendy is – suggesting Wendy Parsons, Wendy Perks or Wendy Bates. This is followed up by Sheila (nee Ridgway) and Glenice (nee Whitehouse).
Finally we turn to Andrew and our local researcher Vi for the requested details of the Wynn family. William Henry Wynn (b1850) was married three times. His first wife was Mary Ann Shorter (b1850 Cheslyn Hay) and they had three children – Ferdinand Antony (1875-1942), Frances Mary (1879-1882) and William Henry (1881-1882). Mary Ann gave birth to her third child on 25th October 1881 but she died in childbirth and she was buried three days later. Then Vi gives fuller details of the next generation and our researcher Andrew has produced a 7 page family history of the Wynn family.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS A beautiful photograph of Florence Altree of Low Street (b1884 – parents Frederick James & Elizabeth nee Mason) who emigrated to New Zealand and who married Albert Lane from Birmingham. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Another rug bodger for our Schools ‘Hands On’ Programme from Pamela Bate (nee Haycock).
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington An incredible court case involving William Gilpin, retired factory owner of Churchbridge, ccused of losing £2,400 in a card game of ‘Blind Hookey’ in 1849.
3rd June 1965 The snooker success of Ken Shirley of Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Club.
5th June 1915 A court case on unlawfully wounding between Thomas Dawson of Cheslyn Hay and John Bird, 98 Low Street, Cheslyn Hay.
MEMORIES This week we start the first abridged part of a fascinating article published recently in the Thanet Gazette written by Dan Weller setting the scene on his evacuee father’s bittersweet memories of Cheslyn Hay.
WWI COMMEMORATION This month we commemorate the death of 5487 Charles E Tomlinson with full details.
Full unabridged text of any of the above stories available on request to my email address below –

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 24th May 2015

EVENTS A special welcome for this month’s speaker, David Bartley on Thursday, 28th May at the Salem at 7.30pm. It’ll be the first time for a few years that David, the Black Country Poet and Comedian, has entertained us and we had to cancel last years booking because of David being a victim in a serious road accident. However, now fit and well, he is looking forward to meeting us all again for what will be the usual ‘not to be missed’ evening. Admission £1 including refreshments.
Our friends at Bridgtown LHS have arranged ‘An Evening with Bridgtown Concert Band’ at the Bridgtown Social Club on Monday 1st June at 7.30pm. Tickets are £5 and obtained through Bob Brevitt on 01922 414863.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we welcome researchers of the Farrington family meeting up mid morning to view our photographs and exchange information.
REQUESTS Following last week’s mention of a get-together of the Brough and Altree families this Sunday 24th May at Harrison’s Club in Wharwell Lane, Great Wyrley between 4 – 6pm, Glenda Faye of Australia passes on her best wishes to all the Altrees and would love to meet any of them if they’re ever in the vicinity of Brisbane. Glenda outlines her Cheslyn Hay family history with ‘My maternal grandmother was Florence Altree (b27Oct1884, Cheslyn Hay) but I know little of her life before she emigrated to New Zealand and married Albert Lane, who’d emigrated from Birmingham. Her father was Frederick James Altree, a miner and her mother was Elizabeth Altree, nee Mason and I would really appreciate any information on their lives back in the UK. I wonder if anyone in your group would have information and photos on Frederick, Elizabeth, Florence and her siblings as I’m keen to get a sense of their family life, as well as earlier and more recent generations – who they are connected to, where did they all work, pictures of schools and churches and where they’re buried etc. If anyone has an interest in learning more about Florence since leaving UK, I have a little information I’d happily share.’
And within two days Susanne Risk from Adelaide emails ‘I am researching William Altree for a very dear friend. William is her uncle and was born in Bolton. He immigrated to Australia in 1913, joined the AIF and died at Gallipoli. A short life. I would appreciate any help for my research.’
Wendy from Rugby follows up on the mention of the Ridgway family and recalls ‘Did the Terry Ridgway live opposite the Junior School before moving into Wesley Avenue – and does he have a sister Jean?’ So can anyone help Wendy?
And Joy Mills recently stumbled across an old item on our website and emails ‘In response to your newsletters of 22nd and 29th April 2012, in which you have information on the Lockley family, I am a great granddaughter of Lewis and Merab Derry who adopted Frances Lockley in 1910. I am interested in finding out why Frances was adopted by my great grandparents and would also be interested in finding out anything at all about Frances herself and also her biological family.’
Finally after some research into the Wynns who were a very active and well respected Cheslyn Hay family in the early years of the 20th century, David Wynn from Barnstable, is helping us with some background information. William Wynn came to Cheslyn Hay in 1872 and was a Sunday School teacher at St Marks for 41 years and churchwarden for 20 years. He married Mary Ann in 1873 and when widowed he married Sarah in 1885 and when she died in1898 he married Alice Wooton the following year. His son, Ferdinand, a plumber like his father, married Gertie Evans (1880 -1935) of 6 High Street where she run the General Stores and was a leading charity worker for the soldiers fighting in the First World War, founding the Cheslyn Hay branch of the Red Cross as well as being one of the main organisers of the British Legion. One of their two sons, Ian Archer Wynn, joined Bomber Command and was shot down on a mission to Dusseldorf in 1943, but his name is not on our war memorial as the Wynns had left the village by this time. David has a few gaps to fill in his research, such as information on what was the maiden name of Ferdinand’s mother and what happened to her? Is the Fred Wynn mentioned in the Edalji case Ferdinand? And who is Ruby Wynn who attended Gert’s funeral?
RESPONSES Jean provides Norma with the information on her grandmother Frances Ellen Jones who married William Henry Bowen and Jean has forwarded a copy of all this information to Norma including references to George Alfred Bull, Mary Ann Bruce and Molly Holland who worked at the Florence Nightingale Hospital in Bury.
Also new member, Roger Betts from Reading, offers his help with ‘I was born and brought up in Wyrley but my mother’s parents were born in Cheslyn Hay. My grandfather was a Whitehouse but my grandmother was a Bowen and I know quite a lot about both families. Although I have lived in Reading for the past 50 years, I still think of myself as a Wyrley man and I recognise some of the names I see on your website, particularly from Rugeley Grammar School.
29th May 1915 The death of Lucy Catherine Clewley.
29th May 1915 Details of the annual Whitsuntide treat held at the Lodge Hill.
MEMORIES From Michelle Horner in Lincolnshire after chatting to her Mum (Denise Scott) who was relating stories from her younger days involving Myra Scott nee Brown, Freddie Brown, local schoolmaster Mr Birch, Stan the farmer and Sgt Ward and others.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly Newsletter 17th May 2015

Full details of any of any of these reports are available by contacting me at my email address below.
If you wish to join annual membership is £5 is due and you will receive the full unabridged weekly newsletters every Sunday at 9am.
You will also be entitled to free research facilities through our own researchers who have full access to our local records and also you can exchange information with any of our 250 members who are researching their own family trees.  Appeals, requests and straight forward look-ups we are pleased to do free of charge.  

If you wish to pay by cheque would you kindly make a £5 cheque out for CH&DLHS and post to Darren Butler, 7 Forest Way, Great Wyrley, Walsall WS6 6HU.  Or, for local members, £5 to any member of our Committee.  Or through our via Paypal.   Thanking you for your interest.


17th May 2015
EVENTS   There is a get-together of all the Brough & Altree families on Sunday 24th May at Harrison’s Club in Wharwell Lane, Great Wyrley between 4 – 6pm organised by Karen Jones (01922 701598).  Karen invites anyone attending to bring any photographs or documents of interest and we will be there, ourselves, with photographs of these families.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open as usual from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS  Norma in Michigan who emails ‘Could anyone help me with my search for information on my grandmother, Frances Ellen Jones please?  She was born in Wolverhampton  c1863 and her father’s name was Robert Jones, but no mother found and I would like to get birth and marriage certificates.  She married my grandfather William Henry Bowen at St Mark’s church in Great Wyrley on 25 December 1888 and they made their home in Cheslyn Hay at 11 Hatherton Street.  My father, their son, was Frank Bowen and we lived in Upper Landywood and I’m hoping to find out more about my grandmother from the certificates.  I would appreciate any help at all.’
RESPONSES  In response to Stuart’s last week’s enquiry on his Pearson family, who were nailers in the tragic story of Sarah Baker, our researcher Sue Washington has produced the full story and the evidence Stuart needed to which he replies “It was John Pearson! My Pearsons have many Johns but from your work and the 1851 census the John Pearson who reported her was a widower and brother to Henry Pearson (my g-g-g-grandfather b1778). The newspaper report also states John lived close to Rebecca Whitehouse as she was at 41 and John with his parents at 39 and who was a widower. Your work does so bring to life the grim conditions people lived and worked in and that was only 150 years ago.  Thank heavens we now know that Sarah Baker was reprieved.”
With reference to the Ridgway research, our researchers Andrew, Jean and Vi have pooled together their researches which includes the censuses and even war records and they have now provided two family trees of the Ridgways (going back to 1829) with Andrew linking the family into the Broughs (back to 1781), the Pritchards (1761), Brindleys (1645) and the Steadmans and Jones families.  Also Jean has forwarded 13 attachments of Job Ridgway war service.  Finally David Whitehouse has forwarded an Ancestor Chart of this line of the Ridgway family and he has all the BMD documents from Job onwards.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS    David Harrison’s 32 photographs of the village between 1981 – 1989 capturing Carnivals, the Cubs & Scouts, Station Street and general views over Cheslyn Hay in 1984.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
22nd May 1915  Full details of the life and the death of Mr Joseph Heminsley of Saredon Road Farm.
22nd May 1915  The works performed by the members of the Cheslyn Hay Working Women’s Association for the serving soldiers in the trenches.
22nd May 1915    The story of the unfortunate citizen in the name of John Elwell, involving George Goodwin, of Landywood, Mr F J Altree, Mrs Scrivenor, Miss May Owen, Mr S Sargeant, Mr T Holcroft, Mr Percy Dawson and Enoch Jones.
22nd May 1915  A reported accident in Coppice Lane involving Frank Whitehouse and J Perks.
22nd May 1915   Edward Whitehouse, miner, Station Street, Cheslyn Hay in court.
22nd May 1915   Charles Brough, edge tool maker, The Lot, Cheslyn Hay in court followed by another two court appearances on the same charge.
MEMORIES  Pamela Bate’s article has produced many more old local words and memories including Alan Brown’s recollections ofAlice Allsopp‘s suck shop in Low Street.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 10th May 2015

10th May 2015  
EVENTS  Chat ‘n’ Char next Thursday, 14th May in the Salem’s Main Hall as usual starting at 10am with Roger and Peter providing the entertainment on ‘Celebrations and Recovery’.  Plenty of parking at the rear of the Salem.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and everyone is welcome to look through our archives or to view our 8,500 photographs and we are available for advice on research.
REQUESTS  ‘Googling’ for more information on the occupations of his forebears, who were nailers in Cheslyn Hay, Stuart Pearson discovered the story of Sarah Baker which appeared in our book ‘Tales of Cheslyn Hay’ and Stuarts emails ‘The bit which struck me was “but when a Cheslyn Hay nailer named Pearson visited…”  So do you have any more information on this Pearson as if it were of my Pearson family it would be either Henry Pearson (1778-1861) or his son Henry (1806-1887) or his other son John (my g-g-grandfather 1837-1824) as they were all nailers.
Three members of the Ridgway family visited the Base on Tuesday researching their family starting from scratch.  The only information we have is Frank Ridgway (b1919 in Cheslyn Hay), his father Job Alexander and his grandfather was Job and I’ve handed it over to our researchers.
RESPONSES  Alison responds from Australia after receiving the full Altree tree and adds some vital information to our records including Albert Henry Altree (b1852 Churchbridge) and his tragic life pointing out that he did not die before 2nd April 1911, as was thought detailing what happened to him after this date.  Alison also develops on the Altree family including Clarissa (née Jopson) as well as William Truman Altree who was killed in Gallipoli one hundred years ago this month, on 29th May 1915.  However Alison reaffirms that she would like to know about her grandmother’s side of the family the Challinors and I have been able to contact the daughter of William Challinor and Mavis Altree and details are being exchanged.
Following on from her own Tuft enquiry of last week, Denise states that she cannot find Simeon Tufft and Lucy on the 1841 census, but it is Simeon’s mother, Catherine, she is interested in and did she marry and have other children later?  However our researchers together with Denise have been able to piece more information together to hopefully solve the mystery.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Two coloured postcard taken early1900s of the Salem Church and the Great Wyrley Council School.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Marriage certificate of Job Alexander Ridgway and Gladys May Steadman in 1919.
13th May 1965  A story on Michael Cullen, of 13 Streets Lane with the R.A.F. in the Middle East.
13th May 1965  Full scorecard and report of the Hawkins v Wednesbury bowls match in the Staffordshire Cup.
15th May 1915  Results of the Senior Bowling Club opening competition with a full match report of the game.
15th May 1915  Details of the send off at the Rose & Crown of Joe Wesley, Charlie Moore, Arthur Brough and W. Mytton to the trenches.
MEMORIES  We complete Pamela Bate’s ‘Old Cheslyn Hay Words’ this week, which have provoked many extra words from our members which will be included next week.
GENERAL NEWS  WWI researcher and author Paul Bedford is launching Volume One of ‘Not Just Names’ at the Cannock Library next Saturday, 16th May from 10am to noon.  This first volume covers the names of all the soldiers on the war memorials of Bridgtown, Cannock, Chadsmoor, Hednesford, Wimblebury, Heath Hayes and Norton Canes and is £14.95, but we are stocking the book as well.  Volume Two will include Cheslyn Hay, Great Wyrley and the local areas and will also be available early next year.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 3rd May 2015

Please note if anyone wishes to join our Society and receive Newsletters every Sunday morning that are full and unedited please make a £5 cheque out for CH&DLHS and post to Darren Butler, 7 Forest Way, Great Wyrley, Walsall WS6 6HU. Or, for local members, £5 to any member of the Committee. Or click PAYMENTS in our menu to pay through Paypal.

EVENTS No events this week but there will be a get-together of anyone connected to the Altree and Brough families in three weeks time on Sunday 24th May at Harrisons Club, Wharwell Lane, from 4 – 6pm. We will be there and please contact me if you wish to attend.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we welcome Terry from Gloucester who is researching his Ridgway tree. Also we are studying the maps of the cemeteries after an enquiry to find where a couple of family plots are sited.
REQUESTS Alison Hurley from Australia emails ‘I discovered your page by chance and came across an article dated 20th April 2014 on the Altrees, so could you help discover what happened to my mother’s aunts? As I understood, my grandmother, Agnes Emma Altree née Challinor (mother Sarah Kent – we think) formerly an upstairs maid was born in 1887 somewhere around Cheddar but since our Australian family includes Altree, Doley, Dearly, Truman all of whom are mentioned in the article I think Cheslyn Hay looks a good bet. Grandma had two sisters Frances (an educator) and Margaret (a sadist – that’s how Grandma always referred to her). My mother, Milly, now 93 is the tenth of 12 in the Altree family to survive infancy but only the 7th child of Agnes. She tried to discover what had happened to the aunts when our family lived in England 1953-57 but found no clues in either Cheddar or Bolton which were the two names she knew. Grandma followed her husband Wallace John Altree to Australia as he left the UK with his mother and three of the children about the day WWI was declared and she came with the next four children at its end.’
We have checked our Altree Database and Alison is correct in that they are connected to the Cheslyn Hay Altrees and the tree goes back to William Altree (b1640).
And Denise Knowelden from Cambridge has just joined our society with a request ‘I’m researching my Tufft family from Cheslyn Hay, specifically Simeon Tufft and his mother Catherine. There are mentions of him on your website and people who are also interested in him.’ Anyone with similar interests and willing to exchange information with Denise please contact me.
RESPONSES Re Marion’s request of last week trying to solve the mystery of Evelyn Hitchen’s family, Bernard from Sacramento responds with details of his Jackson research but our researcher, Andrew, solves the mystery with an 1887 illegitimacy explaining the different names involved. Andrew also takes Marion’s Stokes’ family line back to 1762.
Next our researcher, David from Canada, emails ‘You mention Ruth from Worcester who is a descendent via Fanny Adcock. This is a difficult line as Fanny marries a Bailey which creates a number of possibilities due to the common surname. Vicki, who she mentioned, being much closer to the line is a good resource for Ruth and has been very helpful to me.’ All three are now exchanging information.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS 3 photographs of St Mark’s Choir – one with Rev Edalji in 1908, one with Rev Lanfear in the 1920s with all 30 named and one in the 1950s with 70 choristers and not one named. Two of St Mark’s Church (inside and outside) in 1896. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
6th May 1965 A story on the lives of Mr & Mrs Urban Norman.
6th May 1965 (under the marvellously non PC headline of 1965 ‘The Groundsman at Cheslyn Hay is a Woman’ concerning Mrs Stella Leach.
6th May 1965 Summary of the year of Hawkins Colliery Sports Club.
8th May 1915 Wedding of Robert Perks and Emma Rogers of Station Street listing all the guests and their wedding presents.
8th May 1915 Results of the committee of the Hospital Parade including all the collectors.
8th May 1915 More activity on behalf of the Navy League and Red Cross Society listing all the official collectors.
8th May 1915 The Annual Hospital Parade, organised by members of the Cheslyn Hay Victoria Brass Band and incorporated with the Working Men’s Club and Institute. With names and amounts collected.
MEMORIES Something different this week from Pamela Bate as she recalls ‘Old Cheslyn Hay Words’ listing twenty of them.
WWI PROJECT Details of the death of Private Harry Withnall of 132 Station Street who was killed on 2nd August 1915 aged 25.