Weekly News – 20th April 2014

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EVENTS   Our Annual General Meeting is this Thursday 24th April and starts at 7.30pm and not at 7pm as we said at the last Speakers Evening.  At the Salem as usual and it will be followed by a Family History display with Database Archives, Military Records and Family Trees available to view and advice given for all family historians.  Admission free.

OUR SALEM BASE  is open every Tuesday from 10am – 3pm.  All welcome. 
REQUESTS   Following on from a previous email, Bronwyn adds that she is also researching the Evans family but has not got any further back than Thomas Richard Evans (b1876) and Hannah Knight (b1875) and would appreciate any help from anyone researching the same family.
Marlene Clancy-Horan is also asking for help on the WWI service record of her father, George Pepper.  He was born in Islington in 1899 but in 1901 was at Walk Mill in Bridgtown amd in 1911 at the Colliery Yard in Great Wyrley.  He and his brother are on Great Wyrley’s Roll of Honour but Marlene has never been able to find anything about either of their war records.
And David Whitehouse from Canada updates us with his research but still has a couple of requests.  He has solved the queries concerning the George Woodward/Hannah Brough and it proved to be quite complicated but the only one missing out of that family is Joseph and Eliza Bailey.  Locally, I did locate an Audrey Bailey in a news article from the area about 1995 and there is a possibility she may be connected as well if anyone knows her.   In other news I have now completed locating the documents up to and including the grandchildren of Richard and Rhoda Brough as well as Ann Baker (nee Whitehouse) (with husbands Joseph Baker and James Whitehouse) and am currently moving on to grandchildren of Charles and Sarah Whitehouse.  If anyone holds any documents, photos or other information for any of these lines I would love to be in touch to compare and arrange an exchange of that information and/or digital images.’
RESPONSES  Between our researchers Andrew and Jean they have provided the information that Bronwyn requires with John Whitehouse’s christening dates but his parents were not Samuel and Mary Burrows that Bronwyn had surmised.  Andrew has also located Lydia Dace on his Cheslyn Hay Database and can now provide a full 15 page family tree going back to her great-grandfather in the early 1700s.  This tree is available for everyone with selected pages at £1 per page up to a maximum payment of £20 which includes 77 pages of additional information.  Ron also emails in with details of his family tree as John Whitehouse and Lydia Dace were his g-g-grandparents as well and Yvonne of the same line provides us with certificates and a family tree.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS   Members of the original Great Wyrley Youth Group in 1949 includingJean Gunn, Eric Till, Margaret Rowley, Grace Hall, Dorothy Turner, Wilfred Sambrook andVernon Bullock, the Page family in the 1980s, wedding of Norrie Ann Sassall, Ann Heminsley in the yard at Holly Bush cottages, the Heminsley family at the old Marl Hole including Shirley Worsey, Les Belcher & Jack Jeffreys and friends, Idris Evans at an Abbey Dropforging presentation with MD Rodney Timson and a raft of Carpenter photographs together with the Rowleys, the Bakers (inc Bob & Liz in 1910) and Ron Morgan.   
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  A three page Whitehouse family tree donated by Yvonne going back to John (b1813) and Lydia Dace (b1817) as well as three Marriage Certificates of John (to Mary Stopp), Thomas (Hannah Crutchley and Laurence Harry (Susannah Cooke) and two Birth Certificates of John (1842) and Laurence Harry (1894). 
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington.  Copies available at £1 per report.  We complete the year of 1930 with reports of bowls and cricket matches involving A Brown, A Elwell, W Brough, S Norman, N Harwood, E Sambrook, A Bickley, H Horton, J Allsopp, E Whitehouse, W Belcher, K Whitehouse, G Benton, E Moore, Syd Belcher, S Whitehouse, F Perks, A Thompson, H Cadman, J Baker, J Wesley, W Mason and C Baker. 

25th April 1914  Henry Russell was arrested by PC Cliffe on Easter Monday in Queen Street and full details are given of the court case.

25th April 1914  Cheslyn Hay Bowls Club event with Dr Syree, Mr F W Hawkins, Mr and Mrs G H Seedhouse, Laurence C Hawkins, C Perks, T Holcroft, J Thomas and W Holcroft.

25th April 1914  Details of Cheslyn Hay winning championship honours and the League Cup playing on the Barn Flat Ground with special mention of Charlie Moore of Station Street.

25th April 1914  A story about the Cheslyn Hay Allotment holders involved in buying twelve acres of their allotments from the Duke of Sutherland on his announcement of selling the land.

MEMORIES This week we complete the interview with the old Great Wyrley collier, Mr Bill Turner, dated 13th April 1967 with a few snippets concerning the Grove Pit disaster, local pits and local miners, the story of Richard Payne who became the first Principal of Cannock Mining College and the Territorialsof the Norton Company (Engineers) in WWII.
FAMILY HISTORY by Andrew Pearson  The Altrees are a well established Cheslyn Hay family throughout the 1800s and Andrew has an 11 page Family Tree dating back to 1640 when they were only living a couple of miles away in Weston-under-Lizard.  Selected pages at £1 a page up to a maximum of £20 which includes 65 pages of fuller information.  Names in the tree include Astbury, Austin, Baker, Ball, Bate, Benton, Bradbury, Brough, Carter, Cartwright, Challinor, Clewley, Collins, Cooper, Cowley, Cox, Davies, Dealey, Doody, Dutton, Evans, Everitt, Latham, Lawton, Mason, Mayott, Owens, Parker, Payne, Peake, Perks, Pershouse, Pettit, Pritchard, Purshore, Reaney, Richards, Rowley, Russell, So(u)therton, Stanton, Thomas, Thornley, Tricklebank, Truman, Turnpenny, Wallbank, Westwood, Wheeler, Whitehouse, Wilkes, Williams, Wilton, Wright and Yates.  Any queries on these names I will gladly look up for you.
GENERAL NEWS  Following the success of our Elliott Lucas Day our colleagues at Bridgtown LHS are organising a Cornelius Whitehouse Day in the future, so anyone who worked there or has any connections or interest with the works or just the family please contact Dave Battersby on 01543 503933 or email dave.battersby@hotmail.co.uk  
JOHN HARLEY  Details of the sad demise of John Harley.

Weekly News – 13th April 2014

EVENTS   We have almost filled two coaches for our daytrip to Bletchley Park on Thursday 10th July but we have just 5 seats left.  £23 each starting from the Salem at 7.30am with a tour aroundBletchley Park on the morning and the afternoon at Banbury where an Official Guide (Cheslyn Hay born and bred Malcolm Smith) will be on hand to show and explain the sights if required.  If interested please contact Roger on 01543 372856.

OUR SALEM BASE  is open every Tuesday from 10am – 3pm.  All welcome.  This week we have a couple of members from the Wollaston/Cartwright family visiting us to view our archives as well researching their families.  Everyone welcome.

REQUESTS  An email received from Bill Thomason from Salford - ‘I have just discovered a great-grandaunt on my family tree named Ellen Cartwright who married a John Wollaston.  They had 8 children of which 6 were born in Cheslyn Hay.  In 1881 they lived at 11 The Green and in 1891 until her death in 1927 they resided at Low Street and I wondered if these places still exist?’

And by pure coincidence Michael Clark emails to say he is calling at our Base on Tuesday 15th April 2014 to research his Wollaston family!

Also a request from Bronwyn Tomkins from Australia who emails ‘John Whitehouse (b1811 - 21 Nov 1884) married Lydia Dace (b1815 – Mar 1886) on 17 June 1833 and I can follow forward from here with a fair amount of confidence with my line coming from their son John.  But I cannot get any further back.  I have found a John born to Samuel Whitehouse and Mary Burrows about the right time but need to have confirmation of this before I can add to my tree. Also Lydia’s parents I believe to be Joseph Dace and Tryphena Baker and any assistance I can be given would be greatly appreciated.’ 

RESPONSES   The mystery of the 1920 Arnold Hawkins letter has now been solved with our researchers tracing the link between the recently deceased Kathleen Marie Warburton (nee Hood) and the Arnold Hawkins reference dated 1920 for George Edward Evans.

Following on from Edna’s (nee Birch) memories, Sheila Ridgway emails that her mom’s friend wasEthel Harley, Edna’s sister, and they emigrated to Adelaide and Sheila is contacting them for more information.  

And Mike Fellows adds to the Burton s reminiscences with details of Frank Burton and the Burton family.

Also we have been able to help David with his request on the Henry Crutchley/Isabella Hortonenquiry giving details of all of their five children and a detailed family tree of the Crutchleys going back to  William (b1775) who married Sarah Poyner

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Henry Hawkins Steam Wagon of the 1920s, Cheslyn Hay hydrant sign, Landywood country lane in the 1940s, the Titley family of 1942, Dave Thomas and the Titleys in Windsor Road in the sixties, also individual ones of Edith (nee Whitehouse), Bob, Kay & Cliff and the Stella football team dated 1955 but with not one player named.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS   1872 birth certificate of Thomas Whitehouse (mother Mary nee Stopp) and his NHI certificate dated 1924.

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington.  Copies available at £1 per report.  This week are all from 1930 and include 9 reports of the court case of the two brothers William and Frederick Barnett of Station Street of causing the death of their father George Barnett and their mother standing bail for them.  Also the wedding of Miss Madge Vesta Letitia Parbrook of 57 Station Street, the death of William Edward Richardson, two court cases with Richard Jones andGeorge Mason being found guilty and Mrs E Waite of Landywood winning the Editors Award for her Green Gooseberry Chutney recipe.


17th April 1964  A story of the well known Cheslyn Hay billiards playing policeman, Ken Shirley. .

MEMORIES  This week we have delved into our archives to find an interview with an old Great Wyrley collier, William Turner, dated 13th April 1967 – almost fifty years ago.  He was a miner in the local pits and gives details of what life was like way back to the 1880s recalling many old families.

FAMILY HISTORY  by Andrew Pearson   Another old Cheslyn Hay family - the Parbrooksgoing back to the late 1700s when Susannah was born.  She married Thomas Whitehouse Jnr and their first child Marie was born in 1811.  There are 4 pages of the Family History with a total of 24 pages of full information.  Selected pages are available at £1 each and the family tree is just £4.  Names on the tree include Baker, Beeson, Brevitt, Brindley, Brough, Browell, Derry, Eweres, Ford, Highfield, Horobin, Hough, Jeffries, Owen, Parker, Parton, Pearson, Perry, Pritchard, Read, Ridgway, Salter, Smith, Stevenson, Tuft, Turner, Whitehouse and Wood.       

GENERAL NEWS  Another 132 sightings of local scenes of Cheslyn Hay in March on staffspasttrack.  High Street 22, Woottons Post Office 22, Brittania Picture House 21, Garbett’s Shop 17, Salem 15, Albert Hawkins Shop 14, Hacketts Butchers Shop 13, Walter Hackett 8.  

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Weekly News – 6th April 2014

EVENTS   This Thursday, April 10th, is Roger’s Chat ‘n’ Char morning in the Lecture Room at theSalem starting at 10am.  John Devey will be providing a light hearted talk with Roger in charge of the entertainment.

OUR SALEM BASE  is open every Tuesday from 10am onwards but we are closing early at 2pmfor a meeting.  All welcome.

REQUESTS  David Schweickle is researching the Crutchley family down from Henry Crutchley(b1777 in Longdon by Rugeley) who married Isabella  Horton in 1807 in Cannock.  Isabella was born 1782 in Tamworth in Arden but she was buried in Great Wyrley on 26th March 1860 and she had a daughterNancy (b 14 February 1819).  Can anyone help David?  

RESPONSES    The Hickman family tree has been researched for Iris and can be seen below under ‘Family History’.

Jean has been helping David with his search for Eliza Bailey’s death  but her findings are not yet conclusive as not all of Jean’s information on Eliza agrees with David’s Eliza.  There is an Eliza Bailey as a domestic servant, single, about the right age, born in Staffordshire and a Thomas Bailey of about the right age born in Cannock living in Stoke on Trent in 1911 and described as married but Jean is now looking through probates and the local cemetery records.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  The wedding of Ron Sutherton and Doris Harper, Rose Craddock (nee Allen) with Diane Bennett and Mrs Shorthouse, one of Edna Brown’s trips to Hayling Island in 1999 with most of the 36 named, a day trip from Bridgtown Social Club in the 1930s, St Pauls of Bridgtown football team in 1920 and one of the Hawkins cricket team that won the Bennett Cup in the 1940s and one of the presentation with the names Horace Jervis, George Johnson, Jack Bailey, Joe Baldwin, Ray Chetter, Arthur Chilton, Alan Bates, Dick Hood, Sid Thacker, Alec Gripton, Charlie Reed, Elijah Whitehouse, Frank Heminsley, Joe Cadman and Bill Brough.  7×5 photographic prints are £1 each.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  We are helping Great Wyrley LHS to store artefacts from Snapes Farm and amongst the items we have the Wesleyan Sunday School Magazines from 1890 – 1892 and the Weekly Milk Delivery Book with payments around the Landywood and Cheslyn Hay areas from the 1920s and names are listed in this week’s Newsletter.  The book is available at our Base for anyone who wishes to see whether their ancestors paid the milkman or not!  

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington.  More reports from 1932 with a sad court case with John Smith of Hill Street as well as other cases involving John Robert Jackson, Matilda Perks and Leonard Charles Turner, the death of Albert Hawkins and Cheslyn Hay beating Gentleshaw in the final of the K Gethin Challenge Cup.  Copies available at £1 per report.


11th April 1914   Story involving Mr Albert Altree.

18th April 1914  A report on the Football Carnival under the auspices of the Horticultural Society Sports Fund on the Barn Flat. 

18th April 1914  The marriage of Fred Stokes

18th April 1914  A Don tournament at the Cheslyn Hay WMC with all the winners.  

MEMORIES  The mention of the 1932 will of John T Rowley of Wharwell Lane last week has prompted me to produce some interesting snippets from an interview with his son Horace and dated 18th April 1967.  They include the Star Inn, Wharwell Lane, a pond at the end of Bentons Lane, Wilf Sambrooks, Spion Kop, the turnpike, ‘glass alleys’, Noddy Quinton’s pit, the Broomhills, old LadyBates of Cowshed Row, Plants Building and the tragic case of Silvanus Turner.

FAMILY HISTORY by Andrew Pearson  Following the interest in the Southerton family of last week, I have now seen the family bible which lists the marriage of George and Ann Brough on 6th March 1848 and the birthdates of all their nine children up to 1872 as well as their daughter Eliza’s marriage to Thomas Bailey and some Brough and Southerton births and deaths. 

The Hickman family tree covers 5 pages and goes back to the early 1700s when William Snr was living in Great Wyrley and the tree includes local names such as Chapman, Brookes, Altree, Lockett, Hodgkins, Whitehouse, Carpenter, Shorter, Wollaston, Thomas, Brough, Bullock,Walker and Birch.  Selected pages are available at £1 each and the full family tree is £5.                          





30th March 2014


OUR SALEM BASE  is open every Tuesday from 10am – 3pm.  All welcome.  Last week’s ‘Elliott Lucas Day’ was an outstanding success with 27 ex personnel including Mr Rodney Timson and Mr Willi Schaefer, all exchanging photographs, memorabilia, artefacts and their memories of course.  We are now looking to more events along the same lines and we await suggestions for other factories or firms that have had strong links with Cheslyn Hay in the past.  

REQUESTS  After the mention of Harry Burton I have exchanged emails with one of our members who confirms that he has traced back the Burton family back to the 1700s and is quite happy to share information with anyone following the same line.

Alicia emails ‘I have read with some excitement the memories of Edna Birch. I believe Edna’s reflection of family life solves a bit of a mystery for me ….’ and Alicia goes on to say how the family if linked to her Aunt Rosannah Jones (nee Bate) who resided at the Dell in Rosemary Road with Nellie Birch and asks for more information from the Birch family.

A request from David Whitehouse.  ‘I am looking for the death date for Eliza Bailey (nee Brough) born 1851 married Thomas Bailey in 1871.  Last sighting was on the 1901 census on Church Streetin Cannock.  Children were George Handel (1876-1956), John Henry (1878-1957) and Joseph Edward (1880-1964).’

Following the recent family history request for the Southerton family, Iris puts in a similar enquiry for the Hickman family tree.

RESPONSES  Although our Cheslyn Hay interlinking family tree included only one reference to the Southerton name Andrew has built up an interesting two page report going back almost 200 years, as can be seen below under ‘Family History’.

After Julie’s request for photographs of Elsie Wilkes’s siblings Iris emails details of the family but we have also received an excellent photograph of one of them – Jim (b1898).

Our researcher Vi has looked into the background of Mrs Warburton of Hatherton Road in Cannock for Lynsey and her maiden name was Kathleen Marie Hood and her parents were Lawrence James Hood and Elsie M Ewers and she married Stanley William L Warburton (b1918 in Walsall) and his mother’s maiden name was Thompson.  So we still cannot link the family with Mr Evans.  Joan Plant then adds more information having worked with Mrs Warburton at the National Insurance Office inCannock from 1951 onwards.  Joan says she was always known as Kay and gives details of her life and we also have a photograph in our archives of Arnold Hawkins and a Mr G Evans.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Two photographs of the Melotone Band with Maurice Stokes, Ron Wilkes, Cliff Hooper and David Hudson, the Salem Sunday Bible Class from the 1920s with only Catherine & Amy Stokes, Miss Allsopp and Mrs Windsor named, Cheslyn Hay Over 60s Club in 1950 all unnamed, Hawkins Brickworks with Minnie Walker and Sid Kisbee, Joe Stokeskilled in WWII in Ireland, wedding of Bert Farrington and Chris McDonnell, the Stokes family and one of Ikey Stokes, Kathleen Westwood (1905-2005) in 1935 who married Walter Bickleyand a group of lads at Pinfold Lane School including Ray Thomas, David Paxton and Don Pearson.  7×5 photographic prints are £1 each.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  One A4 page of the History of Abbey Dropforging and three pages of the life of Harold Thomas Whitehouse (b1926).

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington.    Reports of Harriet Kingston, John Thomas Rowley, a tragic story of Charlie Towle, Oscar Anslow and Cheslyn Hay Villa beating Tamworth Athletic 3 – 1.  Copies available at £1 per report. 


4th April 1964  A story of Mrs Lily Ellis.

4th April 1914  An amusing incident concerning a great admirer of Aston Villa. 

MEMORIES  This week we complete the wonderful recollections of Edna Brown from Upper Landywood who passed away on 13th March 2011 relating amusing tales as well as some tragic ones, with the Birch and Brown families Ethel Saunders, Fred Wootton, Walter Bull, Edie ParkesMr Carter and June Ann Turner.  After Edna’s passing and with the family’s request we have been loaned a series of photographs of the Brown, Birch and other families from Upper Landywood,with the majority are unnamed, but can be viewed at our Base.  

FAMILY HISTORY by Andrew Pearson  After last week’s enquiry, Andrew has produced an interesting Southerton family tree that stretches back to their roots in Shropshire in the 1830s but they were well established in Cheslyn Hay before the end of the century linking with local families that include the names of Brough, Altree, Mason,  Houghton, Banks, Mincher, Dace andSteadman.  A 2 page family tree is available on request for £2. 




Weekly News – 16th March 2014

OUR SALEM BASE  is open every Tuesday from 10am – 3pm.  All welcome.

REQUESTS  After Alan Brown’s recent comments Dorothy Drage emails ‘I believe Alan Brown is related to me if he has Myra Scott (nee Brown) in his ancestry.  Myra was a cousin of my fatherFred Craddock of Hill Street and Denise Nicholls (nee Scott) who is Myra’s daughter is my second cousin.  I would be most interested if Alan has any family to enable me to extend my family tree’.

Marion McCullough enquires ‘Is there anyone researching the Kendalls descended from Priscilla’s two sons Thomas and Joseph Kendall?  They came with her to Cheslyn Hay and were raised byIsaac Stokes.  Joseph remained in the Great Wyrley area and his wife was Jane Deakin having children Sarah Ann, Josiah, Elijah, Emma, William, Mary J, Eliza, Lizzie, Harriet and Louisa all born from 1860s to 1880s.’  And Marion asks if there are any Kendall descendants still living within our area.

Following the success of contacting his old friend, Les Clarke, now living in Cheltenham, puts in another request ‘Does anyone remember Martin’s Garage on the edge of the Landywood border with Newtown?  They ran some international lorries in the fifties.  I was also involved helping Sam Walker of Walker & Wall Plasterers and there was a Tom Smith who worked with me at Fosters Bakery and he lived in a bungalow on the main road – I think number 337.’
RESPONSES  After a couple of responses to Les Clarke’s request last week and thanks to Kevin Bickley we were able to contact the family of Ted Steadman and we have found him and they are now in touch with each other after almost fifty years and a delighted Les emails ‘Thanks a million for tracking down my friend Teddy Steadman.  I have just put the phone down after speaking to him and you will be pleased to hear that we are making arrangements to meet up soon.  Thanks again.’  The reunion will be at our Base where they can both look through our 8500 photographs, which includes three of Teddy Steadman from the 1930s!  Vi Leach also adds to Les’s comments with her memories of the Steadmans.

Geoff Stokes has contacted me after being unable to make the recent meeting of the Stokes family.  He has an interest in John Stokes and Rebecca Hodgkins and wishes to be in contact with Angela to exchange information as his link with the Stokes’s go back to 1740 in Cheslyn Hay’.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Five Thurstance photographs with Fred, Alf and Margery and also including Irene and Bill, Jean, Noreen & Irene Kendall as well as Carol Parkes.  Plus Hannah Stokes and daughter Liza, a school picture of Sid Bickley and Walter Earlham plus members of the Cheslyn Hay Arcadian Clubettes in 1978.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  A family tree going back to James Brevitt marrying Mary Brotherton in the mid 1700s, plus a detailed tree descending from James Edward Perry (b1887) and the 1891 birth certificate of Beatrice Ellen Wilkes.   

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington.  On holiday this week.


21st March 1964  More problems caused by vandalism on Cheslyn Hay’s recreation ground.

21st March 1964  Mrs G A Blackley brought up suggestions at a Council Meeting for the ‘Britain in Bloom Campaign’.

28th March 1914  Cheslyn Hay United and Bridgtown met on the Barn Flat Ground, Cheslyn Hay,on Saturday afternoon in connection with the Cannock Chase and District League.  Both clubs have done splendidly in the league, in fact Cheslyn Hay have an unbeaten record; consequently more than ordinary interest was manifested in last Saturdays encounter.  The line ups of both teams are named followed by a full description of the match.  Available on request. 

MEMORIES  Firstly a few corrections and updates from recent ‘Memories’.  It was Ken Woottonand not Ken Smith who had the Post Office as mentioned in Mary Archer’s ‘Memories’ last week  and we have confirmed that Stuart does not live on the site of the Lord Nelson and the ‘cellar’ is actually the footings of Sam Newell’s cottage next  to the old pub. 

From Bert Heminsley’s Memories of two weeks ago, Dorothy Drage emails about the old picture of the farm.

Lastly there has been a dispute on the recollections of Derek Stanton as to where Cow Shed Row and Rose Cottage was and Joan Plant gives details of where both were.

Memories this week are from a 2002 interview with Edna Brown of Fern Cottage in Upper Landywood and the first part covers the Birch family with all of Edna’s siblings with stories including Dr Devereux, Florence Dyke, Hector Hulme, Reg Harley and Phillip Wootton.

FAMILY HISTORY by Andrew Pearson.  We have had enquiries for the Whitehouse tree but Andrew says that it will have to be by request with members stating individual names and approximate dates as there are too many trees and there are currently 682 names on the Database. 

ELIOTT LUCAS DAY  We are organising an Elliot Lucas/Abbey Dropforging day for all old employees at our Base on Tuesday 25th March from 10am onwards.  Rodney Timson, who joined the company in 1960 and became Works Manager and Director as well as Managing Director of Abbey Dropforging in 1971, would welcome meeting anyone from ‘the old days’.  I will be contacting as many people with Elliot Lucas connections as possible, and requesting everyone to bring in old photographs and memorabilia to make it a real occasion.




Weekly News – 9th March 2014

EVENTS   Coffee Morning, or Roger’s Chat ‘n’ Char Morning as it is known, is this Thursday, 13th March and the theme is ‘Happy Days’ with Ray Franks.
OUR SALEM BASE  is open every Tuesday from 10am but we are closing at 2pm.this week for our Monthly Committee Meeting.  However this week we welcome Lynsey from Birmingham to meet local members researching the Wilkes family tree to exchange information and copies of photographs as well as furthering their research with our ‘experts’ available to delve into all of our local records.  Everyone welcome, whether from the Wilkes’ family or any other Cheslyn Hay connection.
REQUESTS    Les Clarke emails us with this appeal ‘I am looking to trace a Teddy Steadman who lived in the Landywood/Gt Wyrley area in the 1960s.  He and I worked together for the transport firm  Horace Kendrick of Walsall as lorry drivers and would be aged about 83, the same age as me.  He had previously been employed at Steadmans Transport on the A5 near the Holly Bush Cafe and it would be wonderful to know where he is.  If you could help me to trace him it would be most appreciated.’
RESPONSES   We have confirmed with Stuart that he is living on the site of the Lord Nelson public house and we are providing him with its full history.
The mention of Harry Burton last week prompted David Leach to email his memories of him and his smallholding.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington.  Copies available at £1 per report.  Chosen at random this week are stories including Heminsley & Sons, Howard Benton, J Jones, J Evans, H Lockett, N HollowayHazel Watson Yates, Webb, George Bailey, L Bailey, W Bailey, Benton, Wilson, Richards ,Margaret Roberts, N Rowe, B Pee and S Worsey

14th March 1964  The funeral and the life of John Samuel Leach of  9 Saredon Road, Cheslyn Hay.

14th March 1914  Problems in Station Street.

14th March 1914   A crib tournament at the Cheslyn Hay WMC.

14th March 1914  A Smoking Concert at the Lord Nelson.with Isaac SmithJ Whitehouse, J Wesley, E Laud, H Pritchard, W S Garrett and George Goodwin.

14th March 1914  The talents of Steve Pratt, son of Mr John Pratt of the Rose and Crown.

FAMILY HISTORY by Andrew Pearson.  This week is the Pee family going back to John Peewho was born in the late 1700s.  There are 23 pages in total including 3 of the family tree plus additional notes, but we have condensed them down to 12 half pages.  Other families interlinked areAnson, Beesmoore, Carpenter, Davies, Draper, Evans, Hardman, Hargreaves, Hitchens, Hodson, Jones, Lockett, Mitchell, Parker, Pearson, Sloman, Smith, Stokes, Thomas, Titley, Turner,Vallance, Warburton, Whitehouse, Wolloxall and Woodfield.  Selected pages all available at £1 per A4 sheet or can be viewed at the Base.

MEMORIES  This week are of the full life of Mary Archer (nee Robinson) and her Perrins family.

GENERAL NEWS   We now have the latest Vic Mitchell railway book in stock ‘North of Birmingham – to Bescot and Lichfield including Chasewater Railway.  Priced at £16.95 we are selling it at £15.  If interested please call at the Base or contact me at the email address below.
Another 120 sightings of local scenes of Cheslyn Hay in February on staffspasttrack.  Hacketts Butchers Shop 21, Salem 20, Garbett’s Shop 17, Walter Hackett 14, Brittania Picture House 14, High Street 13, Woottons Post Office 11, Albert Hawkins Shop 10.

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Weekly News – 2nd March 2014

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OUR SALEM BASE  is open every Tuesday from 10am – 3pm.  All welcome.  Following on from last week’s successful get together of ten members of the Stokes family we have now arranged a similar gathering of anyone interested in the Wilkes family to research, exchange information and copies of photographs.  It will be held on Tuesday 11th March.
REQUESTS    A fascinating email from Stuart Southall arrived this week – ‘We live in the High Street, just before Pinfold House.  We have recently had an extension on the house and during the ground work we came across some old foundations that required further inspection.  All was good in the end, but we were puzzled as to what they were, when a conversation with a neighbour brought up that there was a pub on this site called the Lord or Admiral Nelson, so it could have been part of the old cellar and I just wondered if the historical society has any information.’
RESPONSES  It seems that we are getting closer to solving the mystery of the recently discovered photographs at 33 Coppice Lane.  Malcolm Smith of Banbury emails ‘My gran lived at 33 Coppice Lane pre war and I believe that her first name was Mary.  The Smith family were all boys and mainly stayed on the village.  My dad was Bill Smith, we lived next to Balls the newsagents and he was employed at Hawkins Tileries and the Stella.  Bert, the oldest lived in New Horse Road and was a miner.  Herbert had a shop in Bridgtown, Jim was a miner, Walter a builder and I’m not sure what Clarence did.  Only Jim did military service.’  Our researcher Bob has checked the 1911 census and says ‘There’s no record of a Mary Jane Smith but there is a Mary Ann Smith listed at 33 Coppice Lane age 35 (b1876), wife of Edward Smith, a miner from Moira, Leics.  Married 10 years, wife has a earlier son, Horace Purshouse (b1897) on Churchbridge.  Other children are Albert (10)), Leonard (8), Herbert (7), Clarence (5), William (2) and James (2).  And Len Smith believes they belong to his family and is arranging to view the photographs this week.
Iris Norwood from Telford immediately responds to Denise’s request for information of her father Alec and his sister Doreen as evacuees at Cheslyn Hay.  Iris telephoned to say she remembered them both well.  They stayed at Harry Burton’s smallholding at Holly Bush, and Iris relates stories of their friendship during the war years and she is now exchanging photographs with Denise in the Isle of Sheppey.
Also Andrew and Jean have researched the enquiry from Angela Stokes and together with Jean’s research of St Matthews records produced the details wanted of the two John Stokes and theRebecca Hodgkins family. 
Finally, from an enquiry six months ago, we have now traced Gladstone Villa being the home of the Shorter family.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  The Dutton family of Great Wyrley, WWI photos of Joe Dutton and Tom Sambrooks, the Hulme family with Thomas, Annie, Hilda, Gladys, Tom & Jim, Slam & Dot Perks, wedding of Jim Rogers and Ivy Martin with guests, Flo & Ernie Walker and son Bert of the Rose and Crown, a handful of Woodman Presentation and Dinner photographs withConr Bill Pearson, Jock Conroy, Herbert Bailey, Jack Turner, Herbert Pearce, Frank Bowen, Bill Lockley, Perce Perry, Fred Downton Snr, Jim Hulme, Jim Walker but mostly unnamed and a 1962 football action shot of the Talbot with Brian Smith in goal.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  A sweet cigarette packet from the 1940s with a cigarette ‘card’ on the back of a photographs of a Boulton Paul P111 donated by Reg Searle.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington.  Copies available at £1 per report. Chosen at random this week are stories concerning the killing of publican William Poyner (28 Apr 1832),Jabez Hampton (17 Feb 1885), James Whitehouse, Martha Jane Bryan (4 Mar 1904), Edith Rock, Charles & Ada Brindley and George Rangecroft all of Wedges Mills (27 Oct 1911), John Dace, Wm Henry Browell, Phineas Baker (3 Jan 1913), Richard Benton, Henry Kingston, John Harvey, Thomas Jukes (4 July 1913), Thomas Henry Thacker (27 Jun 1913), Cheslyn Hay playing Burntwood in two cricket matches with full scorecards (29 Aug 1913 & 31 Aug 1917).
WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK 100 YEARS AGO ……by Mike Belcher7th March 1914  Mr and Mrs J Pratt of the Rose and Crown Inn entertained a party of 25 to a supper and full details are given.7th March 1914  Details of the Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Club AGM with the election of Officers and Committee.

7th March 1914  An accident of a four year old boy who was run over by a horse and trap. 

MEMORIES   This week are from Bert Heminsley from an interview of 12th April 2001 giving the Heminsley’s family history and their 144 year occupancy of the Saredon Road Farm. FAMILY HISTORY by Andrew Pearson  With recent interest in the Wilkes family and in preparation for the forthcoming meeting we have prepared the Crutchley family tree from 1764 which includes the Wilkes line. There are 19 pages in total including 3 of the family tree plus additional notes, but we have condensed down to 10 half pages.
Other local families interlinked areHorton (1774), Benton(1831), Marshall (1832),
Heminsley (1834), Garratt (1853), Wilkes (1859), 
Parsons (1868),Wood (1873), Gaskin (1874), Westwood (1878), Perry (1887), 
Knowles (1889) and Jones(1890). 
 Selected pages all available at £1 per A4 sheet.

GENERAL NEWS   Sad news received this week from Alan Brown to say that his life long friendKevin Gunn has just passed away aged only 57.  Always known as a ‘gentle giant’ he lived in Mount Pleasant, went to Pinfold Lane School in the late sixties before going on to university and becoming a chemist and our condolences go out to his sisters and their families who still reside in Cheslyn Hay.