Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Newsletter – 20 January 2019

No events this week.

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Daniella Portner posted on our facebook page
My great grandparents were William Russell and Drucilla Winfer/Winter, through their daughter Ruth Russell. They originated in your area and moved to Yorkshire. I would love to connect with anyone else who is related to them and share information!
Sylvia Parsons emails from Essex, she is researching her Dukes family who have connections with Cheslyn Hay and Great Wyrley in the 1700s.
Judith Kinsey emails I did ask for help with my researches in 2017 but unfortunately due to family commitments I was unable to response to people who contacted the history society with help on my Stokes line. ‘Up to now I have been looking in the wrong place as I thought it was Heath Hayes as my
Mum used to go and stay on a farm with her Aunt Marinder Stokes who lived there. I am one of the great granddaughters of Lavinia Stokes but my mum and her sisters and brothers have all passed on now but I remember asking about family history so when I found your mention of Inkerman and Marinder Stokes etc I knew we have the same family.’  Judith is appealing for any help we can provide.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher
The local newspapers for January and February 1969 are unfortunately missing but we will try to find some local news articles from other papers.

8th January 1953  Cannock Chase Courier
Cheslyn Hay Fancier wins at Wheaton Aston.  Full story

16th January 1953
Cheslyn Hay Co-op Women’s Guild
Final arrangements for a New Year party to be held on January the 28th were discussed at Cheslyn Hay Co-op women’s Guild on Wednesday.
Cheslyn Hay Salem Women’s Own
Mr. Herbert Perks gave a reading from the Rev. William May’s books to members of Salem Women’s Own Cheslyn Hay on Wednesday, and also accompanied the singing. Mrs. A H Puckering presided.  

Cannock Chase Courier  18th January 1919 Lieutenant Roland William Charles Hosegood, M.C. 8th Btn, Sask
Full details of an abstract from a Canadian paper.

18th January 1919 Victory Bazzar at Cheslyn Hay
Salem Church Schools, at Cheslyn Hay, provided a good attendance at the opening ceremony, which was performed by Mr. Felix Fellows, of Stourbridge
During the afternoon and evening the ladies and gentlemen of the various stalls were very successful in disposing of the numerous articles, and the Bazzar continued on Friday.

18th January 1919 Chat from Cheslyn Hay
At the weekly meeting of the Local Relief Committee and Red Cross Society it was decided to make a further gift of £1 10s 0d to all soldiers who had been Prisoners of War, making a sum of £2 10s 0d each. Full list of all the Prisoners of War who have received this special gift given.

18th January 1919  Cheslyn Hay Cricket Club
A meeting of the above was held on Tuesday evening, when Captain Shirley Hawkins presided and it was unanimously decided to play during the coming season.

Dr. Ken Williams and Family by Peter Cadman part 1

Peter adds a few more details and anecdotes to her mention of Dr. Ken Williams and his Family including Major Tom Foulke, Joe and Eunice CadmanDulcie and Horace Jervis and Arnold Horton.
To be concluded next week.

Cheslyn Hay History Society Newsletter 13th January 2019


No events this week
Last Thursday’s Chat N Char was a great success with almost 40 visitors to see Rogers Game for a laugh.

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What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

This week in 1969 Cannock was in the news all over the country as the Christine Darby case had started
7th January 1969
Raymond Leslie Morris of Regent House, Green Lane, Walsall, Staffordshire was charged with murdering Christine Ann Darby.

Cannock Chase Courier
11th January 1919 Full details of court case of Isaiah Mason, of Cheslyn Hay, summoned for assaulting his wife on Christmas night.

11th January 1919 Chat from Cheslyn Hay 
On Sunday morning the proposed procession in connection with the Cheslyn Hay Branch of the discharged Soldiers and Sailors Federation took place and proved very successful.
At the weekly meeting of the Local Relief Committee and Red Cross Society on Friday evening there were over fifty letters and cards from local Soldiers and Sailors thanking the committee for Christmas gifts including Mrs. Bowater, whose husband had died in France returning from being a Prisoner of War, had received £2 10s.from the above committee.

Memories of Mrs Madge Shirley part 2
Full story of Madge and Eric living in the High Street, where they started their family and including stories of Dr Ken Williams, Albert Dando, Mike Noden and Schraders.


Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly Newsletter – 6th January 2019


This Thursday is Roger’s first Chat n Char of the year the theme is “Game for a Laugh”, starting at 10am in the Salem as usual.
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What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

The local newspapers for January and February 1969 are unfortunately missing but we will try to find some local news articles from other papers.


1st January 1969 Birmingham Post

Accident involving Mr Malcolm Walker 22 of Pinfold lane, Cheslyn Hay.

4th January 1919 Cannock Chase Courier
Chat from Cheslyn Hay
Salem Methodist Church choir sang carols on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Private Fred Brough of 137, Station Street arrived home on Monday after recovering from serious war wounds.

Mrs. Bosworth of Station Street received news that her husband Pte T. Bosworth, who had been a Prisoner of War for over twelve months died on Monday, the 23rd of December.

One of the chief topics of gossip during the past week has been the “lighting question”.  One citizen remarked on Monday evening-when it was very dark- that there ought to be a great effort made to secure lights in the streets, as is the case by Cannock and Bridgtown.  He could not understand why Cheslyn Hay should be behind in the lighting of the streets.

Memories of Mrs Madge Shirley with full details of her early life running the chip shop with her husband Eric in Cheslyn Hay.

General News

Now you have all put up your new calendars don’t forget to mark down these dates
Thursday night speakers 2019 7.30pm
31st January  “Beers & Breweries of the Black Country” by Keith Hogkins

28th February  ” The Life of Fred Dibnah” by Dr John Wilcox

28th March “History of The Comic Song” (accompanied by his Ukelele) by Nicholas Corder

Rogers Chat “n” Char mornings 10am til noon
10th January

14th February

14th March


Cheslyn Hay &DLS Newsletter – 23 & 30 December 2018

We would like to wish all our members
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We have received the following enquiry “I have found a set of Sir Joseph Banks medals that were presented to a Mr. Charles Hughes between 1918 and 1925, as well as five brass plaques which seem to have been presented at the Cannock Show. The medals all seem to have been presented in Cannock and Districts, apart from one, which was presented at Brewood and Districts. There is also a Gardening Illustrated medal from 1922, a Championship Medal from Toogod and Sons, and a Smallholder Championship Medal. I wondered if these medals had any significance, or if Charles Hughes of the Cannock / Brewood division of the Horticultural Society was of relevance to the Cannock historical community, so I thought I’d enquire.
I live in New Zealand, and the medals were in my late father’s possession. He worked at storage facility so had a great many curious objects, I would be grateful for any information on these medals”.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser
18th December 1968
Old people at Ivy House Welfare Home, Cannock, enjoyed a night of cabaret last Friday, when the Cheslyn Hay group of entertaining troupes performed for them.

18th December 1968
Last week’s meeting of Cheslyn Hay Salem Wesley Guild consisted of a “devotional evening”, with Mr. Roy Biddle of Cannock.

18th December 1968
Salem Women’s Own, Cheslyn Hay, held their annual Christmas tea, last week, at the Salem Church Rooms.

18th December 1968
The funeral service of Mr. Anthony Harold Richards, of 39, Leveson Avenue, Cheslyn Hay, took place at the Salem Methodist Church followed by cremation at Bushbury.

24th December 1968
Children of CH Primary School spent an afternoon playing games and competitions at their Christmas parties last week with guests at the parties the Rev. J. R. Hicks and Mrs. I. McLachlan.

24th December 1968
Members of Cheslyn Hay Over 60’s attended a Christmas party on Thursday with full details given.

24th December 1968
A letter from former resident of Landywood, Mrs. Margaret Allen who left home in the village for the “hot summer sun” of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Cannock Chase Courier
21 December 1918
At the weekly meeting of the Local Relief Committee and Red Cross Society it was reported that three Prisoners of War arrived home last week, Viz. Privates J. Waltho, Pearce and W. Westwood.
28th December /1918
Private J. Waltho who has recently returned to his home in Hatherton Street, sent a letter of thanks to the Local Relief Committee and Red Cross Society. There are only two more local lads who have not as yet returned home, who have been in the hands of the enemy.  Last weekend the Relief Committee gave 30 widows and bereaved 5s for a Christmas gift, and sent 300 local Soldiers and Sailors a Postal Order of 1s 6d. each, and a pair of socks. Last week the Annual Christmas Don Tournament took place at the local Working Men’s Club, when prizes were offered.  There was an entry of 104 competitors, with details of the winners.


Cheslyn Hay History Society Newsletter – 16th December 2018

Cheslyn Hay History Society Newsletter 16th December 2018

A big thank you to all the members and guests who attended Rogers’ Christmas Party last Thursday . A particular thank you to the Cheslyn Hay Community Choir and last but not least Roger and his team for all their hard work. We received an email from one of our members which sums the morning up and makes it all worthwhile .
“Thank you for a great morning just the ticket for starting off Xmas! I felt that the atmosphere was from the late 50’s to 60’s, time when people enjoyed themselves without the modern things like the mobile phone, you could feel the village pulling together. The society is a credit to the village”

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 What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

12th December 1968 Cannock Advertiser
Golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac and Kathleen Stokes of “Thorneycroft”, Station Street, Cheslyn Hay, with full stories of their lives.

12th December 1968
Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Club annual bowls presentation with full details.

14th December 1918 Cannock Chase Courier
A football match is to take place on Christmas morning,  between Cheslyn Hay Institute and Landywood United, for the benefit of William Ansell, of Station Street, who has been ill for twelve months, and is now not able to work.
The annual meeting of the Red Lion Sick, Accident and Dividend Society was held on Wednesday evening with full details.

On Saturday afternoon a football match was played on the Barn Flat Ground for the benefit of needy cases of the Influenza Epidemic, when the Local Institute Club met a team of old footballers.
Another sad case off the Influenza Epidemic is reported from Low Street, in which Mrs. Whitehouse suddenly passed away on Monday morning, leaving several young children, and the husband also indisposed.

14th December 1918
Fred Stokes, Low Street, Cheslyn Hay, was summoned for stealing with full information of the case.

14th December 1918
Cordial congratulations have been accorded to Mr. and Mrs. W. Westwood, Cheslyn Hay, on the return of their son Private William Westwood, who has been a Prisoner of War for over six months.  Full details of his war activities.

General News

Some exciting news from Staffordshire Archives and Heritage.
Our new History Access Point in Lichfield is all ready for its grand opening on Monday 17th December. Come and visit us on the first floor of the stunning St Mary’s on the Market Square.


Cheslyn Hay Newsletter – 9th December 2018


This Thursday 13th December ” Spend a Penny” with Roger at our  Christmas Chat n Char and don’t forget to Dress for the Occasion starting at 10am in the Salem as usual
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 Archive Additions/artefacts/donations

John Newman has donated an original framed testimonial dated 6th September 1955, presented by the Royal Humane Society to his ancestor, Charles Major Wilcox for rescuing two brothers, Peter and Roy Rigby, from the canal.  Full newspaper report given.

 What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser 5th December 1968
The funeral service of Mrs. Hilda May Birch, of 137, High Street, Cheslyn Hay.

 Around the Chase.
Mr. E. Carter, of Gailey, ex headmaster at Cheslyn Hay, loaned a picture to the “Cannock Advertiser and Courier” taken on June 28 1939, showing members of the Cheslyn Hay Boy’s Club at the ceremony in Coppice Lane to mark the visit of H.R.H. the Duke of Gloucester.

7th December 1918 Cannock Chase Courier
The annual gathering of the Talbot Bowling Club.  Full details given.
Mr. F. W. Hawkins paid tribute to the good work accomplished by the local “lads” at the weekly meeting of the Local Relief Committee and Red Cross Society.
The funeral of the late Harold Lawson
 On the same afternoon there was a Salvation Army funeral, when the remains of Mr. C. Perks, of Birds Row were interred. 
It is stated that there were seven deaths in the township in two days.  There are many cases of the illness. Another who was victim of the “Flu” is Mrs. T. Jukes.

The Committee of the Working Men’s Club have appointed Mr. Joseph Parsons, of Sprout Lane, Walsall, as the Steward in succession to Mr. Lockett. 

Terry (Grigg) Challenger sadly passed away on Sunday 2nd December aged 73 having been admitted to hospital with pneumonia and a virus a few days earlier.  Terry has always been a keen supporter of our Society prior to his ill health, helping out at Exhibitions with his wife Sue, and will be greatly missed by many people around the area. He attended both Landywood and Great Wyrley Schools and was a regular and popular member of Harrison’s football club.  Our thoughts go out to Sue and the family.  A simple funeral has been arranged for Terry at Stafford Crematorium on Tuesday, December 18th at 4pm and afterwards refreshments at the Dog (Talbot).

Cheslyn Hay Newsletter – 2nd December 2018

Bridgtown History society are holding their annual opening day at the Bethel Church on Sunday 2nd December from 10.30am to 2.30pm
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What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser 28th November 1968
Cheslyn Hay Community Centre Association will not organise next year’s village carnival despite having been responsible for it since 1952. Full story.
The bye-laws affecting the Cheslyn Hay recreation ground have not been revised since 1925, and steps would be taken to try and get them revised.
A complaint was voiced by Mrs. M. Blackley at last week’s meeting of Cheslyn Hay Parish Council requesting a white line to be put down the Wolverhampton Road.
The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes are well on their way to collecting the one million green shield stamps, required for a mini-bus. Full story.
30th November 1918 Cannock Chase Courier
Dora Moore, of Cheslyn Hay, was summoned and fined for her behaviour in High Street.
William Perks, of Cheslyn Hay, was summoned and fined in court. Full details given.
William Fletcher was summoned for assaulting Clarence Hawkins, of Cheslyn Hay, on November 18th. Full details.
Chat from Cheslyn Hay
A Dance and Social organised by the committee of the Red Cross Society, and the committee of the Victoria Brass Band.
At the weekly meeting of the Local Relief Committee twenty applications were received from the local Soldiers and Sailors for wearing apparel.
Owing to the Influenza Epidemic the trustees of the United Salem Methodist Church have decided to postpone the proposed bazaar this week.
The Institute Football Club entertained a team from Bloxwich on Saturday afternoon on the Barn Flat Ground. Report given.
Twenty one applications were received for the position of Steward at the Working Men’s Club and Institute.
The Influenza was reported on Tuesday evening to be very prevalent in the township and surrounding districts with Master Harold Lawson, aged 17 years and 8 months, being one of the victims.
Newspapers Researched by Dave Washington
Lichfield Mercury 24th February 1967
A holiday hotels mistake has brought happiness to two 75 year old Darby and Joan Club members with Gervase Hand, who has lived at Cheslyn Hay for 50 years,and Mrs Annie Thompson, a widow from Chasetown. The full article is available from our archive

Bereavement We are sad to announce the death of one of our long standing member Chris Jervis who was born in The Lot in Cheslyn Hay and attended Cannock Grammar School, being in the first intake when it opened and became Head Teacher at Avondale Primary school in Kettering.

General News
Our Speakers night last week “The Gingham Girls” by Sandra Bethell was a resounding success with a big turnout with a quite a few of the original Gingham girls attending.