Cheslyn Hay Newsletter – 25th September 2016

ANNUAL EXHIBITION  Next Saturday, 1st October at the Pinfold Lane Village Hall from 10am – 4pm, free admission.  ‘History, Mystery & Music’. Something for everyone including a Charlie Chaplin film at Cheslyn Hay’s ‘Palace Cinema’ of 100 years ago, a Century of Warfare, various displays, traditional refreshments and a ‘Pound Table’ clearance sale of a range of Cheslyn Hay books, Cheslyn Hay walks and Cheslyn Hay fridge magnets – just £1 each.  

  ‘Max Miller – the Cheeky Chappie’ is the title of Derek Wharton’s entertaining talk on Thursday, 29th September, at the Salem starting at 7.30pm.  Admittance £1 including refreshments.

is open every Tuesday from 9am to 2pm.  All welcome.
REQUESTS  New member Marina is tracing her Brevitt family and would appreciate any details around the death of her ancestorHarry Brevitt who was killed in World War One.
RESPONSES  The passing of Roy Kingston drew quite a response, particularly from his old school mates from many years ago.  Doug Russell and Alan Brown both email about their ‘many happy memories of playing together around the farm and adjoining fields in their early youths’.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS   Ivy & Alan Hilton
, hosts of the Four Crosses Inn, Jack Hughes, Doris & Jim Dace, Lucy Heminsley, Bill Leach and one of the Cheslyn Hay Primary School in 1949 with Mr David Blount, Michael Gaskin, Jimmy Wise, Derek Moore, Michael Wilcox, Douglas Russell, Billy Harley, Neil Walker, Brian Bladon, Cyril Harris, Wendy Marshall, Pat Davies, Maureen Poole, Janet Wood, Delia Steadman, Muriel  Malpass, Joan Marshall, Ann Goodman, Beryl Stokes, Janet Davies, Pauline Ridgway, Enid Whitehouse, Pam Kingston, Sheila Worsey, Yvonne Whitehouse, Margaret Perks, Shirley Thompson, Brenda Wollaston, Marjorie Boddy,  Audrey Turner, Pat Bickley, Alan Harris, Clifford Pearson, Geoffrey Gripton, Alan Fisher, Keith Barratt.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

   An original booklet of Cornelius Whitehouse Carols including music and words donated by Gleny Lomas and a 35 year old J E Lote‘s bag to commemorate the closing of the shop in Cross Street.


29th September 1966   Story of the flood-victims of the storm-hit Littlewood area of Cheslyn Hay.
30th September 1916  The Palace at Cheslyn Hay proving a great attraction naming all the forthcoming films and programmes.

More nostalgia from Diana extracted from the wonderful diaries of her Auntie Kath (nee Wootton) who was married to the headmaster Isaac (Jim) Stokes.
This time on the exciting news of the war in September 1944 but also recording tragic events like pit accidents and the more mundane day to day affairs naming some of the Cheslyn Hay characters.
mys-_30THIS WEEK’S MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH   MYS 30  A Great Wyrley Secondary School production of the Mikado with only the teacher, Mr Follows, named. Can also be viewed on our Facebook Page.

  This October we commemorate the death of 18665 John Brown of the 1st Battalion of the Grenadier Guards, who was killed on 14th September 1916 aged 23, son of John and Alice Brown, of Wrekin View, Cheslyn Hay, and buried with honour at the Thiepval Memorial.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 18th September 2016

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 11th September 2016

EVENTS  No events this week.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and all and sundry welcome!!

REQUESTS  An email from Christine who would be ‘extremely grateful’ for any information on her Perry family of Cheslyn Hay.  Her grandmother was Violet Martha Perry and Christine has found that James Perry was born mid 1800s and his son William were all from The Lot. So can anyone help Christine with her research?

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Several photographs of Gilpins including Owen Keay, Ted Whitehouse, Arthur Bray, Tommy Farmer andEnid Whitehouse, also some of Elliot Lucas including their Sports Day of 1952, Mr Howarth, Marion Price and Bill & Dolly Whitehouse, as well as photos of Joe Middleton and the Rogers family outside the Woodman.

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  Cheslyn Hay reports from the Walsall Observer in 1914.  A serious court case involving Alfred Hall of Mount Pleasant and Hannah Hall and Lucy Benton as well as Samuel Bullivant, James Insall, James Seabury and Thomas Waterfield in another court case.  A concert in aid of Jabez Shorter, more court cases with George John Jenkins for indecent conduct and James Seabury for obscene language, anniversaries and church services and choirs as well as a concert for the Belgium Relief Fund with Mr S Allen, Jesse Hackett, Miss C Whitehouse, Mrs E Allan, Miss A Bryan, Mr F Beer, Mrs Hosegood, Mrs Lowe, Mrs Weetman, Mrs Joseph Hawkins, Mrs Wynne, Mr & Mrs T Bowen, Enoch Colley, Nellie Stanton andMr P Fletcher organising a Voluntary Recruiting Drive at the Salem Church.  Copies of full newspaper reports £1 each.


15th September 1966  ‘Glancing Backwards’ to the news of 20th September 1941 of three little girls from Cheslyn Hay selling bags of lavender for the Tank Fund.

16th September 1916  Local cricket match on the Coppice Lane Grounds mentioning Alfred Benton, B Hughes, H Evans, A E Elwell, T Perks and Wesley Boot.

MEMORIES  An interview with Mrs Iris Follows sixteen years ago talking about her family including Follows, the Franks, the Pheasants and the Tricklebanks including an attempted murder and a suicide. More details on request.  Alsoher memories of school with teachers Miss Hulse, Miss Hulme, Mr Simkin, Mr Bale, Mr Carter, Miss Bayrum and Miss LB Barrett.

mys-_29THIS WEEK’S MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH   MYS 29   A Salem Mums and Toddlers Group Event with only Anne Marie Palmer one of the children named (OR-MTG-2).  Can also be viewed on our Facebook Page.

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES  We now complete the list of books we have in our Reference Library at our Salem Base for member’s research, many of which are available for the first time.  Cheslyn Hay Primary School Log Book (1949-59), Cheslyn Hay C.P. School (April 1959 – July 1965), Cheslyn Hay Primary School Log book (1974-79), Cheslyn Hay First School Log book (Oct 1979- 84), Cheslyn Hay First School Log book (1984-85), Girls Sunday School Register (1920-21), Cheslyn Hay Primary School Punishment Book (1943-50), Cheslyn Hay Middle School Punishment book (1975-85), Minutes Social Class (1899-1917), Leaders Meetings & Minutes and Resolution book, Methodist New Connexion (Jan 1841-Mar 1851), R Ridgway Snr Salem Collection inc 1953 Balance Sheet, Salem Church Choir (1949-59), Salem Church Choir (1959-65), Salem Church 1937 Minute Book, Salem Women’s Own Attendance Book (1961-81), Mr Dace‘s Salem Class Book, Salem Tennis & Bowling Club (1923-66), Band of Hope Society Attendance Book (1904-11), W.I. Accounts (March 1946-50), Harold Pee’s Scout Diary of 1922, Library Committee (1924-38), School Admission Register (1882-99), Admission Register (1935-43), Admission Register for Boys (1911-16), Admission Register for Girls (1911-24), Salem Sunday School – Minutes of Teachers Meetings (1892-1920), Cheslyn Hay I-Spy & Booklet (Rick Bowring), M6 Toll Road Construction (photos – David Leach Collection), 1841 Census – Cheslyn Hay, 1841 Census – Great Wyrley, 1851 Census – Cheslyn Hay, 1861 Census – Cheslyn Hay, 1861 Census – Great Wyrley, 1871 Census – Cheslyn Hay, 1871 Census – Great Wyrley, 1881 Census – Cheslyn Hay, 1891 Census – Cheslyn Hay, 1891 Census – Great Wyrley, 1901 Census – Cheslyn Hay & Great Wyrley, Cheslyn Hay Methodist Church Baptism Records (1790 – 1960), Cheslyn Hay New Connexion – Baptisms (1879 – 1937), Mount Zion Methodist Church – Baptisms (1921 – 1958), Jacobs Hall Lane Register of Baptisms (1897 – 1982), Upper Landywood Register of Baptisms (1861 -2000), St Lukes Cannock – Baptisms (1744-64), St Lukes Cannock – Baptisms (1811-62), St Lukes Cannock – Marriages (1754-1800 & 1837-64),  St Marks Great Wyrley – Marriages (1846-1912), St Marks Great Wyrley – Burials 1846-87), St Lukes Cannock – Burials 1748-64), St Lukes Cannock – Burials (1811-71), Cheslyn Hay Cemetery – Burials (1900-48), Great Wyrley Cemetery – Burials Vol 1 (1898-1930), Great Wyrley Cemetery – Burials Vol 2 (1931-55), Great Wyrley Cemetery – Burials Vol 3 (1956-79), Great Wyrley Cemetery – Burials Vol 4 (1980-99), Cheslyn Hay Cemetery – Monumental Inscriptions (Compiled March 1998), Great Wyrley Cemetery – Monumental Inscriptions (Compiled 2000), Cheslyn Hay Parish Council Burial Certificates and Record of Interment (May 1927 – Mar 1935), (April 1937 – Mar 1938), April 1941 – Mar 1942), (April 1944 – March 1945), (April 1948 – Mar 1949), April 1949 – Mar 1950), (March 1951 – Mar 1952), (April 1952 – Mar 1953), (March 1954 – Mar 1955), (April 1959 – April 1962), Cheslyn Hay School Log (1882 – 1901 Fragile Condition), Cheslyn Hay School Log – Infants (April 1923 – 1949), Cheslyn Hay School Log – Boys (May 1925  – July 1949), A History of Hilton Hall (Cherry Ann Knott).

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 4th September 2016

4th September 2016
EVENTS This month’s Chat n Char is on Thursday 8th September at 10.00am in the Main Hall of the Salem and Roger’s theme this month is ‘Schooldays’.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everybody welcome!
REQUESTS No requests received this week.
RESPONSES Wendy (nee Smallman) from Somerset has had an immediate response for information on her Connell(e)y and Smallman family with Judy emailing ‘Merinda Connolly was my great grandmother and I have lots of information and photos that I would be willing to share with Wendy’. Also one of our members Val has contacted me about Ray Connelley who has always lived in Bridgtown and plays bowls at the Bridgtown Social Club but does not know where he currently lives. Val adds that her husband, Eric, is related to Ray as his grandfather, Alf Reaney (1894-1976), who lived at the Mill House in Churchbridge had a sister Maud B Reaney (1896-1970)) who married Albert Connolley and Ray is their son.’ These Reaneys fit into Wendy’s family tree and Val states that she has quite a lot of information on them and is only too pleased to help. So they are all now in contact with one another to exchange their invaluable memories and family history researches.
Our researchers Paul Bedford and Bob Brevitt were also able to help Kevin with his research and giving full details on his g-grand uncle William Taplin, who is remembered on our War Memorial.
Also the mention of Christine (Caddy) Cadman prompted a heartwarming response and comments from her old teacher, Don Savage.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Three Frank Worsey photographs at Elliot Lucas’s Club, in their warehouse and one on the Rec with Joe Bailey, Joe Bird, Joe Middleton, George & Dolly Appleton, Doll & Wilf Marshall and Dolly Worsey. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
EXTRACTS FROM CANNOCK CHASE COURIER researched by Mike Belcher This week we cover the stories from the Cannock Chase Courier in 1904 including various news items, court appearances and other fascinating stories involving Alfred Loach, Will Rogers, J Lockett, Charles Kingston, Hy Pearson, Charles Bailey, Richard Benton, William Pearson Francis Morris, Abel Morris, Allen Lawson, WH Pearson, JV Greensill, Mr Heminsley and James Hitchens. Copy of any Newspaper Report £1.
9th September 1916 The final round of the Challenge Cup in connection with the Bowling Club with everyone mentioned together with scores.
MEMORIES After the mention last week of photographs from the Salem Tennis Club, Bob Whittall from Dorset
WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES recalls some wonderful nostalgia when he was a member at the club in the 1950’s remembering all of his colleagues.We have now compiled a Reference Library of over 150 books to be retained only at our Salem Base for member’s research purposes. Apart from all of our Society’s eleven published books we also have the History of the Salem Church (1855-2005), The Edaljis – A Family in Turmoil, The Pubs & Publicans of Cheslyn Hay, Cheslyn Hay Working Mens Club, Song of Spring (Percy Carpenter’s childhood in Landywood), The Diaries of The First Lord Hatherton, Childhood Memories of Cheslyn Hay (Kath Brough), Stories Granddad Told (Vanessa Morgan), A Glimpse of the Perks Family Past & Present (Marcia Ball), The Cannock Chase Coalfield & its Coal Mines, William Harrison Co Ltd (Mick Drury), Cannock Old Coppice Colliery (1875-1960), Coal Miners of Cannock Chase (June Pickerill), Stories from the Cannock Chase Mining Community (CHAPS), Story of Scamp and History of Horses in Mines (Burntwood Chase Group), Lesser Known Mines of Cannock Chase Coalfield (Mick Drury), Coal Mining in the North East of Walsall Borough (Brian Rollins), The Lasting Tribute (Cannock Chase Mining Society), The Experiences of a Child Working in the Deep Coal Mining Industry in 1941/2 (C.E.Hooper), Gt Wyrley Sec School 4th Year North Wales Trip 1948 (Cecil Bale Photo Album), School Magazines (1928-37), Cheslyn Hay Boys School Magazines (1930-35), Jigsaw – A Book of Poems (Great Wyrley High School), Cheslyn Hay First School “Mitre” Magazine – 1882- 85, Cheslyn Hay A Documentary History (GCSE Local Study), Cheslyn Hay Sports & Community High School 25th Anniversary booklet, Great Wyrley Walsall Road Infants School Gardening and Allotments project, Edwardian Times – Great Wyrley Edition, Old Cheslyn Hay through the eyes of a child (C.E.Hooper), Old Cheslyn Hay from 1930’s (C.E.Hooper), Cheslyn Hay 1980 – 1990’s (David Harrison photos), An Essay on open field and commons to enclosure and modern times (Geoff Blunt), The Origins of Wyrley and the Wyrley family (James Homeshaw), Amy Perry’s Collection of Postcards, Autobiography of Joseph Baker (1876-1955), Diaries of Milton Turner (1930-72), Ruth Mills Diaries (1903-87), The Hutment Communities (Mick Drury), Boxers of Essington (Jim Evans), History of the Church of St Mary the Virgin and St Luke of Shareshill, The Church and Graveyard of St Mary and St Luke Shareshill, Focus on St Marks Church Great Wyrley (Margaret Winfer), The Cannock Line – Fourteen Miles of History (Frank Allen), History of Gilpins (Staffs Industrial Archaeology), Overseers of the Poor (1713-33 – GW & CHay), Caravan Essays – the Wyrley Stones, G.H. Darby – Captain of the Wyrley Gang, Our Village – A Walk Through Time (Great Wyrley LHS), Cannock Chase Past (Sherry Belcher), Cornelius Whitehouse & Sons Ltd ‘Hedgehog’ Tools, The Cheslyn Hay Crescent Tennis Club, Bridgtown Memories (David Williams), South Staffs Street Names, Archive Photos – Cannock Chase (Sherry Belcher), History of Walsall Hospitals 1838-1998 (inc Isolation Hospital), South Staffs ‘Reviewed’ (inc C/Hay), History of Roads and Canals in Staffordshire, Black Country Towns and Villages (inc GW), Minute Book – Cheslyn Hay Parish Council 1925-27, Cheslyn Hay Police Station Occurrence Book (1931-35), The Story of Cannock United Reformed Church (Frank Morris – ideal for family history research), Around Cannock Chase (Eric Woolley), 100 Years of Keymaking inc Arthur Hough & Sons Ltd (Jim Evans), Sarah Jane Hawkins – Newscuttings Collection, Cheslyn Hay Infant School Log Book (1898–1923), Cheslyn Hay Boys School Log Book (1901-25), Cheslyn Hay Girls School Log Book (1911-18), Cheslyn Hay Girls School Log Book (1918-29), Cheslyn Hay Primary School Log Book (1930).
List to be completed next week.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly Newsletter – 28th August 2016

EVENTS No events this week.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everyone welcome to view our archives and our collection of over 8,500 photographs with advice at hand.
REQUESTS Wendy (nee Smallman) from Somerset emails her connections with Cheslyn Hay with some fascinating details of her family history starting ‘My mother, Mabel Smallman, used to speak about her ‘little Irish gypsy grandmother’ Merinda Connelley, who came across to England in a rowing boat from Connemara, Ireland. Merinda married William Smallman and their son William married Wendy’s mother and they lived at the Toll House, Mosswood Cottage, on Wolverhampton Road, Cannock. Somebody once said that the William Smallman Snr was in fact called William Dudley and he was adopted by the Smallman family, with the story that one of his forebears, the Earl of Dudley’s cook, bore him a male child. Another story was that Merinda and William’s daughter Marie Smallman went into domestic service, aged 11 years, for her aunt and uncle, Bertha Connelley and Will Drummond in London. When Bertha died Marie looked after their children, Molly and Irene, but then Marie and Will Drummond had a child of their own out of wedlock and she was called Margie Smallman. Later Marie and Will got married but Margie was raised by the Smallman family in Cheslyn Hay. She married Bill Swann and they went to live in Rugeley. I was told that Oliver Connolley died in a pit cage crash but he had two sons who played for Wolverhampton FC between the two wars and their cousin Albert Connelley was also a very keen local footballer.’ So can anyone help Wendy in her quest?
Following on from Paul Bedford’s talk last Thursday, Kevin Taplin emails a request ‘I wonder if you have any information on my relative, William Taplin, brother of my g-grandfather, who was killed in action during the last few weeks of WWI.’ Our initial research reveals that the Taplin family lived at Walk Mill, Bridgtown and William married Phoebe Ann Bills of Watling Street and they lived at 21 Low Street. They had four children – Evelyn G (b1911), William H (1913), Richard A (1913) and Albert E Taplin (1916).
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Two of Lawrence Hood and his bride Elsie Ewers and all of their guests plus two Salem Tennis Club photographs with the winning team of Irene Davies, Gwen White, Kath Walmsley, Joyce Roby, and Mavis Lakin and also the Men’s Single champion Brian Garratt. Also a casual photograph of two of our Parish Councillors Bill Wesley and Jack McCulloch. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS National Service Certificate of Registration for WWII in 1939 belonging to Alfred Harold Heminsley of Holly Bush together with his ‘Explanatory Note’ and his Home Guard Certificate. Plus a synopsis of the origins of Bentons Lane.
EXTRACTS FROM LOCAL NEWSPAPERS researched by Mike Belcher This week these are the stories as reported in the Cannock Chase Courier in 1903 that include George Fletcher in a flight from justice, E Marshall, A Turner, B Bowen and H Pearson at the Bricklayers Arms, an inquest on the suffocation of the widow of George Stackhouse of Chapel Square, C Moore of Station Street of the Horticultural Society, an injury to T A Reaney at Harrison’s pit, a story on the Cheslyn Hay Jubilee Society, George Rochell in court and the death of Edward Hawkins of Rock Villa. Copy of any Newspaper Report £1.
1st September 1966 ‘Glancing Backwards’ to the news of 6th September 1941
1st September 1966 The full story of the success of Sam Morris and the Cheslyn Hay Press.
1st September 1966 Christine Cadman and her achievements at school.
2nd September 1916 A Rally and Garden Party in the grounds of Grasmere and The Park organised by the officers of the Cheslyn Hay Circuit of the United Methodist Church and including sporting events with Mrs F W Hawkins, Mrs Hickman, Mrs T Crutchley, Miss Holdcroft, Mr W H Goring, Miss F Pope, the Mountebanks, Mr R Evans, Mr W H Barrett, Mr A E Wright, Mr W Johnson, Miss C Gripton, G Wooton, A S Hawkins, W Dando, J Sharpe, Miss Brown, Miss Rowley, Mr A Thomas and Mr Parsonage.

Another Harrison's FC photograph in the late 1950's . Frank Lockett with the cup is the only one known.

THIS WEEK’S MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH MYS 28 Another Harrison’s FC photograph but in the late fifties. Frank Lockett with the cup is the only one known. Can be viewed either on our website or on our Facebook Page.
WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES An interesting snippet from Pat Everiss’s research into infant mortality in Cheslyn Hay and Great Wyrley in the first decade of the 20th century.
WWI COMMEMORATION This September we commemorate the death of 12049 Ernest Robinson of the 1st Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment, who was killed on 14th September 1916 aged 21, son of Stephen and Hannah Robinson, of 2 Mount Pleasant and buried with honour at the Thiepval Memorial.
DAVID LEACH David’s funeral is on Tuesday, 30th August at Bushbury Crematorium at 10.45am.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 21st August 2016

EVENTS This month’s speaker is the local author Paul Bedford with his talk on ‘Not Just Names’ based on names on our War Memorial and he will focus on the three 1916 battles of Loos, Somme and Passchendaele where 21 Cheslyn Hay men were killed. Thursday, 25th August, at the Salem starting at 7.30pm. Admittance £1 including refreshments.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everyone welcome.
RESPONSES John Dace points out that that Geoff Parkes did purchase Nellie Pee’s shop and Ruth Mills house but it is not the Village Lodge Indian Restaurant which is numbers 37 and 39, which were then occupied by Jack Pearson, who was a dustman, and the Taylor family. Mrs Pee’s shop is now the Musical Repairs Shop. And from Lesley (nee Bickley) in Leominster ‘Nellie Pee (nee Bickley) was my great aunt and I can well remember going to visit and the overwhelming smell of leather shoes mixed with cooking (mostly boiled cabbage!)’.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS More interviews from the Great Wyrley Secondary School pupils from the 1960s with Mrs Hall, Norton Lane Farmhouse, Henry Badger’s daughter, a Great Wyrley resident of 271 Walsall Road, the Manager of the Hilton Lane Co-op store, Mrs Harrison of 63 Station Street, Mr Baker of 1 Streets Lane talking about working at the Plant Pit, Mr C Ballance and a Mr R Priest near Shaws Lane.
25th August 1966 Full details of the successful Cheslyn Hay Carnival naming all the events and competitions from the shaggiest dog to the bonniest baby together with all the prizewinners.
25th August 1966 Story of the flood-stricken householders of the Littlewood estate, Cheslyn Hay.
26th August 1916 The outcome of the Garden Party at Glenthorne and the work of the Local Relief Committee, the Red Cross Society and the British Prisoners of War.
26th August 1916 Alfred James Wilcox, of High Street, Cheslyn Hay, was summoned for cruelty involving William Henry Browell, William Wooton and Sidney Parbrook.
26th August 1916 Bertha Pearson, of Cheslyn Hay and Rosa Russell, also of Cheslyn Hay, summoned to court and found guilty but with a sympathetic bench.
THIS WEEK’S MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH MYS 27 A Perks wedding with only Nell Stokes (nee Perks) and Polly Stacey named. Can be viewed either on our website or on our Facebook Page.
MEMBERSHIP Full details of all the above stories can be obtained by becoming a member at £5 and the newsletters are emailed out at 9am every Sunday morning and we are now taking subscriptions for the next 12 months. Either pay by Paypal via our website or a £5 cheque made out to CH&DLHS and post to T McFarlane, 42 Station Road, Great Wyrley, Walsall, West Mids WS6 6LQ.
Many thanks.

Cheslyn Hay &DLHS News – 14th August 2016