Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 28th September 2014

EVENTS After our most successful Exhibition, in terms of compliments and praise, there are no events scheduled for this week!
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base will be open on Tuesday as usual from 9am to 2pm. Everyone is welcome but this week we offer special greetings to Elena and her 95 year old mother Lilian Rose. Elena contacted us a few weeks ago on behalf of her mother to research Lilian’s own mother, Edith Rose, who she has had no contact with since 1925. All that was known is that Edith took on a new life with a new family and lived around this area including the Watling Street and Rosemary Road before she passed away in Cheslyn Hay in 1977. We have traced Lilian’s stepbrother and stepsister, Gwynfryn and Bronwen Griffiths, both unfortunately now passed away, having been unaware of Lilian’s existence, but the husband of her stepsister, Gordon Carrier, of Chase Avenue in Cheslyn Hay, has many photographs of the Rose family and is keen to meet up with his in-laws and to fulfil Lilian’s request to see her mother’s final resting place. A touching story and anyone with photographs or connections to the Rose/Griffiths family can share their memories mid morning this Tuesday.
REQUESTS Derek Bullock emails from Canada and believes he is part of the Bullock Family Tree mentioned recently and wants more information which we will be providing. Derek says ‘I was born in Cheslyn Hay in 1938 and we left the UK in 1963 and now live happily in Ontario. Our family moved from Shropshire to Dundalk Lane in the early 1800’s.’ So does anyone remember Derek from fifty years ago so we can include your memories and comments along with his own family tree?
RESPONSES And more success from our researcher, Jean, who has traced where Nina Boyd’s grandmother, Matilda Collier (nee Parsonage), was buried after her recent request. Jean had to travel to Lichfield Records Office to discover that Matilda died in Bridgtown on 3 May 1917 at 35 North Street, aged only 40 and she was buried on 8th May at Cannock Cemetery and we have forwarded on the Plot Number. Nina responds ‘I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am that you have found Matilda’s grave and I shall make a trip to Cannock as soon as possible to see it. Many, many thanks!’
Following the comment that George Bull was the caretaker at the Isolation Hospital, Eddie Wise points out that it was Walter Bull and not George.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Cliff Giles and Malcolm Birch in the pool at the Nook Marlhole – 1950s.
OLD NEWSPAPERS by Dave Washington Involving court cases and concerts from 1883 – 1893 with Thomas Lawson, John Marshall, Mr & Mrs G Greensill, Mr & Mrs Colley, Joseph & James Pearson, C R Walton, H Lockett, T Boon, C W Smith, J Perry, T Holdcroft and F H Thomas.
2nd October 1964 The tragic death of Mr Ernest Roobottom, of 168, Station Street.
2nd October 1964 The funeral and details of the life of Mrs Hilda Smith, of 113 Station Street.
3rd October 1914 Full details of the Cheslyn Hay Social Class Musical Concert.
3rd October 1914 Story of Mr James Perry of the Cheslyn Hay Council Schools.
3rd October 1914 The annual harvest festival in connection with Salem Church with all the committee named.
3rd October 1914 The death and the life story of Mr Samuel J Altree.
3rd October 1914 Collection from the members of the Cheslyn Hay WMC for Charles Brough.
MEMORIES Held over to next week.
FAMILY HISTORY by Andrew Pearson This week Andrew looks at the Dutton family starting with Thomas and Mary and their children being born from1816 onwards. There are just 5 pages on the tree and printed copies are available for £5. Other names on the tree include Wood, Bate, Hemingsley, Corbett, Sambrook, Walker, Hawsworth, Crutchley, Shotton, Evans, Broadhurst, Hawkins, Holmes, Hunt, Turner, Marshall, Benton, Garratt, Dawson, Copestake, Clewley, Bullock, Whitehouse, Thacker, James, Pearson,Morgan, Blout, Marlow, Parsons.
APPEAL Malcolm Smith would like to hear from any miner who worked at the Great Wyrley No 3 Pit (aka Harrisons or the Sinking) to contact him via my email address below to help him with his research.
Fuller details will be provided of any of the above stories on request.
Also membership is £5 to receive the full unedited newsletter every Sunday morning at 9am.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 21st September 2014

OUR ANNUAL EXHIBITION is next Saturday 27th September at the Community Centre in Pinfold Lane from 10am – 4pm. As can be seen in the Cannock Chronicle there will be a nostalgic display of the Sixties as well as a ‘special’ display to commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War. There will also be large mounted plans of the Cheslyn Hay Cemetery with index and information and coverage of Family History with researchers available with advice plus a wide range of photographs covering all aspects of our village. Refreshments served throughout the day with genuine dripping sandwiches on crusty bread!
OUR SALEM BASE Open as usual from 9am – 2pm.
REQUESTS Following on from a recent successful request from John Russell asking to be reunited with his old schoolpal Peter Whitehouse, now in Yorkshire, they are both now meeting up at our Exhibition next Saturday morning and Peter would like to meet up with any others from his class whom he has not seen for 60 years. In our School Class Photographs File we have the Peter’s 1950 Junior School one that include Mrs Corona Price, Jim Dace, Harold Sambrook, Brian Davis, Don Pearson, – Lomas, Ann Webb, June Edwards, Lyn & Margaret Smith, Christine Whitehouse, Pat Foster, Sheila Cartwright, Margaret Mitchell, Eric Heminsley, Jenny Chew, Maureen Newins, Vivienne Lee, Irene Parr, Margaret Horton, Glenys Davies, Penny Allen, Ann Hewitt, Iris Birch, Deanne Morris, Frank Thacker, Roger Richards, Roger Denny, John Barns, Albert Parr, John Illidge, John Russell, David Leach, Roger Moore and Wilfred Barker. All are most welcome!
Amanda from Halifax appeals for details of one of her Cheslyn Hay Bird relations who was killed in a cycling accident in Brewood. Her name was Ethel May Bird and her death was registered in early 1919 and our researchers are looking into it.
25th September 1964 The story of Mr and Mrs William Elwell and their farm Wolverhampton Road, Cheslyn Hay.
25th September 1964 The life of Mrs Ethel Gough of 19, Hill Street, Cheslyn Hay.
25th September 1964 Cheslyn Hay Gingham Girls entertaining troupe with names.
26th September 1914 An amusing incident Station Street, Cheslyn Hay.
26th September 1914 C Smallman, of Station Street, leaving to join his battalion.
MEMORIES More from the recollections of Margaret Matthews (nee Middleton) including her schooldays, her family and her working life at Henry Hawkins Ltd and the Hawkins family.
FAMILY HISTORY by Andrew Pearson This week Andrew has researched the Bullock family going back to Simon Bullock Snr who married Anne Stringer on 8 May 1613 in Salopshire but it is only in 1807 that the first Bullock is mentioned in Cheslyn Hay. Other names on the tree are Bate, Corbett, Dutton, Gray, Hartwell, Hawkswell, Heminsley, James, Knowles, Morgan, Owen, Pearson, Pritchard, Smith, Stokes, Thacker, Walker and Whitehouse. Five pages in total and is available in print at £5. Enquiries or advice, free of course, by emailing or phoning me – 01922 414772.
DUNCAN BROUGH Sadly passed away on Sunday 7th September aged 84.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 7th September 2014

EVENTS Roger’s Chat n Char Morning is this Thursday 11th September with a guest speaker as well as the ‘Play Your Cards Right’ game.
And we are at the Museum of Cannock Chase on Wednesday morning where Peter Cadman will be addressing the other local history societies and outlining what we do.
OUR SALEM BASE is open to everyone on Tuesday but this week we open half an hour later at 9.30am but closing at 2pm. All welcome.
REQUESTS Sheila (nee Ridgway) is after photographs of the Cheslyn Hay Carnival in the sixties where she is on a float with her sister Elaine, their friend Mary Massey as a black lady and her dad as a chimney sweep. Sheila also asks if anyone remembers Mary, as she used to organise the Christmas Party at Hawkins’ Club, and also the weekly dances at the club.
And a request from Pam Jukes who emails ‘I am still plodding away at my Price, Whitehouse, Ridgway families’ genealogy’. My dad was Daniel Price (b1907) who was one of the eighteen children of Enoch and Elizabeth Price of Hobnock Road, Essington. I was born in Chadsmoor in 1935 and my mother was Daisy Constance Ridgway of High Hill, Essington and I would be glad of any associated information you may have.’
RESPONSES We have been able to solve Leslie Sleigh’s request from last week via a response from another part of his family with the full story of Maxwell Knight.
Also Andrew has been able to churn out plenty of information for Paul who is researching his Edgerton family tree. Well supported by Jean and Vi he has discovered William’s wife is Lydia Bromhall and this line, with variant spellings, goes back to 1716 with Francis marrying Susannah Dikison and their son William marrying Ann Wilkeson and with all of their children being born in Cheslyn Hay. Andrew has forwarded a 17 page Descendant Chart to Paul of William Edgerton (b1797 in Darlaston) and Lydia Bromhall, whom he married on 12 Nov 1826 at Bushbury, starting with their six children, all of whom were born in Great Wyrley.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS A Cheslyn Hay Carnival Float with Christine Holcroft, Kath Spooner, Joan Heminsley, Miss Cartwright, and Margaret Eades.
OLD NEWSPAPERS by Dave Washington Stories involving Jacob Aulton (19 Dec 1831), Mr Brough (29 Oct 1836), Emanuel Forrester & John Bird (5 Aug 1837) and the newly erected Hatherton Arms (18 September 1861).
11th September 1964 The Cheslyn Hay Allotments and Cottage Gardener’s Association annual horticultural show with dozens of members and prize winners named.
11th September 1964 A return visit after 40 years for Mr and Mrs F Lunt and her story in Australia. Also her mother, Mrs Florence Mabel Irvine, celebrating her 80th birthday.
11th September 1964 The bowls final of Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Bowls Cup at the club on Sunday.
12th September 1914 A meeting of the Red Cross Society.
MEMORIES We complete the memories of John Turner this week on the Isolation Hospital including Helen Flint,George Bull, Brenda Leighton, Geoffrey Edmunds, Reg Evans and Mabel Horton.
GENERAL NEWS Last month in August we have had a record response of 248 sightings of our local scenes on staffspasttrack. Garretts Shop 79, Brittania Picture House 59, High Street 24, Wootton’s Post Office 20, Salem 19, Hackett’s Butcher’s Shop 18, Albert Hawkins Shop 17, Walter Hackett 12.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 31st August 2014

EVENTS Peter Cadman is leading the Great Wyrley & Cheslyn Hay Memorial Circular Walk starting from the Great Wyrley Wesleyan Methodist Church up to the Salem Church on Saturday 6th September at 1.30pm.
OUR SALEM BASE Open from 9am to 2pm. Everyone welcome for research, advice or just company. Coffee pot on from 10.30 – 11.30am.
REQUESTS Paul Edgerton is researching his family and emails ‘Through census records and other things on the internet I’ve been able to trace back to William Edgerton. The 1841 census shows William Edgerton (born Darlaston c1801) living in Wyrley with his wife Lydia and 5 children. Any help or advice you might be able to give will be hugely appreciated.’
Another request comes from Leslie Graham Sleigh Jnr who emails ‘My father, Leslie Sleigh, was born and bred in Cheslyn Hay and he was a well known trumpet player and all his family were from the Bonk’ and Leslie believes his father named his brother Maxwell after an officer who served in the First or Second World Wars and asks whether we have anything in our records of this gentleman.
Finally Geoff Stokes has inherited a picture from his Holland grandparents showing a man with a bass drum and he is trying to find his identity. He thinks it may be Joseph Holland’s granddad’s brother who sadly died in WWI and Geoff wants information on the Cheslyn Hay Brass Bands and to see what photographs we have to solve his mystery.
RESPONSES We have taken a huge step forward in reuniting 95 year old Lilian from Pershore with her estranged Rose family in Cheslyn Hay. Full story on request.
Following on from last week’s Newspaper Reports covering 1914 it seems that we have helped to solve a family mystery. Mark Hawkins emails ‘When my granddad was alive I asked him many times how he came to have a glass eye and the answer I always got was ‘It was too long ago and I can’t remember’ but after reading this week’s report I think this was my granddad. His name was Thomas Frederick Hawkins the son of Thomas Henry Hawkins and Elizabeth Hawkins (Crutchley)
And our Military researcher Bob has provided Phil Jones with all the information on Private A E Morris, East Kent Regiment (The Buffs) including his full military career up to when he was killed all available on request.
John Russell’s plea to find his old schoolmate has also been successful with Peter Whitehouse who has responded from East Ayton in North Yorkshire relating where he has spent the last sixty years and he will now be in touch with John.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS A batch of excellent photographs of the Edmunds family with Elsie & Laura and the Whitehouses – Elsie, Vic & Avis Mary, Dennis Slatcher and a Cheslyn Hay Carnival and a Girls Guide troupe both from the 1920s. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
OLD NEWSPAPERS by Dave Washington More from the 1800s. Another auction of the land called Hadley’s Croft occupied by Mr Fisher (16 Jan 1816), the death of Mrs Sayers (15 September 1832, the bankruptcy of William Blewitt, chartermaster and beerhouse keeper (19 Dec 1863), auction of The Hatherton Arms occupied by Thomas Passy and cottages and gardens occupied by Mr Potts (5 May 1865) and the liquidation of grocer, draper and farmer J Hawkins (24 Jan 1880).
4th September 1964 Details of the visit from Canada of Mr Arthur Davies.
4th September 1964 The success of the Cheslyn Hay bowlers in the Jonathan Hunter Charity Bowling Cup.
5th September 1914 The forming of a Relief Committee where all people are listed.
5th September 1914 Full details of the semi-finals and final of the Club’s Challenge Cup.
5th September 1914 Details of the Talbot Bowling Tournament.
5th September 1914 Details of the Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Club Bowling Tournament.
MEMORIES Following the recent interest in Helen Flint of the Isolation Hospital we now include full information from an interview with John Turner.
APPEAL As part of this year’s Exhibition on Saturday 27th September, Joanne is preparing a special feature on weddings in the 1960s of local people together with full names and dates etc. Contact via the email address below or any member of the committee.
GENERAL NEWS Our old friend Vic Mitchell, author of both Steam Train and Trolley Buses books, has produced another excellent book entitled ‘Walsall Trolley Buses’ and is available from 6th September. Priced at £17.95, we will be selling them to our members at £15. Orders taken via the email address below.

Cheslyn HayWeekly News – 24th August 2014

EVENTS   This month’s speaker is the incredible 99 year old Kay Matthews who will be talking about ‘A Romp through Ten Decades’.  At the Salem on Thursday 28th August at 7.30pm.  £1 including refreshments.

OUR SALEM BASE  Open from 9am to 2pm.  Everyone welcome and one of our visitors this week is Jenni Bond from Australia who would love to have the opportunity to meet anyone with her family connections of Homeshaw, Garratt, Pearson and Heminsley.

REQUESTS  Phil Jones emails the following information - The Great War Roll of Honour for Stafford Company W H Dorman includes all 300 employees who were involved in the hostilities and of those 24 died, including a Private A E Morris of 25 Saredon Road Cheslyn Hay. Apprenticed in the Fitting Dept at Dormans he joined the Colours in April 1917.  After 8 weeks training he went to France with the 7th East Kent Regiment. and was killed in action in the ‘big push’ of March 21st 1918 and Phil adds ‘I would be pleased to know any further information such as full name etc.  There is a photo of Mr Morris in the Wm Salt Library and for any relatives, there will be a Dorman Great War Commemoration being held in Stafford at the end of next month.’

And a plea from John Russell who wishes to contact an old school pal Peter Whitehouse, born about 1943, with whom he went to the junior school but he hasn’t seen or heard of him since John moved to Great Wyrley.

RESPONSES   We have received responses to Elena’s request to find her grandmother’s family by the name of Rose and there’s every chance that the family will be able to meet up for the first time in the near future.  Firstly we have had to eliminate Mr Gwylym Eifion Williams of Wednesbury from our enquiries as this gentleman has no connection with the Rose family, but we have been more successful with Mrs Bronwen Carrier and her family.

Unfortunately we have been unable to help Nina with her grandmother’s (Matilda Collier nee Parsonage) final resting place except that she was not buried at either Cheslyn Hay or Great Wyrley but probably at St Lukes in Cannock.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS   Three photographs of Jean & Margaret Bullock with Malcolm Baker and Leonard Crofts on the Rec plus four photographs of the Heminsleys – Joan, Jannet, Clive & John with Albert Jones, John Turner, Cynthia Griffiths, Mary Baker, Davinia Fletcher, Ann McLachlan & Marlene Jones around the area as well as on a school trip to New Brighton.  Also one of Cliff & Nellie Turner in the Isolation Hospital grounds.  Copies are £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  Copies of a 1922 Auction Catalogue at Black Lees Farm selling livestock, agricultural implements and furniture and a 1943 St Marks Parish Magazine.

OLD NEWSPAPERS by Dave Washington  William Fisher selling off land (all listed) at the Holly Bush by auction (10 Aug 1805), another auction of pieces of Cheslyn Hay land occupied by Richard Green, Joseph Stokes (4 pieces), Mr Bickford, Thomas Weaver, Henry Walters, William Poynor, William Shepheard, S Walker, W Sambrooke, Isaac Stokes and Richard Groom (21 Nov 1825), an auction of a Water Engine and Colliery effects by Mr Brown (29 Mar 1841), a case of assault by a besom maker, Francis Westwood(22 Nov 1865) and Cheslyn Hay’s New Connection Chapel being authorised for solemnizing marriages (8 May 1850).


28th August 1964  Several paragraphs of the Cheslyn Hay carnival and fete, listing all the entertainment and the winners and competitors af all the events.

28th August 1964  The funeral of Mrs Isabelle May Clark of 6 High Street and the details of her life.

28th August 1964  A novel suggestion from the Parish Council to the local Headmasters for something ‘extra’ to add to the school curriculum.

28th August 1964  A story on Cheslyn Hay pensioner, Mr Laurence Whitehouse and his wife Susannah.

28th August 1964  Complaints about Cheslyn Hay as being ‘filthy’.

29th August 1914  A rather unfortunate shooting accident occurred at Cheslyn Hay naming all the accused and victims.

29th August 1914  Details of a foot race at Cheslyn Hay.
29th August 1914  An appeal from the President of the Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Club to assist one of their unfortunate members.

29th August 1914  Details of a meeting of ladies held at the Primitive Methodist Church to raise funds for the Red Cross Society. 

MEMORIES  This week we look at the development of coffee houses throughout the country and welcomed by Cheslyn Hay as alternative venues to the many public houses on the village naming all the coffee houses and their owners.

FAMILY HISTORY by Andrew Pearson  Benton tree now completed.

GENERAL NEWS  Edna Brown has organised her Annual Coach Trip on Thursday 11th September to Llandudno and she has four places left at £12.50.

Fuller details of any of the above stories will be happily provided by contacting me at the email address below – or to receive the full unedited version every Sunday morning by joining for £5.

Cheslyn Hay News – 17th August 2014

OUR SALEM BASE New opening times! We will now be open from 9am every Tuesday and we will be closing at 2pm. For extended hours on Tuesdays would you kindly email or phone me first (01922 414772) – no problem.
REQUESTS A phone call from Elena in Worcester has revealed a fascinating story. Her grandmother, Edith Eugene May Rose, was born 16 April 1898 in Pershore and she married Ludvig Polata (from Austria) and they had a daughter (Elena’s mother) Lilian Mary Myra Polata born 5 May 1919. Six years later Edith left and went off with a Mr Williams from Wales and later settled in Staffordshire. Edith’s husband would not divorce her so she kept her maiden name of Rose, which was recorded on her death certificate and she had another two children – Bronwyn and Gwillam Williams. Edith died at 12 Rosemary Road, Cheslyn Hay, on 26 May 1977 but it was stated that her usual address was either 3 or 31 (unclear) Watling Street, Bridgtown. Elena’s mother, Lilian, is now 95 and would dearly like to find Edith’s grave so she can visit it for the first time. Further information is that Bronwen Mary Carrier (believed to be of 12 Rosemary Road) who signed the death certificate and the daughter of Edith Rose, died 8 March 2013 aged 83 with the funeral at Bushbury crematorium, where her brother Gwlym Eifion Williams of Cheslyn Hay (formerly Wednesbury and died 3 November 2008 aged 85) also had his funeral. So it is likely that Edith too is at rest in Bushbury. So can anyone help with information so that I can arrange contact with the Williams/Carrier families, even though they might not even be aware of the existence of Edith and Elena?
And a similar type of request comes via our Guest Book from Nina Boyd who emails ‘I would dearly love to know where my grandmother Matilda Collier (nee Parsonage) was buried. She died in Bridgtown on 3 May 1917 at 35 North Street. Although her husband was present I don’t think he took her home to be buried in Aylesbury. She was a Primitive Methodist so did they have their own burial ground? Any information would be greatly valued.’
Adrian Leo is interested in the descendants of Alfred Altree (b10 Nov 1813 in Bilston) stating ‘my g-grandfather was Albert Henry Altree (b1852 Churchbridge) and I would appreciate any photos of him or his family as I only have one of them.’
RESPONSES It seems that our researchers have finally solved the enquiry of when and where William Bird died providing a copy of his death certificate and his burial plot.
Also Andrew has been able to supply more information for Stuart Pearson on his Benton familygoing back to Henry Benton (b1566) and who married Isabell Biddle.
And Joyce emails ‘Regarding the Hickman Family Tree, I have a huge internet tree that goes back to 1600s in Shropshire’ and Andrew confirms this links in with our tree where William Hickman marries Elizabeth Barney on 31 Jul 1754 at Worfield in Salopshire.
Two of last week’s photographs provided some healthy debate with disputes on the names and dates of Christopher Horton Jervis, Margaret Taylor, Barbara Chilton, Elaine Harley, Ethel Horton and Fred Perks. Also the Swallow Raincoat factory girls photo was apparently taken in 1947 and not 1974.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS A Carnival photograph with Judith Dace as the 1962 Carnival Queen with Yvonne Jones, Joan Heminsley, Pauline Brough, Davinia Fletcher, Pauline Hodgkiss, Nigel Macdonald, Lynda Precious, Clive Price and Diane Illidge. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS 1931 Programme including Laurence Hawkins, Heddle Nash, Robert Easton etc and three Sunday School prizes to Edith Taylor (1902), Thomas Williams (Cheslyn Hay Board School 1903) and William Bickley (Holly Hill Cottages, Upper Landywood – 1913).
OLD NEWSPAPERS by Dave Washington A mining death of Samuel Brierley, a court case under the heading of ‘The Evil of Second Marriages’ between Joseph Clewley and Boyden and a Charles Clewley in a court case – all in the 1800s. Rreports at £1 per copy.
21st August 1964 Meeting of Cheslyn Hay Over 60 Club with Mrs Marion Homeshaw, Mrs E Plant, Mrs H Whitehouse, Mrs L Altree, Mr G Kingston, Mr Edward Mason, Mrs Kingston, Mrs G Plant, Mrs G Smith, Mrs Perry, Mrs Busby and Mrs Pratt.
21st August 1964 Full details of the Woodman Bowling Club, Cheslyn Hay, beating Chadsmoor Progressive Club in the Cannock and Hednesford District Butcher’s Association Bowling Cup Final.
22nd August 1914 A report of a resounding vistory for Cheslyn Hay Cricket Club.
22nd August 1914 Results of a Cheslyn Hay bowling tournament.
MEMORIES A few snippets from recent events involving Alec Carter, Iris (nee Heminsley), Lynne Pryde, Alan Marshall, Joe and Annie Wright, Mr Broadhurst, Jack Martin, Mr Cartwright, Tony Mytton, John Benton and John Molloy.
FAMILY HISTORY by Andrew Pearson We have now reached 19,000 individual names for our combined Cheslyn Hay Family Tree’ and this week working on the Benton Family Tree.
Fuller details will be provided on any of the above topics – or to join the Society (£5) and to receive the full weekly newsletter every Sunday – please contact me at this email address.

Cheslyn Hay News 10th August 2014

EVENTS Chat ‘n’ Char morning this Thursday, 14th June in the Salem Lecture Room starting at 10am with John Palmer and his theme is ‘Puppets – My Hand in their Lives’.
OUR SALEM BASE Base is open every Tuesday from 10am but we are closing early this week at 2pm for a Committee Meeting. Everyone welcome and this week amongst our visitors we welcome Janet Heminsley, from Barmouth, who would like to catch up with any of her old acquaintances.
REQUESTS After the response (see below) for Harold White, he hopes for a bit more information on tracing his family emailing ‘My granddad Harold George Stewart White was born in Waterloo, London and his mother was unmarried at the time but she later married John Scott and I believe moved to the Wrexham area. Granddad and grandma got married because my dad (Harold White born Nov 1910) was on the way, but what happened then is a mystery as all my aunts and uncles were born in different places and under the name of Stewart. My father was brought up in Cheslyn Hay by his grandparents but I don’t know if they were Scotts or Turners. Can anyone help please?’ Harold also adds that when his father was 16yrs old he cycled all the way to Riccall near York to live with his mother and father.
RESPONSES Following on from Harold White’s request from last week, three of our researchers Jean, Vi and Dave have solved the problem as to why his grandfather had changed his name from Harold George Stewart White to just Harold George Stewart with details of his life and a newspaper report on his court case and sentence. Also Vi provides Harold with an update on the Turner side of his tree pointing out that the birthdate of Sarah Ann Turner (together with details of her mother, Emily (nee Perry). And Ray Franks has provided us with a lovely photo of her adding that she was always referred to as ‘Seranne’.
Another successful – and remarkable – response from last week comes from another Lockett relation who emails ‘I was so pleased to see that another Lockett descendent had approached the society for further information.
As Moses Lockett (b 1811) is my g-g-grandfather and also Edwin Arnold’s wife, Emma is my grandfather’s sister we are obviously ‘cousins’. My mother, Annie Lockett, born 1905, also inherited from the Arnold
estate and it would be lovely to meet up with Elaine.’ So we will be arranging a Tuesday meeting at the Base for all the Locketts in the near future.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Sarah Ann Turner (known as Seranne), a 1962 Carnival ‘Wedding’ with Chris Jervis ‘marrying’ Margaret Taylor and Elaine Harvey as the bridesmaid, and two old photographs of Sid Perry and his unknown mates in the Lot and a group of workers outside the Swallow Raincoat factory in 1974 with June Wetherer, Frances ? , Iris Jenkins, Nancy Wootton, Kath Reade, Kath Sutherton, Sylvia Wyles and Eileen Meeson. Photographs £1 each for a 7×5 photographic print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Details of the wedding of Frederick Eli Birch, a boatman, and Clara Bonnell.
OLD NEWSPAPERS by Dave Washington A football match between Cheslyn Hay Excelsior and Cannock White Cross (19 March 1886), full details of an auction of several properties occupied by Messrs Farnell, Smith, Moses Lockett,Wood, Jarvis & Farnell in1886, a court case with William Corfield and Handel Whitehouse being found guilty (1886) and a fight between two women Elizabeth Jenkins and Harriet Morgan involving Rose Evans, Miriam Wright and Martha Dawkins (1887). Newspaper reports £1 each.
15th August 1914 A sad case is reported in the township of a young man named Charles Smallman, late of Station Street.
15th August 1914 The subscription list started for Mr J Perry, who was badly burned.
15th August 1914 Charles Henry Owen found guilty in a court case involving Ethel Herriot.
MEMORIES This week comes from Doug Barrett covering a tragic happening from over sixty years ago that affected the whole village. Names included are Bill Peach, Ronnie Morgan, Norman Rowe, Norman Pitt, Ernie Fletcher, Joe Pearce, Donald Benton, Larry Potts, Des Turner, Gordon Illidge and Gordon Pearson.
FAMILY HISTORY by Andrew Pearson Following on from the descendants of Job Lockett (b1781) we now go back a couple of more generations to Joseph Lockett (b1660 in Stoke-on-Trent) and Moses Lockett III is born in Cheslyn Hay in 1787. The family tree also include the names of Ashton, Barker, Brierley, Carter, Cartlidge, Clowes, Cooper, Cross, Daniel, Davenport, Fieldhouse, Godwin, Goodfellow, Goodwin, Hanson, Hodgkins, Jepson, Kendrick, Lyon, Mackay, Mear, Nevius, Parker, Russell, Sommerfield, Stokes, Thomas, Walker, Whitehouse and Wilde. The Family Tree covers 3 pages but with all the information it totals 14 pages in all. Selected pages available at £1 per page, with £3 for the tree but for the 14 pages it is £10. Enquiries or advice, free of course, by emailing or phoning me – 01922 414772.