EVENTS This month’s speaker is Michael Glasson, who is in charge of Walsall’s number one Visitors Attraction, the Walsall Leather Museum. A first class speaker and highly knowledgeable on his subject of ‘The Walsall Leather Trade’ Michael will be at the Salem on Thursday, 27th July starting at 7.30pm. Admittance £1 including refreshments.
OUR SALEM BASE is open to everyone from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.
REQUESTS Mark Tebbets is visiting us at the Base on Tuesday, August 15th, from Connecticut. He contacted us last year re his g-g-grandfather John Rowley and g-grandfather Edward John (Jack) Rowley and is now following up with his family research wanting to see where they lived in 1871 (farm corner of Cross Street/Low Street) and 1881 (Shareshill farm) from the census returns. Can anyone help?
Gareth Dibble is also looking for any information on the death of his second great-uncle, Richard Picken, who died 14th September 1953 at Harrisons No 3 colliery in Great Wyrley.
And Rob Skerman emails ‘I am doing my family tree and have come across the name George Handel Bailey and Thomas Bailey in your newsletters who I believe are my g-g-grandfather and g-g-granduncle born c1899 and c1893 respectively. Any information will be most welcome’
RESPONSES Further to last week’s 1967 newspaper report mentioning the discovery of an old sewing machine in a garden in Park Street there is a follow-up story that developed from it. Kath and Mac Walmsley cleaned the machine up only to discover the name and address of the patent holders being ‘Foulsham of Boston, Massachusetts’ and have since had a visit from the family.
The power of the internet never ceases to amaze me. I have just received a reply to an enquiry I included in the newsletter dated 23 May 2010, over seven years ago! It was in response to ‘The Wyrley Stones’, a book that relates to the finds of a local miner Henry Rigby who kept all the fossils he found in a lifetime down the local pits and he opened a museum in a shed adjoining his house next to the Great Wyrley Labour Club on the Walsall Road when he retired in 1922. He sold off his collection and I appealed to anyone of the Rigby family if they knew what happened to it. I have now received an interesting reply from the family and we have received photographs of Henry and his collection.
Our researchers have been looking into last week’s Fishers Farm enquiry with information and names going back to the 17th century.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Eight photographs, donated by Mick Drury, of the Bulls Meadow Colliery site in the field opposite Upper Landywood Lane when it was excavated in April 2009 (PL-UPL-12,13,14,15, 16,17,18,19). £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Details of the four Holmes brothers Francis Ivan, Hyla George, James and Noel Holmes all serving in WWII.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington From the Staffs Advertiser a story involving the closure of Cheslyn Hay Choral Society (15 Nov 1856).
27th July 1967 From an article ‘Glancing Backwards 25 Years – 25th July 1942’ naming
June Evans, Linda Chapman, Winnie Podmore, Nancy Baker, Iris Jenkins, Lily Barker, Betty Sivorn, Doreen Hewitt, Barbara Smith, Joyce and Jocelyn Brough, June James, June Steadman, Sybil Plant and Rita Goodman.
27th July 1967 A visit from Mrs Lorna Sassnett of North Carolina, America visiting her Pee family.
28th July 1917 A sequel to the issuing of a warrant by Cannock Bench for the arrest of Moses Lockett, Queen Street, Cheslyn Hay. Full story.
MEMORIES More on the barbers of Cheslyn Hay with stories and memories of Albert Bullivant, Phineas Baker and Ivan Holmes. Roger Betts also weighs in with ‘I remember Ivan Holmes from Wyrley Primary School in the 1940s. I was unaware of his later career in hairdressing but I do recall him as an accomplished child piano accordionist. I particularly remember his gig in about 1950 as the warm-up act at Chums’ Club at the Danilo in Cannock – Saturday mornings, admission sixpence (old money).

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 16th July 2017

EVENTS Bridgtown LHS are hosting a talk ‘The Canals up to Churchbridge’ with Derek Davies OBE on Wednesday, 19th July, starting at 10am. Please note that it is being held at the Bridgtown Social Club, whilst the Bethel Church is being renovated.

The Friends of Cannock Chase, Staffordshire County Council, the New Zealand Government and the Chase Project have joined forces to commemorate the New Zealand Rifle Brigade (NZRB) on Cannock Chase during the Great War. The ‘In the Footsteps’ project is launching an ambitious crowd funding project which hopes to raise £12,500 in just four weeks. If successful, the project will design, commission and erect an evocative interpretation panel at the Marquis Drive Visitor Centre on Cannock Chase. This panel will tell the story of the NZRB on Cannock Chase and remember their sacrifice during the Great War. To find out more about the project see

OUR SALEM BASE is open to everyone from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.

REQUESTS Iris Norwood asks about the history of Fisher’s Farm. Her g-g-grandmother, Mary Ann Fisher (b1819) lived there throughout her life when she married her g-g-grandfather Richard Heminsley. The farm has always kept the Fisher name, but when was the last time any of the Fisher family lived there?

RESPONSES Further to Bill’s enquiry from last week re his Wooton family we have confirmed all the details of our local Wooton family who also originated from Willenhall.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS All from the Geoff Blunt Collection. PL-LOW-66 The Crescent in Low Street (Feb 1994), PL-WOO-5 Sewage Plant at rear of Woodman Lane, IN-CAN-81 Site of the former Swingbridge – Jan 1997, IN-CAN-62 Humpback bridge at Gilpins Basin, FA-LDG-7 Hawkins Pool & Lodge Farm, ready for the BNRR – March 1992. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Norman Edwards charactures, playing statistics and histories of Jack Windmill and Jack Martin, two Aston Villa players who were both headmasters of Pinfold Lane School.


20th July 1967 Cheslyn Hay Carnival Queen elected together with her attendants. All named.

20th July 1967 An old sewing machine has been unearthed in Park Street with a remarkable history from America. Full details.

21st July 1917 Details of the seventeen winners of the Cheslyn Hay Allotments competitions.

MEMORIES Continuing on the theme of ‘Barbers’ from last week, we have published several tales of Albert Bullivant and his life. Also comments about Ivan Holmes.
Also Norma Barta is interested in having a full copy of the life of Dr Duncan McAinsh mentioned recently when his death was reported in 1956 mentioning how her mother was inspired by him.
MEMORIES And more stories from the forties and fifties that have been revived through the memories of 89 year old Betty Matthews.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 9th July 2017

EVENTS There will be no Chat n Char morning this Thursday, 13th July, as it has been replaced by Roger’s trip to York. Both coaches leave the Salem at 7.30am and they will start the return journey from York at 5pm. There are still two places available at £21 per head, which includes entry into the Minster, with a free guided tour, and the Museum, Treasury as well as the Crypts. If interested contact Roger on 01785 212412 as soon as possible please.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week both of our researchers Vi and Jean will be available all morning.

REQUESTS Bill Thomason emails ‘In my family tree I have a William Wooton, who died in 1890 in Staffordshire and he had a son, Joseph Wooton who married Martha Cartwright (nee Taylor from Willenhall 1836-70) but I cannot find the marriage recorded and Joseph changed his surname to Cartwright and later married Elizabeth Benton, formerly McNally, about 1908.’ And Bill asks if there is any connection with our Wooton family who are mentioned regularly in the newsletters.

RESPONSES Both of our researchers, Vi and Jean, have liaised together and resolved Norma’s request from last week naming all the eight Bowen children’s births recorded, together with the three deaths.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS From the recently donated Geoff Blunt Collection, all taken in the 1990s. Hawkins Cricket Pavilion (SP-CKT-22), old pit shafts at the Rec (PL-STA-175&176), Coppice Colliery (IN-MHW-28), Kissing Bridge (IN-RAL-43), ancient cottages in Dundalk Lane (PL-DUN-10,11&12), old waterworks buiiding (OR-WTW-10&11), High Street (PL-HIG-18, 88 &129), Wollaston’s old coach house (PE-WOL-9), Wharf Cottage (PL-MNP-34 & 35), Low Street cottages (PL-LOW-45), the Rec (PL-STA-177) and the grave of Frederick & Isabella Gilpin (IN-GIL-67). £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.


13th July 1967 An article ‘Glancing Backwards 25 Years – 11th July 1942’ A story about Mrs Edith Thomas of High Street, Cheslyn Hay.

13th July 1967 Retirement of Mrs Corona A Price with background of her career.

13th July 1967 Details of the Hawkins v Harrisons cricket match.

14th July 1917 Charles Bullock, bricklayer, Mount Pleasant, Cheslyn Hay, appeared in court at Cannock.
14th July 1917 Isaiah Pearson, Cheslyn Hay, was summoned by his wife, Bertha Pearson, for desertion with full story.
14th July 1917 The concluding rounds of the bowling competition at Glenthorne, Cheslyn Hay, in aid of the Red Cross Society with full details of the participants and winners.
MEMORIES More stories on the old Fire Station Garage involving the Ridgway and Lager families and further to Moss Fisher’s recollections on the Fire Station he has now brought up another topic – local barbers. This time concentrating on Albert Bullivant and Ivan Holmes concluding with ‘I always remember the men being asked if they wanted “anything for the weekend?” And as Moss says he had no idea of what it meant then and even after such a long passage of time, he still does not understand what it means. (Answers on a postcard please)
WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES Documents relating to what appears to be from the interesting life of Martha Tranter from Cheslyn Hay. She was born 17th June 1744, daughter of Samuel and Susannah Tranter and her two marriages.
GENERAL NEWS Anyone wishing to become a member for the annual fee of £5 and to receive this newsletter with full details under all the headings every Sunday morning at 9am please contact me through my email address below. Many thanks.

Cheslyn Hay &DLHS Weekly News – 2nd July 2017

EVENTS Our long standing friends at the Cheslyn Hay & Great Wyrley Flower Club are having their Open Day at 16 Frensham Close, Cheslyn Hay WS6 7DL this Wednesday 5th July from 2pm until late. Entrance fee is £2.50 with refreshments available.
OUR SALEM BASE is open to everyone from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. This Tuesday we welcome Dr Alan Jones author of our published book ‘The Edaljis – A Family in Turmoil’.
REQUESTS From Norma Barta who emails from Michigan ‘My grandparents were William Henry and Frances Ellen (nee Jones) Bowen and they married at St Mark’s Church in 1888 and lived in Hatherton Street, Cheslyn Hay, all their lives. I knew that there was a baby girl born to them, Mary Ellen, who died quite young and they had five sons John, Robert, George, Charles and Frank (my father) but on the 1911 census that they had eight children born alive with three having died. My question is, is there a way to find out who the ones who died were?’
RESPONSES We’ve had plenty of useful information on the old Fire Station Street garage including Gordon Lager, Glen Ridgway, Roy and Lee Barker and a Mr Gallagher.
Also from last week comes another memory of the Hassall family from Glenice Whitehouse who recounts stories of Colin Hassall.
6th July 1967 A story about Mrs Winifred Baker, of Wolverhampton Road, Cheslyn Hay.
6th July 1967 Flames of 40 feet at a factory fire at Bullock Brothers, Edge Tools, in Landywood Lane, Cheslyn Hay.
7th July 1917 Jessie Raymond Lockett of Hatherton Street, Cheslyn Hay, died on June 23rd aged 15 years.
MEMORIES This week is ‘A Walk down Memory Lane in the Days of Betty Matthews’ from our archives around the time when electricity was turned on in Dundalk Lane.
This week from the year of 1956. Copy of any Newspaper Report £1.
Deaths and details of the lives of Maud Brown, Robert Bayley Cooper, Clara Thomas, Frederick Bowen and James Henry Benton also activities of various clubs and stories that involve Mr RH Brough, Rev & Mrs AH Puckering, Messrs F Symonds, HW Corns, G Allman, E Carter, G Perks, W Crofts, J Parbrook, Dr & Mrs McAinsh, Dr Stott, Dr Malone, Mrs Foulkes, Mrs D Bellamy, Mr & Mrs F Wootton, Mr & Mrs I Stokes, Mrs S Pratt, Mrs L Holmes, death of 24 year old Anthony Dennis Brough, Miss J Perks, James Blurton, death of Dr Duncan McAinsh with his full life story, the life and public work of Mrs Joan Perks, funerals with details of their lives of John Henry Harris, Thomas Arnold Lockett DCM MM and the Rev AC George. Plus reports on Mr D Brough, Valerie Marshall, Jean Bullock, Ann McLachlan, Pauline Baker, Jill Devereux, June Edwards, Heather Dace, tribute to Rev Hall Puckering, Mr F J Ridgway, Mrs Clifford Devereux, Mr R H Brough, Geoffrey Hackett, Mrs H Perks & Mrs A E Benton.
APPEAL Does anyone possess an old computer with Windows 7, or even earlier back to Windows 95, as we need one for the Base to continue our archiving work. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.
WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES Following last weeks mention of members researching their family trees we have Shirley Willis to add on to our list as she is researching lines on the Bradbury, Farrington, Whittingham and Willis families.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly Newsletter – 25th June 2017

EVENTS This month’s speaker is the recommended Michael Guest, who is the senior lay vicar chorister at Lichfield Cathedral with his humourous talk entitled ‘Sinning in the Choir’. Thursday, 29th June, at the Salem starting at 7.30pm. Admittance £1 including refreshments.

There have been 4 cancellations for Roger’s trip to York on Thursday, 13th July at £21 per head, which includes entry into the Minster, with a free guided tour, and the Museum, Treasury as well as the Crypts. If interested contact Roger on 01785 212412 as soon as possible please.

OUR SALEM BASE is open to all and sundry every Tuesday from 9am – 2pm. All of our photograph archives, personal collections and documents will be available for viewing or research.

REQUESTS Shirley Willis has the medals of her husband’s grandfather Harry (full name William Harry Willis) mounted in a frame but would really appreciate a photograph to go with it. He was in the South Staffs, regimental number 6405, and he was discharged in July 1917. Shirley appeals to anyone who has researched the Willis family if they can help.

Further to Moss Fisher’s ‘Memories’ in April, he believes he made a mistake when he referred to Glen Ridgeway running the garage at the old fire station. He has been told that it wasn’t Glen but someone of the name of ‘Larger’ or ‘Lager’ and he asks if anyone can confirm this.

RESPONSES More information comes from David Paradine on the Hassall family including Bernard Snr and Ada and their three sons Frank, Colin and Bernard Jnr, but David hasn’t heard from any of them for years and presumes that they are no longer around.


29th June 1967 A new school in Glenthorne Drive, Cheslyn Hay.

29th June 1967 Following a recent competition by the organisers of the Best Kept Village Competitions with Tony Cottam, Roger Hull, Jane Townsend, R. Brindley, Susan Dangerfield and Mary Hughes.

30th June 1917 Albert Pearson, Moses Lockett Jnr., Job Ridgway and Leonard Russell in court and a warrant being issued for Lockett for not attending.
30th June 1917 The Friendly Societies Hospital Parade had to be abandoned because of a storm.

MEMORIES From the late Cliff Hooper referring to a strange story told to him many years ago by a local miner.

WWI COMMEMORATION This July we commemorate the death of 19875 Albert Benton of the 9th Service Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment, who died on 14th July 1917, with full details.
MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH We have received a Mystery Photograph with not one person named. All that is known is on the back of the photo ‘August 1960 – Salem Sunday School Rose Queen’. Can be seen on our society facebook link

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES The families listed below have all been researched by our members so if any member wishes to exchange information with any of our researchers please contact me at the email address below. Likewise if you have researched your family tree and wish to be added on to the list also please contact me.

Adams, Adcock, Allen, Allman, Allsopp, Altree, Anslow, Appleby, Askey, Ashton, Bagguley, Bailey, Baker, Bate/Bates, Beech, Belcher, Benton, Bevan, Biddle, Bill, Birch, Bird, Boot, Boswell, Boulton, Bowen, Bowring, Bradbury, Bray, Brevitt, Brindley, Brookes, Brough, Browell, Brown, Buck, Buckler, Bull, Bullas, Butler, Cadman, Cartwright, Cascarino, Childs, Clarke, Clewley, Collier, Colley, Conno(e)lly, Cooke, Cooper, Cope, Corfield, Craddock, Crutchley, Dace, Davi(e)s, Dawkins, Dawson, Denny, Devey, Dimmock, Dolphin, Dudley, Dukes, Dutton, E(d)gerton, Edmunds, Ellison, Elsworth, Elwell, Evans, Farley, Farnell, Farrington, Fletcher, Follows, Foxhall, Foster, Gallear, Garratt, Gaskin, Gasser, Goodall, Goodfellow, Gorman, Greensill, Gretton, Griffiths, Groome, Hackett, Hall, Hand, Handley, Handy, Harris, Hart, Harvey, Hass(a)ell, Hawkins, Haycock/Haycox, Hayward, Haywood, Heminsley (all spellings), Heningham, Henshaw, Herriott, Hickman, Hodson, Hodg(e)kiss, Holland, Hollis, Holloway, Holmes, Horobin, Howe, Hubery, Hudson, Hughes, Humphries, Jacks, Jackson, Jayes, Jellyman, Jones, Jenkins, Jennings, Jukes, Kendall, Kimber, Kingston, Kinson, Kirk, Knowles, Lawson, La(e)yland, Leadbeater, Leake, Leach, Lee, Lewis, Lindop, Lockett, Lockley, Lunt, Mann, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Masefield, Mason, Mears, Merchant, Merrick, Micklewright, Millington, Mitchell, Moran, Morgan, Moore, Morris, Newell, Norman, Oakley, Pace, Paddock, Parbrook, Parker, Parsons, Pearce, Pearson, Pee, Pepper, Perks, Perrins, Perry, Pheasant, Piatt, Pinson, Plant, Ponder, Poole, Potts, Powell, Poxon, Preece, Pritchard, Pursehouse, Reaney, Reynolds, Richards, Ridgway, Roberts, Rogers, Rushton, Russell, Sanders, Saunders, Sault, Sassall, Sayers, Scarr(i)ott, Scattergood, Searle, Shenton, Shorter, Showell, Smallman, Smith, Smoute, Squire, Stacey, Stanley, Stanton, Startin, Steadman, Stokes, Sutherton, Sutton, Talbot, Tambs, Taylor, Thomas, Titley, Tricklebank, Turner, Tuft, Walker, Webb, Westwood, Wharmby, Whitehead, Whitehouse, Wilcox, Wilkes, Williams, Winfer, Winter, Withington, Wollaston, Wood, Woodings, Worsey, Wright, Yates.

GENERAL NEWS We have acquired another six copies of the late Jim Evans book ‘The People of Essington’ which he compiled with Michael Albutt in 1996. We will be selling them off at half price at £3 each.

Cheslyn Hay Newsletter – 18th June 2017

EVENTS Bridgtown LHS are holding a talk on ‘Passchendale – the Local Angle’ by Bob Brevitt on Wednesday, 21st June at 10am but please note that it is to be held at the Bridgtown Social Club and not at the Bethel, whilst renovations to the chapel are being carried out. £1 admission.

Landor LHS have requested to be shown around our village in Cheslyn Hay with a conducted walk and Peter Cadman will be doing the honours on our behalf this Wednesday, 21st June.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week Kevin Boulton from the Staffordshire History Centre in Stafford will be giving a short address at 11am on the new development of the premises which will then hold records up to 1,000 years old, as well as having a new community exhibition space, modern research rooms and strong rooms to provide storage for an additional 25 years of future collections. Our own normal research facilities will be available as normal.

RESPONSES Further to Joan’s request from Australia our local researchers have found mentions of John Harley in the Cheslyn Hay Pinfold Lane Punishment Book and are listed.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS A return bus ticket from The Green Bus Service.

This week from the year of 1955. Copy of any Newspaper Report £1 with reports of stories and court case including W Wesley, H Stokes, J Perry, W Baker, S Boulton & S Hughes, G Holmes, H Stokes, A Pearson, Perks, Plant, Miss Redding, Mr Perks, Mrs Ballance, Mrs McCullough, Mrs Perks, Mrs Goodman, Sarah Altree, William Altree, Sheila Steadman, Marilyn Hammond, Mr & Mrs WG Craddock, Mrs Grindley, Frank Chilton, Maureen Poole, Gillian Brough, Malcolm Smith, Carol Thomas, Susan Worsey, Kathleen O’Neil, Lynn Dunn, Tony & Jacqueline Price, Judy Thomas, Jack Pratt, Mr W Mytton, Mr M Richards, Tony Griffiths, John Turner, M Arrowsmith, Terry Haywood, Alan Fidler, K Knowles, Judith Dace, Pauline Brown, G McLachlan, Pauline Whitehouse, Irene Birch, Anne Dace, Dianne Davies, Hilda Walker, Margaret Lawrence, Irene Astbury, Mary Waine, Barry Hassall, David Ridgway, Boyd Kingston, Pat Foster, Margaret Bullock, G Allen, Anne McLachlan, Tony Mitchell, Angela Dace, Mrs Conroy, Mrs Woolley, Mr D Dunn, Mr Parkes, Jimmy Dace, Mrs M Cliff, Mrs M Gretton, Mrs M Smith, Mr H Tonks, Mr W Richardson,Mr B Whitehouse, Messrs G & T Sellman, Mrs E Mitchell, Muriel Mitchell, Wendy Withington, Mrs C Withington, Mrs E Walker, Mrs A Fidler, Barbara Ridgway, Mrs Newman, Mrs Hawkins, Mrs E Stone, Mrs L Hooper, Mr C R Paradine, Henry William Farmer and Charles Major Wilcox. For more details of these reports please contact me via the email address below.


22nd June 1967 Cheslyn Hay Primary School’s eighth annual sports day with names of winners and competitors.
23rd June 1917 Cricket match between Cheslyn Hay and the Special Constables on the Coppice Lane Grounds giving scores and details of the match.

MEMORIES From both Pamela Bate and Norma Barta who both recall stories of the local buses and trams and their routes right back to the war years.

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES Following on from last week’s news that we have completed the scanning of our photographs, we have now compiled a list of 10,511 individual names that have been named in newspaper reports. Like the photographs this is an ever growing record thanks to the work of Sue Challenger and will also be included in our Master Database some time in the future. These names, from Sid Abbott to George Zeal, have been involved in the last 150 years of Cheslyn Hay history and have proved to be an invaluable source of interest to all of our local family historians.

Cheslyn Hay Newsletter – 11th June 2017

EVENTS There have been 4 cancellations for Roger’s trip to York on Thursday, 13th July at £21 per head including entry into the Minster with a free guided tour to include the Museum, Treasury and the Crypts. If interested please contact Roger 01785 212412 as soon as possible.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.

REQUESTS After John Harley’s ‘Memories’ last week, his daughter, Joan Muegge, from Australia wonders if we have any school records of him before he emigrated in 1948.

RESPONSES Following last week’s enquiry, our researchers have checked local records and confirmed that the 1954 Ward Blossom Queen, Gillian Brough, was not from Cheslyn Hay.

We have supplied several photographs for Neil after his request last week lisiting their connections with the WMC, the Cheslyn Hay Buffs and Elliot Lucas’s.

Mick Clark also emails to give details of the brothers Frank and Derek Perks as they were two of my his mother’s cousins and we have 21 photographs of them to be forwarded on.

Last week’s mention of the gypsy caravan in Bates Paddock with Clara Bates and her husband Tommy in the post war years raised a few memories. Can anyone add any more recollections?
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS ‘The Story of Staffordshire’ has been donated by Kath Walmsley with a two page inscription by the author Mark Hughes BA, Headmaster of Christ Church Schools, Stone, in the front addressed to one of his researchers E A Orton and dated 20th October 1915. Kath cannot recall how the book came into her possession and thus has no knowledge of E A Orton.


15th June 1967 Story of the British Empire Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List awarded to Mrs Lillian Julia Perks.

15th June 1967 Mr R N Crutchley of Cheslyn Hay, has taken over the position of Hon Secretary of the Walsall Junior Youth League with details.

16th June 1917 News of Sergeant Major R Handy of The Lot being awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal and the French Croix de Guerre, for distinguished bravery with full details.

16th June 1917 Private J Wesley of Station Street, visited his father on a short furlough giving some startling incidents which have taken place in France.

16th June 1917 At the Rawnsley Athletic Sports on Saturday, Mr John Pratt, of the Rose and Crown won the 100 yards flat handicap with details.

16th June 1917 News of the Communal Kitchen during the war.

MEMORIES Once again we have asked Diana to dip into the diaries of her Aunt Kathy (nee Wootton) who was married to the headmaster Isaac (Jim) Stokes with some wonderful stories and local gossip together with names from the the summer of 1960.

VOLUNTEERS The Society has, over the years , built up a photographic archive that provides a unique insight into Cheslyn Hay’s past. The 6,935 photographs, in our collection, record over a 100 years of local events, sites and people. This treasure trove is central to many of the services we offer our members and which we intend to improve upon. All these photographs have been scanned by a team of volunteers using their own equipment and the resultant computer images securely filed away in the ‘cloud’ and we will, over time, be utilising them to provide further services to members. It also addresses the security risk of lost and damaged photographs and ensures their preservation for future generations. This has been a mammoth task over the last two years and the committee wishes to record their appreciation to all of our volunteers and in particular to Mick Fellows, Moss Fisher, Dave Bray, Rob Allan and Graham Parker.