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Cheslyn Hay Weekly Newsletter

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17th May 2015
EVENTS   There is a get-together of all the Brough & Altree families on Sunday 24th May at Harrison’s Club in Wharwell Lane, Great Wyrley between 4 – 6pm organised by Karen Jones (01922 701598).  Karen invites anyone attending to bring any photographs or documents of interest and we will be there, ourselves, with photographs of these families.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open as usual from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS  Norma in Michigan who emails ‘Could anyone help me with my search for information on my grandmother, Frances Ellen Jones please?  She was born in Wolverhampton  c1863 and her father’s name was Robert Jones, but no mother found and I would like to get birth and marriage certificates.  She married my grandfather William Henry Bowen at St Mark’s church in Great Wyrley on 25 December 1888 and they made their home in Cheslyn Hay at 11 Hatherton Street.  My father, their son, was Frank Bowen and we lived in Upper Landywood and I’m hoping to find out more about my grandmother from the certificates.  I would appreciate any help at all.’
RESPONSES  In response to Stuart’s last week’s enquiry on his Pearson family, who were nailers in the tragic story of Sarah Baker, our researcher Sue Washington has produced the full story and the evidence Stuart needed to which he replies “It was John Pearson! My Pearsons have many Johns but from your work and the 1851 census the John Pearson who reported her was a widower and brother to Henry Pearson (my g-g-g-grandfather b1778). The newspaper report also states John lived close to Rebecca Whitehouse as she was at 41 and John with his parents at 39 and who was a widower. Your work does so bring to life the grim conditions people lived and worked in and that was only 150 years ago.  Thank heavens we now know that Sarah Baker was reprieved.”
With reference to the Ridgway research, our researchers Andrew, Jean and Vi have pooled together their researches which includes the censuses and even war records and they have now provided two family trees of the Ridgways (going back to 1829) with Andrew linking the family into the Broughs (back to 1781), the Pritchards (1761), Brindleys (1645) and the Steadmans and Jones families.  Also Jean has forwarded 13 attachments of Job Ridgway war service.  Finally David Whitehouse has forwarded an Ancestor Chart of this line of the Ridgway family and he has all the BMD documents from Job onwards.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS    David Harrison’s 32 photographs of the village between 1981 – 1989 capturing Carnivals, the Cubs & Scouts, Station Street and general views over Cheslyn Hay in 1984.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
22nd May 1915  Full details of the life and the death of Mr Joseph Heminsley of Saredon Road Farm.
22nd May 1915  The works performed by the members of the Cheslyn Hay Working Women’s Association for the serving soldiers in the trenches.
22nd May 1915    The story of the unfortunate citizen in the name of John Elwell, involving George Goodwin, of Landywood, Mr F J Altree, Mrs Scrivenor, Miss May Owen, Mr S Sargeant, Mr T Holcroft, Mr Percy Dawson and Enoch Jones.
22nd May 1915  A reported accident in Coppice Lane involving Frank Whitehouse and J Perks.
22nd May 1915   Edward Whitehouse, miner, Station Street, Cheslyn Hay in court.
22nd May 1915   Charles Brough, edge tool maker, The Lot, Cheslyn Hay in court followed by another two court appearances on the same charge.
MEMORIES  Pamela Bate’s article has produced many more old local words and memories including Alan Brown’s recollections ofAlice Allsopp‘s suck shop in Low Street.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 10th May 2015

10th May 2015  
EVENTS  Chat ‘n’ Char next Thursday, 14th May in the Salem’s Main Hall as usual starting at 10am with Roger and Peter providing the entertainment on ‘Celebrations and Recovery’.  Plenty of parking at the rear of the Salem.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and everyone is welcome to look through our archives or to view our 8,500 photographs and we are available for advice on research.
REQUESTS  ‘Googling’ for more information on the occupations of his forebears, who were nailers in Cheslyn Hay, Stuart Pearson discovered the story of Sarah Baker which appeared in our book ‘Tales of Cheslyn Hay’ and Stuarts emails ‘The bit which struck me was “but when a Cheslyn Hay nailer named Pearson visited…”  So do you have any more information on this Pearson as if it were of my Pearson family it would be either Henry Pearson (1778-1861) or his son Henry (1806-1887) or his other son John (my g-g-grandfather 1837-1824) as they were all nailers.
Three members of the Ridgway family visited the Base on Tuesday researching their family starting from scratch.  The only information we have is Frank Ridgway (b1919 in Cheslyn Hay), his father Job Alexander and his grandfather was Job and I’ve handed it over to our researchers.
RESPONSES  Alison responds from Australia after receiving the full Altree tree and adds some vital information to our records including Albert Henry Altree (b1852 Churchbridge) and his tragic life pointing out that he did not die before 2nd April 1911, as was thought detailing what happened to him after this date.  Alison also develops on the Altree family including Clarissa (née Jopson) as well as William Truman Altree who was killed in Gallipoli one hundred years ago this month, on 29th May 1915.  However Alison reaffirms that she would like to know about her grandmother’s side of the family the Challinors and I have been able to contact the daughter of William Challinor and Mavis Altree and details are being exchanged.
Following on from her own Tuft enquiry of last week, Denise states that she cannot find Simeon Tufft and Lucy on the 1841 census, but it is Simeon’s mother, Catherine, she is interested in and did she marry and have other children later?  However our researchers together with Denise have been able to piece more information together to hopefully solve the mystery.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Two coloured postcard taken early1900s of the Salem Church and the Great Wyrley Council School.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Marriage certificate of Job Alexander Ridgway and Gladys May Steadman in 1919.
13th May 1965  A story on Michael Cullen, of 13 Streets Lane with the R.A.F. in the Middle East.
13th May 1965  Full scorecard and report of the Hawkins v Wednesbury bowls match in the Staffordshire Cup.
15th May 1915  Results of the Senior Bowling Club opening competition with a full match report of the game.
15th May 1915  Details of the send off at the Rose & Crown of Joe Wesley, Charlie Moore, Arthur Brough and W. Mytton to the trenches.
MEMORIES  We complete Pamela Bate’s ‘Old Cheslyn Hay Words’ this week, which have provoked many extra words from our members which will be included next week.
GENERAL NEWS  WWI researcher and author Paul Bedford is launching Volume One of ‘Not Just Names’ at the Cannock Library next Saturday, 16th May from 10am to noon.  This first volume covers the names of all the soldiers on the war memorials of Bridgtown, Cannock, Chadsmoor, Hednesford, Wimblebury, Heath Hayes and Norton Canes and is £14.95, but we are stocking the book as well.  Volume Two will include Cheslyn Hay, Great Wyrley and the local areas and will also be available early next year.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 3rd May 2015

Please note if anyone wishes to join our Society and receive Newsletters every Sunday morning that are full and unedited please make a £5 cheque out for CH&DLHS and post to Darren Butler, 7 Forest Way, Great Wyrley, Walsall WS6 6HU. Or, for local members, £5 to any member of the Committee. Or click PAYMENTS in our menu to pay through Paypal.

EVENTS No events this week but there will be a get-together of anyone connected to the Altree and Brough families in three weeks time on Sunday 24th May at Harrisons Club, Wharwell Lane, from 4 – 6pm. We will be there and please contact me if you wish to attend.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we welcome Terry from Gloucester who is researching his Ridgway tree. Also we are studying the maps of the cemeteries after an enquiry to find where a couple of family plots are sited.
REQUESTS Alison Hurley from Australia emails ‘I discovered your page by chance and came across an article dated 20th April 2014 on the Altrees, so could you help discover what happened to my mother’s aunts? As I understood, my grandmother, Agnes Emma Altree née Challinor (mother Sarah Kent – we think) formerly an upstairs maid was born in 1887 somewhere around Cheddar but since our Australian family includes Altree, Doley, Dearly, Truman all of whom are mentioned in the article I think Cheslyn Hay looks a good bet. Grandma had two sisters Frances (an educator) and Margaret (a sadist – that’s how Grandma always referred to her). My mother, Milly, now 93 is the tenth of 12 in the Altree family to survive infancy but only the 7th child of Agnes. She tried to discover what had happened to the aunts when our family lived in England 1953-57 but found no clues in either Cheddar or Bolton which were the two names she knew. Grandma followed her husband Wallace John Altree to Australia as he left the UK with his mother and three of the children about the day WWI was declared and she came with the next four children at its end.’
We have checked our Altree Database and Alison is correct in that they are connected to the Cheslyn Hay Altrees and the tree goes back to William Altree (b1640).
And Denise Knowelden from Cambridge has just joined our society with a request ‘I’m researching my Tufft family from Cheslyn Hay, specifically Simeon Tufft and his mother Catherine. There are mentions of him on your website and people who are also interested in him.’ Anyone with similar interests and willing to exchange information with Denise please contact me.
RESPONSES Re Marion’s request of last week trying to solve the mystery of Evelyn Hitchen’s family, Bernard from Sacramento responds with details of his Jackson research but our researcher, Andrew, solves the mystery with an 1887 illegitimacy explaining the different names involved. Andrew also takes Marion’s Stokes’ family line back to 1762.
Next our researcher, David from Canada, emails ‘You mention Ruth from Worcester who is a descendent via Fanny Adcock. This is a difficult line as Fanny marries a Bailey which creates a number of possibilities due to the common surname. Vicki, who she mentioned, being much closer to the line is a good resource for Ruth and has been very helpful to me.’ All three are now exchanging information.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS 3 photographs of St Mark’s Choir – one with Rev Edalji in 1908, one with Rev Lanfear in the 1920s with all 30 named and one in the 1950s with 70 choristers and not one named. Two of St Mark’s Church (inside and outside) in 1896. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
6th May 1965 A story on the lives of Mr & Mrs Urban Norman.
6th May 1965 (under the marvellously non PC headline of 1965 ‘The Groundsman at Cheslyn Hay is a Woman’ concerning Mrs Stella Leach.
6th May 1965 Summary of the year of Hawkins Colliery Sports Club.
8th May 1915 Wedding of Robert Perks and Emma Rogers of Station Street listing all the guests and their wedding presents.
8th May 1915 Results of the committee of the Hospital Parade including all the collectors.
8th May 1915 More activity on behalf of the Navy League and Red Cross Society listing all the official collectors.
8th May 1915 The Annual Hospital Parade, organised by members of the Cheslyn Hay Victoria Brass Band and incorporated with the Working Men’s Club and Institute. With names and amounts collected.
MEMORIES Something different this week from Pamela Bate as she recalls ‘Old Cheslyn Hay Words’ listing twenty of them.
WWI PROJECT Details of the death of Private Harry Withnall of 132 Station Street who was killed on 2nd August 1915 aged 25.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 26th April 2015

EVENTS  Our Annual General Meeting takes place this Thursday, 30th April at the Salem.
It will be a short meeting but followed by a Powerpoint Presentation by Peter Cadman on the aims and the future of the Society.  Everyone welcome.  Free admission of course.
We continue with our involvement with the schools this week and Peter and Carolyne Cadman are taking two sets of children from the Cheslyn Hay Infants School on a ‘Village Trail’ on Wednesday, 29th April – one walk in the morning and the other on the afternoon.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS  After Bernard Scott Jackson’s appeal from Sacramento trying to tie up the Jackson connection with the recently departed Evelyn Hitchens, whose grandparents were from the Jackson and the Stokes families, has prompted a request from Marion of the Vale of Glamorgan.  Marion emails ‘I’m contacting you because my mom once told me that an Evelyn Hitchens was her cousin.  I have never been able to place her in my tree and so decided I must have heard her wrongly.  But is it possible that Bernard knows Evelyn’s background so that I can eliminate her from my tree, or even put her IN my tree?  My mom was a Stokes, her father was Joseph Stokes and her grandparents Henry and Hannah Stokes.  I’ve searched and searched but can’t find a connection with Evelyn Hitchens  and my mom’s family.  It was also tricky trying to find the name of William Hitchens’ father because William was born in 1897 and in 1901 he seems to be living with his grandparents, a Joseph Mason and family. This would make his mother a Mason. The only daughter of Joseph for the right age to be Williams mother is Susannah. She marries an Elijah Hikins and they have a son William who is the right age to be William, Evelyn’s father.  Could Elijah and Susannah be Evelyn’s grandparents?  If there is anyone with Evelyn’s family tree, I’d love to solve the mystery.’
RESPONSES   Following a request from Vicki in Oxfordshire last May we have had a response this week from Ruth in Worcester who is tracing the same family.  Vicki was after information about Florence May Adcock, born to Fanny Adcock, her great grandmother at the Union Workhouse, Cannock on 4 Mar 1893.  Fanny married John Henry Bailey a Cheslyn Hay coal miner on 20 May 1900 and they went on to have 8 children of which Vicki’s grandmother, Kathleen Jane Bailey was the first one born in Dec 1900.  Now Ruth emails ‘I was researching my g-grandmother, Fanny Bailey (nee Adcock), when I came across your website and I’m very interested in the information posted up by Vicki who is also a g-granddaughter of Fanny.’  Ruth outlines all of her details and we are now appealing for anyone who can add details of the Bailey connection of Cheslyn Hay/Bridgtown or the Adcock family of Wedges Mills.
Our researcher Jean has found all the details of the parents of James Henry Sutton, who was killed in the First World War, for Helen.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Thomas & Mary Cope (nee Heminsley 1860 – 1912) of Blackhalve Farm, evacuee John Weller with hisDavis family in the 1960s and a later one with Bill Selvey with his partner Mary of High Street and photographs of the five local churches – Salem, Mount Zion, Upper Landywood, Wyrley Wesley and the Methodist Church in Jacob’s Hall Lane all dated 1929.   £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  An Enrolment Certificate for Wendy Davis into the Cradle Roll of the Salem Sunday School dated 15th November 1953 – first one we have ever received and we have never known of its existence.
29th April 1965  Problems with the youths of Cheslyn Hay.
29th April 1965  Hawkins Cricket Club team for the opening of the season.
1st May 1915  The work being performed by the Local Relief Committee.
1st May 1915  A change being made this weekend in the police authorities.
MEMORIES  We complete Pat Everiss’s ‘Life during the Great War’ this week with a review of the year of 1916.
Full details can be obtained from all of the above reports by emailing –

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 19th April 2015

EVENTS  No events this week.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS  None this week.
RESPONSES  Full details of all the relatives and descendants of Wendy’s g-grandparents, George Mason and Jane Hall, with dates of marriages etc.
Furthermore Glenice Whitehouse emails ‘Wendy’s Dad was our cousin (ie Mike Belcher, Ena Brown,  Ivan Davis, Janet Clifton, Joan Bunch and me) who are all alive.  After which Mike brought his researches to the Base last Tuesday and showed Wendy and her family the Davis tree going back to 1799.
Also more recollections of the Wellers, the evacuee family, from Mavis (nee Edwards) of the Nelson Buildings who fondly remembers her old friend Shirley who she used to play with during the war years, and hopefully they can renew their memories as Shirley is still living in Margate.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Two photos of  Low Street in 1960, 3 Mystery Photographs of the Over 60s and Darby and Joan Club photos from the 1960s, a Great Wyrley School football team from 1922, two Elliott Lucas and Abbey Dropforging Awards Presentations by MD Mr Rodney Timson but hardly any names, and photographs of Arnott Wallbank, Beatrice Owen, the Perrins, the Owens and the Smiths.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  A saucer from the Mount Zion Methodist School.  Also two Flat Irons from Mrs Annie Richards (1895 – 1989) who lived in North Street Bridgtown and was the housemaid to Miss Rosa Hawkins of Ivy Cottage in High Street Cheslyn Hay.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  County Scholarship Results with details of John Seager, Alfred Richard Geoffrey Ford, Donald Herbert Perks and Joseph Henry Cadman (3 June 1932).
MEMORIES  More on Pat Everiss’s ‘Life during the Great War’.
VOLUNTEERS  We are always looking for volunteers and we are moving on to the next phase which will include three projects.
1.  Anyone available on Tuesday at the Base to bring their own laptops and copy local information off our Microfiche Readers
2.  Anyone with access to Ancestry or Findmypast to transcribe the 1911 Census for Cheslyn Hay.
3.  To transcribe the Cheslyn Hay directories for the 19th century to help fill in the gaps between the census returns.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 12 April 2015

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS    New member Wendy Gough has joined to find more information on her family saying ‘ My Dad, Kenneth Edward Davis, lived in Pinfold Lane for many years but my Mom only moved to Cheslyn Hay upon her marriage on 31st March 1951 before moving to Cannock around 1954 when I was still a toddler. I have limited information about my Dad’s family but I know my Granddad to be Alec or Alick Davis (b1899) and he married Laura Mason (b1900).  They had three sons Stanley, Kenneth and Joseph Davis and my Nan, Laura, passed away 10th October 1946 aged 46 and she is buried in Cheslyn Hay (Plot 13G).  My g-grandparents were George Richard Mason (b1868) and Jane Elizabeth Hall and I think they were married in 1893 but I need more help to find out about my family as I believe I still have relatives living in the area.’
RESPONSES  Carol emails more information on her Sayers family before her planned visit to our Base – ‘I wish to correct a couple of errors that I made – Billy Sayer I believe had six children, four girls – Lilian died young,  Annie, Rose and Maud plus two sons, Bernard (my grandfather) and Edward (died young).  I know that one sister committed suicide in California, but I’m not sure who it was, as mum lost contact with her aunts about 60yrs ago.  Bernard’s son and elder daughter have both died in the last few years but they both have families who still have connections with this area.’  I’ve had a response from descendants of the Sayer family so hopefully we will plan a family get-together for Carol’s visit.
Another welcome visitor to our Base in the next few weeks will be Bernard Scott Jackson from Sacramento in California who emails ‘I have made much progress with the ancestors in and around Staffordshire since we last spoke. In fact, I have additional evidence that the Jackson family started out in Tatenhill and Dunstall before migrating to Holly Bush in Cheslyn Hay and surrounding area but it would be fantastic to locate a living descendant of the Jacksons nearby but I know the last living descendant was Evelyn Hitchens so it may be doubtful’.  Anyone  with connections to Bernard’s family please contact me ( for more information.
After a raft of papers dating back over 100 years were found in a second hand bookshop in Australia last year, the finder forwarded them on to our Society in the hope we could locate anyone from the Boddice family in our area, from where the family had emigrated before settling in Australia.  Since our success in finding Kevin Boddice of Great Wyrley, Kevin now informs me that between the Australian/English researchers he and Ann from Ballarat in Victoria have now discovered seven generations of the Boddice family going back to 1730.  And all through one Australian lady who bought those papers and unselfishly helped to connect the Boddice family from both sides of the Atlantic ….. and how easy it would have been to have dumped them without a second thought.  Let’s hope the favour is somehow returned to that lady….!
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Several of the Fletcher family – Reg in WWII as a Medic, Adelaide (nee Roberts) & Davinia and Mary Roberts (nee Tooth), John Redvers Fletcher, Adelaide & Joan Fletcher and Norman receiving a Bravery Award.  Also Corona Price and a small class in the 1940s, Cyril & Doris Smith of Station Street and one of St Marks Church in 1950.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  More items for the Martins Garage & Transport and Landywood Motor Co Ltd Archive.  Also the story of William Gilpin, and records of the setting out of the Walking of the Bounds of Great Wyrley dated 13 March 1823 with names of all the officials plus the Programme of the Great Wyrley Local History Exhibition of 1967.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington     Snooker matches involving Harrison Colliery and Cheslyn Hay teams with E Smith, C Hales, K Bickley, J Bull, E Hemingsley, L Whitehead, L Pearson, S Pearson, V Hook, H Stokes (4 Mar 1949).
15th April 1965  The funeral service of Mr Arthur E Fereday, of Highfield, Station Road, Great Wyrley, was held on Thursday of last week at St Mark’s Church, Great Wyrley.  Conducted by the Rev E H Marsh, it was followed by cremation at Bushbury.  Mr Fereday was 82, and was a well-known Cheslyn Hay business man.  He was the founder of the Chase Lodge of Freemasons.
17th April 1915  On Wednesday afternoon, Mr T A Stokes, District Coroner, held an inquest at the Hatherton Arms, on a body of a child named Dorothy Maud Alcock, who suddenly died on Monday morning, under rather sad circumstances.  Mr George Evans was foreman of the jury.
Frank William Alcock said that he was in the Royal Expeditionary Force of the Second South Staffords, but was invalided home and resided at 11 Saredon Road.  He had been at the front in active service, his child Dorothy Maud was eight months and three weeks old.  Continuing he said that the child at 8.45am on Monday was in a chair and a bit of crust was given it.  Shortly afterwards it commenced coughing and in his opinion the child was in a fit.  Witness ran for Dr A H Syree but he was ill and could not attend.  He returned home and went for Dr Hosegood, but as he was going, someone called him back and said the child was dead.  In reply to the coroner: Witness said that the child seemed all right until it fell into a fit, it went black in the face.
Lydia Lockett said she was a neighbour and lived near Mr and Mrs Alcock.  She heard Mrs. Alcock scream and she ran and saw that the child was getting black.  It was in a fit.  She and her husband put a little cold water on its forehead.  The child died in her arms.  The coroner said it was a rather sad case for the parents, but he thought the child died of natural causes.  The jury agreed and a verdict was given accordingly.
17th April 1915  A sad fatality occurred at Cheslyn Hay on Tuesday.  A family named Ansell, the father of which is at the front, reside in a cottage at  80 High Street.  This consisted of the mother and four children.  The oldest of these, Christina, was nine years and six months old.  She had attended school in the morning and had returned home.  Her mother had left her in charge of the family while she went out of the house to make some purchases at the shop of Mr Perks.  While the mother was gone it appears that the child stood near the fire and by some means her clothing caught fire and she screamed and tried to extinguish the flames but she failed to do so.  Some neighbours went to her assistance, but the child was very badly burned, and P.S. Wright who was soon in attendance rendered first aid with good effect and did all that was possible but it was absolutely necessary that the child should be conveyed with all speed to Wolverhampton hospital.  Mr Dakin, with his usual readiness, at once placed the child in his car and conveyed it to Wolverhampton, where it received immediate attention, but the mother was sent for later in the day and, as expected, the child died soon after admission to the institution.
MEMORIES  We continue this week with Pat Everiss’s ‘Life during the Great War’.
Unfortunately the Ministry of Munitions issued an order prohibiting the holding of the Wakes in 1916 but there was still plenty of entertainment.  At Cheslyn Hay Picture Palace run by Mr Thacker in Rosemary Road opened Monday to Thursday and Saturday evenings at popular prices of 2d, 3d, 4d and 6d with a children’s matinee on Saturday afternoons at one penny.  The Picture Palace was also used for Benefit Concerts and one that year featured ‘Mosantus the Handcuffs King’.
Cheslyn Hay Parish Council discussed instructional classes in cheese making but to no avail due to insufficient milk supply.  There were also Social Class activities with lectures given such as ‘My three months with the Boys in France’  by the Rev W T Thompson and a Gleam Class run by the Rev Colbeck‘s sister and a Cheslyn Hay Institute for ‘wholesome amusement’ for the young men of the village and Mr T A Hawkins donated a billiards table for the cause.  Meanwhile the Chairman of the Council, Mr F W Hawkins, made an appeal to all young men to take the pledge and become total abstainers for at least twelve months with the gratifying result of 46 members signing.
APPEAL  From Lisa Davenport who has contacted me about a project she is currently supporting the Friends of Cannock Chase, focusing on sharing information about Cannock Chase’s WWI history to visitors. As part of the project Lisa is looking for volunteers who might be interested in welcoming people to the Great War Hut and/or leading WWI walks around the Chase.  Anyone interested please contact me via the email address below for further information.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 5th April 2015

EVENTS   Chat n Char this Thursday, 9th April is entitled ‘Bonnets and Banjos’!  10am in the Main Hall at the Salem .
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.
REQUESTS   Gill from Nottingham has just received a photograph of Joseph Harold Butler (18 Dec 1889 – 20 Mar 1953), father of Frances C Butler, and says ‘Joseph Butler is a younger brother of my Grandma, Mary Ann Butler and it would be lovely to be able to contact any descendants.’
RESPONSES  Following on from a long standing story of the Holland family of Cheslyn Hay that has a direct link to Henry VII and Joseph Holland,the last surviving member of this family, bequeathed the family heirloom and chest dated 1469 to the Bantock Museum in Wolverhampton on his death in 1987.

We have posted on photographs of the Wellers, who were evacuated here during the war, but it seems the photograph we have in our archives is not of the Weller family so we are checking the other evacuee family photographs to hopefully correct the matter. Dan Weller has since forwarded  photos of his father with the Selveys.
Our researchers have all chipped in to help Helen trace James Henry Sutton giving details of his marriage and his service record in WWI.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Wedding of Des Turner & Ann Smallman and guests, wedding of Ken Fletcher & Beryl Gunn and photographs of the Snape family including John, the mines photographer and a Cheslyn Hay Women’s Own supper with Nellie Doughty, Mrs & Muriel Timmins, Harold & Olive Wollaston, Bert & Kath Hackett, Mrs Blackley, Kath Spooner & Roy Joneswith a few unnamed.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  The booklet ‘G H Darby, Captain of the Wyrley Gang – An Investigation’ by G A Atkinson (1914) and a full history of Air Mechanic Leslie Bickley of Holly Hill, Upper Landywood during WWII including the ships he served on.  Also following Colin’s request, on behalf of the Cheslyn Hay Allotments Association, Vi has now produced an impressive 10 page catalogue of vegetables with 47 different strains that would have been available to grow on allotments during the First World War.

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington   Court cases of stealing and drunkeness with Florence Stokes, Jesse & Eliza Beatrice Crutchley, William Ecclestone, George Warburton, William Pearson and John Russell (1889) and John Leech (1909).

8th April 1965  Dispute over a narrow portion of land in the High Street of Cheslyn Hay.
8th April 1965  Parish Council celebrating its 70th year of existence.
8th April 1965  Disputes of the three sites chosen by the Staffordshire County Council for itinerant caravanners.
10th April 1915 Full reports including all the names of all four teams of the football tournament between Cheslyn Hay Schoolboys and Great Wyrley Schoolboys as well as the Great Wyrley Colliery playing the Old Coppice Colliery with all of the the proceeds going to the funds of the Local Relief Committee.
MEMORIES   Carried forward to next week.