We regret to announce that with immediate effect, all of Cheslyn Hay & District Local History Society’s events, including our normal Tuesday meetings, Chat N Char and Speaker’s Evenings are cancelled until further notice.

There will be a full refund of any tickets already paid for, including Lesley Smith’s visit, and the trip to Ludlow. We will still be happy to undertake research and general enquiries via telephone or email.

 Malcolm Podmore – 07794 418295

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter -18th October 2020

Our Salem Base
Our Salem Base is closed due to Covid Restrictions

Trevor’s Trivia by Trevor Mcfarlane
Trivia of interest selected from our archives starting this month with coverage of our successes on the professional football field including two headmasters at our Pinfold Lane School with long Aston Villa careers and two local Cheslyn Hay characters with similar Manchester United achievements.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher
Cannock Advertiser  15th October 1970   Plans for new extensions to Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Club have been accepted which will include a large assembly room tacked on to the present billiards room.
15th October 1970   £20 was raised in Cheslyn Hay when a pantomime was held in the Salem hall for the renovation fund.  Full details.

15th October 1970  A long campaign by Cheslyn Hay people to get rid of a dangerous road junction at Coppice Close and Coppice Lane has now been approved.  Full story.

15th October 1970  Story of the newly formed Cheslyn Hay Boy’s Brigade giving its first public display at the Methodist Church Hall.

16th October 1920   Playing in the first round of the Staffordshire Junior Cup competition on Saturday, Cheslyn Hay United beat Tettenhall 5 – 0.  Full details of match.
16th October 1920   “Three respectable young men using such filthy language as this!  What is the next generation coming to” commented the chairman of the bench as he imposed fines on all the men, residents in Low Street as well of another case in Station Street.  All defendants listed with their fines.

16th October 1920  The Cannock Rural Council, on Friday, resolved to make a supplementary precept on Cheslyn Hay for £200. 

Newspaper researched by Dave Washington
Cannock Chase Courier  16th October 1920
Details of the many useful institutions associated with the Cheslyn Hay Working’s Club in forming a Benevolent Fund.

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 10th October 2020

Our Salem Base  Closed due to Covid Restrictions

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser   8th October 1970    Excellent results on the cycling proficiency tests at the Cheslyn Hay Primary School. All pupils named with two gaining a remarkable 100 per cent.

8th October 1970    Full story of the closing of the William Baxter School, Cheslyn Hay, after 18 years.

Cannock Advertiser   9th October 1920    Details of the forthcoming centenary celebrations at the Salem Church in Cheslyn Hay.
Story of a collection made for the benefit of Mr. C. Baker, a miner, who recently met with a serious accident, at the Old Coppice Colliery.

Cannock Chase Courier researched  by Dave Washington

9th October 1920     The Norton Canes Institute opened an additional room with Mrs. Macpherson from Little Wyrley Hall performing the ceremony. Details of the Whist Drive where all the gents prizes were won by a Cheslyn Hay family.

9th October 1920  The Cheslyn Hay Literary and Debating Society has reopened for the winter session.  Full details.

The Cheslyn Hay Tennis Club are proposing more necessary alterations and additions to their playing ground in preparation for next season.

On Tuesday evening , a little girl named Edith Whitehouse, of Low Street, was knocked down in Station street, by a cyclist, but fortunately she received no serious hurt.

England 1603 – 1660  by Peter Cadman entitled ‘Moseley Old Hall & Onwards to Safety’

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 4th October 2020

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher
1st October 1970  Story of a fashion show organised by Parkes Ltd. Of Cheslyn Hay last week.
1st October 1970  
Details of the report of the football match between Cheslyn Hay “A” and Edward Street in the Cannock Chase Sunday League Division Two.
1st October 1970  Antiques display at the Cheslyn Hay County Branch Library.  Full story.
Cannock Advertiser  2nd October 1920  
William Kendall, of Dunduck Lane, found guilty in court.  Full details of all the cases.

At the same court, William Newell, of Queen Street, Cheslyn Hay, found guilty.

Also Samuel NewellJunior., George Henry Ridgway and John Webb, all of Cheslyn Hay, were summoned for and all found guilty.  Plus William Whitehouse, of 139 Station Street, was fined 20s.

Responses  Further to Bill Thomason’s enquiry in our Newsletter of 6th September requesting photographs of his Wollaston family and their spouses.  He described his request as a ‘long shot’ but we  are pleased to inform Bill of the response.  Mike Shorter has forwarded a photograph of his  grandmother, Eliza Shorter, on her 95th birthday with the Wollaston family naming them all  and their spouses, and we used this photograph in our 2006 publication ‘Glimpses of Old  Cheslyn Hay’.  We also received an email from Mick Clark who has been researching the  Wollaston family since 2012 and we arranged a meeting between himself and Bill at our Base in 2014.  Mick provides plenty of information on the family including all their marriages and he is sorting out all the relevant photographs for Bill during the next few weeks, in the meantime  he has sent us two photos of a family day out one featuring Clara Robinson (nee Wollaston), Ethel Peach (nee Wollaston), Kath Peach, Francis Peach, Leonard Robinson and a  boy Leonard Stanley Robinson. And another of Wollaston’s Susan (nee Sutton), daughter Eileen Margaret and Albert (Bert).   From our own archives however we have a range of photographs from Bill’s list as follows – WOLLASTON  Elizabeth, William, John, Adelaide, Joseph V, Henry J, Arthur, Ethel, Edith M, Albert, Clara, Mildred A.    SHORTER  Sarah Ann.   PEACH
Francis & Ethel.   ROBINSON
  Leonard & Clarrie.    BRADLEY   Mildred Ann.

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 27th September 2020

This time last year we were all busy getting ready for our Annual Exhibition, it has always been  the high point of the History Society’s Year.  All the hard work of our Committee members and friends under the direction of Roger Moore culminated into an unforgettable day. Lets hope we will all be able to meet again next year for the show stopper of all shows.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser  24th September 1970  Cheslyn Hay’s first-ever pop festival on Saturday turned out to be a loser financially for the organisers.  Full details.

24th September 1970  Story of chrysanthemum growers in Cheslyn Hay and Great Wyrley having a tough season with all the prize winners.

24th September 1970  Cheslyn Hay Parish Council is planning to double its fees.  Full details.

24th September 1970  Glenthorne Primary School, Cheslyn Hay, is to introduce an updated alphabet based on the sound of words with spelling taking second place to pronunciation.

Cannock Chase Courier  25th September 1920  It has been suggested by those who do not always believe “that a woman’s place is in the home” that an institution should be provided where the women of the township might assemble with the sterner sex. It has been suggested that the Male Voice Choir held at the Club, might be a mixed choir, so that the wives and daughters of the members could take part. Full story.
England 1603 – 1660  by Peter Cadman

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 20th September 2020

Our Salem Base…Closed
We would to thank all our members for their emails of support  during these uncertain times. We will be back open as soon as restrictions are lifted.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser  17th September 1970
Details of the newly appointed vicar, Rev John Craig, at St Marks.

17th September 1970
Tragic story of Mrs Leonida Pratt of 13 Station Street with a verdict of death by misadventure recorded at the inquest.

Cannock Chase Courier  18th September 1920
Details of the final of a snooker competition at the local Working Men’s Club between Mr. A. Horton and Mr. Geo Hall.

18th September 1920
The visit of the famous Manchester United of the First Division to Hednesford in a friendly match in recognition of Charlie Moore of Cheslyn Hay.

Ted Showell has emailed us with the following request. We have looked in our archives but we haven’t any Photographs of Cemetery Street perhaps one of our member can help.
“Hello, can you possibly help, The 1911 census shows my forebears living at no. 7 Cemetery St. Cheslyn Hay and I am hence trying to find a photo, picture or drawing of the  houses there at that time. Do you know of  any book or whatever where there could be  one.? It is a longshot I realise but one never knows.

Golden Wedding Anniversary
Congratulations to our members  John and Anne Kelsall who are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 26th September.  Full details.

Cheslyn Hay Local history Society Newsletter – 13th September 2020

Our Salem Base…Closed

Last Tuesday’s was our first meeting for almost six months, and it was a tremendous success. Unfortunately, it was short-lived when the Government announced the ‘Rule of Six’ which means we have had to close again. However, Tuesday’s turnout showed that the members will support us as soon as they get the opportunity, so a big thank you to those who were able to attend and let’s hope its not too long until we can reopen again.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser    

10th September 1970   Memories of Mr. Albert Bullivant of 7, Cross Street, Cheslyn Hay, from his three and a half weeks holiday in Toronto.
10th September 1970  The re-opening of  Old Wyrley Hall with the mystery remaining as part of village folk-lore of the ghost residing there.  Story also includes its past history with the Lunt family and the Lord and Lady Cherrington.

Cannock Chase Courier 

11th September 1920  Full report of the Cheslyn Hay United v West End Amateurs football match.


Full answer to one of our members question  “Where was the boundary / perimeter of the Wyrley Bonk?”

England 1603 – 1660 by Peter Cadman

Next period of the Civil War including the local connection of Boscabel House.

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 6th September 2020

Our Salem Base

We are reopening this Tuesday 8th September please note revised opening hours
Revised opening times
Our Salem Base is open from  10am – 1pm every Tuesday
The safety and well-being of our members and volunteers is paramount to us. We will be complying with all Government Guidance on Covid and the Salem’s own safety measures. Our opening hours have been reduced to allow us to sanitize the tables and chairs before and after use.  All visitors will have to wear face coverings at all times and we aren’t allowed to use the kitchen so no refreshments will be available at the moment, but we are looking at ways in which we will be able provide hot drinks in the future.
For those who want to browse our photo albums, you will be able to access these via a laptop and our researchers will be available to help with family and local history questions as always.
Unfortunately, our Chat N Char and Speakers Evenings will not take place for the foreseeable future.
This is a learning exercise for all of us and we thank you in advance for your co-operation.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser  3rd September 1970   Story of  the brickmaking firm Haunchwood  Lewis moving to Rosemary works in Cheslyn Hay.

3rd September 1970  Story of  the Cannock Royal Observer Corps based in their underground headquarters at Cheslyn Hay ready for a mock nuclear “attack”.
3rd September 1970  Observations of Mrs. Alice Wayne of 2 Cheslyn Drive on her visit to Canada to see her niece.

3rd September 1970  Mike Perry and his success at the Landywood Estate Residents Association garden competition.

3rd September 1970 The Rev. Ron Hicks, of Cheslyn Hay, has started a trial campaign to make people aware of the church and for the church to have a re-think.

Cannock Chase Courier  4th September 1920  Last week Fred Altree the local fast bowler, accompanied by several of his colleagues accepted an invitation to play with the Warwickshire Club and Ground against Aston Unity.
Story of John Owen Whitehouse, of Station Street, being badly injured whilst working at the Mid Cannock Colliery.
The end of the cricket season with F. Altree and J. Bown having a remarkable successful summer.

Old Newspapers by Dave Washington

Cannock Chase Courier  4th September 1920  Details of the last cricket match of the season played on “The Dell” on Saturday with the gate proceeds set apart for the benefit of T. Hood.  with mentions of A. E. Elwell, W. Lawson, J. Bowen and H. Linnett.

Bill Thomason has emailed us with the following request:- “,I know this is a big ask, do you, or any of the members have any photos of any of these spouses from my Wollaston family?

SPOUSE                                          MARRIED
SAMUEL SMITH                              ADELAIDE WOLLASTON
FRANCIS PEACH                           ETHEL WOLLASTON
GEORGE GLOVER                        EDITH M. WOLLASTON