Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 1st February 2015

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OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we are expecting a few visitors after Thursday’s Speakers Night on the local canals. All welcome.
REQUESTS Marjorie Seel from Bradford asks for help and emails ‘I too have a connection with Denise Earle as Laurence Turner and my Mum were cousins and my grandma, Louisa, was sister to Joseph. As a child I well remember Laurence because he always did our decorating. Maybe you could help with a problem I’ve come to – on Louisa’s birth certificate (b 11 May) it gives Eliza Turner, late Evans, formally Turner, as her mother but I haven’t been able to find an earlier marriage for her and yet on the 1871 census for Turner Building, High Street, it shows her there married to William Turner and they are listed as daughter and son in law because they are living with her father, who is also a William Turner. Also listed is William Evans, grandson, so I presume this is Eliza’s son. I can’t get my head round it all as there are so many Williams and Elizas in every generation!!’
RESPONSES Our three researchers, Andrew, Jean and Vi, as well as Andrew Winfer, had already solved Ted Broadhurst’s enquiry stating that William Edward Winfer married Jennie Preece, when one of our members, Jim Winfer, confirmed that William and Jennie Jane Preece are his actual parents. Jim also added that the Family Bible is also being kept within the family. I have also checked our Photograph Archive (we now have more than 8,500 photographs) and we have two of William Winfer, one dated 1937 and one 1947, for Ted.
Our Andrew, together with Jean, has been able to supply all the information and dates of John Hawkins for Gillian with John Hawkins (son of Jabez 1821-1890) first marrying Maria Stopp of Queen Street, Cheslyn Hay. Also Mark Hawkins emails ‘I see in this weeks newsletter a mention to my g-g-g-grandparents Jabez Hawkins and Emma Sandbrook, and they 12 children with John being the 2nd oldest born around 1846. Andrew has then produced a tree of the Hawkins family of Cheslyn Hay from 1786 linking in to the Williams’ line from 1871 for Tuva with the direct Cheslyn Hay line going back to the Thomas and Pearson families from the 1700s.
Peter Bates called into the Base on Tuesday with full information and photographs of the Turners as he remembers visiting them with his mother when he was a lad. Peter’s grandmother Frances Stanton married Frederick Turner who is Denise’s g-grandfather.
More information has been received on the Turners with Glenice White house remembering Laurence’s sons Des and John Turner as well as Laurence’s two sisters Marion and Ethel and relates stories and details of them all.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Benjamin (b1871) & Mary Jane (nee Smith) Williams, Thomas William’s High Street Off Licence, William Eccleston who married Fanny Wright in 1881, an Altona Dance Band and one of the Great Wyrley Cubs with Jeffrey Haswell, Stephen Robinson, John Devey and Peter Wilson. £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Itinerary of the Cheslyn Hay & Great Wyrley Schools trip in Whitsun 1959 when 30 children went to Walmer in Kent and they included Ian Scott, Stan Eades, Philip Kingston, Anthony Price, Philip Perks, John Benton, Christine & Rose Cadman, Wendy Bates, Margaret Garratt, Gillian Pointon, David & John Devey and many more.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington Three reports – details of the Roll of Honour unveiled listing 303 names (5 May 1917), Mac Potts of Manchester United enlisting (10 Jul 1915) and the sale of a wireless set £2..12..6d by Sam Morris of 95 Station Street (20 March 1925).
6th February 1915 A story about Mr P Davies and the ‘buzzer’ at the Old Nook being used again after 30 years.
MEMORIES This week’s recollections come from Derek Bullock in Ontario, who adds information to the Smith and Bullock families which we received from Brian Smith seven years ago! Derek adds details and snippets about the lives of Alfred Smith, Emily Smith (nee Perks), Ken and Stella Lees of Great Wyrley, Tommy Horton, Clifford Smith, Leonard Smith, Howard Smith, Alfred Smith, Tom Smith, Alethea Smith, Tom Williams, Norman Rushton, Bessie Smith, Percy Love, Lilly Smith, Len Bullock, George & Mary Ellen ‘Nell’ Bullock, Tom & Millie Bullock, Ray & Harry Bullock and Ethel Hargreaves.
GENERAL NEWS Every month our Bob Brevitt, in liaison with the Council, produces a laminated A3 sheet called the Parish Pump and gives details and reports of what was happening this month 100 years ago and these sheets are distributed by the Council around the schools, societies, churches, pubs and clubs and on all the notice boards around the area together with details, and a photograph wherever possible, of a soldier to acknowledge his death, 100 years ago. This month we commemorate Joseph Masters, a railwayman of Station Street, of the Worcesters, killed in Belgium.

3 thoughts on “Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 1st February 2015

  1. My grandfather on my mothers side was named Jack Mathew winter and he came from cheslyn hay/Bridgetown area he was born in 1897 and his mother was Nora Dora WInfer and I often wonder if any of the local WInfers are related to me?

    • Thanks Francis for your enquiry. It is interesting that our research
      has shown that the Winters and the Winfers are the same family and I
      will get our researchers on to it and let you know the outcome
      Best wishes

  2. I have just found the Cheslyn Hay website and the article regarding the Turner family. Laurence was married to my Aunt Connie and Des and John were my cousins. I used to visit every Sunday with my Mom when a small child and I remember there being a cafe at the front of the house where the local bobby used to pop in for a cuppa! I lost contact with them years ago but my sister Betty, who used to live with them, has told me that John is the only one still alive. Happy memories of Cheslyn Hay from John Harper.

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