Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 29th March 2015

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Peter Cadman and his ‘team’ are spending the morning at Moat Hall Primary School on Monday, 30th March, with talks and displays covering the Second World War.
OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we have members researching the Wollastons, the Fletchers and more research on Shareshill and Saredon.
REQUESTS  After the recent email from Jenni in Australia on the Dutton family we have just received this from John Dutton ‘In my search for our family name I see you have several referrals to people with the Dutton surname.  I have a family tree scroll that was drawn up in 1995 by a lady by the name of Maureen Piper, who lived in Longdon village where many of my Dutton family originated.  She went back as far as a Joseph Dutton born in 1807 in or around Cannock/Wyrley and I wonder if you have any further information.  I have attached a copy of the said tree showing Joseph’s name on.  My grandfather was the youngest son of William Dutton who was the eldest son of Thomas Dutton’s second Marriage, who was the youngest son of Joseph Dutton.’
Also Helen emails ‘I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any work records for the brick and tile manufacturers in Wyrley? I am still trying to trace James Henry Sutton (b abt 1881) who lived in Company Buildings in 1900 when he joined the South Staffs.  There is no mention of his parents in the paperwork but his boss was Mr W Loach. Despite the kind help already received from your researchers I have been unable to tie my James Henry to the Sutton families of butchers as been suggested. Any help will be welcome as a family tree that ends at 1900 is more like a family twig!’
RESPONSES  From Kesia’s appeal last week for photographs we have received a response from Reg Marriott in Weston-super-Mare who says he’ll see what photographs he has for Kesia and adds some family information ‘Sam Marriott’s children were Muriel, Reg, Iris, Betty, Edna and Jack who got killed on a motor bike.  Muriel had two children Ronald and Rita.  Betty had one child, Lynn, and Iris you know of, and I am Reg.  I’m not sure if Betty is still alive as the last I heard she was living in Hednesford.  Iris was a good sport.’
And we have sorted out photographs from our archives for Dan Weller of Margate of all the Weller family when they were evacuees here and two photos of Harriet Butler, the lady with only one eye, where John Weller stayed.  However despite there being 24 photographs of Fred Perks it seems that no-one remembers him at all.  Presumable he died shortly after the war.
Plenty of information has come in though on our Sayers/Quinton connection with Mick Drury, our mining researcher, who quotes from the Cannock Chase Mining Historical Society’s books which he has always been heavily involved with, together with references in our own publications and Margaret Winfer refers to Edward Sayer, coalmaster at the Old Falls and Coppice Collieries, being the first Churchwarden at St Mark’s Church.  Also Carol provides more background to the story from her elderly mother, who even remembers Billy Sayer when she was a young girl, and she relates the stories and tragedies of the Sayers family mentioning Billy, who married Blanche Emily, having six children Annie, Rose, Elsie, Lilian, Edward (who died very young) and another daughter who emigrated to California.  Unfortunately the family has lost contact with the Sayers and Carol is visiting our Base in the near future and hopes to hear from any of Billy Sayers’ descendants.
Finally in response to the enquiry from Colin Bedford, Secretary of the Cheslyn Hay Community Allotments Association, we thank Ron Myatt who has diligently read through the minutes of the Cheslyn Hay Parish Council Meetings during WWI for us and we now have a comprehensive record of the projects of providing food during this difficult time.  And our researcher Vi adds that the website Garden Leave or Gardening Organic formally known as Henry Doubleday Association at Ryton on Dunsmore will be able to help with WW1 seed types.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS     Tom & Lil (nee Whitehouse) Altree of 63 Low Street and weddings of Roy & Eileen (nee Haycox) Altreeand Wilf & Kath (nee Haycox) Bevan.  Jack Davis of 32 Low Street and Floss Davis as one of a group of cleaners at Great Wyrley School – late 1940s.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Three detailed pages of the Cheslyn Hay Council meetings during WWI on the allotment situation and Marriage Certificates of Laurence Turner (decorator) &  Constance Susan Elizabeth Davies (1933) andAlbert Henry Bullivant & Marion Elizabeth Turner (1939).
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  Court case of Leonard Charles Kingston Turner of 11 Coppice Lane  and John Edward Astbury, Bridgtown  (10 Nov 1933)
1st April 1965  Full report on the Sunday League match between the Talbot and the South Staffs Waterworks team.
3rd April 1915  The funeral and life of Mr William Hemingsley of Warstones Farm.
MEMORIES  This week we refer to Cheslyn Hay life during the Great War covering most aspects and people of the village.
WORLD WAR ONE PROJECT  Next month we commemorate the death of 15064 Private John Haycox, husband of Mary Elizabeth, of 9 Coppice Lane with details of his life and Army career.

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