Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 12 June 2016

EVENTS  No events this week after Roger’s Chat n Char of last Thursday to celebrate the Queen’s birthday which has to go down as the best one to date and it will take this week to put away all the decorations.  Once again Roger wishes to thank everyone for their support.

OUR SALEM BASE is open every Tuesday from 9am – 2pm.  Everyone welcome for enquiries, research, browsing through our photographic archives and records – or just for a nostalgic chat and a cup of coffee.

REQUESTS  A type of request that is particularly pleasing has been received this week from the new residents of The Dell, 6 Rosemary Road, Cheslyn Hay as they ‘would love to know more about its history.  We believe it was built around 1908 but we don’t have a definite year of build.  We would be really grateful if you are able to help us.’  Arriving new to the area and immediately wanting to know the local history of the house and our area reminds us what we, in the Society, are here for.  So, can anyone help with any memories or even information of any of their families who may have lived there in the past?

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington This week six reports from 1926-28 of two cricket matches, a Mons Purchant concert, and a miner charged under the Coal Mines Regulation Act, another court case and the death of Dr W Hosegood.  Copy of any Newspaper Report £1.

16th June 1966
  A Cheslyn Hay Women’s Own meeting.
17th June 1916  Story of Harry Whitehouse, eldest son of Mr W H Whitehouse, of Coppice Lane, in the Dardanelles.
17th June 1916  Moses Lockett in court.
17th June 1916  Edward Turner, of the White Lion Inn, in a complicated court case.

MEMORIES Dipping into Pat Everiss’s ‘A Walk down Memory Lane’ there is a list of some ‘unusual and outstanding achievements of some remarkable Cheslyn Hay people’ covering the past 100 years.

MYS - 17 One of the Wollaston's Garden Parties in 1956 to raise funds for the widows of miners killed in a pit accident. Over 100 people are on the photo but only Harold, Olive and Brenda Woolaston are named plus Lily Perks.THIS WEEKS MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH   MYS – 17  One of the Wollaston’s Garden Parties in 1956 to raise funds for the widows of miners killed in a pit accident.  Over 100 people are on the photo but only Harold, Olive and Brenda Woolaston are named plus Lily Perks.  Can be viewed either on our website  or on our Facebook Page.

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES  At the same time of last week’s list of names of those men who were against the stopping of benevolent fund in the Mechanical Department at Hawkins Colliery, another list was circulated, of all the miners who would not join the Union.

JOAN PLANT one of our longest serving members passed away suddenly on Tuesday, 31st May, at her home at 5 Sunbeam Drive, Great Wyrley, aged 82.  Details of her life.
KEN HANDLEY  Also received news this week of the passing of Ken Handley, who spent nearly all of his career teaching Geography and French at the Great Wyrley School.
Names included in all the above reports are W Brough, H Beddle, AE Elwell, F Sambrooke, H Bull, H Horton, W Goodman, W Jones, G Kingstone, F Biddley, P Whitehouse, S Smith, Reg Hawkins, W Plant, C Fletcher, William John Walker, B Elwell, J Lloyd, Charles Mitchell, J Richards, H Rogers, Leslie Hawkins Lowe, Joseph Kingston, Fred Pee, Enoch Marshall, William Devereux, Bill Aunger, Matthew HampsonW Taylor, L Morgan, E Cockayne, A Shorthouse, T Hicken, T Pitt, G Cope, B Pee, H Lee, J Skitt, G Bailey, H Smith, W Perks, L Bailey, W Whitehouse, E Kendall, E Shirley, W Mytton, G Steadman, W Cartwright, W Parton, J Perry, A Whitehouse, E Alsopp, J Fletcher, J Hughes, A Somerfield, R Bowen, A Bullivant, A Turner, W Russell, J Parkes, S Morgan, W Davis, W Goodman, C Steadman, J Stanaway Snr, J Stanaway Jnr, J Baker, D Denny, A Hill, E Aston, J Thompson, E Thomas, T Parr, J Dawkins, J Brough, A  Baker, W Steadman and A Stretton.

MEMBERSHIP  Full details of all the above stories can be obtained by becoming a member at £5 and the newsletters are emailed out at 9am every Sunday morning and we are now taking subscriptions for the next 12 months.  Either pay by Paypal via our website or a £5 cheque made out to CH&DLHS and post to T McFarlane, 42 Station Road, Great Wyrley, Walsall, West Mids WS6 6LQ.   Many thanks.

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