Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 3rd July 2016

EVENTS  We are will be entertaining the Glenthorne Brownies on Thursday, 7th July, with a talk about our  village by Peter Cadman and supported by Bob Brevitt with a powerpoint presentation.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week  we welcome a couple of members who wish to browse through our photographs on the Abbey Dropforgings, Elliott-Lucas and Gilpins volumes having missed out on the recent get together in May.
REQUESTS   Paul Bedford, researcher and author of World War One books concentrating on local soldiers involved in that conflict emails ‘Do you have any information about William Bowen?  He is the only serviceman on the Cheslyn Hay Memorial about whom I have no information at all.’
RESPONSES  Kath Perry provides the answer to Graham’s request from last week re the origin of Bentons Lane going back 200 years.
An email from Mary, granddaughter of Moses & Liz Lockett, who passes her her memories of both the teachers Ken Handley and Don Savage.
More information on the Dell from Trevor, prior to our meeting on July 19th, ‘Mr and Mrs William Bate were my wife’s parents.  They did live at number 6  but at that time the Dell was number 2. The houses were re numbered when new houses were built either side in the late  sixties.’
However has anyone got any photographs of ‘The Dell’?
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  A printed booklet of the burials and headstone inscriptions at the two Shareshill’s churches St Mary’s and St Luke’s going back to the 1700s and a full index, together with a volume on their history.
7th July 1966 
Residents of Cheslyn Hay pressing for the re-opening of local passenger train services led by Mrs G Vernon
7th July 1966    ‘Glancing backwards’  An article published 25 years ago on 19th April 1941 concerning the arrivals of Margate evacuees.
7th July 1966   Story of the caretaker of Great Wyrley cemetery, 60 years-old Mr Joseph Middleton, and his family.
7th July 1966  The activities of girls and the Cheslyn Hay Carnivals etc with Carol Hood, Marlene Pearce, Wendy Bates, Marie Hogan, Jackie Mumford, Lynda Horton, Linda Cole, Patricia Barsby, Karen Hodgkiss, Pauline Hodgkiss, Mrs T E Milner, Mr S Nelson and Horace Stokes.
MEMORIES  Second part of Peter Cadman’s interview with Pat Potts (nee Marshall).  This week covering all the activities and excitement during World War Two in Cheslyn Hay.

MYS - 20  A Shraders Day Out at Wedgewood in the late sixties.  43 ladies shown but only Floss Morgan, Judy Dace, Sybil Allen, Mrs Husselbee, Hazel Dace, Mavis -?- and Maureen -?- named.THIS WEEKS MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH   MYS – 20  A Shraders Day Out at Wedgewood in the late sixties.  43 ladies shown but only Floss Morgan, Judy Dace, Sybil Allen, Mrs Husselbee, Hazel Dace, Mavis -?- and Maureen -?- named.  Can also be viewed on our Facebook Page.

WWI COMMEMORATION  This July we commemorate the death of Walter Owen who was killed on 1st June 1916, aged 30.
WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES  The ‘Cheslyn Hay Police Occurrence Book – 16th January  1931 to 16th November 1935’.  A complete ledger of 499 pages, containing full details of the charges with addresses, all handwritten, mainly by Sergeant Ballance.  Can be viewed at our Base any Tuesday or requested at £1 per copy.  In date order – Florence Elizabeth Evans, Harry Rogers, Alfred Thomas, John Pyatt, Ida Young, Horace Price, Julia Hart, Walter Whitehouse, Harold Bott, Alfred Parr, Albert James Bowyer, Herbert Brough, Ernest Davis, John  Shorter, Wilfred Hawkins, Frank Hudson, Gertrude Wynn, Ernest Davis, Alfred Gorman, Walter Kempson Owen, Richard Jones, Handel Weetman, James Walker Morris, Alex Davis, Florence Bate, Simeon Barker, Albert Barker, George Barker, William Henry Whitehouse, William Peach, Frank Dennis Burton, Samuel Newell, Philip James Kent, Joseph Lockett, William Perry, Eric Morris, James Bate, Derek Roberts, Ernest Carter, John Wesley Pratt, William Steadman, George Kingston, John Smith, John Smith, Walter Harvey, Beryl Hewitt, Mary E Richardson, Mary Felton, James Lockett, Clarence Smith, Rosina Marion Tonks, Arthur Kingston, John  Spinks, Thomas Marshall, Bernard Grinsell, Walter Wood, Violet Hill, Thomas Lockett, Mary Ann Lockett, Joseph Lockett, Mabel Chetter, James Ansell, Georgina Rake, Wilfred Hawkins, Edith Lunt, Harold Mellor, William Bowen, Stephen Whitehead, Oscar Dunn, Elizabeth Dunn, Edwin Ridgway, Elizabeth Bates, Richard Hall, Freda May Birch, Frank Dunning, Albert Podmore, Gladys May Shirley, Eric Shirley, Richard Lockett, Harry Bate, Percy Thomas Perry, Thomas Henry Hawkesworth, Richard Franks, Bertram Henry Jellyman, Stephen Pratt, James William Smith, William Elwell, George Mason, William Barnett, Frederick Barnett, George Barnett.

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