Cheslyn Hay Newsletter – 18th June 2017

18th June 2017

EVENTS  Bridgtown LHS are holding a talk on ‘Passchendale – the Local Angle’ by Bob Brevitt on Wednesday, 21st June at 10am but please note that it is to be held at the Bridgtown Social Club and not at the Bethel, whilst renovations to the chapel are being carried out.  £1 admission.

Landor LHS have requested to be shown around our village in Cheslyn Hay with a conducted walk and Peter Cadman will be doing the honours on our behalf this Wednesday, 21st June.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week Kevin Boulton from the Staffordshire History Centre in Stafford will be giving a short address at 11am on the new development of the premises which will then hold records up to 1,000 years old, as well as having a new community exhibition space, modern research rooms and strong rooms to provide storage for an additional 25 years of future collections.  Our own normal research facilities will be available as normal.

RESPONSES  Further to Joan’s request from Australia our local researchers have found mentions of John Harley in the Cheslyn Hay Pinfold Lane Punishment Book and are listed.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS   A return bus ticket from The Green Bus Service.


This week from the year of 1955.  Copy of any Newspaper Report £1 with reports of stories and court case including W Wesley, H Stokes, J Perry, W Baker, S Boulton & S Hughes, G Holmes, H Stokes, A Pearson, Perks, Plant, Miss Redding, Mr Perks, Mrs Ballance, Mrs McCullough, Mrs Perks, Mrs Goodman, Sarah Altree, William Altree, Sheila Steadman, Marilyn Hammond, Mr & Mrs WG Craddock, Mrs Grindley, Frank Chilton, Maureen Poole, Gillian Brough, Malcolm Smith, Carol Thomas, Susan Worsey, Kathleen O’Neil, Lynn Dunn, Tony & Jacqueline Price, Judy Thomas, Jack Pratt, Mr W Mytton, Mr M Richards, Tony Griffiths, John Turner, M Arrowsmith, Terry Haywood, Alan Fidler, K Knowles, Judith Dace, Pauline Brown, G McLachlan, Pauline Whitehouse, Irene Birch, Anne Dace, Dianne Davies, Hilda Walker, Margaret Lawrence, Irene Astbury, Mary Waine, Barry Hassall, David Ridgway, Boyd Kingston, Pat Foster, Margaret Bullock, G Allen, Anne McLachlan, Tony Mitchell, Angela Dace, Mrs Conroy, Mrs Woolley, Mr D Dunn, Mr Parkes, Jimmy Dace, Mrs M Cliff,  Mrs M Gretton, Mrs M Smith, Mr H Tonks, Mr W Richardson,Mr B Whitehouse, Messrs G & T Sellman,  Mrs E Mitchell, Muriel Mitchell, Wendy Withington, Mrs C Withington, Mrs E Walker, Mrs A Fidler, Barbara Ridgway, Mrs Newman, Mrs Hawkins, Mrs E Stone, Mrs L Hooper, Mr C R Paradine, Henry William Farmer and Charles Major Wilcox.  For more details of these reports please contact me via the email address below.


22nd June 1967  Cheslyn Hay Primary School’s eighth annual sports day with names of winners and competitors.

23rd June 1917  Cricket match between Cheslyn Hay and the Special Constables on the Coppice Lane Grounds giving scores and details of the match.

MEMORIES  From both Pamela Bate and Norma Barta who both recall stories of the local buses and trams and their routes right back to the war years.

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES  Following on from last week’s news that we have completed the scanning of our photographs, we have now compiled a list of  10,511 individual names that have been named in newspaper reports.  Like the photographs this is an ever growing record thanks to the work of Sue Challenger and will also be included in our Master Database some time in the future.  These names, from Sid Abbott to George Zeal, have been involved in the last 150 years of Cheslyn Hay history and have proved to be an invaluable source of interest to all of our local family historians.

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