Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly Newsletter – 25th June 2017

EVENTS This month’s speaker is the recommended Michael Guest, who is the senior lay vicar chorister at Lichfield Cathedral with his humourous talk entitled ‘Sinning in the Choir’. Thursday, 29th June, at the Salem starting at 7.30pm. Admittance £1 including refreshments.

There have been 4 cancellations for Roger’s trip to York on Thursday, 13th July at £21 per head, which includes entry into the Minster, with a free guided tour, and the Museum, Treasury as well as the Crypts. If interested contact Roger on 01785 212412 as soon as possible please.

OUR SALEM BASE is open to all and sundry every Tuesday from 9am – 2pm. All of our photograph archives, personal collections and documents will be available for viewing or research.

REQUESTS Shirley Willis has the medals of her husband’s grandfather Harry (full name William Harry Willis) mounted in a frame but would really appreciate a photograph to go with it. He was in the South Staffs, regimental number 6405, and he was discharged in July 1917. Shirley appeals to anyone who has researched the Willis family if they can help.

Further to Moss Fisher’s ‘Memories’ in April, he believes he made a mistake when he referred to Glen Ridgeway running the garage at the old fire station. He has been told that it wasn’t Glen but someone of the name of ‘Larger’ or ‘Lager’ and he asks if anyone can confirm this.

RESPONSES More information comes from David Paradine on the Hassall family including Bernard Snr and Ada and their three sons Frank, Colin and Bernard Jnr, but David hasn’t heard from any of them for years and presumes that they are no longer around.


29th June 1967 A new school in Glenthorne Drive, Cheslyn Hay.

29th June 1967 Following a recent competition by the organisers of the Best Kept Village Competitions with Tony Cottam, Roger Hull, Jane Townsend, R. Brindley, Susan Dangerfield and Mary Hughes.

30th June 1917 Albert Pearson, Moses Lockett Jnr., Job Ridgway and Leonard Russell in court and a warrant being issued for Lockett for not attending.
30th June 1917 The Friendly Societies Hospital Parade had to be abandoned because of a storm.

MEMORIES From the late Cliff Hooper referring to a strange story told to him many years ago by a local miner.

WWI COMMEMORATION This July we commemorate the death of 19875 Albert Benton of the 9th Service Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment, who died on 14th July 1917, with full details.
MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH We have received a Mystery Photograph with not one person named. All that is known is on the back of the photo ‘August 1960 – Salem Sunday School Rose Queen’. Can be seen on our society facebook link

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES The families listed below have all been researched by our members so if any member wishes to exchange information with any of our researchers please contact me at the email address below. Likewise if you have researched your family tree and wish to be added on to the list also please contact me.

Adams, Adcock, Allen, Allman, Allsopp, Altree, Anslow, Appleby, Askey, Ashton, Bagguley, Bailey, Baker, Bate/Bates, Beech, Belcher, Benton, Bevan, Biddle, Bill, Birch, Bird, Boot, Boswell, Boulton, Bowen, Bowring, Bradbury, Bray, Brevitt, Brindley, Brookes, Brough, Browell, Brown, Buck, Buckler, Bull, Bullas, Butler, Cadman, Cartwright, Cascarino, Childs, Clarke, Clewley, Collier, Colley, Conno(e)lly, Cooke, Cooper, Cope, Corfield, Craddock, Crutchley, Dace, Davi(e)s, Dawkins, Dawson, Denny, Devey, Dimmock, Dolphin, Dudley, Dukes, Dutton, E(d)gerton, Edmunds, Ellison, Elsworth, Elwell, Evans, Farley, Farnell, Farrington, Fletcher, Follows, Foxhall, Foster, Gallear, Garratt, Gaskin, Gasser, Goodall, Goodfellow, Gorman, Greensill, Gretton, Griffiths, Groome, Hackett, Hall, Hand, Handley, Handy, Harris, Hart, Harvey, Hass(a)ell, Hawkins, Haycock/Haycox, Hayward, Haywood, Heminsley (all spellings), Heningham, Henshaw, Herriott, Hickman, Hodson, Hodg(e)kiss, Holland, Hollis, Holloway, Holmes, Horobin, Howe, Hubery, Hudson, Hughes, Humphries, Jacks, Jackson, Jayes, Jellyman, Jones, Jenkins, Jennings, Jukes, Kendall, Kimber, Kingston, Kinson, Kirk, Knowles, Lawson, La(e)yland, Leadbeater, Leake, Leach, Lee, Lewis, Lindop, Lockett, Lockley, Lunt, Mann, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Masefield, Mason, Mears, Merchant, Merrick, Micklewright, Millington, Mitchell, Moran, Morgan, Moore, Morris, Newell, Norman, Oakley, Pace, Paddock, Parbrook, Parker, Parsons, Pearce, Pearson, Pee, Pepper, Perks, Perrins, Perry, Pheasant, Piatt, Pinson, Plant, Ponder, Poole, Potts, Powell, Poxon, Preece, Pritchard, Pursehouse, Reaney, Reynolds, Richards, Ridgway, Roberts, Rogers, Rushton, Russell, Sanders, Saunders, Sault, Sassall, Sayers, Scarr(i)ott, Scattergood, Searle, Shenton, Shorter, Showell, Smallman, Smith, Smoute, Squire, Stacey, Stanley, Stanton, Startin, Steadman, Stokes, Sutherton, Sutton, Talbot, Tambs, Taylor, Thomas, Titley, Tricklebank, Turner, Tuft, Walker, Webb, Westwood, Wharmby, Whitehead, Whitehouse, Wilcox, Wilkes, Williams, Winfer, Winter, Withington, Wollaston, Wood, Woodings, Worsey, Wright, Yates.

GENERAL NEWS We have acquired another six copies of the late Jim Evans book ‘The People of Essington’ which he compiled with Michael Albutt in 1996. We will be selling them off at half price at £3 each.

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