Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 13th August 2017

13th August 2017

EVENTS  No events this week.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week Mark Tebbet is visiting us from Connecticut researching his Rowley family who had a farm at the corner of Cross Street and Low Street in the 1870s living in the farmhouse later to be known as ‘Paradine’s Cottage’.  Philip Jones who also has a direct link to this John Rowley will also be in attendance.

Next week we have a get-together of several interested parties to view our archives on the Green Bus Company/Warstones Coaches with Brian Waters, who was the voluntary conductor on the ‘Summer Friday’ only service from Newport in Shropshire.  Open to everyone.

REQUESTS  Vicki emails in response to the mention of the Bailey family tree in the newsletter of 23rd July ‘My great grandfather was John Henry Bailey(1878-1958), the third son of Thomas Bailey (1836/7-1911?) both of whom were born in Cheslyn Hay.  Thomas married Eliza Brough.’ And Vicki asks if we can provide more information to add to her family tree.

RESPONSES  Our researchers have located all three plots of the Clenton family for Janet.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS   Several photographs including Sarah Elizabeth Bolton (nee Leach) & Jack Newens (PE-LEA-9), two of the Dundalk Lane Cottages in 1979 (PL-DUN-13&14) and a range of the Dawkins family of 29 Station Street with Gladys and Jack Hill, Eliza & Harmer Dawkins with Bert ‘Bobsy’ Whitehouse, Doris, Albert, Jack Jones and William and Albert in the First World War at the Norton Company Royal Engineers training camp at Luton (PE-DAW-9,10,11,12,13,14,15).  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  An old Cheslyn Hay plate with seven local scenes donated by Steve Gwilt and a copy of St Mark’s Queen’s Jubilee Souvenir Programme  of 1977.

EXTRACTS FROM CANNOCK ADVERTISER OF 1957 researched by Mike Belcher

Reports and stories of the following Eva Elizabeth & George Whitehouse, of 176 Station Street, William & Isabella Moreton of 105 Station Street, Over 60 Annual Party, Horace Price of 24 Low Street, Mr & Mrs Arthur Davies of 64 Station Street, Cheslyn Hay Over 60 Club entertainment with the names Thompson, Wesley, Evans, Haynes, Cartwright, Preece, Crofts, Brough, Hitchens, Plant, Holmes, Baker, Waltho, Morgan, Reddings, Evans, Barlow & Stokes, family gathering of five churches, Parish Council meeting re complaints about the local pigeon fanciers, William Alfred Follows of 2 Station Street, Frederick Bird of 46 Coppice Lane, Arnold Hawkins, Sam Newell of 86 High Street, Salem centenary year with details of Methodism in Cheslyn Hay going back to 1778, History of Cheslyn Hay from 1668 by Mr E J Homeshaw, Victor Steadman, Dr Louis Dillon Malone, Oscar Anslow of 2 Coppice Lane, Vincent Thompson, prize distribution of the Cheslyn Hay WMC bowls teams with names and a Salem service for the Malayan Teachers College.  Copy of any Newspaper Report £1.


17th August 1967  Meeting of the Cheslyn Hay Over 60 Club involving Mrs H Whitehouse, Mr C Devereux, Mr T Harvey, Mr F Chilton, Mrs Cartwright, Mr J Smith, Mr Ruddick, Mrs D Chilton,  Mrs Waltho, Mrs Lawson, Mrs Knott, Mrs Kingston, Mrs E Plant, Mrs G Plant, Mrs Poxon, Mrs Sheldon, Mrs J Pearson and Mrs Hook.

18th August 1917  Story of the Cheslyn Hay Cricket Club after 30 years with Mr H Hawkins, Jesse Crutchley, A E Elwell and Mr A Benton.

18th August 1917  The adjourned Hospital Sunday collection in connection with the Friendly Society with Fred Altree.

18th August 1917  Parish Council meeting about scavenging in the district.

18th August 1917  John Chadbund, found guilty of serious charges involving Emily Williams, 121, Station Street, Cheslyn Hay, and William Beasley.

MEMORIES  This week we complete Peter Cadman’s humourous recollections of schoolteacher Mrs Corona Price.

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