Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News 27th August 2017

EVENTS   Highlight of our Speakers Programme this week.  The professional entertainer, Ron Popple, is providing us with a ‘Black Country Humour and a Bit if Magic’ night.  Thursday, 31st August at the Salem starting at 7.30pm.  £1 including refreshments.  Not to be missed!

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday for all enquiries and researches.  Everyone welcome.

REQUESTS  Diana Pinkett enquires ‘My g-g-grandmother was Sarah Morgan b1849 in Cheslyn Hay, she married Richard Perkins and later lived in Bulwell, Nottingham.  Sarah’s parents were Abraham Morgan and Mary Lyons but much of the info I have collected has contradictions around Abel/ Abraham and indeed their religion.’  Can anyone researching this Morgan family assist Diana?

Norma Barta from Michigan in her emailed response, as seen below, adds ‘I see in the newsletters reference to the Pearson family of Cheslyn Hay.  My dad, Frank Bowen, and his best friend, Harry Pearson, went to Australia together around 1932.  They sailed on the Bendigo and went to Sydney.  My dad came back after six months but Harry stayed there for the rest of his life and he married a girl named, Ena, having two sons, one named Ross.  I corresponded with Harry right up until his death, when he lived in Hurstville, NSW, and I wonder if any of your local Pearsons have any knowledge of or had any contact with Harry and his family.

RESPONSES  Our military researcher, Bob, is able to assist Norma with her enquiries on her uncle, William Robert Bowen and includes full details of his life as well as his military records.

Having contacted Norma with Bob’s research, she emails back ‘I had no idea that Robert was buried in Cheslyn Hay, always thinking that, as both brothers were reported as ‘killed in action’ they would both be buried in France’ adding a gruesome thought on William’s death.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS   Henry Rigby with his fossil collection in 1922 (PE-RIG-1) and Ivan Holmes the accordionist at the Chums Club (PE-HOL-4).  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  After last week’s meeting of the Green Bus Company’s enthusiasts we have had a series of newspaper reports, compliment slips  and bus tickets from the 1970s donated for our archives.


1st September 1917  Full details of a Butcher – Elwell marriage.

1st September 1917  Stories of the deaths together with their lives of Private Richard Franks, Private John H Mann and Private Ernest Roobottom.

1st September 1917  In connection with the Local Relief Committee and Red Cross Society bowling  Mr T Williams, tobacconist, High Street makes a gesture at his shop.

1st September 1917  On Saturday a bowling competition took place on the Senior Club Bowling Green, which attracted 40 entries with full details.

1st September 1917  Report of Mr T Whitehouse presiding over a meeting of miners at the local Working Men’s Club.

MEMORIES  Of Doris Muriel Cooper recollections of the Isolation Hospital and a bomb being dropped together with the memories of Ron Whitehouse, listing the bombs and where they fell around Cheslyn Hay in the war.

WWI COMMEMORATION  This September we commemorate the death of 17298 John Henry Mann with full details.

GENERAL NEWS  Just another reminder if anyone has not received their ‘Mailchimp’ newsletter (ie the one that is addressed to each member by their Christian name and not as an attachment) on Sunday morning please email me straight away so that I can send it in another format.  Last week a few of our members received their newsletter as usual but it contained no content.

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