Cheslyn Hay Weekly Newsletter – 3rd September 2017

3rd September 2017

EVENTS  No events this week.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we have Mick Clark from Birmingham researching his Wollaston family.

REQUESTS  Roger is tracing the family of Jack Hughes who lived at the Kop in Great Wyrley and was in the Royal Engineers in WWII.  He married Dorothy Foster at St Marks in 1943 but they divorced and he married Vera Cartwright in 1950 to live at 31 Brook Lane in Great Wyrley and he would appreciate any information of his first marriage.

Just received a request from our Facebook page from Adrian Baillie stating ‘I am tracing my Nan’s father’s family in Cheslyn Hay.  My great grandfather George Richard Mason was 81 when he died in 1945.  However on the 1911 census he was only 44 and on his marriage certificate his age is also wrong.  My great grandparents lived at 5 Cemetery Street in Cheslyn Hay where my late grandmother was born.  I’m looking for the descendants of George Richard Mason and Jane Elizabeth Mason that might have more information or a photo of either one of them.  My Nan, Ivy Mason, was their youngest daughter.

RESPONSES  We have been able to provide Diana with plenty of information on her Morgan family with a 25 page family tree and it is an interesting one, as her g-g-grandmother Sarah Morgan was born in 1849 and the tenth child of Abel Morgan and Mary Lyons.  We have also been able to help in the matter of their religion.  Abel also seemed to have spent some time in gaol and when he died in 1851 Mary married into the Cheslyn Hay Lawson family.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS   One of Ivan Holmes, the barber, plying his trade in the Western Desert in 1941 (PE-HOL-5) and a photograph of John Prime, in uniform, who was our stationmaster from 1917-1933.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  After the closure of the ancient inn on the Watling Street, The Four Crosses, we have acquired an original 1977 painting of the inn by Roland Ridgway together with a short written history of the establishment.  Also a small framed picture dating back 100 years with an inscription etched into the wood on the back ‘L to R.  P Henshaw, C Spilsbury, S Cope, C Lightfoot as given by Mr S Kirk, Four Crosses, Hatherton Farm’.  Can anyone help us by identifying and adding more information on these drinkers?


7th September 1967  A report covering the life of Mr R T Paradine.

7th September 1967  Talbot F.C. had an easy victory beating visitors Shelfield Athletic 6 – 1.  Full report of the match with goal scorers.
8th September 1917  Thomas Ponder
, Cheslyn Hay, found guilty in court.
8th September 1917  John Thomas Preece, of Chapel Square, Cheslyn Hay, was found guilty in court and expressed a determination to go to gaol.

Nellie Preece, the wife in the above case, was charged with another offence but denied it.  Was found guilty.

John Thomas Preece was then charged with another separate offence against Moses Whitehouse, of Cheslyn Hay.  Found guilty again.

Preece was then charged with another offence against Moses Whitehouse, which he denied but was found guilty again.

Preece was then charged with a similar offence against Hannah Roe.  Denied again but found guilty again.

Preece was then charged with yet another offence, this time against Thomas Hall, at Cheslyn Hay.   Once again he denied it but there was enough evidence to find him guilty and send him to prison.  Preece then showed the spirit that was in him by shouting “This is what we are sent out to fight for; for men such as you – you ought to go out there”.  Preece later apologised and asked not to be sent to prison.

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