Cheslyn Hay & DLHS News – 24th September 2017

EVENTS  Our Annual Exhibition is next Saturday, September 30th at the Community Centre (Village Hall) in Pinfold Lane from 10am – 4pm with the theme of ‘People, Places, Maps & Mines’ and 9,000 photographs will be available to browse through.  Free admission.

OUR SALEM BASE is open to everyone from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.

REQUESTS  No requests received this week.

RESPONSES  Following the news of the passing of Willi Schaefer, Derek Bullock from Canada emails his recollections at Abbey Dropforgings during the 1950s.

Thanks to our three researchers we were able to produce the information that Ellie required for the compilation of the histories of her Elwell family.

Further to Roger’s request earlier this month in tracing the family of Jack Hughes who married Dorothy Foster at St Marks in 1943 we have been contacted by one of our members, who has been able to update us in our research from Dorothy’s two marriages.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Two photographs, both involving The Lot, now Park Street.  The old cottages in March 1984 before they were demolished (PL-PAR-26), and the Perks family including Sarah, Fred, Nigel & Anthony Perks, Kath & Mac Walmsley, Charlie & Lorraine (nee Haycox) Vernon and Chris Jervis outside 23 The Lot in 1956 (PL-PAR-27).  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  Certificates of Harry Cartwright and Rhoda Whitehouse marriage (26 Dec 1881) and birth certificate of Daniel Cartwright (24 Apr 1886).

EXTRACTS FROM CANNOCK ADVERTISER researched by Dave Washington

Death of reporter George Follows in the Manchester United air crash (25 Jan 1958) and Isaac Stokes drawing attention to the increasing costs of maintaining the Salem Church (1 Mar 1958).


28th September 1967  Cheslyn Hay village may soon have the help of a working party of enthusiastic teenagers from the Great Wyrley Secondary Modern School.

29th September 1917  Recognition of the workers of the Women’s Working Committee with Mr F Wynn, Mrs R Evans and Miss Lily Cartwright.

29th September 1917  The Annual Harvest Festival in connection with the Primitive Methodist Church was held on Sunday last mentioing Mr Lawrence Hood and Mr S Allen.

MEMORIES  Once again we turn to Pat Everiss’s researches with one of her narratives, a full and descriptive, poignant piece written about the history of our own War Memorial.

WWI COMMEMORATION  This October we commemorate the death of Captain Clarence V Hawkins of the 5th Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment, who was killed on 26th September 1917 aged 25, son of Thomas and Alethea Hawkins, of Glenthorne House, Cheslyn Hay, and remembered with honour at the Loos Memorial.

WILLI  SCHAEFER  Willi’s funeral is on Wednesday, 27th September at the Bushbury Crematorium at 3.00pm.

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