Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 1st October 2017

EVENTS  No events scheduled for this week.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.

REQUESTS  I have received an interesting enquiry from Donald Parbrook who is trying to solve a long standing mystery in his family tree.  Donald’s grandfather was born as George Brevitt, daughter of Harriet Brevitt of Rail Road with his father’s name not given.  Harriet went on to marry George Parbrook, a coal miner and had further children.  The family were well known in Cheslyn Hay and George became a Methodist minister around 1913.  He changed his name from Brevitt to Parbrook by deed poll as an adult, as he was known as a Parbrook thanks to his mother’s marriage when he was young.  The family story is that Harriet went into service and came home pregnant and was paid “hush money”.  Donald has now taken a DNA test and believes that there might be a link with the Whitehouse family and is asking if any Whitehouse/Parbrook/Brevitt members have taken a similar test as he would like to contact them.  It is a truly fascinating story and if anyone is interested please email me first so that I can forward Donald’s full account of all known facts of his family history.

Another intriguing enquiry on the Whitehouse family comes from Ann who emails ‘I was sorting out some old papers that belonged to my Mum and found an invoice from a Mrs J Varner (or Parner) to Miss Alice Whitehouse, dated 1st November 1918, the sum of £120 on receipt of the ‘General Business’ carried on at Benton’s Lane, Landywood.  I believe this Alice Whitehouse is related to John Whitehouse who married Mary Ann Bagley, who is buried in Great Wyrley Cemetery.  John Whitehouse was my mother’s (Avis Mary Whitehouse nee Slatcher ) grandfather.  Does anyone have any idea what business it refers to as this was a lot of money for 1918!

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Two photographs of the Four Oaks Inn including one of the Hilton family with Arthur Meanley and one of F Henshaw, C Pilsbury, S Cope, C Lightfoot and S Kirk in 1964.  Also the wedding reception of John Richard Roberts & Doreen Mary Price with the Leach family in 1946.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS   Woodman Bowling Club’s 1984 Annual Supper and Presentation Programme including information of the season and all the Cup Winners.


5th October 1967  Details of the Woodman Bowls Club’s most successful season since its formation in 1920 together with cup winners and participants and a bit of its history.

6th October 1917  Information of the death of Captain Clarence Hawkins together with details of his life.
6th October 1917
  Story of Sapper Joseph Clewley on an eleven day furlough.

6th October 1917  The allotees making amends for the wet weather having an effect on their potato crop.

MEMORIES   Norma Barta from Michigan responds to Ron Whitehouse’s recollections of the Second World War with her own wartime memories around Cheslyn Hay mentioned a couple of well known names.

GENERAL NEWS   Derrick Middleton of the Bridgtown Local History Society is discussing with the owners of Wyrley Park Retail Park the possibility  of erecting a Board to mark the site of the old Hawkins Brickworks and the Long House, opposite where B & Q are on the A5.  Although at an early stage, Derrick states that good progress is being made.

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