Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News- 3rd December 2017

3rd December 2017

EVENTS  No events arranged for this week.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.

REQUESTS  An interesting request has come in from our Edalji author Dr Alan Jones who is after a copy of an 1887 published book, ‘Hymns for Sunday School’ that Shapurji Edalji had printed privately.  Can anyone help Alan please?

And Glynis Lockley emails a request on her family history around George Albert Lockley, who died in France 23rd November 1917 and is buried at Etricourt-Manancourt cemetery south of Arras.  The Lockley family lived in Cheslyn Hay until the mother Charlotte Butler died in 1904 and the two eldest boys were sent to Reformatory schools and the family including two sisters were separated, dispersed, never again to be reunited. They are related to the Butler family and George visited an aunt there in June 1917 on furlough. Glynis adds ‘There are no known photographs of any of the family unless someone in the Butler family may have some and we have been unable to trace their father, James Henry, and would like any information on him if possible.’

Coincidentally an appeal for the Butler family has also been received this week from a member, who emails ‘My mother was Joan Butler (1915-1998).  In the newsletter of 5th April 2015 there is a reference to her uncle Joseph Butler who gave her away at her wedding in 1939.  Also of great interest to me is a reference to Harriet Butler (the lady with one eye) who was my grandmother.’  Peter has no photographs at all of his grandmother and asks if we can oblige.  This we certainly can, as well as 9 other photos of his Butler family, but does anyone remember Harriet, who used to live in Pinfold Lane?

RESPONSES  After Robert Jones visit to Cheslyn Hay in 2005 to research the background of his great-uncle Alfred ‘Granny’ Jones and his subsequent conversation with 90 year old Herbert Norman a mention was made of the ‘Cuckoo Tree’ where Alfred would spend most of his day under it reading a book.  Geoff Hackett has now given full details of where the tree was and also adds more information on ‘the gent who transported the deceased in a wheelbarrow up the High Street’!


7th December 1967  Just three months after the opening of the shopping precinct on the Landywood Estate interviews were conducted with shopkeepers and customers including  Mrs H Marston, Mr R S LavenderMr N M WileyMrs D AllenMr R A PartonMrs V Woolley and Mr F J Crowe.

MEMORIES  From our renown friend, Alan Brown off the Bonk, and now in France expounding on the 1917 funeral notice of Pte George Davis, as well as Edward & Emily DavisJack Davis,  Flossie Hayden and Thacker‘s scrap-yard. Alan also adds poignant comments about Rowland Benton and Albert Russell and remembering the war dead and why our weekly newsletters are so valuable to our communities, local and beyond.

DAVID HACKETT  News this week that Dave, one of our Hackett family died last Tuesday 21st November aged 72.  Although born and bred in Cheslyn Hay he has spent his last 25 years in Bath but there will still be many on the village who still remember him.

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