Cheslyn Hay Newsletter – 25th March 2018

EVENTS This month’s speaker is the recommended Cas Bailey, with her talk ‘If you can’t stand the heat – get out of the kitchen!’, all based on real life funny events during her time as a policewoman ‘on the beat’. This Thursday, 29th March, at the Salem starting at 7.30pm. Admittance £1 including refreshments.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we look forward to a visit from Diane (nee Whiles) from Derbyshire who is tracing her family roots around our area, visiting the family graves and also where her Whiles family lived at 9 Bungalow, the Hutments on the Walsall Road, and later at Barncroft. Anyone who has any knowledge of Geoffrey Whiles, Enoch Whiles or Annie Cleobury will be most welcome and Diane would like to speak to anyone who has any knowledge of the Isolation Hospital. Also, following the recent interest in the Sambrook(e) family, Geoffrey Sambrook is updating his findings on his Sambrook family this Tuesday. Geoff has connections with Ollie, Alfred, Percy, Ernest and Bertha Sambrook as well as his Hitchens line on his mother’s side that includes Vera, Nellie and Roy Hitchens. Once again anyone with information of these families are invited. Hopefully we may find a link with the recent Garth’s enquiry on his Samuel Sambrook’s relations as we have now discovered that Samuel’s brother, Oliver George, was living in Station Street in the 1911 census.

REQUESTS Donald Parbrook is researching the story of his grandfather, Reverend George Parbrook. George was born illegitimate as George Brevitt in September 1884 to his mother Miss Harriet Brevitt (later Parbrook) of Rail Road, Cheslyn Hay. He later changed his name to Parbrook, his step-fathers name by which he had become known. Having carried out a Y-DNA test on Donald believes George’s father was almost certainly a Whitehouse. He has then tried to use (and their DNA test) to isolate the most likely Whitehouse family group focusing on those living close to Harriet in 1881 census records. Through this work in cross verifying DNA matching relatives together and to the 1881 census he is most interested in John Whitehouse (1813) and his wife Lydia Dace (1823), who lived in White Lion Yard in 1881, and their descendants. If any members have more information on that family he’d be happy to be in contact.

RESPONSES A comment from Rosemary Read, after we mentioned her grandson’s visit to the grave of Tony’s father, Fred Read, last week revealing how tough life must have been during those war years.
Gary Crutchley requested in our newsletter of 3rd December 2016 ‘I am a direct descendent of William Crutchley (b abt 1780) who was married to Sarah Poyner (b abt 1779) and who was involved in the early days of Salem Church’ and Judith responds this week stating that she also is a direct descendent of them as well and ‘would love to compare notes’. Email addresses have now been exchanged as will, no doubt, more family history.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS A 1972 Map of Cheslyn Hay with details of the conversion over to natural gas in March & April donated by Don Kingston.


Cannock Advertiser – 21st March 1968 Story of Lynne Yates campaigning for a better football pitch for her team, the Talbot FC.

21st March 1968 The theme of the Salem Wesley Guild, Cheslyn Hay, was “Has religion a place in schools?” with full details.

21st March 1968 An appeal to retain the vehicle repair facilities at the Post Office Garage, Low Street, Cheslyn Hay, for vehicle servicing and repair work. Mr B W Cook, Mr K L Horton and Mr R J Dickin of Talbot Motors, involved in the matter.

Cannock Chase Courier – 23rd March 1918 The Local Relief Committee and Red Cross Society, Mr R Brough, acting secretary, reported that he had received a very interesting letter from Mrs Agnes S Chatterton, of High Street complimenting them on their war effort on behalf of her family and her parents Mr and Mrs M Hampton.
23rd March 1918 Discussions regarding repairing the Tramway Road and Major Hatton agreed to do so.

MEMORIES Although last week’s recollections were taken out of Olive Mary Whitehouse’s typewritten book they were not her own recollections as I stated, but they were taken from one of the chapters recorded by her family. Entitled ‘Ron’s Memories’ it was written by her younger brother, Ron Whitehouse, during the war years after Olive had left home to serve in the WAAFs.

GENERAL NEWS The passing of Lady Katie Boyle last Tuesday at the age of 91 will be remembered most fondly by many of our local residents as she was the TV celebrity who opened the Shopping Centre on the Quinton fifty years ago on 6th July 1967.

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