Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Newsletter – 29 April 2018

EVENTS  John Devey of the Bridgtown LHS is launching his new book on ‘The Great War’ this Wednesday, 2nd May at the Bethel in Union Street, Bridgtown starting at 10am after their short AGM.  The book is an excellent one, well researched and covers many aspects of Bridgtown around WWI and is one of a series of six that will encompass the full history of Bridgtown and priced at £6.  Orders to John on 01922 412008 or        or via my email below.  A free buffet has been arranged after the launch.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday with all and sundry welcome!

RESPONSES  Our researcher Jean has turned up full details of all the Smith family including wills for Bill Thomason with the support of Vi all information is included in the newsletter.

Derek Moore visited our Base on Tuesday in response to Judy Desha’s appeal for information on her Foster/Elsmore family with memories of all the familiues including Elizabeth (nee Elsmore) and Jack FosterTed, Harry, Ern, Albert, Elizabeth (married Manny Moore), Ginny and Ethel and Judy’s mother, Laurie Foster.

An appreciative note from Marion McCulloch in South Wales with information on her dad, Ronald Wilson.

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES  We have a range of crockery including Cheslyn Hay plates, Salem commemorative plates and some Primitive Methodist crockery believed to be made by the Shorter family, which of course is our link with the famous Clarice Cliffe.  Clarice married into the Shorter family and the full story of her connection to Cheslyn Hay is related by one of our members Christine Andrews and refers to the book ‘The Shorter Connection’ about the life of Clarice Cliffe.


Cannock Advertiser – 25th April 1968  Story on the Cheslyn Hay Parish Council agreeing to support two local football teams, Landywood Residents Association and Talbot S C.

25th April 1968   Details of the ‘deplorable’ condition of Rosemary Road, Cheslyn Hay, and the ‘inefficiency’ of the authorities to remedy the situation involving Mr H W Hitchinor, his mother, Mrs F Hitchinor and Mrs E Timmins.

Cannock Chase Courier – 27th April 1918  Cheslyn Hay postman, Edward Tew, sentenced to six months hard labour for his crime.  Full details given.

WWI COMMEMORATION researched by Bob Brevitt  This May we commemorate the death of 631996 Jack Shorter, who was killed on 21st March 1918 aged 21, of High Street, Cheslyn Hay.  Full information including a newspaper report of his life.

Anyone wishing to become a member for the annual fee of £5 and to  receive the full unabridged newsletter with full information every Sunday morning at 9am please contact me through my email address below.  Many thanks.

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