Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 10 June 2018

EVENTS  This month’s Chat n Char is on Thursday 14th June at 10.00am in the Main Hall of the Salem with Roger in charge as usual.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Researchers always available to help any enquiries.  Everyone welcome.

REQUESTS  None received this week.

RESPONSES  An immediate response to Ann Molloy’s request of last week came from Daz, our researcher and archivist, who confirms that ‘the cottages referred to owned by John Stokes in the mid 19th Century were later to become one property of 2 Littlewood Road, known later as Bowyer’s farm. We were kindly donated copies of these deeds to the old farm which mention the Stokes family and looking at the maps it seems the cottages were pulled down at some stage and the farm house built to replace them.’  We are now producing copies of the map showing the cottages and later, the farm, for both Ann and Trevor Bate.  We also received an email from Margaret Wilson who wonders if ‘my Stokes/Hodgekins/Bate family links in with your  enquiry as the reply from Trevor Bate does confirm my suspicions.  I seem to have a maze of Whitehouse and Bate lines interweaving in a very confusing manner.  My tree looks more like a plait in some places than a tree!’  I am now arranging for all interested parties to share information.

Vicki’s memories of her grandfather Jack Sishton collecting his Christmas pensioner’s bonus of £10 in the seventies proved correct with members recalling other pubs and clubs operating similar schemes.

And we’ve had a couple of names added to Vanessa’s stories of nicknames through the memories of her grandfather, Christopher Lawson.  It was Tom Perks of the Lot known as ‘Slam’, James Walker of Bridgtown was always called ‘Smiler’ and Herbie was the well known undertaker George Herbert Hudson.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Photographs of the Potts family including Pat, Joe & Robert Potts, Phoebe & Pauline Baker, Pat, Horace & Emma Marshall, Johnny Smith & Charlie Worsey (PE-POT-10,11,12,13,14,15).  Two of the Poxons in service during the war Alan David & Wilfred Harry Poxon (PE-POX-10,11),  Glenys Hammond as the 1950 Blossom Queen (PE-HAM-5) and one together with her sister Marilyn and mother Gladys Baker (PE-HAM-6).  £1 per 6×4 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  History of Old Heath Hayes for our library and a raft of old newspapers for our collection donated by Geoff Sellman.


6th June 1968  Cannock Advertiser  Six paragraphs of this year’s carnival naming countless people taking part together with the Carnival Queen and her attendants.  Also all the activities, floats, stallholders and all the winners.  (More information available on request)

8th June 1918  Cannock Chase Courier  An award by His Majesty the King of a Victoria Cross, which has considerable interest to the people of Cannock district, is that bestowed on Second Lieutenant Cecil Leonard Knox, of the Royal Engineers, son of Mr Jaz Knox JP, and Managing Director of Messrs G W Lewis Tileries Ltd of Cheslyn Hay.  (Full details of his actions on request) 

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