Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 8th July 2018

EVENTS  No Chat ‘n’ Char at the Salem this Thursday, 12th July as it has been replaced by our coach trip to the Liverpool World Museum to see the Terracotta Army.  Please note the coaches will be leaving the Salem at 8am.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and open to everyone.

REQUESTS  A request from Lindsay on our website stating ‘I’m trying to find information on Thomas Whitehouse, born about 1827 to John Whitehouse and Sarah Auld.  The 1861 Census shows Thomas was born in Wyrley Bank. He was married to Martha Charles and living in Tipton at the time. Thank you in advance for any information anyone might have!’

An unusual request from Norma Barta in Michigan who we have helped in the past to research her Bowen family from Cheslyn Hay but she appeals for help on her mother’s side who have no connection locally.  Norma emails ‘I am going in circles trying to find information about my uncle, my mother’s brother.  He was John T Onions, born in 1896/97 in Walsall, to my grandparents, Thomas Onions and Fanny Elizabeth (Brown) Onions I have him in the 1901 and 1911 censuses. In both,  he was living with his parents at Croft Street in Walsall but I can’t find a record of his death.  Can you help me please?  I have only recently discovered his existence as as no-one in my family has ever mentioned him, so I really would appreciate some help if possible.’

RESPONSES  Further to Steve Evans and Alison’s recent visit, our researcher Vi has confirmed that the evacuee was Barbara Joyce Gill and she remained in Cheslyn Hay after the war had ended and she married a Robert Marriner from Stafford.  Also Steve has been given several memories from the friends that Barbara had.

We are also able to help William Thomason in his quest for information  on his Peach and Wollaston family.  Vi gives a full report on the family’s history and whereabouts and Mick Clark emails ‘Francis Peach and Ethel Wollaston were my grandparents and Francis was the ninth child of Thomas and Betsy Leech’.  Mick then forwarded four generations of his family going back to 1838 together with dates of births and deaths and where they lived as well as photographs.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  Copies of the deeds to Bowyers Farm (2 Littlewood Road) with information of the purchasers and other interested parties including the Stokes family (Moses, Charles, Harriet, Thomas, John, Rebecca, Enoch Stokes), Hawkins (John & Sophia Hawkins), Sophia Bate, Walker (Robert, Maria, George, Hannah Walker), Hatton (John Thomas, Frank, Christopher Hatton), Rogers (Emma & Arnold), John Wesley Thomas, John Baker, William Crutchley, Isaiah Bowen, Sarah Jane & Reuben Dunn,  Harry Jones, Frederick John Ridgway, Albert George Bowyer.

A copy of the first baptisms at the New Connexion (prior to the Salem) collated by James Lawson in 1835.  Total of 152 baptisms from 1790 – 1835 together with some research notes available at our Base on Tuesdays.


4th July 1968 Cannock Advertiser  Details of Cheslyn Hay Salem Wesley Women’s  barbeque at the home of Mrs B Hackett of 5 High Street, Cheslyn Hay, to raise funds to subsidise their autumn fair last week.  Nearly 70 people attended the event and all the names of stallholders and helpers given.

4th July 1968  Representatives from Great Wyrley Secondary Modern School entertained the members of Cheslyn Hay Over 60s Club at their meeting last week.  The headmaster of the school, Mr A E Sweet, was the guest speaker.  Also involved were Mr D SmithMr Poxon, Mrs G PlantMrs Waltho, Mrs Knott, Mrs L Baker, Mr PoxonMrs GrantMrs Bray and Mrs Collins.

6th July 1918 Cannock Chase Courier  Full details of one of the most interesting bowling matches that has taken place on the Senior Bowling Green, was witnessed on Saturday, when Wood Green, Wednesbury, were the visitors.

6th July 1918  Activities given of the children attending the Council School for the local Soldiers benefit.

6th July 1918   At the meeting of Cannock Rural District Council, on Friday, Mr and Mrs S Mellor, of Station Street, Cheslyn Hay, were elected caretakers at the Isolation Hospital.

APPEAL  Roger is appealing to anyone who may have use of any Childrens or Adults Dressmaker dummies to lend to ourselves over the weekend 5th & 6th October for our Exhibition.  Please contact Roger on 01785 212412 or 07928070061.

FOR FAMILY HISTORIANS  With the interest in family history research through DNA databases, below is a theoretical number of ancestors you could have in 18 generation … without any cross linking.  Assuming each generation averages out at 25 years you are looking at over a quarter of a million ancestors taking you back to just the mid 17th century.  An interesting thought…..

                                    15th Great Grandparents        131,072

14th Great Grandparents          65,536

13th Great Grandparents          32,768

12th Great Grandparents          16,384

11th Great Grandparents            8,192

10th Great Grandparents            4,096

9th Great Grandparents              2,048

8th Great Grandparents              1,024

7th Great Grandparents                 512

6th  Great Grandparents                256

5th Great Grandparents                 128

4th Great Grandparents                   64

3rd Great Grandparents                   32

2nd Great Grandparents                  16

Great Grandparents                           8

Grandparents                                      4

Parents                                                 2

Self                                                        0

Total Number of Ancestors in 18 Generations           262,142

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