Cheslyn Hay Newsletter – 21st October 2018

Cheslyn Hay History Society Newsletter 21st October 2018


Our Speaker night this week 
“Coalfields to Battlefields” is a 50-minute presentation that Paul Bedford and ex bonker Alan Brown will share with friends and members of CHDLHS on the evening of Thursday 25th October 7pm at The Salem. Members probably know that Paul is a historian, researcher and author of “Not Just Names”, which gives details in words and photographs of the lives of local men who went to war, mainly to France, one hundred years ago and who did not return. Alans part of the presentation will focus on the area of France to which many of them travelled; an area which, as we shall discover, has many coal-mining (and other) links with the Cheslyn Hay and District community. Some surprises and unexpected pictures and stories will be featured (there is even a local dialect where lunch boxes were also known as “snap tins”…)
Our Salem Base

Our Salem Base is open this Tuesday 9am – 2pm. Liz Leavesley is researching her Lydia Dace/John Whitehouse family line and she’ll be at the Base on Tuesday morning. Sue & Vi will be available and also Terry Carpenter


Roger Betts has emailed this interesting request
Many areas of the Midlands continue to show the vestiges of ancient field systems and cultivation practices known as ridge and furrow, the characteristic “corrugated” pattern often running across fields for several hundred yards, occasionally terminating in a headland where the ploughing teams of oxen or horses were turned to make their return trip.
As far as I am aware, there are few if any remaining examples in our area. However, I remember as a child riding my bike up and down what I now believe was ridge and furrow in the recreation ground off Walsall Road in Wyrley. This area was flattened, sadly, after open cast mining in the late 1950s.
Old maps show as recently as the nineteenth century, that this was part of a large field stretching from Jones Lane in the south to Hazel Lane in the north and bounded to the west by Walsall Road suggesting perhaps that it was in mediaeval times one of the old three (or four) open fields belonging to the village.
I wonder if anyone else knows of, or can remember, any other local examples of ridge and furrow.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

17th October 1968 Cannock Advertiser
A meeting of Cheslyn Hay Wesley Guild took the form of a literary evening with a talk on Cliff College, Derbyshire.
19th October 1918 Cannock Chase Courier
At the weekly meeting of the Local Relief Committee and Red Cross Society, two parcels were sent to Private William Westwood and Private T. Bosworth, who are unfortunately Prisoners of War.  A letter was received last week from Private Ern. Parker, thanking the Red Cross Committee for their kindness of Frances Colley, aged 11, of Station Street.
Also a word of congratulations is due to Stephen Pratt, aged 15 last Thursday for his two paintings donated for a raffle.

General News

Appeal for more Photographs,
With over 7,500 photographs in our archives we are now looking to build up a section for the more “Modern” Photographs so that we can display events of the 1970s and 1980s for future exhibitions.

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