Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Newsletter – 20 January 2019

No events this week.

Our Salem Base
Our Salem Base is open from  9am – 2pm every Tuesday.

Daniella Portner posted on our facebook page
My great grandparents were William Russell and Drucilla Winfer/Winter, through their daughter Ruth Russell. They originated in your area and moved to Yorkshire. I would love to connect with anyone else who is related to them and share information!
Sylvia Parsons emails from Essex, she is researching her Dukes family who have connections with Cheslyn Hay and Great Wyrley in the 1700s.
Judith Kinsey emails I did ask for help with my researches in 2017 but unfortunately due to family commitments I was unable to response to people who contacted the history society with help on my Stokes line. ‘Up to now I have been looking in the wrong place as I thought it was Heath Hayes as my
Mum used to go and stay on a farm with her Aunt Marinder Stokes who lived there. I am one of the great granddaughters of Lavinia Stokes but my mum and her sisters and brothers have all passed on now but I remember asking about family history so when I found your mention of Inkerman and Marinder Stokes etc I knew we have the same family.’  Judith is appealing for any help we can provide.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher
The local newspapers for January and February 1969 are unfortunately missing but we will try to find some local news articles from other papers.

8th January 1953  Cannock Chase Courier
Cheslyn Hay Fancier wins at Wheaton Aston.  Full story

16th January 1953
Cheslyn Hay Co-op Women’s Guild
Final arrangements for a New Year party to be held on January the 28th were discussed at Cheslyn Hay Co-op women’s Guild on Wednesday.
Cheslyn Hay Salem Women’s Own
Mr. Herbert Perks gave a reading from the Rev. William May’s books to members of Salem Women’s Own Cheslyn Hay on Wednesday, and also accompanied the singing. Mrs. A H Puckering presided.  

Cannock Chase Courier  18th January 1919 Lieutenant Roland William Charles Hosegood, M.C. 8th Btn, Sask
Full details of an abstract from a Canadian paper.

18th January 1919 Victory Bazzar at Cheslyn Hay
Salem Church Schools, at Cheslyn Hay, provided a good attendance at the opening ceremony, which was performed by Mr. Felix Fellows, of Stourbridge
During the afternoon and evening the ladies and gentlemen of the various stalls were very successful in disposing of the numerous articles, and the Bazzar continued on Friday.

18th January 1919 Chat from Cheslyn Hay
At the weekly meeting of the Local Relief Committee and Red Cross Society it was decided to make a further gift of £1 10s 0d to all soldiers who had been Prisoners of War, making a sum of £2 10s 0d each. Full list of all the Prisoners of War who have received this special gift given.

18th January 1919  Cheslyn Hay Cricket Club
A meeting of the above was held on Tuesday evening, when Captain Shirley Hawkins presided and it was unanimously decided to play during the coming season.

Dr. Ken Williams and Family by Peter Cadman part 1

Peter adds a few more details and anecdotes to her mention of Dr. Ken Williams and his Family including Major Tom Foulke, Joe and Eunice CadmanDulcie and Horace Jervis and Arnold Horton.
To be concluded next week.

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