Cheslyn hay History Society Newsletter – 10th March 2019

The theme for Roger’s Chat n Char this Thursday 14th March is “Musical Memories” starting at 10am in the Salem as usual.

Our Salem Base
Our Salem Base is open from  9am – 2pm every Tuesday

Membership Renewal
Annual Membership is now due for renewal
Membership is on a per household basis @£5 per annum (1st April to 31st March)

We have a couple of ways you can join or renew your annual membership:-
1) You can send/post your membership details:-
Full Name
Address and Post Code
Telephone number
Email Address
Along with the annual membership fee of £5.00p (renewable on 1st April 2019)
Please make your cheque payable to – CH&DLHS (you can also pay by cash if you
wish?), and send it to:-
Rob Allan,
Membership Secretary CH&DLHS,
9 Coltsfoot View,
Cheslyn Hay,
2) Via our web-site  you can connect to our PayPal
account and make your application via PayPal, you are required to register your details
and we can then pick them up from PayPal.
Please note if you already pay your membership via PayPal you do not need to do
anything, as your membership will automatically renew on the anniversary every year.

Rogers Trips 2019
Our first trip this year will be on Thursday 16th May to Burghley House,  Stamford, Lincolnshire. Sold out 

Only 6 tickets left for Leicester
Our  trip to Leicester to visit the resting place of Richard III  will be on Thursday 18th July. The cost will be £10 for the coach and if you would like to visit the Cathedral an extra £3.
We will leave the Salem, High Street, Cheslyn Hay at 8am 

One of members Brian Morris emailed re :-The Brough Family Organisation mentioned in last weeks newsletter outlining the massive connection with the Brough Family in Leek.

Weekly Casualty List (War Office & Air Ministry)
Researched by Dave Washington 4th March 1919  W. T. Lawson 488344 was killed 14th January 1919.  Full details given.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher
6th March 1969 Cannock Advertiser
Mr. Don Perks, of “Avalon”, Wolverhampton Road, Cheslyn Hay, in an interview detailing his contacts throughout the world by means of his hobby as a radio operator.
Details of the renovation of the Cannock Rural Council’s Refuse Pulverising Plant at Cheslyn Hay.

8th March 1919 Cannock Chase Courier 
Mr. T. Weetman presided over a large gathering of the Red Cross Society, at the Salem Schools to raise funds to give a good reception to the “lads” when they return home.
Also a large audience assembled at the Red Lion where a Concert took place in aid of Jack Elwell who has been unable to work for five years.   Full details given.
8th March 1919 The Cheslyn Hay Council School presented a W
 hist Drive, Dance and Social in aid of James Perry.  Full details given.
8th March 1919  Bert Smith and Thomas Harvey, of Littlewood, found guilty in court case.

General News
One of our members has acquired some antique furniture which she would like to donate to a museum or a similar establishment. If anyone has any ideas on how we can proceed with this request please send me an email to the address below.

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