Membership Renewal Now Due

Annual Membership is now due for renewal
Membership is on a per household basis @£5 per annum (1st April to 31st March)
If you would like your newsletter posted instead of emailed there is an extra charge of £7

2 thoughts on “Membership Renewal Now Due

  1. How do I make a PayPal sub payment, please? It has not acdepted Cheslyn Hay Local History Society. It seems to want an email account or something. Can you send me the exact wording I need, please?

    • Hi Margaret,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      To renew your annual subscription by PayPal.

      On the Cheslyn Hay & District Local History Society website – you can either click on the “Payments” title (in blue) on the bottom right hand side of the page (third up from the bottom of the list), or click the “Payments” title under the home button at the top left in the black banner. (They both work the same)

      You then get the Paypal information screen and two yellow buttons on the screen – one button for “Subscribe” and one button for “Donate”.

      For your annual subscription please choose the Yellow “Subscribe” button.

      You can then choose either a Credit/Debit Card payment (the grey button on the left) via PayPal using your normal bank card numbers. and details.

      or You can also create a PayPal account (yellow button on the right) which will ask very similar questions.

      This will then ask for your:-

      First name
      Confirm password

      Either way the site is secure and your details are only shared with us and PayPal – NO one else can see any of your details.

      Once completed your bank is debited for the £5 and it appears in our account.

      The main advantage of this is that PayPal will then automatically renew your subscription every year on the anniversary of the payment. This saves you having to remember each year or you can simply use it as one-off payment – the choice is yours.

      Once you have created your PayPal account you can use it else where – such as mail-order sites etc.

      If all else fails you can always do it the old fashioned way and put a cheque in the post!!!

      Hope this helps?

      Regards Rob Allan
      Membership Secretary.

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