Cheslyn Hay History Society Newsletter – 14th July 2019

Its Rogers trip this Thursday 18th July to Leicester to visit the resting place of Richard III  We will leave from the Salem, High Street, Cheslyn Hay at 8am. Car parking available at back of Salem or on the nearby Talbot car park on Low Street.

Our Salem Base
Our Salem Base is open from  9am – 2pm every Tuesday

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser 10th July 1969  A further appeal has been made for leaders in the new youth programme which is to be established at Cheslyn Hay for the formation of scout and guide groups.
10th July 1969  Salem Women’s Own held a garden party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Woolaston, “Lenton”, High Street, Cheslyn Hay.  Full details given.

Cannock Chase Courier  12th July 1919  Full details of Ernest Smith, Thomas Boon and Frank Worsey court cases for not sending their children to school.
12th July 1919  Alfred Edward Heminsley, Black Lees Farm, Shareshill, was summoned for assaulting Edith Birch (8) Pinfold Lane, with a stick.  Full detials.

Archives  A wall plate depicting scenes of Cheslyn Hay has been kindly donated by Barbara Battersby.

Memories of Andrew Williams of Cheslyn Hay (1960 – 1977) including Harry Bates, Mr & Mrs Sleigh, Eric & Pauline GreyNell Stokes,  the Belchers,  Johnny Newman, Tim & Simon Yoraththe Podmores, Mr & Mrs Holland, Mr & Mrs Hollimode, Mr & Mrs Birch and their two sons David & Graham, Mr & Mrs Whale, Mrs & Mrs Dawson, Mr & Mrs Kingston, Mr & Mrs Bowen, the Brownsand daughter Nina, the Jeavons’s & HortonsDavid and Russell PottsStephen Green, mad Jack & mad HerbertJack Martin, Taffy Blount, Mr & Mrs Russell, Bugsy Bruton and Roy Bates

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