Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 12th January 2020

No events this week.
We had an interesting talk last week at our Chat n Char, Peter Cadman gave a talk assisted by Bob Brevit on the origins of the surnames of some of our members and committee often with quite hilarious results.

Our Forth Coming Speakers Nights are as follows
30th January 2020  “To Die For” The Dangers of Victorian Fashion by Helen Johnson
27th February 2020  “Darling Elizabeth” The Queen Mum  ” by Mary Bodfish
26th March 2020  ” Lipstick on My Collar” by Rev. Lynne Morris

Our Salem Base
Our Salem Base is open from  9am – 2pm every Tuesday

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Chase Courier  10th January 1920  A local committee was formed to organise a Football Charity Cup Competition, and Mr. J. Pratt generously offered a cup as a trophy.  On New Year’s Day the local Demobilised Soldiers and Sailors newly, formed club met the local Villa at Chambley’s Park.

The Literary and Debating Society was held on Monday last but the discussion of “Nationalisation of Mines” commences this Thursday evening. 
Cannock Advertiser
No reports for this week in 1970
Newspapers Researched by Dave Washington

6th January 1970 Birmingham Daily Post  Two people from Cannock have been awarded Royal Humane Society Certificates for reviving an 11 month old boy after he had fallen into an ornamental pool in Park Street, Shareshill , Cannock on July 16th  last year. 

We have had a query from one of our members  about the chippy in Station Street . In our records we have reference to a Chip Shop at 189 station street  run by Gordon Lunt., but our member  thinks it was run by George Lunt  (Gordon’s brother).  Can anyone help us to confirm that Gordon did indeed run a Chip Shop in Station Street?

General News
A collection of mining photographs and videos which have been shared on our facebook page by Andrew Purcell and Dave White can be viewed by clicking the photo below, there are some very interesting pictures.

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