Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 29th March 2020

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser  Hawkins Sports 3, TWH Athletic 0.  Full report

25th March 1970   Deaconess Samson was the guest speaker at last week’s meeting of the Cheslyn Hay Salem Wesley Guild.

25th March 1970  Councillors Seek Action on Flooding in Coppice Lane.

Cannock Chase Courier   27th March 1920   Issue missing.

Newspapers researched by Dave Washington

Birmingham Daily Post  26th March 1970   Telephone subscribers in the Cheslyn Hay District, Near Wallsall, will receive an unexpected call from the operator next week to make sure the areas new Exchange is working properly.   Full story.

Vikings by Peter Cadman
Peter is going to write a series on “The Vikings” for the newsletter for us all to enjoy while we are on Lockdown.

The first recorded Viking attacks occurred along the coast of Northern Europe and Britain in 789 AD. Vikings brutally attack the Monastery of Lindisfarne, an island off the north-east coast of England in 793 AD. They began to attack Scotland in 795 AD. The settlement of the Scottish islands of Orkney and Shetland with the discovery of the Faroe Islands took place in 800 AD. They journey to Ireland and the city of Dublin is founded in 840 AD. Raids on Spain take place in 844 AD. The cities of Paris, France and Hamburg, Germany, are sacked in about 845 AD. In 860 AD a Viking, maybe Rurik the Rus, becomes the ruler of the Russian area of Novogorod. Much of England is invaded and conquered by Vikings from Denmark during the years 865 – 74 AD. A Viking named Harald Finehair becomes (arguably) the first king of Norway in 872 AD. The island of Iceland is settled by Vikings in 874 AD. In England King Alfred agrees a boundary between his kingdom and lands in the north and east of the country, ruled by Vikings. It was known as “Danelaw”. Rollo a Viking leader made inroads into France and occupied territory and ruled over it, Normandy. The year was around 911 AD. In 954 AD the city of York in England, is ruled over by Eric Bloodaxe. He loses his life at the Battle of Stainmore during the same year. By 958 AD Christianity begins to spread across Scandinavia. The king of Denmark, Harald Bluetooth converts to the religion during 958 AD. Greenland is discovered and settled by the Vikings in 982 AD. Eric the Red is believed to have first landed in Greenland. By the year 1000 AD Christianity has spread to Iceland. In the year 1002 AD it is believed the Viking Lief Erikson explored the coast of North America. The Norwegian ruler by 1014 AD is Olaf Haraldsson. A Danish Chieftain known as Cnut becomes king of England in 1016 AD and later becomes king of Norway. (Probably by 1030 AD.) By 1042 AD England is free from Danish rule and two years later in 1046 AD Harald Hardrada becomes king of Norway. Hardrada, perhaps the last Viking King of note, invades England in 1066 AD. His army is defeated at the Battle of Stamford Bridge and Hardrada is killed. However, Duke William of Normandy invades England and defeats the Saxon army at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD. The Viking age has drawn to a close.

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