Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 4th October 2020

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher
1st October 1970  Story of a fashion show organised by Parkes Ltd. Of Cheslyn Hay last week.
1st October 1970  
Details of the report of the football match between Cheslyn Hay “A” and Edward Street in the Cannock Chase Sunday League Division Two.
1st October 1970  Antiques display at the Cheslyn Hay County Branch Library.  Full story.
Cannock Advertiser  2nd October 1920  
William Kendall, of Dunduck Lane, found guilty in court.  Full details of all the cases.

At the same court, William Newell, of Queen Street, Cheslyn Hay, found guilty.

Also Samuel NewellJunior., George Henry Ridgway and John Webb, all of Cheslyn Hay, were summoned for and all found guilty.  Plus William Whitehouse, of 139 Station Street, was fined 20s.

Responses  Further to Bill Thomason’s enquiry in our Newsletter of 6th September requesting photographs of his Wollaston family and their spouses.  He described his request as a ‘long shot’ but we  are pleased to inform Bill of the response.  Mike Shorter has forwarded a photograph of his  grandmother, Eliza Shorter, on her 95th birthday with the Wollaston family naming them all  and their spouses, and we used this photograph in our 2006 publication ‘Glimpses of Old  Cheslyn Hay’.  We also received an email from Mick Clark who has been researching the  Wollaston family since 2012 and we arranged a meeting between himself and Bill at our Base in 2014.  Mick provides plenty of information on the family including all their marriages and he is sorting out all the relevant photographs for Bill during the next few weeks, in the meantime  he has sent us two photos of a family day out one featuring Clara Robinson (nee Wollaston), Ethel Peach (nee Wollaston), Kath Peach, Francis Peach, Leonard Robinson and a  boy Leonard Stanley Robinson. And another of Wollaston’s Susan (nee Sutton), daughter Eileen Margaret and Albert (Bert).   From our own archives however we have a range of photographs from Bill’s list as follows – WOLLASTON  Elizabeth, William, John, Adelaide, Joseph V, Henry J, Arthur, Ethel, Edith M, Albert, Clara, Mildred A.    SHORTER  Sarah Ann.   PEACH
Francis & Ethel.   ROBINSON
  Leonard & Clarrie.    BRADLEY   Mildred Ann.

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