Cheslyn Hay Local History Newsletter – 4th April 2021

Free online Lectures

Great Tudor and Stuart Houses, by Simon Thurley, and other free online Gresham lectures
Lucia Graves, Head of PR & Media, Gresham College has invited our members to view these free lectures

“I thought you and your members might be interested in Gresham College’s History lectures which you can watch both at the scheduled time and afterwards (online). You can 
read more about Gresham College’s free public lectures since 1597 here. 
Of general topical interest, as well as the straight history lectures coming up this year, we have a lecture by Professor Chris Whitty on the history of 
Vaccination, and how it has transformed healthcare, and an old series on epidemics by the historian Professor Richard J Evans, that you may be interested in.
You can register for any lectures using an email address, and will get a reminder 10 minutes before the lecture is due to start.”

History One-Off lectures in 2021
Napoleon: Shadows & Gardens by Ruth Scurr, 1pm, Thurs 6 May 2021
Theatres of War: Crusade, Colonialism and Chivalry in the Middle Ages by Nicholas Paul, 1pm, Thurs 3 June 2021

History Series with lectures still to go in 2021 (you can watch the earlier ones online now)
A series on Great Tudor and Stuart Houses by the superb Simon Thurley – next one is Private Palaces: Mansions of the Marlboroughs, 6pm, Tues 15 June 2021
Alec Ryrie on 
England’s Reformations  – this excellent series has been our top-rated lecture series so far this year (by views), next one England’s Anglican Reformation 6pm, Weds 21 Apr 2021.
A series on 
Darwin by Jim Endersby (all complete now).
Joanna Bourke on 
Evil Women (cultural history – next one is on Myra Hindley, 6pm, Thurs 13 May 2021
The Politics of the Courtroom by the writer and QC Thomas Grant looks at things like the state appointment of judges, and the ‘political lawyer’ from Apartheid South Africa to contemporary Britain. Next lecture is on the Politics of Judging, 6pm, Mon 29 Mar 2021.
A series on 
Great Thinkers by Classicist Edith Hall (one of our best lecturers)  – next one is on Cynics, Stoics, and Epicureans, 1pm, Thurs 27 May
You can see 
everything History-related here.
What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Due to Covid Restrictions we have been unable to continue our research of the newspapers at the local libraries, to avoid disappointment  we are including reports from previous years where possible.
Cannock  Courier & Advertiser  2nd April 1921
Cheslyn Hay and Great Wyrley  Details of all the Easter festivities around the township including the Good Friday football carnival on the Barn Flat Ground with the Cheslyn Hay boys playing first against Landywood Council School followed by the Old Social and the Old Institute clubs naming the players and the results.
2nd April 1921   Ernest Roberts, 44, Station Street, Cheslyn Hay, Thomas Boon, Low Street, and Frank Roe, Rosemary Road, Cheslyn Hay, all appearing in court.
Cannock Advertiser  4th April 1953   Cheslyn Hay Community association started their new financial year by giving a concert last Friday at Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Club. Details of all the artists.

Story of the Parish Cinema Search Goes On Attempts by rural councillors to provide a cinema serving Cheslyn Hay and Great Wyrley have so far proved unsuccessful.

Anniversary at Cheslyn Hay Collections at Mount Zion Church, Cheslyn Hay, on Sunday when the church anniversary was celebrated totalled £82. Special hymns were sung by the choir and children with all the soloists named.


Following on from Roger Betts memories two weeks ago we have received an email from Jenni Bond in Austriala emailed her memories as well.
Bill Thomason emailed

My children went to a Lledr Hall ,in the 90s, with their school, St.Mary`s, Cadishead, I wonder if that is the same place,seems likely.”    

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