Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 16th May 2021

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Due to Covid Restrictions we have been unable to continue our research of the newspapers at the local libraries, to avoid disappointment  we are including reports from previous years where possible.

Cannock Advertiser  12th May 1956
Glancing Back, May 9th 1931
  The senior boys of Cheslyn Hay schools each year give a performance of one of Shakespeare’s
plays and this year it was a production of “King Lear”. Full story.
12th May 1956
  Funeral of Mr. J. H. Harris of 9. Hill Street, Cheslyn Hay, with story of his life.

Cannock Chase Advertiser & Courier  14th May 1921
Cheslyn Hay and Great Wyrley  Details of the houses being erected in Cheslyn Hay, under the Cannock Rural Housing Scheme are nearing completion, and a committee has been formed to select the tenants to occupy them.
14th May 1921  Story of the strike with breakfast being served by the teachers at the Council Schools, and dinners provided for a large number in Salem Church Schools every day.
14th May 1921  Danger signals to regulate the speed of traffic in High Street and Station Street, Cheslyn Hay, are to be erected but a claim by Mr. Ansell, for damage to a cart road, at Cheslyn Hay, was refused.
14th May 1921  Details of the forthcoming season of the local Cricket Club.
14th May 1921  On Wednesday evening the assembly room of the Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Club was crowded to hear discussion on the Coal Crisis.  Full story including several paragraphs.

Following on from the newspaper report “School Sermons At Landywood” in last weeks newsletter Percy Carpenter emailed  “The article reminded me that I had a picture of the choir in1921 which I have  attached.  The placard held by W J Garratt says Easter 1921 which would have been on March 27 five weeks before the Sunday School Anniversary  which was always held on the first Sunday in May.  In later years I sang in the choir with one or two people in this picture.

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