Cheslyn Hay Weekly Newsletter – 7th May 2017

7th May 2017
EVENTS Chat n Char this Thursday, May 11th in the Salem starting at 10.00am and Roger’s theme this month is ‘Eboracum, Jorvik, Eoforwic; a history of York.”
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS No requests received this week.
RESPONSES Jean and Andrew have been able to provide plenty of information for Sue on her Handel Whitehouse family including a copy of the marriage certificate dated 31 Dec 1887 of Handel Whitehouse and Emily Walker as well as a Family Tree. Also Pauline Turner adds that her grandfather Handel Altree was named after his uncle Handel Whitehouse and we have photographs of this Handel’s family in our archives.
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington A court case of Isaac Elwell for gross cruelty (1883), Life of Mrs John Naylor, wife of the Reverend Naylor (1922), court case of Albert Victor Crutchley for aggravated assault on Elsie Foster (1930), a road accident involving Harold Wollaston (1931) and an inquest on Gladys Doreen Smith of 23 Coppice Lane (1951). Copy of any Newspaper Report £1.
11th May 1967 Mr Brian Trevor Turner, a miner, of 2 Mitre Road killed in a road accident. Full details.
11th May 1967 The funeral took place at Church Road Methodist Church, St Anne’s-on-sea, Lancashire, on Saturday, of Mrs May Warrender, of 21 Hatherton Street, Cheslyn Hay widow of Mr Albert Warrender.
11th May 1967 A local Salem newsletter introduced by the Cheslyn Hay’s Methodist minister the Rev Gordon Jenkins and Mr I Stokes.
11th May 1967 Details of the funeral of Mrs Janet Mary Ridgeway, wife of Roland Ridgeway, of 10 Sutherland Road
12th May 1917 Information on how Cheslyn Hay is boldly dealing with the food problem, and is setting an example to the whole of Staffordshire.
12th May 1917 The Salvationists of Cheslyn Hay, celebrating their third year’s work at Cheslyn Hay on Sunday.
12th May 1917 A football match was played on the Barn Flat Ground on Saturday,when teams from Leacroft Colliery and Great Wyrley Colliery competed. The proceeds of the match were for Wilfred Garrett, of Station Street.
MEMORIES This week we continue with the interview of Albert Edward Wood of 37 Leveson Avenue dated 1st October 2002 which started in our newsletter 6th November 2016 covering his schooldays with
Miss Smiley, Mr Cadman, Mr Bale, Mr Baxter and Fanny Ford, the music teacher as well as stories of his mates Reg and Harry Plant, Trevor Baker from Saredon Road and Tony Brough from Station Street. Also many stories of the railway and people he remembered naming Mr Hudson, Roland Ridgway, Godfrey Devereux, Albert Thacker, Dick Benton, Mr Paradine, ‘Trotty’ Jukes and Albert Podmore.
WWI COMMEMORATION This May we commemorate the death of 13623 Thomas Carver of the 1/6th (TF) Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment, who was killed on 12th May 1917 aged 41, son of Charles and Jemima Carver, of 2 Station Street, Cheslyn Hay, and buried with honour at the Fosse No 10 Communal Cemetery Extension, Sainsen Gohelle.
GENERAL NEWS For anyone searching for two old Cheslyn Hay books that have out of print for some time, we now have one ‘Pubs & Publicans of Cheslyn Hay’ at £5 and a ‘Cheslyn Hay Lives Vol 2’ at £4 available. Please contact me at the address below.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly Newsletter – 30th April 2017

EVENTS Our friends at the Museum of Cannock Chase are celebrating VE Day with a one day exhibition on Saturday, 6th May from 11am – 4pm. Free admission.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everyone welcome.
RESPONSES Moss certainly stirred up the memories of our members when he recalled the Powney family. Ray Franks points out that the father was named Hayden who died aged only 59 and continues with the history of the family, which he knows very well. Trevor Bickley also adds more information as he went to school with the granddaughter, Jane Powney.
But the best response came from Rosemary Read, who we have been trying to help in contacting Keith for the last two years as he was the best friend at Cheslyn Hay Infants School of her late husband, Tony. Now they are delighted to be in touch with one another.
Vi has answered the query of the Dunn family with details of Edna M Dunn giving all of her dates. Vi also gives her final response, together with Jean, to their research on John Thomas Morgan from Burntwood stating that his birth cannot be traced and suggests that he could have been born under a different surname.
Our researchers, Andrew and Jean, have also found complications on the Handel Whitehouse enquiry from Sue Harwood as there are two Handel Whitehouses born close together in 1866 and 1867 and Marriage Certificates have been forwarded to Sue but more family information is needed first.
5th May 1917 A full and interesting report is given on the unveiling of a Roll of Honour.
5th May 1917 News was received on Monday morning last from the Chaplain in France by Mr and Mrs D Potts, of the Lord Nelson Inn, Cheslyn Hay, that their nephew Sapper William Potts had been killed while in action in the trenches. Full details given.
5th May 1917 ‘Talk and scandal of the village’ was a description of the conduct of two women Bertha Pearson and Ruth Kingstone in Queen Street in a truly remarkable court case.
5th May 1917 At the Cannock Police Court on Monday, the extraordinary conduct of a miner was investigated by the magistrates involving Lewis Masefield, of Rosemary Road, and William Stanley, a pit boy, living at Pinfold Lane, Cheslyn Hay.
BRIAN COWLEY Brian’s funeral is on Thursday 4th May at the Salem at 10.30am. Unfortunately we cannot cone off the car park as it is also Polling Day there, so I would suggest everyone ‘double park’ around the back of the church, or even park at the car park at the Dog (Talbot Inn) where refreshments have been arranged on return from the Crematorium.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 23rd April 2017

EVENTS Our AGM next Thursday, 27th April starting at 7pm when I will be stepping down after 17 years as Chairman for a more progressive committee to be elected with more IT skills and newer ideas. At 7.30pm Peter Cadman will then give a talk on ‘The City of York’ which will interest all those booked on Roger’s coach trip in July.
OUR SALEM BASE is open to everyone every Tuesday from 9am – 2pm to browse through our 8,500 photographs as well as our extensive library with 165 volumes, mainly of local records. Our researchers are also on hand ready to give advice and support.
REQUESTS From a new member, Sue from Birmingham, who emails ‘I am interested in finding out about my family history. My great grandfather Handel Whitehouse was born in Cheslyn Hay in 1866 but he later moved to Bridgtown where he was a milkman and my mom remembers he also delivered coal. I’d love to find out more about him and his family. I have quite a few certificates so I’ll get what I know together and perhaps someone could help me or I can pay you a visit. I have seen names come up on your Facebook page that I recognise so it’s very exciting.’
After a visit last week from the Dunn family of Glasgow who have researched their family history thoroughly, they just needed details of one of Oscar Dunn Jnr’s siblings, Edna M Dunn, as they have no record of her at all. Our local researcher, Vi, will now research the local records.
RESPONSES After Joan Harley Muegge’s request from Adelaide we have had three responses. Firstly from Derek Moore who remembers the family well when they lived in Rosemary Road and Glenda emails giving details of the family connections and having photographs of them all together and Bill Harley giving the full history of all the family.
The newspaper report last week of the tragic cot death of a baby prompted members to recall that Mrs Christmas was a well respected teacher at the Great Wyrley High School in the mid sixties.
Following the request from the new owner of Saredon Hall Farm, we were able to provide him with websites as well as the detailed information on the hall, referred to as Great Saredon Hall c1700 with the cowsheds and outbuildings going back to the 1500s.
Finally errors have been pointed out from the recent mention of the local bus routes in the fifties. Apparently it was not the No 11 bus but the No 17. It turned into Station Street and not Station Road, it was the Colliers Arms and not the Miners and the Bridgtown to Wolverhampton bus that Derrick could not remember was the No 56.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Marriage certificate of Lavinia Stokes & William Shilton (1886) and a summons to Donald Kingston & Dorothy Barsby with newspaper report (Nov 1952).
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington A Gilpin’s employee, George Dawson, of Churchbridge absconding with large sums of money (1867), George Parker, a schoolmaster of Wedges Mills charged with horse stealing (1867) and Thomas Henry Parker of Wedges Mills in court (1898).
27th April 1967 A further development of approximately 113 houses on the Littlewood Estate with full details.
28th April 1917 Information on the Old Nook Colliery, Cheslyn Hay, has re-commenced working after being idle for over 30 years.
28th April 1917 On Saturday evening the Talbot Bowling Club starting their new season with details of members.
28th April 1917 A football match in aid of the local Red Cross funds was played on the Barn Flat Grounds, on Saturday afternoon, when teams from Churchbridge Works and the local Institute competed with a match report.
MEMORIES From Moss Fisher who is currently scanning photographs of Park Street (The Lot) for our archives and he recalls some of his own memories of the area recollecting his youth with the Powney family.
BRIAN COWLEY Brian sadly passed away on Monday 17th April. Aged just 65, Brian has been an invaluable member of our committee providing notable displays at our Annual Exhibitions gained from painstaking research on both Mount Pleasant and Saredon Road, where he lived. A schoolteacher for most of his career his interests ranged form local history to music, with jazz in particular, but above all Brian will always be remembered for being the thoroughly decent and gracious gentleman he was and someone whose company we have enjoyed over the past three years. Our thoughts are with Sandra and the family.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 16th April 2017

EVENTS Last chance to put your names down for Roger’s trip to York on Thursday, 13th July at £21 per head including entry into the Minster with a free guided tour to include the Museum, Treasury and the Crypts. All 53 seats have been booked on the first coach but if Roger is to reserve another one he needs another 20 people interested. Please contact Roger 01785 212412. Deadline Monday 8th May.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and although it is Easter we will be open as usual on Tuesday. This week we welcome Carol from France researching the Sayers.
REQUESTS From Joan Harley Muegge in Adelaide ‘My family migrated out here in 1949 and my grandparents are Lammis Reginald Harley and Ethel Harley nee Birch. My father is John Harley, born in Cheslyn Hay, went to the local school and left England when he was 12 yrs old and I was wondering if there is any Harley relatives about who knew my Dad or Grandfather. He had a cousin, Donald Harley, who he was in contact with until Donald died and my Dad passed away nearly 3 years ago.’
A request from the new owner of Saredon Hall Farm, Saredon Road, Great Saredon. He emails that the house is old and a grade 2 listed building and would like to find out the history of the property and some old photographs if possible.
RESPONSES Following Judith’s request on her Stokes family, we have had responses from our members who are direct descendants of Inkerman Stokes and others, relating to Edith Alice Stokes, George Handel Bailey, Thomas Bailey, Eliza Brough, Trevor Stokes, Hannah Stanton, Annie Rock, Joseph Inkerman Stokes Sarah Ann Parker.
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS Local historian David Battersby has donated over 20 years of Cheslyn Hay & Great Wyrley newspaper cuttings to our archives as well as two lists of Gilpins employees, one from the 1880s & 1890s and one from 1936 – 1962 with their departments. Also the Order of the Memorial Service cards for Edna Brown (1935 – 2017) and Roger Wollaston (1940 – 2017).
OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington Consultation to erect a Toll Gate on the side of the Turnpike Road near Church Bridge across Walk Lane leading to Walk Mill and Wyrley Bank (27 Oct 1827), plus items relating to Paul Henry Hawkins, Fred Holloway of 44 Low Street, George Mason & Gladys Willington of 12 The Hutments, Middle Hill, Herbert Joseph Harris of 20a The Hutments, Middle Hill and Harriet Hawkins. Copy of any Newspaper Report £1.
20th April 1967 Mr D F CaveOne hundred and fifty people turned up at Monday night’s inaugural meeting of Landywood Estate Residents Association to pledge their support for its formation with full details.
20th April 1967 Tragic death of a three months-old baby, Karen Ann Christmas, found dead after the cot had apparently tilted on the stand.
20th April 1967 Hawkins CC versus Himley including G Wesley, C Collins, R Cooper, R Taylor, A Hassall, G Illidge, D Hewitt, W Cadman, V Parkes, A Jones, K Beeston, T Deeley and T Grundy.
21st April 1917 William Parry, of Low Street, advertising for small contracts in connection to sewers, road making, laying turf, excavating land and other similar work.
21st April 1917 Discussions for a “Roll of Honour”.
21st April 1917 Complaints of intruders on the allotments.
21st April 1917 Henry Morris and Ellen Morris, of Station Street, Cheslyn Hay, arrested, charged and found guilty.
21st April 1917 James Edward Whitehouse, High Street, Cheslyn Hay, in court for trapping birds with witnesses Mr Shorter and Mr Enoch Pearson.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 9th April 2017

EVENTS Chat n Char this Thursday, 13th April starting at 10am as usual in the Salem’s Main Hall with the title ‘A Day at the Races’ with Roger adding ‘you can wear your best hats if you want to!’
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we are holding a get-together of different lines of the Farnell family from 10am onwards with our researchers on hand to help. There will be at least five of the family attending but it is open to everyone.
REQUESTS Judith has just discovered our history group through the internet and emails about her research on her Stokes family ‘Up to now I have been looking in the wrong place as I thought it was Heath Hayes as my Mum used to go and stay on a farm with her Aunt Marinder Stokes who lived there. I am one of the great granddaughters of Lavinia Stokes but my mum and her sisters and brothers have all passed on now but I remember asking about family history so when I found the mention of Inkerman and Marinder Stokes etc I knew we have the same family.’ So Judith is appealing for any help we can provide.
RESPONSES Our researchers have turned up plenty of information for Julie on her Morgan family but it has become more complicated than expected. Elizabeth Morgan (b1864) moved to America in 1910 with her second family and she died there. We are still trying to unravel the marriages however but we have discovered more information on them to pass on to Julie.
The list of donors subscribing to the building of St Mark’s listed last week has prompted members acknowledging the generosity of their forefathers.
And Roger Betts emails ‘Recent references to Methodist chapels in Landywood remind me that I still have a prize awarded to my mother, Alice Whitehouse, in 1906 for “regular attendance” by Upper Landywood Primitive Methodist Sunday School. The prize was a 433 page tome on H.M. Stanley’s travels in Africa. She was 5 years old at the time!’
13th April 1967 Activities at the Cheslyn Hay’s Salem Youth Club.
13th April 1967 Celebration of the golden wedding of Mr Daniel Smith and Mrs Caroline Smith with details of their lives.
13th April 1967 Two of Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Club’s long serving members died during the weekend. Both were former presidents. Albert Parker and Harry Lockett with full details of their lives.
14th April 1917 Meeting of the Cheslyn Hay Local Relief Committee and Red Cross Society listing the net proceeds of Miss Scragg’s concert and all the garments forwarded on.
14th April 1917 On Easter Monday, a football match was played on the Barn Flat Ground, Cheslyn Hay, between a local team picked from the Old Coppice and Great Wyrley Collieries, and a team from the 16th Leicester’s. Full details with all the local players named.
MEMORIES Further to Peter Cadman’s reference to the buses that travelled along the A34 Mike Birch and Derrick Middleton add their own recollections of different buses and their routes.
EDNA BROWN (nee DAVIS) Details of Edna’s life after she had passed away on Tuesday, 28th March, aged 81.
ADRIAN HAWKINS Son of Major Harold Hawkins MC of The Crescent in Low Street and although he moved away several years ago to Stroud he will probably be remembered as part of the group Johnny Tremayne and the Liberties in the sixties. He died last week in Stroud.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 2nd April 2017

EVENTS No events this week.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Open to everyone.
REQUESTS Just received this enquiry from Julie Morgan ‘I wonder if you could help with any information of my husband’s grandfather, John Thomas Morgan, born 27th March 1880 in Chase Terrace and we think his mother was Elizabeth Morgan born 1864 in Brownhills, who married Thomas Henry Webb of Burntwood in 1888. John Thomas married Lucy Bradbury and two of their children were born at Chasetown before they moved away from the area.’ They were a mining family with connections to Cheslyn Hay as John Thomas Morgan’s grandfather was a James Morgan born here in Cheslyn Hay in 1822 and we have a photograph of one of James Morgan’s daughters-in law but still not much more information. So can anyone researching the above mentioned families add any more information?
RESPONSES The response to Geoffrey’s request for information on his grandfather, William Farnell, has been immediate and a meeting at the Salem connecting three lines of the Farnell family has been arranged for a ‘get-together’ at our Salem Base on Tuesday, 11th April starting at 10am. Anyone with an interest in the Farnell are most welcome.
I have checked out John’s request to see if any of his Russell ancestors subscribed to the building of the church in Great Wyrley and we have listed them below.
6th April 1967 News and activities from the Cheslyn Hay Young Wives Club involving Margaret Thomas and Andrew and Stephen Williams of 10 Low Street.
6th April 1967 The success and background of the Cheslyn Hay (Salem) Lawn Tennis Club.
7th April 1917 A meeting of the Local Relief Committee and Red Cross Society, on Friday evening with full details concerning the ‘Roll of Honour’.
7th April 1917 The endeavours of the boys at the local school under Mr W J Simkin providing funds for the National Egg Fund.
MEMORIES This week come from Moss Fisher who responds to Peter Cadman’s ‘Memories’ and adds his own amusing ones on the fifties and what the daily routines were with stories about George Lunt, Jean and Linda Hemmingsley, Maurice Cooper and Glen Ridgway.
WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES After a meeting of the Inhabitants and Owners of Great Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay on 23rd March 1840 this is the list of donors subscribing to the building of a new church, St Mark’s, in Great Wyrley. Headed by the Duke of Sutherland and Lord Hatherton, there were many individual donors from these families – Walhouse, Inge, Lane, Hordern, Smith, Greensill, Sayer, Bowdler, Green, Marshall, Hatton and Strongitharm. Plus individual donors which are all listed in the full newsletter.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 26th March 2017

If anyone would like to become a member, memberships are now due for 2017/18. £5 – the same as last year. All cheques to be made out to CH&DLHS and posted to Rob Allan, 9 Coltsfoot View, Cheslyn Hay, Walsall, West Mids WS6 7BG – or via Paypal (see our website or at our Salem Base.
EVENTS We welcome Richard Field as this month’s speaker on his favourite subject ‘Sir John Betjeman’. This Thursday, 30th March, at the Salem starting at 7.30pm. Admission £1 including refreshments. Everybody welcome.
Our team, led by Peter and Caroline Cadman, had another World War II Day last Monday. This time at the Featherstone Academy and they drew quite an appreciative reaction, not only from the staff but from all of the pupils themselves. A rewarding day.
OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday. Everyone welcome to view our archives and our collection of over 8,500 photographs with advice at hand.
REQUESTS The success of our website ( continues unabated and we continually receive requests from people discovering our site through entering a family name for research. Here a few recent enquiries, all of which are being dealt with this week.
From Constance ‘I’m the granddaughter of Connie Matthews. I would love any information relating to her sad death in 1953 at the Great Wyrley Church House mentioned in your newsletter of 20th January 2013. I’m intrigued as I was named after her but never had the pleasure of knowing her.’ Has anyone any memories of Connie to help Constance in her quest?
Peter Stallard has just come across our newsletter dated 19 October 2014 and would like to see a copy of Mr David Blount’s Class Photograph from the early sixties to revive memories of his old schooldays.
From John Burns who is looking for any information, maps, photographs or reference which might illustrate and/or discuss the extent of open cast mining works that took place, in the past, at or about the Quinton Estate Great Wyrley.
Geoffrey Norman Farnell, son of Horace Norman Farnell and grandson of William Farnell, who was born on the Bonk, has contacted us as he wants to know more about his Farnell family. Geoffrey says he, unfortunately, never had the chance to spend any time with his grandfather William, who was in the South Staffs and gassed on the Somme. His Army number was 6970 and Geoffrey has his medals.
And John from Reigate asks if any of his Russell ancestors subscribed to the building of the church in Great Wyrley ‘for the needs of the local population of 1,547 containing the very poorest and most ignorant in Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay’ adding that this would be unlikely though as they were probably among the poorest and most ignorant!
We are also delighted to comply with a request from the Shareshill Village website wanting four articles which we published in September 2008 to be forwarded to them so that they can include on their own website.
RESPONSES Another example from our website activity is a comment about the life of Cornelius Whitehouse from Celia Godwin dated 4th August 2009, Ray Griffiths replies ‘ I also lived in Bridgtown from the age of 4 in 1936 until the early 1960s and attended Park Street Methodist Church and the youth club. I first learned three of the most well known of the Cornelius Whitehouse carols at Bridgtown Boys School in the early 1940s. Two of the carols were very popular in Bridgtown at that time. My dad had a copy of eight of his carols which I used to play on the piano. I left the Cannock area in 1973 but I still have that music and still play some of the carols at Christmas time.’
ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS A Garforth’s Miners Lamp, made by Eccles, and used by the Deputies. Donated by Paul Ridgway.
30th March 1967 Details of the flood problems for the residents of Low Street, Cheslyn Hay with quotes from Mrs D Dawson of Plot 4 and her neighbour, Mrs S Birch.
30th March 1967 Glancing Backwards from the “Advertiser” 28th March 1942
A story involving two sick old-age pensioners, Mr S Steadman and Mr A Wilkins. Involved are Mr Parkin, Mrs Ballance, Mrs Whitehouse, Mrs Withington, Mrs Mansell,Mr R Pee and Mrs Mellor.
30th March 1967 A special meeting to purchase the Old Falls clay pit at Cheslyn Hay.
31st March 1917 The Sunday School Anniversary in connection with the Primitive Methodist Church was held on Sunday, with names and full details.
31st March 1917 For several years a football carnival has been held on Good Friday, for the Wolverhampton Hospital or the Red Cross Society on the Barn Flat Ground. It has been decided this year to arrange a football match between a team from the Old Coppice Colliery and the Great Wyrley Colliery and a Military team (19th Leicester’s), the proceeds being in aid of the Local Relief Fund and Red Cross Society.
WWI COMMEMORATION This April we commemorate the death of 17100 Thomas Russell of the 2nd Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment, who was killed on 28th April 1917 aged 39, son of Henry and Mary Ann Russell, of 26 Queen Street, Cheslyn Hay, and buried with honour at the Arras Memorial.
ROGER WOLLASTON Roger has sadly passed away last Tuesday, aged 76. Born and bred on the village, Roger, worked as an electrician, but he had a lifetime’s involvement with the Salem Church in many aspects and was well respected by everyone. Funeral will be on Tuesday, 4th April at the Salem at 10.30am.