Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly Newsletter – 27 May 2018

EVENTS  This Thursday 31 May we have the renowned actress and historian, Lesley Smith, performing as Ann Boleyn, starting at 7.30pm at the Salem Schoolroom.  It is a ticket only occasion but we have had 10 tickets returned priced at £5 and these are available now by phoning Malcolm on 01922 410021 or 07794418295.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.

REQUESTS Having seen the unusual name of Theodosia mentioned last week, Joan Clark from Utah sends in a request ‘My ancestor, Thomas Hicken, was born in Cheslyn Hay and he married a Theodosia “Docy” Wilkinson also from Cheslyn Hay at St Matthews Church in Walsall on 7 January 1757.  They had children including Phoebe, Charlotte and Henry and I would like to correspond with anyone who is related to this family.’

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS   Birth Certificate of Herbert Baker of 18 Low Street (9 Jun 1899) and his Labour Certificate (17 Mar 1913).  Newspaper cuttings and photographs of Glenys Hammond as Blossom and May Queens in the 1950s with Jennie Lee & Michael Foot together with her sashes.


23rd May 1968 Cannock Advertiser  Golden Wedding of Mr and Mrs Tom and Mary Wood of 7 Hill Street and their memories of their lives on the village.

23rd May 1968  Woodman were well on top in their local fixture against Cheslyn Hay, and won by 156 – 102 together with allIndividual scores.

25th May 1918 Cannock Chase Courier  After a somewhat lengthy indisposition, the Rev Shapurji Edalji passed peacefully away at the vicarage, early on Thursday morning.  Article contains full details of his life.

25th May 1918  In affectionate remembrance of Clara Millicent Wooton, with details.

WWI COMMEMORATION researched by Bob Brevitt  This June we commemorate the death of 22977 George Whitefield Bowen of the 13th Battalion of the Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment) who was killed on 2nd June 1918 aged 22, son of William and Frances Bowen, of 11 Hatherton Street, Cheslyn Hay, and remembered with honour on the Arras Memorial.


This week we are publishing a most captivating poem by Margaret Fletcher on her life in Cheslyn Hay naming all of her favourite shops on the village.

PAT POTTS (nee Marshall)  Pat Potts passed away in her sleep on Monday, 14th May at Watersedge Care Home in Newtown after a two year stay.  Pat was very alert with a quicksilver mind and a wonderful memory before developing dementia but after a fall at Christmas she spent most of her time bed-ridden.  She was 93, born and lived all her life in Hill Street, Cheslyn Hay.  Pat married and had one son Robert, who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident just six weeks before he was due to get married.  Funeral is at St Mark’s Church at 10am on Tuesday, followed by interment at Cheslyn Hay Cemetery and a repast at Great Wyrley Old Hall.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 20 May 2018

EVENTS  No events this week but  there are only a handful of tickets left at £5 each for a full house to see Lesley Smith, on Thursday 31 May starting at 7.30pm at the Salem Schoolroom.  It is a ticket only occasion and no-one will be able to pay for entry on the night, so please phone Malcolm on 01922 410021 or 07794418295 if you wish to guarantee your place.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we welcome two researchers.  Phil Jones has information on Edward Morris who was killed in the First World War and is on our War Memorial and Dr Alan Jones is bringing us up to date with his latest research on the Edaljis.

REQUESTS  Ann Molloy from Australia has been able to respond to a request posted by Yvonne, also from Australia, on our website from seven years ago which stated ‘I am trying to find any information on the Isaiah & Sophia Bate family. They had a son Matthew who married Eliza Whitehouse, and a daughter Eliza who was my great grandmother.  Isaiah died in a mining accident in 1864’.

Ann is able to add more information for Yvonne together with a request for help on her Stokes family history, emailing ‘I have been researching my Stokes family tree  and Sophia Stokes married Isaiah Bate and lived in Little Wood.  John and Rebecca Stokes were her parents who lived next door and as John owned both cottages he stated in his will that Sophia should continue living there with her children.  Eventually Sophia remarried and moved on.  In early records Sophia was known as Docey Hodgkins, which is a diminutive game for Theodosia.  It seems it was interchangeable with other names as I think she may have used Dorcas as well.’

RESPONSES  From Vicki Robb who emails ‘Last week’s mention of  ‘uwp th’a bonk’ brings brought back a very pleasant memory’ and Vicki relates a story about her grandfather, Jack Sishton in Wedges Mills.  And new member, Judy from Australia, commenting on the memories of Olive Mary Whitehouse of the 1930s.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  A Cannock Chase Miners Association badge with the date ‘OCTOBER 1910’ which would have been worn on the lapels of their suits.  Donated by Ron Whitehouse, this is the only one we have and will be used in our Miners Display Cabinet for Schools and Exhibitions.

EXTRACT FROM THE BIRMINGHAM MAIL researched by Dave Washington

15 May 1968 (Fifty years ago)  Protests by councillors Mrs M Homeshaw and  D A Stanton against the Walsall Corporation Transport for failing to replace trains lost after the ‘Beeching axe’ with an adequate bus service which now only operate just three  buses a day through Cheslyn Hay and Great Wyrley.


16th May 1968 Cannock Advertiser  Mr Ernest Carter of Watling Street, has been appointed Honorary Representative of the Royal Life Saving Society for the county giving a full history of his involvement since 1940.

18th May 1918  Cannock Chase Courier  Details of the replayed final in connection with the Cheslyn Hay Red Cross Society was decided on the Barn Flat Ground, between Cheslyn Hay Institute and Huntington Swifts.

18th May 1918  It was decided to organise a Prisoners of War Fund, and the Chairman with the Acting Secretary, Mr R Brough, to make necessary arrangements with regard to a house to house collection involving Prisoner of War Sergeant Major Bosworth, Privates F Hughes, J Waltho, S Thomas and J Pearce (Wedges Mills).  I

18th May 1918  On Monday a large gathering assembled at the Local Institute on the occasion of the presentation of medals to the Players of the Local Institute Club involving T Wright,  J PerksP BarkerF Baker, W Dace, W Hawkins, Bert Goodman, P Perry, J Jones, S Perry, W Bull, F Stokes, C Pritchard, J Perry and C Brough.   It was stated that 140 members of the Institute had joined the Colours.

18th May 1918  The first bowling competition took place on the Senior Club Green, on Saturday with results between Mr H Stokes Snr, Mr J Walker, Isaac Clewley and Jos Clewley.

18th May 1918  A meeting of the Victoria Brass Band Committee was held at the Working Men’s Club and Institute on Wednesday evening last, with full details.

18th May 1918  The township has lost a citizen by the name of Ann Lockett, of High Street with information of her 70 years in the district.

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES   We have a book of short stories kindly donated some time ago by Vanessa Morgan of Redditch who had inherited her grandfather’s memories and stories all recorded for posterity with details of Sid and Christopher LawsonChas, Mac, Granddad Bankey, Jonty (killed in Gallipoli), Wilty (died through injuries received in mine soon after war), Jacker, Benjy, Squib, Miff, Chuck, Old Josh, Benjy (who was a servant to the Laird), Jimmy Jar, Smiler, Smacker (old & young), Old Woody, Herby, Pug, Kagg, Sandy Bob, Mickey, Shigger and Herbie the undertaker.’

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly Newsletter – 13th May 2018

EVENTS  No events organised for this week but we have almost sold out of places for the appearance of actress and performing historian, Lesley Smith, on Thursday 31 May starting at 7.30pm at the Salem Schoolroom.  It is strictly a ticket only occasion and we have only 19 tickets left priced at £5 and we will not be advertising the event after today.  Our apologies but no-one will be able to pay for entry on the night.  So first come, first served by phoning Malcolm on 01922 410021 or 07794418295 and thank you for your cooperation.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.

REQUESTS  Continuing the interest in our local accent and after Derek’s clarification (see below), Judy mentions ‘uwp th’a bonk’ in relation to up the top end of Station Street which brought memories ‘flooding back of conversations and the wonderful accent in your area’ and Judy asks ‘Are there any recordings of this wonderful way of speaking?’  It’s interesting to observe that all the awareness of the changing language and accents from the Bonk are all from members who have left our area whilst we are quite content to let the years roll by without making any effort to record our own distinctive input into the English language!  And as Judy, in Australia, is researching her own family history starting from Cheslyn Hay says such a recall ‘would be great for the grandkids (and Grandma!)’.  So has anyone any old tape recordings etc of any old ‘bonker’ with a local accent so that more of our past can be preserved for the future?

RESPONSES  And here is the response referred to from Derek Bullock who emigrated to Canada 55 years ago.  ‘Firstly the word ‘duck’ as a term of greeting has nothing at all to do with the winged bird as its origin is from the Saxon word ‘ducas’ which was meant as a term of respect; similar to the Middle English ‘duc’, ‘duk’ which denotes a leader, commander; from which comes the title ‘Duke’ and the Old French word ‘ducheé’ – the territory ruled by a Duke.’  Derek expands on how this endearment is used in other parts of the country and even quoting Shakespeare to support his theory.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS   A thought provoking two page report by Dr Alan Jones on his research on ‘Shapurji Edalji’s Religious Road to St Mark’s Church’ covering all his early life in Bombay right through to his ordination followed by all the curacies that he held before his appointment to St Mark’s. (Edalji Collection)

A cavalry sword, donated by Rob Perks three months ago for our School Displays, has created further interest.  We originally thought that it was from the First World War but we now believe it is a sabre and and could have belonged to any 19th century cavalry regiment even going back to the 1860s.


Cannock Advertiser – 9th May 1968   Cheslyn Hay group of entertaining troupes opened their 1968 season with the Gingham Girls, Annettes, Honeytots and Katrinas with information on Ann Parsons, Karen Thomas, Marilyn Jackson, Carol Stevens, Karen Harvey, Susan Farr, Linda SheltonOlwyn Haynes and Julie Westwood.

9th May 1968   News of the Salem Women’s Guild.

Cannock Chase Courier – 11th May 1918   Story of Company Sergeant Major T Lockett his bravery and the recognition he has received.

11th May 1918   The will of Captain Clarence Victor Thomas Hawkins, of Cheslyn Hay, of the South Staffordshire Regiment, whose death occurred on active service in France on September 26th.

11th May 1918   On Saturday afternoon the bowling season commenced at the Talbot Club with details of a winning start against the Vine.

11th May 1918   The Victoria Brass Band Committee held their Annual Hospital Parade on Sunday with details of the collections by Mr A Illidge, £2 17s 6d, Mr J Middleton £2 10s, Mr J Hood £2 2s, Mr Geo Ridgway £1 13s 9d, Mr J Bailey £1 10s 9d, Mr W Hall £1 1s 0d and Mr A Emery 17s 0½. making a grand total of £12 12s 1d.

APPEAL  We are currently building up a ‘Cliff Hooper Collection’ with photographs, programmes and newspaper cuttings of the Gingham Girls and Roger will be making the Cheslyn Hay Carnivals one of the main features in our Annual Exhibtion on October 6th.  In our research we have already listed many of the Carnival Queens and Princesses, namely Judith Dace, Linda Precious, Pat Moreton, Angela Dace, Shelagh Smith, Hilary Simms, Wendy Bates, Carol Horton, Carol Hood, Norma Pope and Letitia Bowater, but we wish to have a complete list of all the queens and princesses, together with any newspaper cuttings, photographs and programmes to borrow for copying to complete the display and for this to remain in our archives for future references.  Anyone with any information or have items of interest please contact me via the email address below or call into the Base any Tuesday.

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES  The mention of the sad passing of Carrie Summers last week reminded me of the time when I interviewed her and she told me of a story concerning Arnold Hawkins.  She was his personal secretary for many years and it was at the time when he was inviting some quite impressive artists to sing at the Salem.  Carrie recalls that ‘he once invited two truly renowned tenors Heddle Nash and Robert Easton and on the afternoon of the concert Mr Arnold took them on the Gailey Pool in a rowing boat.  It capsized and if it hadn’t been for the presence of Charlie Paradine, who rescued them, these two great tenors could well have had their careers dramatically cut short!’

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 6 May 2018

EVENTS The theme for Roger’s Chat n Char this Thursday, 10th May is ‘Crown Inn Glory’ with an option of dressing up in Red White and Blue. Starts at 10am at the Salem as usual.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we welcome four members of the Jeavons family to complete the cataloguing of photographs and the history of the Gingham Girls.

REQUESTS Although we were able to help Diane in her research for information of her father, Geoff Whiles, there are two aspects where we have drawn a blank. Geoff was a Bevin boy down a local pit in the war and Diane asks if there are any local Bevin boys still around for her to talk with. And secondly what senior school did Geoff attend in the thirties? Diane assumes it must have been Great Wyrley Senior but we have no evidence to support that and he could have gone to Rugeley Grammar School. So does anyone remember Geoff Whiles at school?

RESPONSES After Derek Moore’s detailed response to the Judy’s Foster family last week, Judy will now be emailing him from Australia with some of her own memories around Cheslyn Hay when she was a child.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS Four of the Poxon family (PE-POX-6,7,8,9) of 97 High Street with Harry & Rhoda (nee Cartwright), Harry Jnr, Lilian, Alan & Stan Poxon & Lilian Reed. £1 per 6×4 Photographic Print.

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington Three unrelated reports from the 1900s from various newspapers with full details.

Cheslyn Hay Male Voice Choir winning the Leicester Mercury Rose Bowl in 1925.

The death of Charlie Towle’s opponent in 1932.

Plan to widen the M6 from Saredon to Lymm with costs etc.

NEWSPAPER REPORT Another report from Sue Challenger and it is dated 19th June 1920 and all are recognisable local names! Eleven youths from Cheslyn Hay named William Roe, Cyril Parsons, Joe Hodson, Clifford Smith, John Pratt, Andrew Allen, Harry Lockett, William Leach, Harold Thomas, Baden Newell, and William Savage were all found guilty.

Cannock Advertiser – 2nd May 1968 Details of the retirement and life of 80 years-old Mr Lawrence Hawkins at Hawkins (Henry) Ltd., Tiles, Longhouse Tileries.

2nd May 1968 Keep-fit classes organised for the ladies of Landywood Residents Association with Doreen Lyons and Katherine Sedgley.

Cannock Chase Courier – 4th May 1918 Full information on the Annual Hospital Parade in connection with the Victoria Brass Band.

4th May 1918 The Red Cross Society have successfully arranged a Football Competition with the help of Mr A E Elwell. All details given.

4th May 1918 Dorothy M Leeke daughter of Mary Anne Leeke, passed away May 3rd 1918, aged seven years and eight months.

MEMORIES More wonderful reminiscences from the 1930s by Olive Mary Whitehouse with stories about Harry Whitehouse, Hacketts the butchers, and Marion Lockett and how life was then.

GENERAL NEWS More sad news on the passing of two of our longest serving members, Mrs Carrie Summers (nee Norman) of New Penkridge Road aged 90 and Roy Smith from Station Road aged 87. Carrie worked for Arnold Hawkins in charge of the office at the Tileries throughout the fifties and Roy went to the Pinfold Lane School before going on to the Rugeley Grammar School, where he became a well respected engineer where his services were sought all over the world. Both will be fondly remembered by us all.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Newsletter – 29 April 2018

EVENTS  John Devey of the Bridgtown LHS is launching his new book on ‘The Great War’ this Wednesday, 2nd May at the Bethel in Union Street, Bridgtown starting at 10am after their short AGM.  The book is an excellent one, well researched and covers many aspects of Bridgtown around WWI and is one of a series of six that will encompass the full history of Bridgtown and priced at £6.  Orders to John on 01922 412008 or        or via my email below.  A free buffet has been arranged after the launch.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday with all and sundry welcome!

RESPONSES  Our researcher Jean has turned up full details of all the Smith family including wills for Bill Thomason with the support of Vi all information is included in the newsletter.

Derek Moore visited our Base on Tuesday in response to Judy Desha’s appeal for information on her Foster/Elsmore family with memories of all the familiues including Elizabeth (nee Elsmore) and Jack FosterTed, Harry, Ern, Albert, Elizabeth (married Manny Moore), Ginny and Ethel and Judy’s mother, Laurie Foster.

An appreciative note from Marion McCulloch in South Wales with information on her dad, Ronald Wilson.

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES  We have a range of crockery including Cheslyn Hay plates, Salem commemorative plates and some Primitive Methodist crockery believed to be made by the Shorter family, which of course is our link with the famous Clarice Cliffe.  Clarice married into the Shorter family and the full story of her connection to Cheslyn Hay is related by one of our members Christine Andrews and refers to the book ‘The Shorter Connection’ about the life of Clarice Cliffe.


Cannock Advertiser – 25th April 1968  Story on the Cheslyn Hay Parish Council agreeing to support two local football teams, Landywood Residents Association and Talbot S C.

25th April 1968   Details of the ‘deplorable’ condition of Rosemary Road, Cheslyn Hay, and the ‘inefficiency’ of the authorities to remedy the situation involving Mr H W Hitchinor, his mother, Mrs F Hitchinor and Mrs E Timmins.

Cannock Chase Courier – 27th April 1918  Cheslyn Hay postman, Edward Tew, sentenced to six months hard labour for his crime.  Full details given.

WWI COMMEMORATION researched by Bob Brevitt  This May we commemorate the death of 631996 Jack Shorter, who was killed on 21st March 1918 aged 21, of High Street, Cheslyn Hay.  Full information including a newspaper report of his life.

Anyone wishing to become a member for the annual fee of £5 and to  receive the full unabridged newsletter with full information every Sunday morning at 9am please contact me through my email address below.  Many thanks.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly Newsletter – 22 April 2018

EVENTS  Our Annual General Meeting this Thursday, 26th April at the Salem starting at 7pm followed by a talk by Peter Cadmanat 7.30pm entitled ‘ The Terracotta Army and Liverpool ‘.    Free admission with refreshments.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.

REQUESTS   Bill Thomason emails asking for any information at all on Albert Samuel Smith (b1905), his father Samuel Smith(b1879 in Great Wyrley), his mother Adelaide nee Wollaston (b1880) and Albert’s siblings Lawrence, Albert Samuel, Ethel Muriel, Sarah, Alethea M and Edith Smith.  All born in Cheslyn Hay except for Samuel.  Bill’s family married into the Cartwrights with Ellen Cartwright (b1854) marrying John Wollaston (b1848) and he asks if any of them in our local cemeteries.

RESPONSES  Vi has researched the Kirkham family tree after last week’s request from Neil Anstee from New Zealand and has discovered that his aunt, Hazel Kirkham, married Alan Goodman from Holly Bush with other details of the family.

More boyhood memories of Tony Read from David Hudson.

The mention of Vic Parry of Croxdene prompted our Vi to recall a link with Cheslyn Hay, giving information of Parrys Buildings at Holly Bush.

Finally, on the discussion of our local dialect, Alan Brown suggests Ed Conduit’s 2007 book on ‘The Black Country Dialect’ adding his own personal view of ‘Surely many of us with Wyrley Bonker grandparents can remember their distinctive voice patterns. I still think of a larger-than-average lump of coal as a “rairker”!’

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Two photographs of Henry (Harry) & Rhoda (nee Whitehouse) Cartwright and one of James Kingston of the Nook with his daughters Grace, Dorothy, Miriam & Alison.  £1 per 6×4 Photographic Print.

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  From the 1950s reports include Elizabeth BownPercy Whitehouse,Frederick James Thurstance and Verona Jean Kendall.


Cannock Advertiser – 18th April 1968  The funeral service of Mr Ernest John Denny with details.

18th April 1968  More information has been received on the sewing machine made over 100 years ago in Winchendon, Massachusetts, and unearthed by Mrs Kathleen Walmsley

18th April 1968  An all Cheslyn Hay final in the Cannock Chase Individual snooker competition between J Dawkes and P Cole.

18th April 1968  Holy Week services of Cheslyn Hay Wesley Guild, Cheslyn Hay with Janet RobinsonGilbert RogersRonald Wilson, and Mr B Hackett.

Cannock Chase Courier – 20th April 1918  The Talbot Bowling Club at the opening of the green for the coming season naming club officials etc

20th April 1918  A dance in connection with the Women’s Working Committee with details.

20th April 1918  Football match with the home players wearing a black band on their left arm in memory of their old and esteemed playing colleague Gunner Jack Shorter.

20th April 1918  On Sunday evening  the Rev G H Thomas, was born in the township, and lived the greater part of his life in Cheslyn Hay, presented the service.

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES  Pat Everiss relates the story of the Cheslyn Hay Community Centre from March 1952.

GRAHAM SLEIGH  Another one of our long standing members, Graham Sleigh, passed away on Sunday, 16th April in the Manor Hospital, Walsall, aged 85, after a two month spell suffering from a brain tumour.  Graham was a popular and talented musician throughout the area.

Anyone wishing to become a member for the annual fee of £5 and to  receive the full unabridged newsletter with full information every Sunday morning at 9am please contact me through my email address below.  Many thanks.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 15 April 2018

EVENTS  Our 12 month programme has now been finalised and will be distributed to all of our members shortly but we have a special event next month with the appearance of actress and performing historian, Lesley Smith.  Lesley is the curator of Tutbury Castle but is perhaps better known as the resident historian on the television programme ‘Most Haunted Live!’ as well as presenting and featuring in many other television shows.  It is a ticket only occasion and members and their families can prebook their places before April 30th by contacting either Malcolm on 01922 410021 or 07794418295 or Roger on  01785 212412.  Date is Thursday 31 May starting at 7.30pm at the Salem Schoolroom and tickets are £5.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone is welcome to view our archives and photographs with our researchers available to help with any enquiries.

REQUESTS  From Neil Anstee of New Zealand who emails ‘I write to you for some assistance please. With my parents having recently joined a Cannock Reminiscence Group, I thought it would be interesting to find out more about our family tree of theAnstees and the Kirkhams.  This spur has once again given me an opportunity to regain my lost  impetus to enquire whether any progress has been made regarding my family search since I emailed you last year.  My family and I are returning to the UK in mid-May and would be pleased to discuss any options available to us at that time.’

RESPONSES   Last week in Jeanette’s appeal for information on her relative Julia Jones, we now have details of where she was in service.

We have been able to help Judy Desha from Australia with a series of photographs of relatives going back 100 years and we are planning to exchange photographs over the coming weeks as Judy has several of them, mostly containing unidentified Cheslyn Hay residents.  She is also planning a holiday over here for next year.

Following a visit to our Base last month to further her interests in her Sambrook family tree, Stephanie Hazelwood, has now been connected with a member who is researching the same line of Sambrooks.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS   We have been donated the family history of Enoch Holland who lived at 166 Station Street, and was a direct descendant of King Henry VII including newspaper cuttings with a photograph of the family chest in black oak dating back to 1469.

Also an undated newspaper report covering the histories of the local pits and pubs as well as mentions of local characters Albert Tomkinson, Tom Bentley, Albert Deakin, William H Barsby, Sam Watson, Mrs Frank Wallace and some Jellyman stories.

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  From the year of 1857 we have newspaper reports involving Edward Turer, William JonesEusebius Bullivant, Israel Deakin, Richard Jones JnrJohn Baker, William SayerWilliam JonesJoseph Tonks and Joseph Whitehouse.


Cannock Chase Courier – 13th April 1918   News has been received by Mr and Mrs William Shorter, of High Street, Cheslyn Hay, that their son Gunner Jack Shorter, has been killed in France, with full details.

13th April 1918   In loving memory of Thomas Marshall of 164 Station Street, Cheslyn Hay.

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES  From an article written by Pat Everiss in October 2005.

Random selection of payments from the overseers’ accounts for the poor between 1766 and 1800, with full information on Edward AshRobert Derry, Francis WarrilowElizabeth WilcoxSolomon Horton, William Titley and Samuel Cooper.  

APPEAL  An interesting email received this week from Roger Betts on how our local accents may have changed over the years.