Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 5 June 2016

EVENTS   Roger’s Chat n Char is this Thursday 9th June at 10.00am in the Main Hall of the Salem and the title for the morning’s entertainment is ‘Happy Birthday!’
Also Roger has sold more seats for the second coach to Blenheim Palace on Thursday 14th July but we have received cancellations so there are just 5 seats remaining at £23.  Telephone Roger 01543 372856.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week we are continuing with our Evans and Perks research.
REQUESTS  No requests received for this week.
RESPONSES  Our three researchers have all provided information for Stephanie following her enquiry into the Christian name of Lamotto.
NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Two wedding photographs – one of Arthur Norwood & Alice Kingston and guests, and a mystery Salem wedding that includes Nell Stokes (nee Perks) and Polly Stacey (nee Perks), one of Perce Marshall, an Iris Heminsley in Hill Street in 1948 and one of the original Noden’s Barn, now the Holly Bush Garden Centre.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington   With details of one Cheslyn Hay story in April 1929 that caught the interest of the daily papers up and down the land including the Dundee Telegraph, the Hartlepool Mail and the Hull Daily Mail.

9th June 1966 
Details of cricket match Cheslyn Hay versus Codsall with names provided.
10th June 1916  Surprising news of the annual school treat in connection with Salem Church.

MEMORIES  Details of our farming past including information on Monoha Chambley, Thomas Bird, Edward Quinton, Thomas Talbot, Joshua Harvey, Sarah Jackson, William Gilpin, George Marklew, George Ashman, Daniel Whitehouse and the Daces – Benjamin, Jane and James.

MYS - 16 An unknown Cheslyn Hay organisation from the thirties with only Ben Carpenter named (front - 2nd from left).THIS WEEKS MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH   MYS – 16  An unknown Cheslyn Hay organisation from the thirties with only Ben Carpenter named (front – 2nd from left).  Can be viewed either on our website  or on our Facebook Page.
WWI COMMEMORATION  This June we commemorate the death of Charles Hickman
  We have now collated over 250,000 (a quarter of million) entries on our master database including baptisms, weddings, burials, photographs, newspaper reports, censuses and electoral roles which will eventually be available at the touch of a button to all of our members researching their family histories.  We are also building up lists of interest that will provide much information for these researchers and I include this week s story relating to the miners at the Old Coppice Colliery with all these 44 involved – H Brough, W Baldwin, J Belcher, M Hook, J Parbrook, J Wesley, R Webster, J Handy, F Powell, R Cooper, W Wilkes, D Brough, S Belcher, R Shorter, E Sambrooks, E Venables, E Pitt, S Woodall, T Rogers, T Parry, F Boothby, H Bakewell, T Gaskin, S Richards, A Turner, L Boon, H Dawkins, T Cooper, W Westwood, F Kendall, J Baker, W Taylor, R Baseley, S Horton, E Bosworth, J Bland, J Walker, B Hawkins, H Spooner, W Hawkins, A Brown, J Morgan, A Horobin, J Lees.
MEMBERSHIP  Full details of all the above stories can be obtained by becoming a member at £5 and the newsletters are emailed out at 9am every Sunday morning and we are now taking subscriptions for the next 12 months.  Either pay by Paypal via our website or a £5 cheque made out to CH&DLHS and post to T McFarlane, 42 Station Road, Great Wyrley, Walsall, West Mids WS6 6LQ.   Many thanks.

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 29 May 2016

EVENTS  This year’s programme of Speakers and Chat n Char events will be
forwarded to all members within the next few days but after Robert
Bowers talk this week it will be difficult to imagine anyone surpassing
his performance.

OUR SALEM BASE Our Salem Base is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and
this week Stephanie Tudor-Hazelwood is visiting us in the morning to
research her Perks and Evans family trees and she would be delighted to
meet anyone with the same connections, which are registered in today’s

REQUESTS  As mentioned above, Stephanie’s family line of Perks evolves
from Joseph (born c1820) & Ann (1823) and they had two daughters Lamotto
(1850) and Amelia (1854) and a son, William (1857).  Lamotto is
Stephanie’s g-g-grandmother and she married Leonard Evans, landlord of
the Dog and the Christian name of Lamotto is most unusual and it appears
to follow down through the family and Stephanie asks if anyone knows of
its origin or indeed if anyone has even heard of the name before.

RESPONSES  Wilfred Barker is now in touch with his old mate from 50
years ago, Ernie ‘Cutty’ Smitherman, as well as John Devey contacting
Shirley Maclean together with Peter Cadman, Ray Eccleston, John Eve,
John Sneyd, Barbara Chilton and John Foster.
Andrew has provided Jenny with a 29 page Shorter family tree listing
five relevant Shorter marriages between 1770 and 1787.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  View from Edgar Hackett’s garden in Mount Pleasant
looking towards cottages where  the White Horse pub now stands, Cliff
Perks and his granddaughter, Millie Perks, Wilfred Hawkins of 188
Station Street and his brother, Horace, one of Rachel Lockett and one of
the Razza in 1959 after it had been drained.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  One story in the Lichfield
Mercury is of Frederick Pratt, the Miller at Saredon (22 Feb 1843).

by Mike Belcher
2nd June 1966  Cannock firemen in a fire scare at 7 Short Street,
Cheslyn Hay.
2nd June 1966  Councillor W G Mytton has made a £100 challenge to anyone
who can truthfully make a statement that a certain footpath in Cheslyn
Hay is in good repair.
3rd June 1916  Sergt Walter Simkin returned to his school with details
of active service.
3rd June 1916  Moses Lockett, of Cheslyn Hay, was summoned.  Also Thomas
Lockett and John Lockett.

MEMORIES  This week we turn to the dramatic wartime memories of the
recently departed Cliff Hooper.
MYS - 15  No-one named at the Cheslyn Hay Darby & Joan Club.

THIS WEEKS MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH   MYS – 15  No-one named at the Cheslyn
Hay Darby & Joan Club.  Canalso be viewed on our Facebook Page.
Full details of any of the above stories can be supplied by request to –

Cheslyn Hay Weekly News – 22 May 2016

EVENTS  We start our new Speakers Programme this week with Robert Bowers, a man of outstanding talent with connections to celebrities, politicians and stars including John Thaw, Ricky Hatton and Tony Blair.  Title of his talk is ‘One Man and his Work’ and it’s not to be missed.  £1 including refreshments on Thursday, 26th May at the Salem starting at 7.30pm.  The new Speakers Programme will also be available on the night covering the next 12 months.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week Michael Clark is  planning a visit to further his research on his Wollaston family.  Everyone welcome.
REQUESTS  An appeal from an old ‘bonker’ who has returned to these shores after 50 years in the Southern Hemisphere – ‘My name is Wilfred ‘Wiffy’ Barker.  I formally lived at 29 Littlewood Lane, Cheslyn Hay when I immigrated  to Aussie in 1963.  I then lived in New Zealand for 19 years before coming back to the UK.  I would desperately like to see and contact my old mate Ernie ‘Cutty’ Smitherman.  I have been told he still plays the piano at some place.  If I can get his phone number or address I would be highly chuffed! I am now living in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.’
Shirley Maclean, who attended the Great Wyrley School in the early sixties whilst she was living in a caravan in Long Lane, Newtown, emails ‘Looking for a John Devey, who was the best friend of Kenneth Butcher when they were at Great Wyrley School together.  Sadly Ken died after a car accident in 1965.  If anyone can help please contact me as I was Ken’s girlfriend.’  Shirley adds that Ken lived in Hilton Lane before moving to Hamelin Street in Cannock and he was only eighteen when he died and she would love to hear from John or anyone who remembers Ken or herself from those days as she is planning to visit the Midlands to place flowers on Ken’s grave next month.  I am in contact with John, but does anyone else remember Shirley and Ken?
After helping Jenny out with her Gasser/Garside family research, we are now providing full details of the two dozen Garsides that were living in Cheslyn Hay throughout the 1700s and this has triggered a further request from Jenny as James Gasser married Rebecca Shorter (daughter of James Shorter and Eleanor Scariot) at St Lukes, Cannock, on 18th Feb 1803.  Rebecca (26 Nov 1780 – 18 Jun 1838) had 10 children, the eldest being James Gasser who was born locally in 1804 and he married Mary Ann Carter.  The other nine children were all born in Winchester and Hampshire, but Jenny asks if Rebecca’s father, James and his family were native to Cheslyn Hay.

OLD NEWSPAPERS researched by Dave Washington  All court cases reported in the Lichfield Mercury for the year of 1887.  Thomas Seal, John Mobberley, Joseph and John Russell as well as a miner, Isaac Stokes (29 April), Abraham Spellman (1 April), John  Farrington (13 May), Benjamin Nicklin (25 Nov), Elizabeth Jenkins, Harriet Morgan, Rose Evans, Miriam Wright, Martha Dawkins (15 May), John Tennant, Aaron Davis, William Lockett, John  Lawson, Sarah A Quinton, John Thomas, Joseph Wall (25 Nov), George Gill (10 June), Frank Bown, William Craddock, Josiah Jones, Frank Quinton (4 March), Charles Brough (7 Oct), William Benton, Sarah Ann Quinton, Joseph Hall, Herbert Street (22 July), Oliver Haycock (19 Aug), Henry Challoner (7 Jan).  Copy of any Newspaper Report £1.

26th May 1966 
Details of the development of an area bounded by Cross Street, Low Street and Queen Street, Cheslyn Hay.
27th May 1916  The management of the Britannia, at Cheslyn Hay, provided a charity performance for the widow of the late Stephen Robinson.  Full details of the entertainment including the escapologist Mosantus.
27th May 1916  On Saturday afternoon a football match was played on the Barn Flat Ground, for the benefit of Moses Lockett of Cheslyn Hay and Thomas Bullock of Great Wyrley, who were both badly injured while playing in the matches for the Local Relief Committees.  Details of the match given.
27th May 1916  On Wednesday a veteran citizen in the name of Mrs Wm Follows, of High Street, Cheslyn Hay, passed away at her residence.  Full details of her life given.
MEMORIES  Diana continues with another fascinating dip into the diaries of her Auntie Kath (nee Wootton) who was married to the headmaster Isaac (Jim) Stokes.
with stories of selling their car, cup final tickets, Salem bazaar and everyday life with many of the locals named in an amusing look back at life in 1960!

MYS - 14  Ready for the 'off' in the tricycle race at the Landywood Infants School's Sports Day - 1960s.

THIS WEEKS MYSTERY PHOTOGRAPH   MYS – 14  Ready for the ‘off’ in the tricycle race at the Landywood Infants School’s Sports Day – 1960s. Can also be viewed on our Facebook Page.

JOHN DAVIES  Born and bred in Cheslyn Hay, John lived in Station Street and later in Westbourne Avenue.  He passed away on Tuesday, 17th May, aged 84, at a nursing home in Coventry.  John has been a great asset to our Society over the years and was the main instigator in scanning and copying the photographs as we accumulated them.  We’ll always have fond memories of John.  His funeral at the Stafford Crematorium on Friday, 3rd June at 2.30pm.