Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 22nd October 2017

EVENTS  We welcome Derek Davis OBE as our guest speaker this Thursday, 26th October, at the Salem starting at 7.30pm.  Derek will be speaking about ‘Renowned Local People’ including our own Mons Perchant.  Admittance £1 including refreshments.

Great Wyrley LHS have an ‘Archive Viewing’ on Thursday 26th October, at the Senior Citizens Centre in Broadmeadow Lane from 3pm to 8pm with the burial records on display, together with some of the old maps of the local area.  Photographs and other ephemera will also be available.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everybody is welcome and Vi is available to help with any family history enquiries.

REQUESTS  A request from Bill Thomason who is looking for information about Thomas Wincer, born about 1780, father of Elizabeth Wincer, who married William Wollaston.  Can any of our Wollaston researchers help?

RESPONSES  Don Savage remembers playing, as a youngster, with most of the players named in Harrison’s cricket team last week, and has helped by listing nearly all of the players.

Don also comments on ‘the new ladies’ choir’.

Terry Ridgway has picked up on Debra’s research on her Steadman family and emails ‘My grandmother was a Steadman and lived in Hill Street and her sister, Betty, also lived in the same street and their brother lived at the bottom of Hatherton Street.  And Terry wishes to contact Debra which I have now arranged.

We have helped Leanne with her request as to the previous occupants of The Mooring Pin which I list.  We also have records going back to 1838 but Leanne expands on her enquiry with her interest touching on the paranormal.  She believes that there has been some tragic happening at the cottage and there has been a ‘presence’ of a Victorian girl there.  Leanne’s research has involved a paranormal team, who have their own historian, but he has found it too difficult to trace the cottage back to earlier times and she asks ‘How close was the property to any of the local mines or any canals?’ or even if anyone knows of similar stories around the area.

Adrian Baillie sends this appreciative email ‘Using the information you sent me I was able to trace my g-g-grandmother Ann Pinson’s family right back to 1753 in South Wales and also New York!’

Also Glenice Whitehouse comments on Letitia Bowater on the night she set the curtains alight.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  The personal Bible of William Stokes, later to become Police Chief Superintendant, containing an inscription from the Salem Sunday School teachers dated 23rd May 1905, donated by Tony Pearson.  Also a 2007 cutting from the Black Country Bugle with picture and all the names of the 1931/32 Cheslyn Hay Juniors FC.


27th October1917  Under the auspices of the Women’s Working Committee, a very successful social took place at St Georges Hall naming all fourteen involved with full details.

27th October1917  On Saturday and Monday evenings, especially, the local Picture Palace was very well patronised with information on the ‘Wake’.

MEMORIES  Following on from the response we received to Moss’s fishing shop enquiry, Derrick from the Bridgtown LHS has informed us that they have a photograph of the shop in North Street and he is providing us with a copy.

This week, we have some entertaining memories from John Dickin about some of the characters that used to live on the Bonk back then including ‘Iron Man’ Harry BatesLaughing Jack Chetter and his son, Archie‘Jesus’ David,  Jacky BrownFloss Hayden, Bunter KingstonClaude Green and Albert Scott (Scotty).

BRIDGTOWN & DLHS launched their new book at their Annual Exhibition last week and can be obtained from ourselves.  Entitled ‘A Walk into Cannock’ and written by John Devey, it is a 68 page book with dozens of photographs covering all the local history and interesting stories in a nostalgic stroll from Bridgtown.  An excellent book priced at just £6.  Available at the Base or either delivered locally or posted for the price of a stamp.

Anyone wishing to become a member for the annual fee of £5 and to receive this newsletter with full details under all the headings every Sunday morning at 9am please contact me through my email address below.  Many thanks.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 15 October 2017

EVENTS  Bridgtown are holding their Annual Exhibition and launch of their new Bridgtown book TODAY (Sunday, 15th October) at the Bridgtown Social Club, Walsall Road.  10am – 4pm.  We will be there and will be selling their new book from our Base.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  All welcome.

REQUESTS  Jenni Bond forwards a 1900 photograph of the Rev Shapurji Edalji with the St Marks Choir that includes Jenni’s grandfather, Tom Garratt as well as Billy Bullock (Churchwarden) and Joe Beard and Jenni asks for help in naming the ladies.

RESPONSES  At our Exhibition we had a request from Debra who was researching her Steadman family tree starting with her g-grandfather John Ernest Steadman and our researcher Vi has now produced a tree going back to 1797 and Debra emails ‘Goodness we were so pleased when Vi showed us the research she had done since last week.  We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for all the hard work Vi has done – I can’t believe that only a week has passed since we knew next to nothing.  Now my mom is going to sort through old photos so we can meet up with you again so that these can be added to your archives.’

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS   The Official Cricket Scorebook of Hawkins CC for the 1938, 1939 & 1940 seasons has been kindly donated by Geoffrey Sambrooke ane records all the matches and details of everyone’s scores etc.


19th October 1967  Story of a new Karate Club with instructor, Mr David Hayward, held at the Salem Methodist School Rooms, Cheslyn Hay.

20th October 1917  Cheslyn Hay Bowling Club’s dinner and presentation of prizes, all listed.

20th October 1917  Presentation made at Messrs T A Hawkins and Sons, Old Coppice Colliery, by the Manager Mr L K Fairley, to Mr John Warburton with full details.

20th October 1917  Howard Wilkes, of Upper Landywood, was summoned for cruelty with full story.

20th October 1917  Raymond Jones and Frederick Hawkesworth, of Cheslyn Hay, in court and found guilty.  Full details.

20th October 1917  Listing recommended increases in the price of the allotments.

MEMORIES  We’ve had an encouraging response to our recent ‘Memories’ with stories on the fishing tackle shop as well as memories of wartime and Alan Brown contributes with comments on the ‘Memories’ column in his own inimical style.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 8th October 2017

EVENTS  Roger’s Chat n Char this Thursday, 12th October, as usual, starting at 10am in the Salem’s Main Hall.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday andour researchers are on hand to help with viewing through our photographs and archives as well as for family history.  

REQUESTS  An interesting enquiry was made at our Annual Exhibition on Saturday as to one of the photographs on display.  GW-CHM-19 is entitled ‘The National Mouse Show held at St Marks – March 1948’.  We have no further information and none of the owners of their ‘prize winning pets’ are named.  Can anyone help?

Moss Fisher has rekindled his interest in angling again after almost 40 years away from the sport and emails ‘In 1967 when I was fourteen years old, my older cousin used to take me down the new roading from by the bridge in Station Street down to the brook towards the Watling Street where we used to fish for tiddlers.  A couple of years later I had a proper fishing rod, which, I believe, was hand made in Bridgtown by a chap named Allport.  I think they came from a shop in Cross Street which I believe is now called ‘Boardwise’.  I seem to recall this was a hardware shop where we used to get all hooks and bait from.  Can anyone else remember it?’

And an enquiry from Leanne Gilmour in Tamworth who emails ‘I am trying to find out about the history of a cottage located in Cheslyn Hay. It is called ‘The Mooring Pin’ at number 25 Littlewood Road.  I am trying to find out the age of the property and anything I can on the history of it and it’s previous occupants from years gone by.’

RESPONSES  We’ve now completed our research on Adrian Baillie’s request on the family of his g-grandparents, George Richard Mason and Jane Elizabeth (nee Hall) including their siblings going back to  1774 and also their eight children and their descendants.  We have also forwarded photographs of 45 different members of Masons that we have available in our archives to see if they fit into Adrians family tree.

Further to Norma’s last week’s comments on the war years, Ron Whitehouse adds further memories when he was at Pinfold Lane School during the war.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS   This week, two photographs of the Bulls Head in Shareshill – in in the 1930s (SH-PUB-2) and one with all the locals on the bowling green for the Coronation on 1st July 1911  (SH-PUB-3).  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS   Birth certificate for John Ernest Steadman (1896) and his marriage certificate to Annie Morgan (1917). 


12th October 1967  Miss Letitia Bowater, of 16, Littlewood Lane, Cheslyn Hay, winning a competition at Bournemouth.

13th October 1917  Mr Ernest Fereday, Chemist, at Cheslyn Hay and Bridgtown, had conditional exemption by the Recruiting Officer, but this is of no avail now and he appealed.

13th October 1917  Details of a meeting of the local Relief Committee and Red Cross Society held at Salem Schools withSergeant Wright and Mr Charles T Lawson.

MEMORIES   More excerpts with some glorious tittle-tattle from ‘Auntie Kath’s Diary’.  Kath Wootton was married to headmaster Isaac (Jim) Stokes with stories of Raymond HawkinsMr and Mrs Cropper, Cliff DevereuxFred Ridgway, Marie Smith, Mrs Bird, Mrs BuxtonOliver Wood, Mr KerryWalter Bull and Reggie Plant.

GENERAL NEWS  Latest news on 1 High Street, the old residence of the Hawkins family is that a planning application has been put in for converting it into five flats.  Three one bedroom flats in the house itself and two in the outbuildings.

And our researcher, Jean, reports that the Lichfield Record Office will close to the public in January 2018 and the collections will be moved over to Stafford.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 1st October 2017

EVENTS  No events scheduled for this week.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Everyone welcome.

REQUESTS  I have received an interesting enquiry from Donald Parbrook who is trying to solve a long standing mystery in his family tree.  Donald’s grandfather was born as George Brevitt, daughter of Harriet Brevitt of Rail Road with his father’s name not given.  Harriet went on to marry George Parbrook, a coal miner and had further children.  The family were well known in Cheslyn Hay and George became a Methodist minister around 1913.  He changed his name from Brevitt to Parbrook by deed poll as an adult, as he was known as a Parbrook thanks to his mother’s marriage when he was young.  The family story is that Harriet went into service and came home pregnant and was paid “hush money”.  Donald has now taken a DNA test and believes that there might be a link with the Whitehouse family and is asking if any Whitehouse/Parbrook/Brevitt members have taken a similar test as he would like to contact them.  It is a truly fascinating story and if anyone is interested please email me first so that I can forward Donald’s full account of all known facts of his family history.

Another intriguing enquiry on the Whitehouse family comes from Ann who emails ‘I was sorting out some old papers that belonged to my Mum and found an invoice from a Mrs J Varner (or Parner) to Miss Alice Whitehouse, dated 1st November 1918, the sum of £120 on receipt of the ‘General Business’ carried on at Benton’s Lane, Landywood.  I believe this Alice Whitehouse is related to John Whitehouse who married Mary Ann Bagley, who is buried in Great Wyrley Cemetery.  John Whitehouse was my mother’s (Avis Mary Whitehouse nee Slatcher ) grandfather.  Does anyone have any idea what business it refers to as this was a lot of money for 1918!

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Two photographs of the Four Oaks Inn including one of the Hilton family with Arthur Meanley and one of F Henshaw, C Pilsbury, S Cope, C Lightfoot and S Kirk in 1964.  Also the wedding reception of John Richard Roberts & Doreen Mary Price with the Leach family in 1946.  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS   Woodman Bowling Club’s 1984 Annual Supper and Presentation Programme including information of the season and all the Cup Winners.


5th October 1967  Details of the Woodman Bowls Club’s most successful season since its formation in 1920 together with cup winners and participants and a bit of its history.

6th October 1917  Information of the death of Captain Clarence Hawkins together with details of his life.
6th October 1917
  Story of Sapper Joseph Clewley on an eleven day furlough.

6th October 1917  The allotees making amends for the wet weather having an effect on their potato crop.

MEMORIES   Norma Barta from Michigan responds to Ron Whitehouse’s recollections of the Second World War with her own wartime memories around Cheslyn Hay mentioned a couple of well known names.

GENERAL NEWS   Derrick Middleton of the Bridgtown Local History Society is discussing with the owners of Wyrley Park Retail Park the possibility  of erecting a Board to mark the site of the old Hawkins Brickworks and the Long House, opposite where B & Q are on the A5.  Although at an early stage, Derrick states that good progress is being made.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS News – 24th September 2017

EVENTS  Our Annual Exhibition is next Saturday, September 30th at the Community Centre (Village Hall) in Pinfold Lane from 10am – 4pm with the theme of ‘People, Places, Maps & Mines’ and 9,000 photographs will be available to browse through.  Free admission.

OUR SALEM BASE is open to everyone from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.

REQUESTS  No requests received this week.

RESPONSES  Following the news of the passing of Willi Schaefer, Derek Bullock from Canada emails his recollections at Abbey Dropforgings during the 1950s.

Thanks to our three researchers we were able to produce the information that Ellie required for the compilation of the histories of her Elwell family.

Further to Roger’s request earlier this month in tracing the family of Jack Hughes who married Dorothy Foster at St Marks in 1943 we have been contacted by one of our members, who has been able to update us in our research from Dorothy’s two marriages.

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS  Two photographs, both involving The Lot, now Park Street.  The old cottages in March 1984 before they were demolished (PL-PAR-26), and the Perks family including Sarah, Fred, Nigel & Anthony Perks, Kath & Mac Walmsley, Charlie & Lorraine (nee Haycox) Vernon and Chris Jervis outside 23 The Lot in 1956 (PL-PAR-27).  £1 per 7×5 Photographic Print.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS  Certificates of Harry Cartwright and Rhoda Whitehouse marriage (26 Dec 1881) and birth certificate of Daniel Cartwright (24 Apr 1886).

EXTRACTS FROM CANNOCK ADVERTISER researched by Dave Washington

Death of reporter George Follows in the Manchester United air crash (25 Jan 1958) and Isaac Stokes drawing attention to the increasing costs of maintaining the Salem Church (1 Mar 1958).


28th September 1967  Cheslyn Hay village may soon have the help of a working party of enthusiastic teenagers from the Great Wyrley Secondary Modern School.

29th September 1917  Recognition of the workers of the Women’s Working Committee with Mr F Wynn, Mrs R Evans and Miss Lily Cartwright.

29th September 1917  The Annual Harvest Festival in connection with the Primitive Methodist Church was held on Sunday last mentioing Mr Lawrence Hood and Mr S Allen.

MEMORIES  Once again we turn to Pat Everiss’s researches with one of her narratives, a full and descriptive, poignant piece written about the history of our own War Memorial.

WWI COMMEMORATION  This October we commemorate the death of Captain Clarence V Hawkins of the 5th Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment, who was killed on 26th September 1917 aged 25, son of Thomas and Alethea Hawkins, of Glenthorne House, Cheslyn Hay, and remembered with honour at the Loos Memorial.

WILLI  SCHAEFER  Willi’s funeral is on Wednesday, 27th September at the Bushbury Crematorium at 3.00pm.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 17th September 2017

EVENTS  We have no speaker this month because of our Exhibition on Saturday 30th September, but Bridgtown LHS have John Devey giving a talk on ‘A Walk to Cannock and Back’ at the Bethel Church, Union Street, on Wednesday, 20th September, starting at 10am.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday and this week Philip Jones is following up with more research on his Rowley family.

REQUESTS  Just received a welcome request from Ellie who is writing two life histories of her Elwell family.  I have always said that everyone should write an outline of their own memories of their grandparents and family members for future generations and hopefully we may be able to help Ellie in her quest.  Alfred Elwell was born on 11th January 1866 in Bilston, to a James Elwell and Eliza (nee Dudley) and he married Jane Holland (b1869) on 8th October 1888 at St Matthews Church, Wolverhampton.  They had two children – Alice (b1890) and Leonard (b1893).  The family are on the 1911 census living at 91 Station Street, Cheslyn Hay, along with a child named Alfred, recorded as a son aged two, but as Jane is 45, I am assuming the child might be a son of Alice who is aged 20 or even Leonard.  My main reason for contacting you is because I am doing life stories of Alfred and his nine siblings for a birthday present for a descendant of their great niece, Iris Sharrott, who will soon be 93 and she is the great-granddaughter of Alfred’s brother James Elwell (b1868) at Highfields, Ettingshall as confirmed by his birth certificate, but I have not been able to find the family on the censuses pre 1891 when they lived in Pelsall.  I have noticed that there is an Elwell’s Garden Nursery in Cheslyn Hay and I wondered if they may be descended from Alfred and Jane.  Or have you any information on Alfred that I could add to his story.  His occupation was a colliery engineer.

RESPONSES  An email from Gary in France responding to a request in our newsletter dated 10 April 2016, from Julie Cooke, for a photograph of Ted Wilkesand offers to help.  They are now in contact with each other and Julie confirms that her paternal grandmother was Elsie Wilkes (b1895) who married William Bevan in 1920, having seven children, the youngest being her dad, Edgar Thomas Wilkes (1935 – 94).  Julie assumes that Gary’s wife is the granddaughter of Ted, Elsie’s brother.  Ted (b1887) married Hannah Knowles (b1888) and had three daughters, Gertrude (Nancy), Hilda and Dorothy M.  Gary is now sorting through his photographs, so hopefully Julie’s request will now come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Our researcher Vi has given details of the Bulls Head for Marlene and we have located a photograph of the pub for her.          

We have also managed to settle Moss Fisher’s dispute for him by quoting the Cannock Advertiser in 1966, dated 25th August, and we also have used a photograph of the floods in Littlewood Lane in our book ‘The Fleeting Years’ (p40).

And Tessa’s request has brought an immediate response from the family of Hettie Cascarino and they are now in contact with each other and exchanging information.

Our researchers though are struggling to find any information for Jane on the pit death of her g-grandfather, Joseph Boddice as his name does not appearon the UK Index for coal mining accidents and deaths.  Also it seems that his death was registered in Wolverhampton and nothing is appearing in the Staffordshire newspapers.

More information on Adrian Baillie’s request tracing his Mason connections in Cheslyn Hay and they come from one of our members, who is related to them.


21st September 1967  Full details of the Cheslyn Hay, Great Wyrley and District Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society holding its ‘early’ show.

22nd September 1917  A meeting of the Food Production Committee involving Miss Kathleen Wooton and Mr Isaac Stokes.

22nd September 1917  Details of the special occasion of a Sacred Concert on the green of the Cheslyn Hay’s Working Men’s Club.

MEMORIES  This week we continue with the recollections of Ron Whitehouse on local events during the Second World War with stories involving Horace Jackson, Mr Hitchen, Mr Ponder,  Albert ‘Trotty’ JukesHarry Parbrook and,some Jellyman stories.

CEDAR TREE  It’s sad to see the end of the Cedar Tree in Low Street as it will be closing for the last time on Friday, 22nd September.  It will be missed by many people but continuity will be thankfully maintained as the Salem who will open a ‘Coffee Stop’ every weekday from Monday to Friday from 10am – 4pm in the actual church itself starting the following Monday, 25th September.

GENERAL NEWS  For Sale for Family History researchers.  An Eye Com Portable Briefcase Fiche Reader. Model 2100 AC & DC (attachment to use in car as well as at home).  Full Instructions, fiche holders, plus spare bulb (worth £15)  As new – £50.

WILLI  SCHAEFER  I have just heard the sad news that Willi has passed away aged 92 having been in a local nursing home for the past few months.  Willi had worked for Elliot Lucas’s all his working life as a foreman and then as a director and was always well respected by everyone who worked there.

Cheslyn Hay & DLHS Weekly News – 10th September 2017

EVENTS  Chat n Char this Thursday, 14th September starting at 10am as usual in the Salem’s Main Hall with Roger’s theme this month is ‘Give Us a Clue’.

OUR SALEM BASE is open from 9am – 2pm every Tuesday.  Open to everyone.

REQUESTS  Two requests from our website page.  Marlene Gladwin asks for pictures of the Bulls Head pub in Shareshill, which was later turned into a lodging house around 1940, as her grandparents ran it, Norman and Gertrude Perry and would appreciate any information at all.

Also Jane Pettifer appeals for information her g-grandfather Joseph Boddice who died in 1927 in a mining accident around the Cannock area.

And Tessa emails from Wales ‘I am researching my Ancestory and believe that Hetty Cascarino was the wife of Vincent, they had a son Frank who Virginia Margaret Ward married and would like to contact any descendants of Hettie.

Finally Moss Fisher wants to settle a dispute.  He emails ‘What year did the brook at the bottom of Little Wood flood and was it the Wyrley Brook down there?  Moss is confident that it is the Wyrley Brook and the floods were in 1967.

RESPONSES  Vi, our researcher, has looked into Roger’s enquiry re the Jack Hughes and Dorothy Foster marriage by examining all the local christenings.

Vi also provides information for Adrian Baillie on the descendants of his g-grandfather, George Richard Mason (b1867), illegitimate son of Elizabeth Mason, who was baptised at Wednesfield.    He married Jane Elizabeth Hall and they had eight children.  Full information given down to the local living descendants.

ARCHIVE ADDITIONS/ARTEFACTS/DONATIONS   Three newspaper reports.  One on the History of Cheslyn Hay from 1286 (17 Sept 1937), another on the Boundary Stones (12 May 1960) and also E J Homeshaw’s Cheslyn Hay nicknames (undated).


14th September 1967  Story about ‘Fluff’ the three-years-old pet cat of the new steward and stewardess Mr and Mrs W Bevan at the Cheslyn Hay WMC.

14th September 1967  News of Cheslyn Hay Salem’s Women’s Own with Mrs C J PerksMrs S A Wollaston and Mrs McCulloch. .

14th September 1967  The Cannock, Hednesford and District Butcher’s Association Charity Bowling Cup was won by the Woodman, Cheslyn Hay, on Saturday, on the Cannock Town Green, when they beat Chadsmoor Progressive Club by 102 points to 92.  Full report of the match and individual scores.

15th September 1917  Details of a successful Bowling Competition organised by the committee of the local Red Cross Society.

15th September 1917  The final round of the Senior Club Challenge Cup was decided on the green, with results and scores.

15th September 1917  James Lunt, of High Street, and his white Wyandotte’s fowl which laid a remarkably large egg.

15th September 1917  In Memoriam of Caroline Heminsley and William Heminsley, both of Warstones Farm.

WHAT’S IN OUR ARCHIVES  From the recent donations from The Four Crosses Inn at Hatherton, the history of this old inn by Roland Ridgway.

GENERAL NEWS  Bridgtown LHS are unveiling another notice board at the corner of North Street and the Watling Street, previously known as Wynn’s Corner to commemorate the history of both Wynne’s and Whitehouse’s factories as well as Astbury’s.