Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 12th July 2020

Memories   Following on from last week’s article “Looking Back by Malcolm Podmore we have received some more memories from Councillor Kathleen Perry around the Mount Pleasant and Streets Lane area.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser  9th July 1970   Cheslyn Hay Garden party where over £28 was raised by the ladies of Salem Methodist Church, Cheslyn Hay.

9th July 1970 Details of the funeral service of Mr. Joseph Ernest Pearce, of 32, Windsor Road, Cheslyn Hay.

9th July 1970  Woodman “B” of Cheslyn Hay, have made it a “clean sweep” in the Cheslyn Hay and District Darts League for the season just ended. Story with names of the successful darters.

9th July 1970  The funeral service of Mrs. Loni Pratt, of 13, Station Street, Cheslyn Hay, with details of her life having been born in Latvia.

Cannock Chase Courier  10th July 1920  Bricklayers Arms struck by lightning.

10th July 1920  Retirement and presentation to William Lockett as club steward of the Working Mens Club.

10th July 1920  A garden party in connection with Salem Church was held in the grounds of The Park, with tea in the schoolroom after which games, competitions and a tennis tournament provided plenty of interest.

10th July 1920  Fred Elwell, found guilty in court case.  Full details.

10th July 1920  An ejectment order against John Bullas, Mayfield Cottage, Walsall Road, Great Wyrley was defended in court.  Full details of the outcome.

10th July 1920  Sarah Barrett, 32, Low Street, Cheslyn Hay, was summoned by Ethel Westwood, 19, Low Street, Cheslyn Hay  Full detailds of the case.

10th July 1920 Chat from Cheslyn Hay
Match report of the final tie between Cheslyn Hay Villa and the Discharged Soldiers, which took place at the Barn Flat Grounds on Tuesday.
Some months ago, Mr. J. Pratt offered a cup, and a committee guaranteed two sets of medals in a football competition for un-affiliated clubs. The competition has been most successful and £40 has been forwarded to the Wolverhampton General Hospital.

More details of  our Viking History.

General News  We have received the very sad news that Rob Perks of Low Street has recently passed away. Rob was a popular and regular contributor to our chat n cha meetings and our exhibitions where he often entertained us with his musical talents. He was a true Wyrley Bonker  and gentleman who will be sadly missed by us all.. We send our heartfelt condolences to all his family.       

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 5th July 2020

Looking Back by Malcolm Podmore  Humorous memories of life on the village in the 1960s mentioning Mac Wootton, Albert Thacker, Meanley’s, Mrs Rogers, Phil Chew, Reg Kingston, Jan Bowen etc.

Salem Church Will Be 165 Years Old on Saturday 11th  July 2020     In place of the planned celebrations we will be selling cakes and goodies on the car park, including hand made re-usable masks. Social distancing will be adhered to. Unfortunately there will be no access to the church building during this event. 

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser 2/7/1970
Annual Sports Day at Cheslyn Hay Primary School naming all the winners and all the events.

2nd July 1970  Story of the Cheslyn Hay Colliers Arms dominoes team finally lifting the Cannock and District Dominoes League title.
Cannock Chase Courier  3rd July 1920
  Chat from Cheslyn Hay
Details and results of a new cup presented for competition amongst four local football clubs.
Mr. Fred Altree was heartily congratulated when the cricket team returned to the headquarters after achieving a record performance.
3rd July 1920 Details of the cricket match Cheslyn Hay v Hilton

Cheslyn Hay Quiz…  Answers to last week quiz.

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 7th June 2020

Requests  Paul Dean Hooper asked on our Facebook page.  “I was wondering if anyone has any information on the Campbell family from Cheslyn Hay or maybe Great Wyrley area’s. I think they worked or ran the post office at some point. This would be going back to the early sixties and even before that. Any help would be much appreciated.”

Memories of Lockdown   We would love to hear  your thoughts on how life has changed during these strange times. The Society could gather them together on your behalf (anonymously if you’d prefer) and add them as a chapter in our local history.  Following our recent request for your memories we have received a lovely poem from Glenys Lomas reflecting on the change over the years which we will be publishing in a future newsletter. Any more memories from our members would be very welcome.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser  4th June 1970  Cheslyn Hay memories of  Mr. Reginald Harvey and his wife Ethel who left Cheslyn Hay 22 years ago to make their home in Adelaide, South Australia.

4th June 1970  Story of the go-ahead for a 200/300-house estate in Dundalk Lane, Cheslyn Hay.
Cannock Chase Courier  5th June 1920  Details of the Talbot Club bowling tournament.  Also the Male Voice Choir arranging an open-air concert in aid of members who have been ill for a long time.

Vikings by Peter Cadman continued with ‘Everyday life in a Viking community’

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 31st May 2020

Responses   Following our request last week from Alison Beaumont for any memories of Phyllis and Leonard Chater and their family who lived at  “Eureka” Wolverhampton Road, Cheslyn Hay, we were able to put Alison in touch with a cousin Robert Whittal who responded with his own memories  of  Wolverhampton Road and Cheslyn Hay.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser 28th May 1970 Cheslyn Hay Parish Council chose their first woman chairman.  Full story.

28th May 1970  Full details of Cheslyn Hay Carnival.

28th May 1970  A fashion show was held at Cheslyn Hay Salem Church rooms given by a local boutique. Sponsored by Carril’s (Geoff Parkes Ltd.) ladies and babies’ boutique in Station Street, Cheslyn Hay.  All models mentioned in front of an audience of 450.

Cannock Chase Courier  29th May 1920 Chat from Cheslyn Hay
Death of John Bird, of Low Street, in a cycling accident.

The visit of the local Cricket Club to Hilton Park, on Saturday, broke all records when they dismissed Newhampton Road for 9 runs.  Full details.

In the last few days there has been an egress of promising young football playersfrom the township listing all players signed for local professional teams..

Story of  the Whitsuntide School Treat was held in connection with the Salem Methodist Church.
Dr. Syree has conducted an Ambulance Class at the Council Schools, when a course of ten lectures were recently completed folloed by an examination.

29th May 1920  In connection with Cheslyn Hay Amateur Dramatic Society an outing took place to Stratford-on-Avon.
29th May 1920  Inquest on the death  John Bird, of 98 Low Street.  Full story.

29th May 1920  Notice in loving memory of daughter Doreen Lucy Potts, of 84, High Street, Cheslyn Hay, who passed away May 21st 1920.

29th May 1920  A charge of drunkenness and disorderly behaviour was brought against Arthur Kingston of Coppice Lane, Cheslyn Hay. Full story.

Vikings by Peter Cadman…. continued with Viking Legends

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter 24th May 2020

Memories of Lockdown by Malcolm Podmore

This is a personal, light-hearted look at recent events, and in no way seeks to ignore the terrible loss caused by each and every death caused by Covid 19. Stay safe. Malcolm Podmore
Walking around the village during this time of lockdown, you can’t help but notice the different ways in which things have changed dramatically in the last few weeks. Traffic levels initially were so reduced it reminded me of the early 60s when us kids would play football in the street outside our cottage in Low St, and not see a car for half an hour at a time. The cars have been replaced by walkers and cyclists, sometimes whole families out for their designated 1-hour escape from the house. Is it just me or has every household on the Bonk suddenly acquired 3 bikes and a dog? Although strange at first, we seem to have got used to people hurriedly crossing the road as they see others heading towards them. At least now, most people either give a nod of acknowledgement or say ‘Good morning’ as they pass. The ever-present litter is still there, but even that has changed with the now absent (unfortunately only temporarily) fast food cartons, being replaced by discarded rubber gloves and the occasional face-mask, added to the normal beer cans and fag packets.
The makers of Red Bull (other caffeine laden, heart attack -inducing drinks are available) will be pleased to hear that their shiny silver and blue cans are lying on the paths and gutters of the village in industrial quantities. Red Bull gives you wings, so the makers say. They’ve certainly flown out of the windows of passing cars in Cheslyn Hay. The tables and chairs outside the Colliers and the Dog would normally be full, especially in this lovely spring weather, but they are locked up inside, and look likely to remain so for the next few months. As do the customers. Queueing at the front door of local shops whilst maintaining the obligatory 2 metre gap between customers, is now what’s universally called the ‘new normal’.
We would love to hear what your thoughts on how life has changed during these strange times. The Society could gather them together on your behalf (anonymously if you’d prefer) and add them as a chapter in our local history.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser  21st May 1970   Story of the newly renovated Salem church hall for the first time.
21st May 1970  From The advertiser May 19 1945  Full details of the Cheslyn Hay Red Cross and Comforts Fund Committee.
21st May 1970  Story of a horse escaped unhurt after being trapped up to its neck in slime for over an hour at Bridgtown.

21st May 1970  Details of the recent renovation work on Cheslyn Hay Methodist Church rooms, which have now been completed to spark off ideas for improving the village’s social amenities.
Cannock Chase Courier  issue missing for this week 1920

Vikings by Peter Cadman…. continued

Requests   We have had an email from Alison Beaumont asking if anyone remembers Phyllis and Leonard Chater and their family who lived at  “Eureka” Wolverhampton Road, Cheslyn Hay.  Phyllis was an only child and had lived with her parents Lawrence James Hood and Elsie May (nee Ewers) at 55 Station St Cheslyn Hay for many years, moving to Eureka in Wolverhampton Road in about 1938. The Hood family were well known at the local Methodist Church, Mount Zion, from the 1930’s where they took part in events such as pantomimes and where Phyllis was a member of the Tennis team. Her mother died in the December Quarter of 1939 aged just 44. Phyllis continued to live with her father until he died aged 76 in 1968. Leonard Chater married Phyllis Mary Hood at Featherstone Methodist Church in 1969 when he was 52 and she was 45.  Phyllis died at their home, Eureka in 2005 aged 80. Leonard moved to a nursing home near Stourbridge where he died aged 94 in 2011

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter 17th May 2020

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser  14th May 1970   Hawkins Sports C.C. 88 for 4, Thompsons 85.  Full report of match.

Cannock Chase Courier
Newspaper is missing for this week in 1920

Newspapers researched by Dave Washington

Staffordshire Advertiser  15th May 1920  Report of the Housing Committee’s list of recommendations.

Lichfield Mercury  14th May 1920  Report of the Walsall Charity Cup Semi Final between Rushall Olympic and Shareshill Villa.

Vikings by Peter Cadman…. continued