Weekly News – 31 March 2013

Our Salem Base is open every Tuesday from 10am, but we are closing at 2pm this week for a meeting.

All welcome.Another request from Bernard in America who emails ‘I was wondering if anyone at the Cheslyn Hay LHS would have a database of graves at the Rushall Cemetery.  I think it is called St Michaels and I learned yesterday that Joseph Jackson Snr is buried there. He was born about 1752, married Lucy Davidson in Dec 1774 and died in 1813.  He was Joseph Jackson Jnr’s father and as you were so successful in finding Joseph Jackson Jnr (1789-1837) and his (my) family, that I hope you might help.  As you may recall you discovered the Jackson family living and farming in Holly Bush Hall area.  Joseph Jackson Jnr was married to Sarah Cartwright (eventually after Joseph died, Sarah married Joseph Tufft).  This Joseph Jackson would be his father who was married to Lucy Davidson in Walsall in December, 1774. They were apparently, the first Jacksons to migrate to Holly Bush from Bentley near Bloxwich where they had 5 children and then they had four more at Holly Bush. Nine kids…wow!  What I want to determine is if the grave of Joseph Jackson is truly at Rushall and see if there are other Jacksons buried there as I am hoping to find his parents or siblings.  His wife Lucy Jackson (nee Davidson) (1750-?) may be there as well.  Can you assist me?’

After locating the graves for Mike Birch’s grandparents earlier this month, David from Canada who has links with this Birch family tree emails ‘I do not have Michael showing in my database. Frederick and Clara Birch had nine children and so far I have only managed to extend three of those lines. Those would be his aunts and uncles so hopefully he would be invaluable to me in bringing all those lines into the present. I did manage to locate a picture of Frederick and perhaps he may be able to confirm that is actually him.

‘Responses this week comes from Marcia (nee Perks) who remembered Harold Corns as he worked part time in the offices at J Wood & Son in North Street, Bridgtown when she worked there and she relates her memories there. But our researchers Andrew and Jean provide much more information with the Corns family originating from South Africa and Harold’s wedding to Annie Alice Douglas and the Wollaston line going back to the early 1800s including Eleanor Wollaston and Simeon Frank Perks. Once again this links up with Andrew’s major project of the combined Cheslyn Hay family trees database. And for Jill from Brisbane, our researcher solves the problem and separates the two Wood lines. and his wife is where the confusion lay, and Jean takes the line back to 1786 and James was the illegitimate child of Mary Wood and he was baptised on 12 October 1835 in Cheslyn Hay.   Archive additions and artefact donations this week include the Thomas WoodMary Ann Dacefull history of the Rev George Henry Parbrook (1884 – 1956). Also a school report for a 12 year old Olive Whitehouse signed by Ikey Stokes and Ernie Carter dated 23 December 1936 as well as Olive’s Sewing Bag  beautifully embroidered with her name and a note confirming that it has kept Olive’s knitting and sewing in it for the past 76 years.

And in our newspaper research this week we cover the news stories, events and court cases of the first six months of 1906, mentioning Edwin Handy, Wm Perks, Wm Shaw, James Walker, James Hemmingsley, Joe Baker, Samuel Brough, George Moore, Annie Alice Douglas, Isaac Stokes, John Felton, Charles Lockett, Wm Henry Steadman, Miss Jones of Hillside, Wm Thomas Summerton, George Mason and PC Hulme.  Also court cases where Albert Hawkins, Wm Morgan, Wm Perks and Job Whitehouse were all prosecuted for selling ‘short measure’ in their shops and cricket matches involving W Lawson, W Horton, JV Greensill, G Whitehouse, R Evans, E Marshall, G Wootton, E Field, A Hamblett, J Bullock, R Shorter, D Smith, F Bown, AE Elwell, G Allen, A Wollaston, W Pearce, B Dutton and E Pearson. Copies available at £1 per report. In Mike Belcher’s ‘What Happened this Week 100 Years Ago’ there is a story of a cycling accident in which the rider W Butler was badly injured and had to be conveyed to hospital by Mr G H Seedhouse.

Also our ‘Memories’ come this week from Olive (nee Whitehouse) who recorded her ‘Childhood Memories’ twelve years ago and it is in response to last week’s request for anyone who can recollect the plane crash and the pilot baling out over Cheslyn Hay in WWII. Olive recalls the night in question very well and explains what day to day life was like during the Second World War through the eyes of a teenage girl and written in a light humorous way. Full details of any of the above reports can be available by request to this email address below. trevor.cheslynhayhistory@talktalk.net

Weekly News – 9th September 2012

Coffee morning on Thursday, 13th September at 10am at theSalem. Our Salem Base is open every Tuesday from 10am – 3pm for enquiries and help on research. Norma from Canadaemails with an enquiry. ‘My paternal grandparents were Frances Ellen Jones, (b 1863 either in Wolverhampton or Walsall ) and William Henry Bowen (b 1858 in Worcestershire).  William’s mother was Mary Bull and Frances ‘ father was Robert Jones.  I think Robert was from Wolverhampton .  William and Frances married at St Mark’s Great Wyrley c1888.  I have a cousin somewhere named Molly Holland who is related to Frances in some way and she, Molly, married a man named Ramsbottom from Lancashire .  There is a town named after the Ramsbottoms, they owned a cotton mill there.  She was matron at the hospital in Bolton at some time in her life.  Also in the 12th August 2012 Newsletter there was a mention of Marjorie Bull from Hill Street and I wondered if anyone might know if she was connected to my Bulls?  My father was Frank Bowen (b 2 Nov 1905 C/Hay) and my mother was Fanny Elizabeth (Onions) Bowen (b 20 Nov 1905Walsall ). My dad grew up in Cheslyn Hay and was a member of the Cheslyn Hay Working Man’s Club, involved in the darts and bowls teams and he worked at Abbey Drop Forgings/Elliot Lucas in Bridgtown and we lived inUpper Landywood .’  Can anyone add anymore information – or does anyone remember Frank Bowen or any of the family?

Just received an email from Maureen (nee Brown) who used to live in the High Street and is coming over fromGermany to visit us at our Exhibition on Saturday 29th September and would love to meet up with any of her old friends.

Our researchers have produced family trees and information for Alf on his quest of last week for his grandmother Caroline Baker and her whereabouts after she was living at Landywood in 1911 and we are now looking in the Red Books and Directories.

And regarding Iris’s bible of the Chackett family Andrew has provided a family tree back to Thomas Chackett marrying Mary Cook on 5 October 1786 and although our researchers point out they were mainly a Cannock family, we have two members who have provided details of the Chacketts marrying into their family trees linking up with the families of Withington, Trubshaw,Clark, Jellyman, Barnes and Dace 

Additions to our Archives this week include a ’50 Star Players’, including our own Charlie Mooreof Manchester United, in full colour in a booklet issued in 1924 with the Adventure comic that ran from 1921 to 1961, a Church of England Temperance Society Juvenile Declaration signed by S Moore at the Wyrley Branch dated 10th October 1905, and the final letter signed by Mrs M N Cartwright to the parents on the closing of the old Pinfold Lane School in July 1985.

For the first time there was no coverage of any Cheslyn Hay stories of this week in the local papers from 1962 or 1912, so we include a more personal story.  On the 13th September 1912, Gladys, later wife of Harold Westwood, Cheslyn Hay butcher, was born and we pass on our best wishes to her and her family as Gladys celebrates her 100th birthday on Thursday.

Memories this week are of the old Pinfold Lane School from Glenys (nee Baker), and beautiful ones they are as well including recollections of teachers Miss ThomasMiss Rowe (Mrs Jeavons), Mrs Corona Price, Mr Berry and Mr Blount.  Glenys also includes stories and reminiscences of Bert Hackett, Adrian Hawkins, Kathleen O’Neal, the policeman’s daughter,Fay McClachlanJudy DaceJanet Illidge, Keith Moore, Sandra Moore, Ann Whitehouse, Kenneth Beeston and Beverley Ponder.

More information of any of the above stories or items, or if anyone wishes to join (£5 annual membership) and receive the complete Weekly Newsletters please contact me below.                 


Weekly News – 29th April 2012

Our Base is open every Tuesday from 10am – 3pm for all enquiries and research.

An enquiry has come in this week on the Perry family tree concerning James Edward Perry and his ascendants – William (b1865), James (b1833) and James (b1801). It involves Susannah Parbrook (1838) and Sarah Wootton (1845) together with Joseph and William Whitehouse in the 1800s.

Responses from last week include an incredible reply to Lyn Lockley’s request of last week where we now have full details of Frances Lockley and her parents and all of her siblings with information on Charlotte (nee Butler) and George Smith, Thomas Boon and Emma Morgan. Also more information on the Israel Deakin enquiry.

New photographs received this week include several Westwood photographs working around the butchers shop including the Blowers and Frances West, four Darby and Joan Club events with Harriet Whitehouse, the Bakers and the Plants, Primary School Dog Trial in 1978, a Salem Garden Party of 1930, a 1960 Concert with Gail McLachlan, Glynys Hammond and Joan Reynolds, the 1st Cheslyn Hay Scouts Annual Camp of 1989 (all named) and two weddings with guests – Herbert Baker and Gladys Whitehouse (1920), Gilbert Hammond and Gladys Baker (1944). Plus six photos of the Franks and Turner families.

Plus two certificates for our archives of the Cadman family – death certificate of Oliver, buried alive down Hawkins pit in 1941 and the marriage of John Thomas in 1871.

In Mike Belcher’s report on ‘What Happened this Week 100 Years Ago’ includes a parade with the Cheslyn Hay Victoria Brass Band and a meeting at the Working Men’s Club and Institute with a speech concerning ‘The Hospital and its Work’ listing the work and expenses of the hospital throughout the year. Mr Joseph Heminsley and Mr Isaac Smith, Brough brothers, J Hood, George Ridgway and son Wilfred were all involved.

Also details of the first Talbot Bowling Club competition of the season with the full results of matches and finals with club bowlers P Hunter, S Parbrook, R Marshall, W H Lockett, W Heminsley and A Cope all taking part.

Margaret’s memories of the local shops follow on from last week with details of the shops in Landywood Lane, High Street and Pinfold Lane recalling names such as Wilfred B Hawkins, Fred Lockett, Sidney Hawkins, William Perks, Herbert Perks, George Wootton and Stan Pratt.

Following on from our AGM on Thursday, Peter Cadman introduced a new project where he will interview anyone from Cheslyn Hay at our Base any Tuesday for the purpose of writing their biography to be printed using our Graphic Designer and Printers. He suggests all you need to bring to the base is your photograph album and your memories. Our own photographs are also available at no cost and we will not charge for the writing etc. Costs of publishing will be kept to a minimum and we suggest just 20 copies to be printed and then you will have your own life story in print for all of your future generations! First step is to contact me via my email address below or telephone 01922 414772.


Weekly News – 26 September 2010

Our Annual Exhibition, which is our main event of the year, is on Saturday, 2nd October at the Village Hall (aka Community Centre) in Pinfold Lane and is open to members at 9.30am to 6pm.  The exhibition includes a variety of displays, a film show of old cinefilm and photos, the launch of our new book and of course 850 photographs.  All are welcome.
Also the Cannock Chase Mining Historical Association are unveiling an Information Sign at the old West Cannock No 5 site at 11am on Wednesday, 29th September followed by the launch of their book ‘The Annals of The West Cannock Colliery Company Limited 1869 – 1957′ but also includes its latter years up to its closure in 1982. Its author, Alan Dean, will also be available on Thursday at Hednesford Library, on Friday at Heath Hayes Library and on Saturday at Cannock Library to sign copies between 10am and 1pm.
Our Salem Base is open as usual on Tuesdays from 10am – 4pm.
More family history requests this week including the Smith and Bate families from the mid 1800s and also one from the States on the Heningham family history.
Responses received from last week’s Newsletter on the girls first day at Rugeley Grammar School with names from the past including Jennifer and Clare as well as the Middletons, John Kirby, Barry Pee and David Crosby.’  Also plenty of information on the DAS Land Developments and Joe Wilks who  had his pit on the side of Landywood Lane where the Spring Meadow estate is now.  Letters have been received from 1938 concerning W Steadman who was employed at Hawkins Colliery and George H Marshall of 40 Watling Street.
We now have in our archives the memories of Mr Joe Cadman (1920 – 2009), Part Time Parish Clerk to the Cheslyn Hay Parish Council as well as having a lifetime career at Hawkins’ Colliery.  These are available on request at our Base.

Weekly News – 1 August 2010

Eight more visitors at our Base last Tuesday provided more in depth research into three local family trees – the Griffiths, Kingston and the Ridgways.
Also we have received an email from Canada researching the Egerton and Edgerton family.
More photographs have been handed in and they include the Harley and Birch families during the 1940s, the Kingstons, Corfields and Sam Newell.  Plus three of Pinfold Lane School classes, two from the First World War era and one from the 1890s which include Alice Smith (later Hawkins) as a teacher, as well as Alice in the gardens of Grasmere.  As well as three choir photos with Howard Shingler and a Sunspots one of 1932 at the Mount Zion with everyone named and a beautiful one of the nine Hackett sisters from 100 years ago.
Also received are copies of the Deeds of Enfranchisement for our archives and other certificates for the land purchased for Allman’s Garage at Churchbridge dating back to 1st May 1913 together with maps.
This week, Leslie Huffadine has sent us some marvellously happy memories of Cheslyn Hay stretching back to the 1930s of the Hackett family.  These can be obtained by contacting me below.

Weekly News – 20 June 2010

More enquiries have been received this week for the Lockett and Russell family trees and we also have had good responses for both the Showell and Thomas families for their requests.  Also some interesting information for anyone with Moses Lockett in their ancestry.
Also received is a raft of photographs covering all different aspects of the village including The Lot cottages before they were knocked down, two ‘Now & Then’ of Mount Pleasant, some school photos from the early 1950s inc Pat Foster, Jean Bullock, Tina Farrington, Margaret Burton, Valerie Norman, Madeleine Wain, Pat Stokes, Janet Gunn, Mavis Round, Heather Havelock, Sheila Roberts, Joan Davies, Roy Peach, Barry Taylor, John Heminsley, Barry Simpson, Dolphin and many more unnamed.  Also some of Wedges Mills around 1954 with the haymaking in Nodens Field and of the Village Fetes.  Well known local names include Dawson, Rowe, Bibb, Osbourne, Jones, Lewis, Sargeant, Prosser plus many others.  We have also received a photo of Birds Row in 1959, the demolishment of the old houses at the Station Street end of Littlewood Lane and one of Floss’s Wool Shop.
Our base is open as usual on Tuesday 10am – 4pm.