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  1. My dad, Reginald Statham, worked at Wyrley Number 3 colliery from 1956 to to 1960. He help dig out Joe Jackson when the face collapsed, and he was trapped. Joe lost his life and according to my dad, he was the last miner to die at Wyrley Number 3.
    Does anyone have any more details of this please?

  2. I am researching a silver 1908 medal that I inherited from my grandfather,
    Andrew Pearce who lived in Cheslyn Hay until about 1920. It is engraved with the initials C.C.T.A.C. across the top. Presented to the Winning Team of Challenge Cup 1908 for Tug of War. I would be interested in what the top initials stand for and any other information you can give me regarding this medal.

  3. Hi, My mother-in-law is looking for Bert Parker – William Albert Parker. They grew up together, they married in 1962 [Ann Walker] and later divorced. They went there separate ways but ‘Bert’ William Albert Parker was like family – more like a brother to her. The were married in Salem Methodist Church in Cheslyn Hay. The families were friends. Does anyone know where William Albert [Bert] Parker is today?

  4. hello
    I’m related to the Hickman’s/Whitehouse’s and am very interested to find out any more information. I notice a lot of comments on here from people about related family members which I also have in my family tree so I may be able to help some else out as well.
    I’m looking for more details about the children of James Hickman 1848 and Emma Whitehouse 1851
    there children were William 1878, George 1880, Eli 1881, Beatrice 1883, John 1885, Eliza Jane 1889, James M 1891, Florence 1894, Rachel L 1897.
    Can anyone tell me any more spouses, children etc.
    many thanks

  5. Hello ,I wonder if anybody can help me I am looking for desendants named Bromal have traced them back to a Francis Bromhall born 1707 in and died in ? 27/3/1751 ? buried at Cannock St Luke ,his fathers first name is listed as Tho Bromall but I can find no record of him locally besides a ? Marriage to a Ann Minshow in Cannock in 1694 although this is s record for Thom Bromwall ,any help would be much appreciated .

    Thank you
    Andrew Bromhall

  6. I’m looking for information for my family tree of James Hickman 1891-1926 in the cheslyn hay area. If anyone has any information I’d be most grateful.

  7. I am searching a Michael Steven Smith, brother Kane, mother Kim, father Anthony. Though you have no contact with your brother or father he would like to get in touch. You were born 1982

  8. Hi, sorry to bother you. I’ve been researching my great grandmothers family and came accross her disinter Elsie Wood (Nee Hood) and Lawrence Wood living at a property called Eureka, Wolverhampton road, Chelsey Hay on the 1939 Census. I believe they had a daughter (a son died in india) Phyllis Wood who married Leonard Chater and according to records they continued to live there until 2005! I wonder if anyone knew them and if anyone knew if Phyllis and Leonard Chater had any children? Many thanks

    • Hi Alison. Thankyou for your interest. For us to give out any information, you would need to be a member of the society.
      Please click the payments tab on the menu bar to join.
      For any other information, please use the search box on our website, to see if that gives you any information. about the names you are looking for. Regards

  9. Hi,
    I’m looking for any old photo’s of Wedges Mills and more specifically Wood Lane. My grandparents lived in Wood Lane and my Mum was born and grew up there. Their surname was Hill. My Mum would love to see any old pics. If there are any that you may know of or if you can recommend any publications that may be appropriate that would be great.
    Your web site is great, very informative. Thank You Tina

    • We have got some pictures of Wedges Mills although I don’t think they are specific to Wood Lane. I’ll have a look and get back to you.
      Malcolm Podmore

    • Hi, I have just seen your message about Wood Lane wedges mills. My mom and her sisters grew up in Wood Lane, when I was two mom and dad moved back to Wood Lane… that was 63 years ago. I remember mr and mrs hill and s Tommy hill, are these your relatives

      • Hi, Just seen your message. Yes Barbara Hill (nee Pearce) was my nan and Tom Hill my Grandad. they had two children Barrie and Maureen. Maureen is my mum. Who was your mum and sisters?

  10. Dear Sir, My name is Tony James, I lived at the top end of Low Street in a small terrace of cottages on the right. I believe that this is known as Devils Corner. I lived there with my parents Percy and Emily and Sister, my uncle Jack bird lived next door, my uncle Alf and his Wife I think Carol lived opposite just down from the off-licence. I suspect that these cottages must have been condemned as we moved to Cannock, and Jack was moved to a flat If my memory serves in Mitre Rd. Dad worked for a Mr Perks the Butcher for some years I think before WW2 and after. They ran a shop on the corner of Hill St untill about 1964. My early years living in Cheslyn Hay, the freedom we seemed to have, to roam and explore everywhere has left my with incredibly strong and clear memories of people and places. I left Cannock in 1975 heading to Kings Dental School in London and have only been back to the bonk once I was just in time to take a photo of the off license before it was demolished. I find it hard to believe how much the area has changed, with the loss of many historic areas from Churchbridge to one of my old haunts Lodge Farm which I recall watching alight from my rear bedroom window at some point when a few years old. I hope to discover more interesting details about my hometown, such as the army surplus shop on the corner opposite the builders yard where we got our coal!! Thank you. Tony

  11. Hello, I’m trying to find information on Thomas Whitehouse, born about 1827 to John Whitehouse and Sarah Auld (spelling?). The 1861 England Census shows Thomas was born in Wyrely Bank. He was married to Martha Charles and living in Tipton at the time. Thank you in advance for any information anyone might have!

  12. Hi My Sister currently lives in Station Street,
    After living their for 23yrs tonight we have found a secret passage around the house.
    My Sister has some previous history about the house finding it was build by Henry Hawkins for his 2 daughter’s Susan & Jayne Hawkins, in 1902.
    The house has had very little structural modernisation and still has all the character it should have.
    We are now trying to find out more history about the house and its original occupants, but more interestingly about this secret passage around the whole house.
    Any info would be great

    • Hi, I have been reading older comments and came across enquirers about Sophia and Isaiah Bate from Yvonne Clark. I would love to get in touch with Yvonne as we have mutual ancestors and I would be grateful if you could help me in this as I, too, live in Australia. Also, my 4x great grandfather, John Stokes, owned 2 cottages in Little Wood and I am trying to locate where they would have been situated. Any help on this would be most gratefully received. John was either father or step father of Sophia Thanks in appreciation, Ann Molloy

    • Thanks for your interesting comments Russell.
      We have much information in our archives on the house you mention and I’d be delighted to share tyhis if I may be able to meet up with your sister at any time at your convenience.
      Many thanks

  13. Please delete if not acceptable. Are their any local genealogist who would be willing to assist me in locating my husband’s Cheslyn Hay and Cannock family ties? Or somewhere I can look for myself? His great grandparents emigrated to America in 1910 on board the Freislander from Liverpool to Philadelphia. Great Grandad, John William Jones, listed his last residence as Cannock while Great Grandma Emma (Emmaline?) K. Butler Jones listed herself and her two teenage boys, John W. Jones Jr and George Jones, as being of Cheslyn Hay. They sailed separately six months apart.. Also, Great grandfather Jones’ obituary listed a daughter, Mrs Julia Jones Arrowsmith who never left Staffordshire. Finding out about her life and family is of paramount interest.
    I am in the US and I can receive emails at:

    • Dear Jeanette
      Really appreciate your request and I’ve already handed it over to our main genealogist, Sue, and she has now located your family and produced 8 various certificates of interest for you.
      Also we now have details of the Arrowsmith side of your family with Julia dying in 1980 and I will now contact you directly.
      Many thanks

  14. Anybody got a email address or phone number for Alan and Janine Rogers. Could any body throw some light on the whereabouts of Michael Mathews, Peter Illidge, Alan Roden,Nigel Pritchard and Stephanie Green. Thank you

    Peter Stallard

  15. I originally researched the history of 1/2nd North Midland (later 466th) Field Company, Royal Engineers (Territorial Force) back in 1993/1994, but I am currently updating and expanding my research with a view of publishing it. A previous self-published booklet on the Company was produced in 1994 (and has been made available by Cannock Chase District Council on their website here: ), but since then a lot more documentation regarding the history of the unit and the men who served in it has been released to the public. I would very much like any relatives of men from Cheslyn Hay who served with the Company to contact me if they have any information that they may wish to share, and I am sure that I have some details regarding their relatives in my notes that I could share with them also. I have been posting biographies and photographs on a dedicated page on Facebook: The Norton Terriers: 1/2nd North Midland Field Company during the Great War – and several men from Cheslyn Hay feature on there.

    • Sorry Andrew …. I’ve put out an appeal for you and have not received any response at all. I’m very disappointed as well as I had hoped we could help you with your publication.
      Very best wishes on your project though

  16. Hello,
    I’m looking for any information, maps, photographs or reference which might illustrate and / or discuss the extent of open cast mining works that took place, in the past, at or about the Quinton Estate Great Wyrley.
    Your help and any guidance that you could provide would be most appreciated.
    John Burns

    • Great to have exchanged information with you John and we have everything you want at our Base on any Tuesday when you care to drop in.
      Best wishes

  17. Geoffrey Norman Farnell son of Horace Norman Farnell son of William Farnell son of John Farnell born on the BONK in C/hay can you tell me anymore about the family as due to family problems never spent time with G/dad william who was Gassed on the Somme Southstaffs reg 6970 i have his medals

    • Great meeting you at our arranged Farnell get-together.
      It was very much worthwhile particularly in exchanging photographs
      Thanks Geoffrey

  18. Hello everyone,

    First of all congratulations on a wonderful and very informative web site.

    I am a direct descendent of William Crutchley (b. abt. 1780) who was married to Sarah Poyner (b.abt. 1779) and who was involved in the early days of Salem Church. I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who has any stories or information about my family.

    Best regards,


  19. Hello I am looking for some information on Hugh Sutherland MacLeod I found this on your website and suspect this is the Hugh we are looking for…we have just moved to Staffordshire and discovered my Uncle (Hugh MacLeod) was a miner here. Any info you have would be helpful. “Nancy was a very popular character in and around Cheslyn Hay and we’ve had many emails confirming this and subsequently we have been able to pass on photographs of Nancy and newspaper cuttings which include the tragic death of her husband Hugh at the Hilton Lane Opencast site in 1956 and the photographs include their wedding and some when she worked at the Woodman. Unfortunately Nancy died on 20th November 1987 aged 65”.

    • It certainly sounds as if it is the same Hugh that you are looking for Andrew.
      I’ll look into our records and see what we have and I’ll be contacting you directly.
      Many thanks for your interest

    • Our offer is still on Andrew to call in and see us so that we can show you round the contacts of Hugh Macleod. Try and make it whilst the weather is still favourable though
      Best wishes

  20. I’m looking for a John Devy who attended great wyrley school late fifties early sixties,he was the best friend of Kenneth butcher who lived then in Hamelin street pie green road Cannock.Ken was tragically taken from us in 1965 in November due to a car accident.his parents are now passed, and I would love to hear if anyone knows John

    • Thanks Shirley for your request, and it was easy to solve. John is a
      good friend of our society and he will be emailing you shortly.
      I believe that you are visiting the area some time next month so a
      meeting with John will certainly be a good possibility.
      Best wishes

  21. Does any of your team have any information or know anything about books being presented at the Salem chapel Sunday school. I have some of my late father’s dated around 1929 to 1933. One is a black Bible.

    • Yes Mike, we have many Sunday School book prizes given away at the Salem dating back to the late 1800s.
      But they are priceless to the family …. as you obviously appreciate.
      All the best

      • Good Evening,
        I am trying to find a relative of my husband’s – I am hoping that you can help me out with a phone number or and email address. I am looking for Alan and Pauline Martin of 16 Mount Close, Cheslyn Hay. They are my Father-in-Law’s brother and his wife. My Father-in-law, Gord Martin moved to Canada with his wife Mary in the 50’s and they have both since passed. If anyone has a phone number for them or an email – I would be ever so grateful. I can’t seem to find them on the internet.
        Thanks Very Much and Kindest Regards,

        Chris & Catharine Martin

        St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

          • My name is Wilfred ‘Wiffy’ Barker. I formally live at 29 Littlewood Lane, Cheslyn Hay. I immigrated to Aussie in 1963…Then lived in New Zealand for 19 years before coming back to the UK. I would desperately like to see and contact my old mate Ernie ‘Cutty’ Smitherman. I have been told he still plays the piano some place. If I can get his phone number or address I would be highly chuffed!

            I am living in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.
            Thank you so much.

            • Thanks for the enquiry from Wilfred ‘Wiffy’ Barker and now he and Cutty are delighted to be in contact with each other again and the chance to meet up and relive old times’


            • i would love to hear from wiffy barker he grew up in little wood lane i lived nexst door to the woodman untill i was 12 i remember wiffy with the football bouncing it off his head as he walked

  22. I am a military medal collector and have today received a “death plaque” to capt clarence hawkins who is commemorated on the local war memorial.
    Can anyone help with information relating to him and his family

    • Thanks for contacting us Cliff, we have plenty of information on
      Clarence and the Hawkins family. Too much to itemise here so I will be
      contacting you directly to find out how much that you might require!

  23. Can anyone help with pictures or information regarding the Turner family please? Constance was my mom’s sister and we used to visit often when I was a child and play with my cousin John. I have lost touch with the family and would like to know what happened to John. Most of Aunt Connies’ siblings have passed away the only one I know still alive is our Aunt Kath. She is 85 and is in poor health. Any help to trace John would be appreciated.

  24. I don’t know if you are able to help, but I am trying to trace any information about the Witcutt and Holland family from the Pelsall / Walsall area. Martha Witcutt married to James Holland in 1871 they had children Emily 1892 Annie 1874 William 1876 Ethel 1974 John 1880 Horace 1881, Frances 1883 and several more siblings, my grandmother was Frances Holland. My mother was born to the unmarried Frances in 1918 in Hallam Street (the workhouse) hospital.

    I would really appreciate it if you find any information or know if there are still family in the area if you could let me know.

  25. Hi,
    I was born and lived in Bloxwich until 1959.One of my aunties(Ethel Brown) lived in Fern Cottage Upper Landywood with her family.I remember it as being a large house with a very large garden.This would be in the late forties/early fifties and by the early sixties I had lost contact with the family.I recently visited Bloxwich and tried to find Fern Cottage but could not.I had no problem with Holly Lane and remembered the railway bridge but could not locate the house which I recall as being on a corner at the end of the lane.Anyone any information as to what happened to the house.For reference Ethel was my dad’s(Alfred Saunders) elder sister.

    • Yes Terence, Fern Cottage is still standing and I knew your aunt quite well. We have many photographs of your Saunders family as well as the Browns and I will forward you a list of these via a separate email directly to yourself.
      Please let me know next time you are in the area and I will be only too pleased to show you around Fern Cottage and the area.
      Best wishes

      • This is really interesting Trevor . my aunt Edna Brown lived at fern cottage until she died in 2011. She lived there with her husband my uncle Fred brown and son Fred brown junior.I don’t recall a Terrence Saunders or a Saunders family .I wonder if you could enlighten me on this. Fern cottage was a lovely house with a wonderful orchard garden. I have great memories of playing there when I was a boy.

        Michael Birch.

        • Yes you’re right Michael – Fern Cottage is still a lovely house with the orchard garden.
          When Edna died we have obtained dozens of Edna’s photographs which include the Saunders family but they lived in Broad Lane Essington.
          Glad you still remember those bygone times around Landywood though
          Best wishes

  26. I am researching my family tree and and a lot of my relatives lived in cheslyn hay. I am now drawing a blank and would appreciate any information you may have. My great grandparents are Alice Pee who married Thomas Lockett. i have gone back to their parents, George Pee and Hannah Hitchens and Job Lockett and Lydia Elwell but cannot find any further information. I know they had links with St Marks and my grandmother Ina Roberts, nee Lockett spent time at Salem. My great nans cousin was Elsie and her Husband Joe, but were bought up as sisters. They lived in cross street and always had Lassie dogs!! From what i can see the Locketts and Pee’s lived in Hatherton Road. I would appreciate any info/facts/memories. thank you

    • What an interesting enquiry Sally. You name some well established
      Cheslyn Hay families and I’ll put our researchers on to them.
      We have several photographs of those you mention and I’ll contact you

    • Stevenson’s Chemist is still very active in the village, so I certainly
      would appreciate where it’s not listed please Graham, and I’ll amend it.

  27. I have been researching my Great Uncle, John Ridgway, who was killed in action on 15th August 1915, 2nd Batalion South Wales Boarders. He was my maternal Grandmother’s brother. I’ve been trying to download a picture of his grave. I’ve also tried to find out where his Father, Job Ridgway, my Great grandfather, served whilst in the Headers and Tunelers Battalion. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    David Evans.

  28. I am tracing my family tree and the particular branch I am working on is mostly based in Willenhall. However I have come across a wedding between Sarah Primer of Cheslyn Hay on 5th January 1757 to Richard Bromall (my ancestor). There is no further information and I have not been able to find a birth entry in any records. Can any of your members shed any light on this? When I have managed to complete the information I need I will be happy to share that part of my family tree if it helps your project.


  29. I am researching William Altree. He was born in Bolton and his name appears on the new memorial for ww1.

    He migrated to Australia and joined the AIF in Australia. He was killed at Gallipoli.
    I have found a reference to “Altree and mystery ships” in a 1936 Adelaide South Australia news paper. Does anyone have information relating to this reference? I would appreciate this.

    Thankyou Susanne Risk

    • Hello Susanne,
      There was a private William Altree serial number 1452 serving with the 10th Battalion (South Australian) in Gallipoli and was killed in action on 29.5.1915. However his mothers name was Clara and he was born in Wigan. You can check all references to his army record (free of charge) on the Australian Governments Army Records site. The records include all details on 50 pages and letters from his mother requesting details of his death. Hope this is the person you are looking for as there are no other Altree’s killed on Gallipoli
      Good luck
      Peter Harley

    • Thanks Susanne. I will contact you directly as I can put you in touch with the Altree family who have details of William who was killed in Gallipoli.
      Only too pleased to be of help

  30. In response to your newsletters of 22 & 29 April 2012 in which you have information on the Lockley family. I am a great granddaughter of Lewis & Merab Derry who adopted Frances Lockley in 1910. I am interested in finding out why Frances was adopted by my great grandparents and would also be interested in finding out anything at all about Frances herself and also her biological family. Many thanks, Joy Mills.

    • Many thanks Joy for your enquiry of the Lockley family. It’s a fascinating story that our researchers looked into three years ago and we included the tale in our book Cheslyn Hay Lives Volume Three. I will contact you directly Joy and outline the details of the story and the outcome of a rather harsh court case.

  31. Admin,
    I was fascinated to read the query from Anne Davies on April 14 2014 and your reply on April 19 re: the Sayer family history and their connection to coal mining in the area.
    My mum Marjorie,now 82 is the youngest and only surviving child of Bernard Sayer(deceased around 1970 , aged 82 but recorded as having been living in the Saredon ,Essington area in 1901)
    The family story she remembers being told was that her grandfathers family had owned coalmines in this area and had been wealthy,but the money had been drunk away by the eldest son.
    My mum grew up in Bushbury and then Brewood,where Bernard and his wife Edith spent most of the last years of their life
    I’ll have to look into my family records(I found this site out of curiosity)as Edward Sayer(whose picture you have)could very probably be my ancestor.
    I did find a site where a Mr E.Sayer is named as the owner of Sling Colliery and there was also a Sayers Colliery,owned by a C Quintonin 1869(both in the Grt Wyrley area I think.)
    Thank you for the info this site has given me


    • Yes, we have plenty of information on the Sayers family, including their
      family tree.
      They provided a very colourful part of our Cheslyn Hay history and I’ll
      be happy to provide with with fuller information if you would let me
      know what aspects of the family you are interested in.
      Kindest regards

  32. My Family Tree research has led me to your fascinating web site. I am distantly related to the Winfers of Cheslyn Hay. William Edward Winfer (1898-1973) is my 6th cousin once removed. There appear to be two possible marriages for him. 1. William E. Winfer to Jennie (or maybe Jane E) Preece in 1918 or 2.William Winfer to Frances Reeves in 1920. The middle initial E. is pointing me in the direction of Jennie . . .
    Any assistance that you can offer would be appreciated.
    Ted Broadhurst

    • Thanks for your enquiry Ted. I have passed it over to our researchers and I’ll reply within the week. However in the meantime
      I’ve checked our Photograph Archive and we have 2 photographs of William Winfer (not surprising really as we have over 8,500 in our archives) – one in the Silver Jubilee Celebrations in 1937, and one on a walk over Cannock Chase with St Marks Church church group in 1947.
      So please let me know if you want copies.
      Best wishes

      • Many thanks for the confirmation. I currently have 63 Winfers in my tree and will now start to check out William and Jennie to see if there are even more!
        It is great to know that you hold a good library of photos – maybe at some time in the future I will contact you again. I already hold in excess of 7,000 photos myself – none of them Winfers!
        Thanks again

  33. Would anyone kindly be able to tell me if a Mr Rowley was a methodist minister in Cheslyn Hay in the early 20th C. His children would be Eunice, Phyllis, William and Thomas that I know of. If I’m not off track. William Rowley was my grandfather. Any information gratefully received. Thanks.


    • Thanks Peter for your enquiry and I am very pleased to confirm that an R. T. Rowley was a Methodist Mininster here at the Salem from 1916 – 1918.
      I am particularly interested in this gentleman because we know very little about him and would like your help in researching his background. Plus we have many, many photographs of the ministers around this time but without names – and we do not have one photograph of your grandfather with a name to him.
      If you live locally perhaps you would like to drop in at our Base and I will be only too pleased to show you what we have in our archives.
      Also Rowley is not a common Cheslyn Hay name – but we have a Reginald Rowley as one of the 57 names on our War Memorial all from WWI – and he is the only one we do not have any information for.

  34. A family tree I’m putting together contains a Simeon Tuft 1813-1892 who seems to have spent all/most of his life in Cheslyn Hay. Googling him led to your site, and searching on your site gives 6 results for him on your weekly news pages. Going backwards in time I’ve found his 1892 DeathIndex record, 1851-1891 census entries (but not 1841), 1837 marriage to Lucy Brough, and 1836 conviction for poaching. Is there more information about him available via yourselves ?

    • Dear Mike
      No problem with Simeon Tuft as we can find information on him – but might I suggest that the best way forward is for us to put you in touch with the three members who are researching the same tree. We also have Simeon Tuft on the Stokes family tree in our archives.
      We can also pass on the details of his poaching conviction and look up any local records for you without charge.
      Tuft isn’t a common Cheslyn Hay name though and there are no Tufts in the local cemetery but there are 5 entries of them in the 1810-1833 Poor Records.
      Best wishes

      • Sounds good. As well as his 1936 poaching conviction (sentenced to jail for 6 months) I’ve now found an 1864 conviction for assaulting a policeman (fined 40 shillings) – subject to there being only the one Simeon Tuft in the area.

  35. Hi does anyone remember the cheslyn hay gingham girls dancing groups of which I was,an active member approx 1970 ish the troupe was run by a Mr cliff Hooper who lived in rosemary road is Mr Hooper still alive does any one have any photos any info would be greatly appreciated

    • Many thanks for your enquiry Sheila.
      We certainly do remember the Gingham Girls. They were a big part of our more recent village history – and a part that we are very proud of.
      We have two volumes of photographs of our Carnivals and there are many, many photographs of this troupe. Many are named but sadly there are more not named and we would appreciate it if you could spare us an hour to scour through our photographs in our archives to add names.
      Our Base at the Salem is open every Tuesday morning from 9am – 2pm. and we’ll have the coffee pot on for you.
      Hope you can visit us sometime.
      Very best wishes
      Also Cliff Hooper is still about but unfortunately not in the best of health.

      • Will definitely come over would love to see the photos as I don’t have any of th ok as days don’t know if I will remember any one but will certainly try

        • Hi Sheila, myself and my sister were Gingham Girls ~ Karen & Sarah Bond. I was in the Shantelles and my sister was in the Sherelles. Xx Would be lovely to hearfrom anyone ~ Saturdays were amazing carnival days and my mom.Joan, actuwlly took part in Bilston Carnival yo make up numbers in the parade, so we could dance! Xx
          Are there any photos? Xx

          • Thanks for your interest Karen and you must drop in to our Base in the Main Hall at the Salem any Tuesday from 9am – 2pm where we have 347 Carnival photographs where most of the Dancing Troupes are unnamed. We would certainly welcome your input in naming those in the Shantelles, Sherelles and the Gingham Girls. Incidentally we have 5 photographs where your sister Sarah is named. Please drop in!

    • I remember a The Gingham Girls really well, I once went on an outing with them but had to carry the placard as I couldn’t quite manage the dance sequence!

  36. my grandad lived as a boy in a company house at 14 saredon road in cheslyn hay his father was a miner in late 1800s does anyone have any data regarding this area of cheslyn hay

    • Hi Malcolm ,
      My name is Janet smith (leach).we used live down saredon rd .
      My mom name was ruby leach ,dad name was victor aronald Bolton leach.there was 3sister,3brothers.
      My grandad used live there in the olden days .then we moved to mitre rd cheslyn hay .i hope this helps a bit .we are doing our family tree

      • Thanks Janet for your comments. I will also contact you directly as you are researching your family tree to see if we can help as well.
        Warmest regards

    • Yes Malcolm. 14 Saredon Road used to be known as Company Buildings and they were built by Joseph Hawkins for his miners working at his pit (Hawkins Colliery also known as the Coppice Colliery). They were demolished in the 1960s, but we have plenty of information on them and the occupants and also photographs.
      I’ll contact you directly to see if I can help you further.
      Best wishes

      • Hi Trevor have you got a. Photo of. The row or road of saredon you know the tin houses in bloxwich have you got a photo of them or do you know where I can get them from .plus can you get photo of my old school great wyrley 1966/1967 any of the classes from that school .i used to do a lot of running for school .i used to run at running club in Cannock .any photos of the houses in holly bush .

        • Thanks Janet for your enquiry – and yes we have photographs of Saredon Road (Company Buildings) and of Holly Bush plus photographs of yourself.
          Plus several photographs of Great Wyrley School Sports Days – some without names.
          I will forward you a list of photographs of the Leach family on a separate email.
          But if you live locally why not pop in to look at the photographs at the Base on any Tuesday.
          Look forward to meeting you
          Very best wishes
          PS I don’t know about the ‘tin houses’ of Bloxwich – do you mean the prefabs?

  37. A station totem sign for the old Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay station is up for auction on the 18th of October atcrewe heritage centre – the auctioneers Is David Lewis 01948665570 or email This is the first station sign I have seen so is a rarity – I would buy it but I have just ordered a new coal fired loco kit

      • As a railway enthusiast Trevor ,what was the outcome of the sale. Wasn’t one side of the bridge known as cheslyn hay .and the other side known as great wyrley.

        • Yes Mike. The sale was at Crewe and I put in a maximum bid of £50 for the Cheslyn Hay sign .. but it went for £140 !!
          Too much for us I’m afraid.
          Thanks for your interest though

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