Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 15th November 2020

Our Salem Base is closed due to Covid restrictions; we hope all our members are keeping safe and well.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser  12th November 1970
Story of the Cheslyn Hay Chrysanthemum Society’s members show being the best to date.

12th November 1970  Details of the village Remembrance Service on Sunday.

Cannock Advertiser  13th November 1920  Full story of a social gathering arranged by the Cheslyn Hay After-care Committee to form a club for the young boys and girls who have left schoolwith about 170 young people attending.

13th November 1920  Cinema licence granted to Mr. Frederick Taylor who had applied for a cinematograph license at Cheslyn Hay for a seating capacity for 300 persons.

13th November 1920  Annual prize presentation of prizes took place for the Talbot Bowling Club with details of all the prize winners.  
Details of an advertisement for Brown’s Garage of 10 High Street, Cheslyn Hay.


Maxie Potts
An interesting development after the recent mentions on Maxie and his family has arisen from further research by Malc Podmore which seems to suggest that Maxie’s son, named Albert, did not die at an early age as was believed  So if anyone can remember Albert, or Maxie Potts, and add any more details or stories for our archives we would certainly appreciate them.

General News
Bridgtown & District Local History Society have published a new book the eleventh since its formation. Copies are available now from Martin’s in Cannock, plus Dave’s newsagent in Bridgtown and Hollybush Garden Centre. Copies can also be obtained  by leaving a contact number on and they will discuss how to get a copy to you. Books  can be signed by John Devey if required. Due to the present restrictions Bridgtown & District Local History Society will not be having their annual exhibition this year.

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society – 9th November 2020

This Remembrance Sunday at the 11th hour we are remembering everyone who gave their lives fighting for their country.
Below are the 57 men on our War Memorial who died in action.

 JOSEPH MASTERS                            HARRY RAINBOW
GEORGE SMITH                                JOHN HAYCOX
HARRY BREVITT                              JOHN RIDGWAY
BENJAMIN SMITH                            ALBERT E DAWKINS
PERCY RAINBOW                             WALTER BICKLEY
JOHN LOCKETT                                 RONALD A KNOX
GEORGE FARNELL                            HARRY GRIFFITHS
CHARLES HICKMAN                        WALTER OWEN
RICHARD FARNELL                          ERNEST ROBINSON
JOB WHITEHOUSE                            WILLIAM HOLT
WILLIAM POTTS                                ARNETT ALBERT GRIPTON
THOMAS RUSSELL                           THOMAS CARVER
HAROLD KENDALL                          ALBERT BENTON
RICHARD FRANKS                            ERNEST ROOBOTTOM
JOHN H MANN                                   CVT HAWKINS
GEORGE H DAVIES                           GEORGE LOCKLEY
HAROLD SMITH                                EDWIN MORRIS
JACK SHORTER                                 GEORGE WHITEFIELD BOWEN
WILLIAM ASKEY                              WILLIAM TAPLIN
WALLACE T LAWSON                      JOSEPH STOKES  


JOHN ANSELL                                   JAMES BLAND
SELWYN  H BROUGH                      JAMES E DEVALL
SIDNEY M DUNN                             KENNETH G GRIFFITHS
JOHN  HICKS                                    RONALD PLANT
JOHN H POWELL                             ARTHUR SEERS
JOSEPH STOKES                              ROBERT C PERKS
ALEC WEBB                                     FRANK D F C WILLIAMS


What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser  5th November 1970  Description of the Cheslyn Hay youth club’s Halloween Night.

5th November 1970  The waiting list for Cheslyn Hay’s playgroup at the Salem Schoolroom has become so great that the organisers will be holding more sessions a week to cope. Full details.

Cannock Advertiser  6th November 1920   Full story of the regrettable incidents which occurred in the Penkridge Charity Cup match between Cannock Discharged Soldiers and Cheslyn Hay United on Cannock Wake Monday. Oct 23rd.
 6th November 1920   The weekly meeting of the Cheslyn Hay Literary and Debating Society took the form of a “Mock Parliament”, with details of the speakers and the outcome.

6th November 1920  Details of the marriage of Miss. Ruby L. Hosegood of Dorset House, Cheslyn Hay.     

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 1st November 2020

Our Salem Base is closed due to Covid restrictions, we hope all our members are keeping safe and well.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser  29th October 1970  Cheslyn Hay Boy’s Brigade, has a musical problem as there are enough boys to form a band, but no instruments. Full story.

29th October 1970  A Cheslyn Hay metal firm, broke child labour restrictions laid down in the first half of the last century and were found guilty and fined.  Full story.

29th October 1970  Fourteen years-old Letitia Bowater has just won another competition at a Southport holiday camp.  Full story.

29th October 1970  Details of last week’s meeting of Cheslyn Hay Parish Council, when it was decided to double all burial fees for Cheslyn Hay Cemetery.

29th October 1970  Cheslyn Hay Parish Council named two newly built roads on the new estates surrounding the village as Chestnut Drive and Woodgreen after a dispute with the original name.  Full story.

Cannock Advertiser  30th October 1920  Salvation Army funeral of Mrs. Sarah Ann Williams, the wife of Mr. Elijah Williams, of Rosemary House, Cheslyn Hay.  Full details.

30th October 1920  Local News Items including a measles outbreak in the village.  Also an application by Mr. A. E. Hawkins, Cheslyn Hay, to the Cannock Rural Council, for an increase in his salary.  Mr. D. Woodhouse, (Landywood) gave a lecture on “Gases and Experiments” to the Cheslyn Hay Literary and Debating Society with full details.  Plus story of the benevolent fund of Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Club being in a sound position with details of the balance sheet.

England 1603 – 1660  by Peter Cadman

The conclusion with Peter Ackroyd on his book of the Civil War with words from the ‘Secular Masque’ by John Dryden;

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter 25th October 2020

Our Salem Base
Our Salem Base is still closed due to Covid Restrictions

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher
Cannock Advertiser  22nd October 1970  Problems in Cheslyn Hay in rehousing local people within the local area where they have lived all of their lives when their own houses have been recently demolished.

22nd October 1970  A letter from Roy Smith of the Landywood Residents Estate Association thanking Mr Patrick Cormack MP for his efforts in improving the visability of the junction of Coppice Close.

Cannock Advertiser  23rd October 1920  A successful Whist Drive and Dance took place at Cheslyn Hay Council Schools, on Thursday evening  under the auspices of Cheslyn Hay Cricket Club.  Full details.

Newspapers researched by Dave Washington
Cannock Chase Courier  23rd October 1920  The Waterworks at Cheslyn Hay have for some years been a matter of deep concern to the rate payers but recent improvements show that the quantity of water provided was 41,000 gallons against 30,000.   Full story.

It was stated at the meeting of The Parish Council that a number of the Allottees had not paid up their rents as promptly as usual.


Maxie Potts
Following the mention of Maxie Potts in last week newsletter there are more stories on the old Manchester United and Wolves player of the twenties.

General News
One of our longstanding members Don Kingston is celebrating his 90th Birthday on Sunday 25th October.

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter -18th October 2020

Our Salem Base
Our Salem Base is closed due to Covid Restrictions

Trevor’s Trivia by Trevor Mcfarlane
Trivia of interest selected from our archives starting this month with coverage of our successes on the professional football field including two headmasters at our Pinfold Lane School with long Aston Villa careers and two local Cheslyn Hay characters with similar Manchester United achievements.

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher
Cannock Advertiser  15th October 1970   Plans for new extensions to Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Club have been accepted which will include a large assembly room tacked on to the present billiards room.
15th October 1970   £20 was raised in Cheslyn Hay when a pantomime was held in the Salem hall for the renovation fund.  Full details.

15th October 1970  A long campaign by Cheslyn Hay people to get rid of a dangerous road junction at Coppice Close and Coppice Lane has now been approved.  Full story.

15th October 1970  Story of the newly formed Cheslyn Hay Boy’s Brigade giving its first public display at the Methodist Church Hall.

16th October 1920   Playing in the first round of the Staffordshire Junior Cup competition on Saturday, Cheslyn Hay United beat Tettenhall 5 – 0.  Full details of match.
16th October 1920   “Three respectable young men using such filthy language as this!  What is the next generation coming to” commented the chairman of the bench as he imposed fines on all the men, residents in Low Street as well of another case in Station Street.  All defendants listed with their fines.

16th October 1920  The Cannock Rural Council, on Friday, resolved to make a supplementary precept on Cheslyn Hay for £200. 

Newspaper researched by Dave Washington
Cannock Chase Courier  16th October 1920
Details of the many useful institutions associated with the Cheslyn Hay Working’s Club in forming a Benevolent Fund.

Cheslyn Hay Local History Society Newsletter – 10th October 2020

Our Salem Base  Closed due to Covid Restrictions

What Happened This Week 50/100 years ago…by Mike Belcher

Cannock Advertiser   8th October 1970    Excellent results on the cycling proficiency tests at the Cheslyn Hay Primary School. All pupils named with two gaining a remarkable 100 per cent.

8th October 1970    Full story of the closing of the William Baxter School, Cheslyn Hay, after 18 years.

Cannock Advertiser   9th October 1920    Details of the forthcoming centenary celebrations at the Salem Church in Cheslyn Hay.
Story of a collection made for the benefit of Mr. C. Baker, a miner, who recently met with a serious accident, at the Old Coppice Colliery.

Cannock Chase Courier researched  by Dave Washington

9th October 1920     The Norton Canes Institute opened an additional room with Mrs. Macpherson from Little Wyrley Hall performing the ceremony. Details of the Whist Drive where all the gents prizes were won by a Cheslyn Hay family.

9th October 1920  The Cheslyn Hay Literary and Debating Society has reopened for the winter session.  Full details.

The Cheslyn Hay Tennis Club are proposing more necessary alterations and additions to their playing ground in preparation for next season.

On Tuesday evening , a little girl named Edith Whitehouse, of Low Street, was knocked down in Station street, by a cyclist, but fortunately she received no serious hurt.

England 1603 – 1660  by Peter Cadman entitled ‘Moseley Old Hall & Onwards to Safety’